Mujuru to take on Mugabe in 2018

HARARE - A close ally of former Vice President Joice Mujuru says the popular 60-year-old widow of the late liberation struggle icon, General Solomon Mujuru, will challenge President Robert Mugabe or whoever will represent the post-congress Zanu PF in the much-anticipated 2018 presidential elections.

The spokesperson of disaffected Zanu PF stalwarts, who now operate as the “original” Zanu PF using the slogan People First, Rugare Gumbo, said yesterday that there was no doubt that Mujuru would be up for the challenge if members decided to make her the substantive leader and presidential candidate of the party.

Gumbo spoke as opposition leaders are making serious efforts to come together in a grand coalition that includes MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, MKD leader Simba Makoni, Zapu president Dumiso Dabengwa and Mujuru, which will take on Mugabe and the ruling party in 2018.

“If congress is held and she is elected president then yes, she will contest in the 2018 election. Ultimately, the people will decide, but certainly she is a front runner as we speak,” Gumbo told the Daily News.

The outspoken Gumbo, who was banished from the post-congress Zanu PF together with Mujuru and former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa over untested allegations of plotting to oust and kill Mugabe, also insisted yesterday that the 2014 Zanu PF congress which ushered in a new leadership was unconstitutional and therefore void.

He said this was the reason why his group was sticking with the “original” Zanu PF, adding that Mujuru, who was for many years tipped to be Mugabe’s successor, was “a political giant” to the extent that she would “shake the post-congress Zanu PF to its core”.

“She is committed to fulfilling people’s dreams to ensure that Zimbabwe is properly ruled, and that there is peace and tranquillity in the country. She is the first woman to be elected vice president and it’s just a matter of time before she gets to the top,” Gumbo said.

He indicated that Zanu PF “People First” was in the process of building structures at grassroots level, as there were many disgruntled members dotted across the country who were itching to start working for the party.

“People are being fired and suspended and are being denied the chance to contest in by-elections. We are saying that we are the original Zanu PF and we use People First as our slogan. We stand for democracy, justice, freedom of speech, full participation and respect of the Constitution,” he added.

His remarks also came as the factional and succession wars in the post-congress Zanu PF are escalating, amid talk that up to 100 of its senior members and legislators perceived to be loyal to Mujuru face the axe.

In Harare East, Terence Mukupe — who defeated former Zifa women football boss Mavis Gumbo during the party’s primary elections but was disqualified because he does not meet the party requirements — has taken his fight to court.

The former banker told High Court judge Chinembiri Bhunu  last week that the rejection of his nomination papers was illegal, malicious and should thus be set aside.

Mukupe is believed to belong to an ambitious group of Young Turks within Zanu PF known as the Generation 40, while his opponent, Mavis Gumbo, is said to belong to the dominant faction that supports Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In Masvingo, the axe is also said to be hanging over party heavyweights Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Dzikamai Mavhaire, Calisto Gwanetsa and retired Colonel Claudius Makova.

A storm is also brewing between secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo and political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere over the Harare East by-election, with the two bigwigs caught in opposite camps.

Tourism minister, Walter Mzembi, who by Mugabe’s own admission, is one of the government’s best-performing Cabinet ministers, is also said to be on the ropes as political vultures are said to be after his head.

Gumbo’s remarks also come at a time when pro-Mujuru party members are having their farms invaded and taken over by hardliners.

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The solution is on focusing that free and fare elections are held in Zimbabwe. Let us not even talk of 2018. Let us talk of a strategy that will force Mugabe to reform the electoral process. Whether they are in 2018, 2020, 2030 or whatever should not be our focus now.

Ziziharinanyanga - 6 May 2015

Lets start an online forum to brainstorm strategies that will force Mugabe to electoral reforms and please daily news give us the platform.

Ziziharinanyanga - 6 May 2015

I find it absurd that you still label Mujuru as popular despite the fact that this is the same person who was very much against the idea of giving econet a license to operate and she insulted Nkomo for saying econet was entitled to a an operation license . It is not understandable how some one who was enjoying sex in some shacks in mozambigcan bushes with the commander can be called an icon of struggle . Naturally she never went to the front as she was to remain behind bonking and comforting Solomon .she is evil as Mugabe and no sympathy for her .

Diibulaanyika - 6 May 2015

We need heavies like Rugare Gumbo, Mutasa, J.Mujuru Dabengwa among others to rise above party politics and power mongering, and to make a united and spirited effort to force ZANU PF to face the electorate on a fair and even playing field. Let them put their money where their mouths are and form a coalition to fight for the implimentation of electoral reforms before any future elections.

Abri - 6 May 2015

Mujuru needs to stay alive to contest Mugabe in 2018 because they are planning to take her out when she least expects it just like they did to her hubby. I doubt the old man will be fit to run for office again.

Disaster - 6 May 2015

The Daily News has gone too far in licking Mai Mujuru's bums. Since did she become popular? What's the difference between her murderous crew and those still in power? Your paper has lost objectivity and credibility. Surely if The Daily News sees oppression in ZANU PF, by extension it has to see the same with the Mujuru cabal. Mugabe and Mujuru are two sides of the same coin. I have lost all respect for my once beloved Daily News. I can't continue reading a paper that is so unprincipled. Adios

Magochazizi - 6 May 2015

I find it rather odd that we are talking about 2018 elections when we have hardly gone halfway through this term where we were promised 2 million jobs by the incumbent gorvenment. Unemployment is over 80% and that is being very conservative. The bread and butter issues affecting us as a nation must be addressed as a matter of urgency. The electoral reforms must be put in place NOW. By the time we get to 2018 a lot of water will have passed under the bridge.

Mutongi Gava - 6 May 2015

Whether Mujuru challenges Mugabe or not,the result will be the same as long as elections in 2018 are conducted in the same manner as previous ones.ZEC is not independent , Mugabe picks his own election monitors ,vanasabhuku vanotungamirira vanhu vemumamisha kuno vhota.Apo soja rakaisa tende munharaunda. What would you expect?

chimuti - 7 May 2015

As long as there are no reforms, Zanu will rule forever. DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME GOING TO VOTE FOR CHANGE-change will never come.

Referee - 7 May 2015

Referee , I think I agree with your point that ZANU PF will rule for ever, with the kind of oppositions we are having in this country. Oppositions are formed by people who are selfish and full of mina! mina! with no concern for the people of Zim. look and check how they always split forming many political parties that are yielding nothing that is benefiting Zimbabweans. How many MDC"s do we have within 14 years of its formation. I even feel sorry for Umdala DD who contributed so much in the liberation of this country. We look forward to having people that can remain within ZanuPf and enforce changes whilst in it. No cowards who jump outside the fence and start barking , no one listens to all those barks barks from outside the fence (ZPF) .............................................

Sihwabhela - 7 May 2015

rambai makashinga macdes handitindimi makavota.where are the 2million jobs promised.beware to be promised something else in 2018

mboko - 7 May 2015

Everything about Zanu Pf stinks. I will not put my xon a ballot paper with the name Zanu Pf. ZPF have hurt us too much and destroyed this nation. from Mujuru down they have a long long way of repentance and healing top convince a nation any one of them has really changed and repented. And as for Bob still being popular??? people are too afraid to say otherwise. I do NOT believe those figures. Zimbabweans are well known for saying one thing and meaning the exact opposite.

Freedom$Zim - 7 May 2015

Mujuru, Mnangagwa and Mugabe cannot win a free and fair election, no chance. This paper's reporting on Mujuru trying to label her a saint is nauseating. She along with Mugabe and the rest of the Zanu cabal have been in the thick of it, corruption, mismanagement, murder, you name every vice going they have been at it. Suddently you want to foist her as some heroine? She is very much part of the problem.

Lt General - 7 May 2015

Daily news, 10% or not please dont go down the Herald news way...start speaking truth to power and tell it as it is.

Lt General - 7 May 2015

ini Ndoti kana mutasa, mujuru , gumbo, makoni , dabengwa, nasibanda vakabuda pachena kuti Zanu yatadza, and mobilise public to sapota Mdc , that will bring courage and confidence back to the pple and come again to vote and get away with Zanu

nmadhuku - 7 May 2015

mdc t haichaiti we want new leadership in the party if we are to continue the party. morgan is also dictatorial. that's why he manipulates the constitution and purges perceived dissidents just like it is in zanu. in his party he presents himself as the only eligible authentic indispensable opposition leader. we all know that there are many capable heads out there. the sooner we replace morgan, the better for our country.

zvirozviyedzwa - 7 May 2015

Mujuru is popular to whom?...The very same way that state media built monster Mugabe is what you are doing about this non-existent Gumbo Mutasa ZPF. This is just a group of angry losers who have been pushed out of the ZPF looters club. Surely Zimbabwe cannot pin its hope on this bunch of losers

ndlangas endazula - 8 May 2015

Tsvangirai haasayi atonga toda kuoona kutadza kwake kana atonga.Ngaapihwe mukana.

Chitsiga - 8 May 2015

Dont lie to the nation about Mujuru she used to be in the same boat and what has changed now? She had her time in government and now she is finished. lets not keep ON recycling the unwanted GARBAGE.

Tapiwa - 10 May 2015

Hopeless idiots.Zimbabweans are not yet ready for civilised and democratic rule.Chitomirirayi kupera kwe Mugabe rule

Kubhlungu - 11 May 2015

AMAI takambotarisa shure kwavo nemberi kwavo tikaon akwakanaka...ndobva tavaisa ...... ngavamirire kuiswa futi .....

CHAHOTOTO - 11 May 2015

"Whether I'll be there or not,having Morgan Tsvangirai as the president of Zimbabwe would be the greatest curse God has ever given to Zimbabwe."Same same namai Mujuru!

chatsva - 12 May 2015

PEACEFUL PROTEST AGAINST TWINE PHIRI'S MAL-ADMINISTRATION OF CAPS UNITED If you are intrested join drop your contacts and we will add you in a whatsapp group so that we organise the when,where and how the denmonstrations will be held. REASONS BEING; The Howmine Boycot and players attending the buffaloes match in an open truck!!! AS THE MOST IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDERS LETS DO SOMETHING FOR THE CLUB ZVANYANYA TP MUST GO


never fill pity when you see a crocodile being shredded into pieces by a shark because it would do the same if it had the power...MUJURU was overwhelmed by the taste of her own medicine.. the so called 'original' ZPF and the 'Post Congress ZPF' are just two sides of the same rusty coin, because the country has been dying slowly from slow Eco-political strangulation before these wolves switched camps. NONETHELESS lets focus on the cause not the result when we talk about Zim-elections .., ELECTORAL ADJUSTMENTS must be put in place to ensure a free,fair and people driven electoral result in 2018 ....

Dreadnaught - 13 May 2015

ZANU-PF has seven spirits like a cat, it will come up tops against all odds come 2018. believe me.

Tony - 13 May 2015

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