'Isolated Mugabe deserves our pity'

HARARE - A sad Didymus Mutasa, the former Presidential Affairs minister and former close confidante of President Robert Mugabe, has described the nonagenarian as a powerless and isolated man who is now surrounded by deadwood and political charlatans.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News on Sunday yesterday, the softly spoken former minister in charge of the country’s spooks and whom Mugabe once fondly referred to as the closest person alive that he could share many experiences with from the past, said he was at a loss as to how he could rescue his once beloved comrade.

Such is the age gap between Mugabe and many of his Zanu PF and government lieutenants that the majority of them are young enough to be his children and grandchildren.

Referring to his brutal axing from both the post-congress Zanu PF and the government, Mutasa said: “He expelled his only friend akatarisa sahwira wake sedhongi (he treated me his friend as a donkey). But I will always respect him. I was always loyal and now I feel he is an isolated man. If only I knew what to do to rescue him I would gladly do so but I don’t”.

Mutasa, once an untouchable senior official in Mugabe’s team, was unceremoniously expelled from the post-congress Zanu PF along with the party’s other leading lights such as former Vice President Joice Mujuru and respected liberation struggle pioneer Rugare Gumbo, after being accused of plotting to oust and kill the nonagenarian.

“It is really painful and sad that he (Mugabe) has chosen to discard all the people he can easily relate to and he is the only one who knows why. We are seeing that he is removing all the people who were close to him and who participated with him during the liberation struggle,” he added.

However, Mugabe — who was once described by his late uncle James Chikerema as a loner — has since Zimbabwe’s independence in April 1980 clashed with many of the people who were part of the nucleus that formed and built Zanu PF in the early 1960s.

One of the party’s founding fathers and former secretary-general, Edgar Tekere, was hounded and then expelled from the party twice, in 1981 and 2007, after he challenged some of Mugabe’s decisions, in addition to criticising the corrupt activities of many of the nonagenarian’s acolytes.

Mutasa, a childhood friend of Tekere, said yesterday that up to date he has neither come to terms nor understood the real reasons why Mugabe expelled “the man with whom he crossed the border to Mozambique to intensify the liberation war struggle”.

“The expulsion of Tekere was taken when I was away and even up to now we are lost as to why he was expelled.”

Apart from Tekere, Mugabe also clashed and parted ways with the man in whose house Zanu PF was formed in 1963 — Enos Nkala.

After Nkala fell by the wayside, ostensibly over the Willowgate scandal, Mugabe also clashed with another Zanu PF stalwart, Edson Zvogbo, who is reputed to have died in 2004 a bitter man over the nonagenarian’s alleged “dictatorial tendencies” and failure to anoint a successor.

Some observers also claim that Mugabe’s ruthless treatment of Mujuru is in large measure revenge for the many years that he allegedly suffered resistance and criticism at the hands of her late husband, General Solomon Mujuru, whose remains were found after a mysterious inferno at his Beatrice Farm three years ago.

Speaking to the Daily News on Sunday’s sister paper, the Daily News, last week, Mutasa also said Zimbabwe had descended into “complete lawlessness” and that Mugabe was now increasingly powerless to do anything about it as the “corrupt vultures” surrounding him had usurped both his Zanu PF and State powers for their narrow interests.

Mutasa spoke as the ruling party’s deadly factional and succession wars continue to rage on, amid fresh claims that the party’s Young Turks are plotting to oust their leaders, including Mugabe and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, from power.

Over the past few months, the party has descended into alarming chaos that has seen it effectively splitting into two distinct and bitterly opposed formations following the brutal purging of party stalwarts.

Consequently, the disaffected group has been operating and organising itself in the name of the “original” Zanu PF, using the slogan People First — a movement they claim enjoys widespread support.

“What is happening in Zimbabwe is embarrassing. This idea (by the post-congress Zanu PF) of taking the law into their hands means that there is now no rule of law. Look at the disgraceful land grabs and you will see that there is no security of tenure.

“People just wake up and grab farms, which is a terrible indictment on the party. What is now very clear is that all people who are opposed to this post-congress Zanu PF risk losing their land,” said the former minister of Lands and Resettlement.

Citing the minister of Local Government Ignatius Chombo, Mutasa said the minister typified the worst levels of impunity that were “enjoyed by those on the ruling party gravy train”.

Asked what it would take to stop the rot, Mutasa said a meeting with Mugabe would be the first step, but quickly added that he would only engage his former boss when the dust had settled.

“I am not in a rush to meet him. I will only try to engage him when the situation is better for both of us,” he said.

Specifically asked what it is he hoped could get better, Mutasa — who is suing Mugabe in the country’s courts — said, “I will do that when we have assessed the situation. I cannot summon him to meet me but he can”.

The diminutive politician scathingly added that most of the country’s public officials were “rotten to the core”, going on to bemoan the sad state of the country’s politics and democratic credentials.

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    Zanu(PF) has been consistent on how it deals with dissenting voices historically. One should always give way to them materially and intellectually. It is either you are with them or you and your ideas do not exist. The whole system must go because it is founded on wrong principles which denigrate diversity. The problem is how to get rid of them because they are deeply entrenched. They have too many fear driven followers. How do you remove the fear and re-orient the masses? You can never use fear again like them. People are just scared to the bone marrow. Many know that Zanu(PF) kills. Who would want to loose their lives for political leaders who easily get corrupted with power? Genuine war vets. some regret why they were used to create a bunch of thieves. This world is very unfair!

    Stalin Joseph - 11 May 2015

    Sour grapes now he is talking because akadzingwa

    Shiellah - 11 May 2015

    shutup samefanana

    JIBHA - 11 May 2015

    You were thrown out of the ship by the captain, other ship crew are still enjoying heavy meals with their captain in the cockpit and you think we can understand you. you are the same, if the door reopens for you, you will say all this.

    Reuben - 11 May 2015

    there exisited no rule of law in Zimbabwe since you were in that party we wll not feel pity for your petty businesses with that Mongol-Mugabe. yu have made pple to hate their own country travel all over the globe looking for food and better opportunities . you destroyed the economy. you destroyed the education system entrenching the so-called 'students on mission' in universities. you destroyed the rail transport the few roads that Smith built. look at yoself I feel like vomiting wen I hear a name like ZANU. you beat up our parents during 2002 and 2008 elections. in 2013 you intimidated them. you killed our young ones-tonderai ndira betha Washington Nyamwa and many others. recently yu killed a fellow in Ndanga claiming that he was washed by a car by the way where is ITAI DZAMARA you pple yu're as good as the devil himself. you destroyed pple's home wt yo untamed youth you ate the few cattle that the pple had using yo untamed youth. wat kind of pple are you? do have heart? are you people? I personally am praying for yo downfall! I want yo downfall to be like that of Chirisamhuru hu was killed by Nyamazana and sliced in order to view if he had 2 hearts. I personally hate you Mutasa

    chirisamhuru - 11 May 2015

    I do not support ZANU PF, I do not like RGM, I have thieves but as regards DIDI MUTASA I have no sympathy at all and I doubt if there is anyone, except Temba Mliswa of course. Why did it take you so long Mutasa to realise the true RGM, how how and how!! Maybe it is a reflection of your intelligence??

    Garikayi - 11 May 2015

    Nhati (D.mutasa)kuti kana muchida kudzika ku bato re zanupf,madii kuita semunhu mukuru,murege kuinda ku Daily muchidemba demba,kana yarasika,haidyorereke,..kana ichidyorereka,dzokai Nyati,kukanganisa ndekwevanhu.'endai kwa RUTSOKA MUNDO TAURIRANA KUTI MUDZOKERE MU ZANU PF imi Nyati (HANDISHAYE D.MUTASA)

    kambudzi - 11 May 2015

    you and chombo same fanana Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe kanarokweva roti mavara azara ivhu.REST IN PEACE.Shame inonzi Harare mudhara ngwarawo.Manje mudhara ari kukugadzirira imwe gukurahundi.hokoyo neminora hombe.

    cde jobongoringo - 11 May 2015

    i think mutasa should just shut up....wasting newspaper space and time at the expense of providibg solutions relating to the promised 2million jobs, 300 clinics, 250 schools....he keeps commenting irrelavant issues. he is just unrepentant and is still 100% zpf....he should just shut, or appologies to the big man and be admitted back into the party....he dined with them and still dreams of the good old days. im tired of all this nonsense dza mutasa. perhaps its time he retired....when my own father turned 65 he was asked to retire and he doesnt even get the pension despite more than 30 years of service to our govt....even the big man needs to call it quits. zpf has failed the economy

    hey - 11 May 2015

    how many times has tsvangirai said they is no rule of law but maiti anopenga zvino chavakwenyu vana mutasa

    ndoco - 11 May 2015

    Zvaiwana ngwarati there is nothing new in you. Rumborera rurimo.

    vamambo - 11 May 2015

    iyewo tsvangirai has no rule of law. he does nor recognise his own constitution. people who disagree with him are also purged from the party. its same fanana.

    zvirozviyedzwa - 11 May 2015

    Mutasa aimbova "foromani" muZanu pf. Politiburo yose yaimuremekedza. Central Committee yese yaimugwadama. Manicaland yose yaimunamata. "ZVAKAPERA!!!". The more Mutasa speaks the more he gets naked. Zimbabwe's situation is well documented and is known.

    X-MAN IV - 11 May 2015

    They are many reasons why one can be isolated . If some one is mentally ill the best thing is to isolate the sick bcoz they is nothing sane he will do . If some one has ibhola better qurantine the person for reasons we all know . If some one is old and no longer reasonable like Mugabe isolate the thing and no sympathy for it at all . A skelem like Mutasa should be also isolated forever for together and his friend destroying this country . Until he tells us how they stole election he should remain quarantined from good people of this country or else he will soil them with zanu shiite .

    Diibulaanyika - 11 May 2015

    Dead wood? Were you not part of the dead wood Didymus? Do Zanu pf officials become dead wood ONLY after Mutasa is out. VaMutasa is no longer relevant to Zimbabwe politics. Mugabe and Tsvangirai are the in-thing. not Mutasa, not Makoni, not Dabengwa, not Ncube. Chero musingadi, ndizvo zviripo.

    machakachaka - 12 May 2015

    Our sin isolates us. We are our own worst enemies. Didymus stop blaming everyone else for bob s woes. Bob is his own worst enemy. He mad a rod for his own back. The buck stops with the top. he will be held accountable. The kindest thing for all of us and RGM is for him to retire yesterday!

    TruthBTold - 12 May 2015

    Ko Editor, Since you guys are now so very close to the man who once banned you - may you kindly ask him what happened to the dailynews bombing?

    toshe - 12 May 2015

    RGM is the most popular leader globally ,either his fellow countrymen love him very much and even God loves him too no wonder why HE has guided and protected him for 9decades against enemies

    chatsva - 12 May 2015

    You guys seem to be so close to these people You claim destroyed the freedom of speach,association and movement,to the point of bombing the daily news offices.va ..vundzeyi kaa kuti ndevanani vaka bomba uye sei? Ne rigging yema elections kunema Gamatox.

    Iyatsha - 13 May 2015

    Nothing new here- simple fulfilment of the time honoured saying- no honour among thieves. Self inflicted wounds Mr Mutasa, accept the inevitable and move on.

    Aahhh - 13 May 2015

    please daily news stop giving this man a chance to feedthe public with lies ngaende ku Herald, if he was the president's confidante he should have adviced him to make better decisions, his just as equally bad....shame on you didi.

    the watcher - 14 May 2015

    Mutasa has a big farm that he did not buy. Go and farm. The country needs food. You ate with Mugabe et al for the longest time. You agreed with them. You are one of them. You hold a party card. Find a way back into the party. We have a brain each. You helped destroy Zim. Pasi naMutasa

    Dzvuke Muchaina - 14 May 2015

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