Mugabe is now powerless: Mutasa

HARARE - Former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa says Zimbabwe has descended into “complete lawlessness” and that President Robert Mugabe is now increasingly powerless to do anything about it as the “corrupt vultures” surrounding him have usurped both his Zanu PF and State powers for their selfish and narrow interests.

In an interview with the Daily News yesterday, the former Headlands legislator — who still defiantly calls himself Zanu PF’sClaims ‘vultures’ have usurped his power legitimate secretary for administration — also said he would only try to engage the embattled nonagenarian when normalcy returned to the country and there was a “visible return” to the rule of law.

Mutasa spoke as the ruling party’s deadly factional and succession wars rage on, amid fresh claims that the party’s Young Turks are plotting to oust their leaders, including Mugabe and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, from power.

Over the past few months, the party has descended into alarming chaos that has seen it effectively splitting into two distinct and bitterly opposed formations following the brutal purging of party stalwarts that include former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her perceived allies such as Mutasa and liberation war pioneer Rugare Gumbo.

Consequently, the disaffected group has been operating and organising itself in the name of the “original” Zanu PF, using the slogan People First — a movement they claim enjoys widespread support.

“What is happening in Zimbabwe is embarrassing. This idea (by the post-congress Zanu PF) of taking the law into their hands means that there is now no rule of law. Look at the disgraceful land grabs and you will see that there is no security of tenure.

“People just wake up and grab farms, which is a terrible indictment on the party. What is now very clear is that all people who are opposed to this post-congress Zanu PF risk losing their land,” said the former minister of Lands and Resettlement.

Mutasa’s comments were made after Mandi Chimene, the minister of State for Manicaland, had led the invasion of a farm that was said to be under the control of Mutasa’s allies, Mona Agro Farm in Rusape.

In Mashonaland West, Zanu PF thugs have also invaded Temba Mliswa’s farm — who is standing as independent candidate against the party in the forthcoming June 10 by-elections after the former legislator was kicked out of the party.

Although Mliswa has sought the intervention of police, they have not made any arrests, leading the voluble former Zanu PF bigwig to conclude that the invasion of his farm was sanctioned by senior party officials who are a law unto themselves.

Mutasa said yesterday that “some people who call themselves ministers are a mess and should be embarrassed by their actions and resign immediately”.

Citing the minister of Local Government Ignatius Chombo, Mutasa said the minister typified the worst levels of impunity that were “enjoyed by those on the ruling party gravy train”.

“Zimbabweans no longer have any rights in this post-congress Zanu PF system. Look at a person like Chombo, he does as he pleases and the same for Mandi Chimene.

“Chombo is the one behind the invasion of Temba’s farm. He wants everybody to kneel down before him because he thinks he is a small god?

“He is currently fighting with everybody and if he fails to find somebody to fight with, he will fight with himself. He is behaving like a bull in a china shop and would be stopped immediately if ours was a normal country,” he said.

Asked what it would take to stop the rot, Mutasa said a meeting with Mugabe would be the first step, but quickly added that he would only engage his former boss when the dust had settled.

“I am not in a rush to meet him. I will only try to engage him when the situation is better for both of us,” he said.

Specifically asked what it is he hoped could get better, Mutasa — who is suing Mugabe in the country’s courts — said, “I will do that when we have assessed the situation. I cannot summon him to meet me but he can”.

The softly-spoken and diminutive politician scathingly added that most of the country’s public officials were “rotten to the core”, going on to bemoan the sad state of the country’s politics and democratic credentials.

“Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) should stop the by-elections in all the areas where there are soldiers and police. Why should Zec stand aside and do nothing when Mliswa’s supporters are under fire in Hurungwe for example,” Mutasa said.

As a sign of the confusion and anarchy devouring Zanu PF, Mugabe himself admitted at his party’s congress late last year that he was being told what to do by his controversial wife Grace — a situation that insiders say contributed to the split of the ruling party.

Analysts have also pointed out that by insisting that they are the original Zanu PF, the People First movement is trying to hit Mugabe where it hurts most because he was not part of the team of liberation pioneers who formed the party.

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ZPF will be broken into a thousand shards: Tis God's judgment as they have not known the time of God's righteous justice and they have refused to repent.

Prophetic - 5 May 2015

Zimbabweans should learn one big lesson from Mutasa/Mliswa cases. When Mugabe and his ZANU PF attack anyone, be it individuals, opposition, organisations, tribes etc that are against him and his rule, all Zimbabweans whether you are in Mugabe's party or not should stand up and say no to him. If you watch it happen to somebody and say nothing, when it happens to you no one will say anything. Mutasa and Mliswa didn't say anything when Mugabe was killing and taking white people's farms by force. When Murambatsvina hit the ordinary people, When the ndebele tribe was butchered, when many people were abducted and disappeared. What is happening now will happen to many in ZANU PF even those who promise to lick Mugabe's boots after his death. So its every Zimbabwean's duty to say no. Even those in the army their day will come because many generals were killed. Until you stand up and say no to Mugabe your life is not guaranteed.

Ziziharinanyanga - 5 May 2015

Sekuru dhidhi pataimbochemawo mazuwa amaitiuraya muri muchitima ichocho amuna kuzvihwa cause mainakigwawo. Saka naizvozvo enjoy your fruits, ndimi maita strategise kuti uraya imi. Farm grabs u were inthe thick of it saka pachenyu.

Takaz - 5 May 2015


Mutasa - 5 May 2015

Well-stated point Ziziharinanyanga. In fact just this morning I was reading Dr Joshua Nkomo's letter written from exile in the UK in 1983 at the height of the Gukurahundi genocide. Among a number of points that he made in that letter, he also condemned indifference by the on lookers when atrocities were perpetrated especially against the defenceless. But in the case of Mliswa and his uncle, it's difficult to sympathize with them because we all know that they are condemning Bob and his blood-letting thugs merely because they have been chucked out of the gravy train. At the earliest afforded opportunity they will hastily jump back into the gravy train. Watch this space.

OkaSlwane - 5 May 2015

Yes...chickens are coming home to roost didimasi. You n your nephew got the farms through the same process you're losing them. In Ndebele we say..."kusasa kuyizolo" Shut-up didimanzi.

Qiniso - 5 May 2015

Shut up wena Mdidomanzi. You were once part of the cabal. Feel the heat.

Chipoto vhaivhai - 5 May 2015

Mutasa shut up you are simply having a test of your own medicine. I do agree with you that Chombo is rot to the core. Never mind his time will come. For now its you and your nephew. Temba zvawairova maworkers uchiti you are untouchable waifunga kuti zvinoguma nepi. thus the song my friend. Iko zvino wavekuchema uchiti mapurisa are not taking action. How soon you forget my friens. Once you are out thus what happens. They dont act, have a feel of it maybe you will tell those who are still inside the comfort zone to be nice to others coz they are going to face the same song. No one is going to be spared Temba.

felix - 6 May 2015

Mutasa used to make others scream. I like it when he screams himself. Zvarwadzaka Didymus?

machakachaka - 6 May 2015

It's not Mugabe. He is 91 years old. Zvese zvamuri kuwawata izvi haasi kutombozviziva. Vakura baba vedu. You would behave the same in his shoes. Your energies are misdirected. Let me tell you the enemy.... It's you. Yes, you. Who ever faults a 91 year old for anything, to me is a complete fool.

banho - 6 May 2015

It's heartening to see there are no contributors being taken in by Mutasa & Mliswa's bleating at the manner they are being treated. The fact that these ZPF rejects still want to be known as the original ZPF betrays their true intentions. What goes around comes around!

saundy - 6 May 2015

i see that qiniso and chipoto vhaivhai were so insultive in their write up of their comments. i dont support that, however this tells us how people are burning within themselves and wish they can take it out. the unfortunate thing is that the rulers are so oppresive that people just have to do it the way these guys have done it. we are living with time bombs and are so relaxed about it. they will explode into our faces one of these days, especially if God's grace moves because of our being sturbon.

see - 6 May 2015

Anarchy. Mupfumi, a zan u candidate in Dangamvura-Chikanga by-election has deployed youths at all schools in the constituency to harass school heads who send pupils home to collect fees. The schools need chalks, electricity, laboratory chemicals, water, toilet detergents e.t.c, where does he expect them to get these? He donated an ambulance and withdrew it after losing, now he has re-donated it again. He is likely to withdraw it once he is defeated by the Mavambo candidate.

Theophelus - 6 May 2015

Nyathi, vaMutasa....chero mukasara mave hwani variku contester hu president, inhando, Ndava yacho ndeyekuti Mugabe arinani kudarika imimi. dai advise yamunoda kupa Mugabe nhasi makamupa muna 1987 ndichiku bigger Mhukahuru. ndiyani vaunoda kuti akuteerere parizvino.....they say chikomo chikuru chinoremera vekure....vamwe voti natsa kwaunobva nekuti kwaunoenda idima Mhukahuru Zvino dzimba dzedu kuInyati Mine nekuHeadlands wakapisa.....vakaremadza vanhu vakavanda pamusana pekusada Mugabe.....nhasi Mugabe uya akudzinga, unotangira kupi? KuHeadlands tose tiri we Zanu Patriotic Front yavakati forcer into iya.....saka tototorawo vako munda. Pamberi ne Zanu Pf nyathi. Mugabe muhombe.....vakatiudza kuti its either you die or you support we are not dead yet.....naye Mugabe iyeye....ne91 dzake tinaye

Munya The Big Baboon - 6 May 2015

Asiwo kuzoenda here kuMalawi kundotssvaga mishonga yebonde kuremera....wadii kutsvaga wekupfuma....kana wekusafa zvavo. Sauti nemhiripiri dzakazara mushonga yebonde ka iyi. Kudya zvineutano, zvinaana cheese naana cinnamon, garlic zvakazara maTM wosiya kwave kuenda kumalawi sure!!!! Zvimwe zvinoda kukwana

Munya The Big Baboon - 6 May 2015

Daily News keep on giving a platform to Dydimus at your own peril. This man`s past in Zanu-PF is unerasibly documented. No effort from him pausing as some Messiah-with-a-glorius-Gospel will make him look differently in the eyes of Zimbabweans. Keep on giving him audience then we will view your paper in the same light. Mudidimus waTasamugwa is is Robert`s man on a sinister mission. Beware Zimbabweans. He is not qulified to lecture us on the evils of his life-long party.

Chorosi - 6 May 2015

Mutasa akurwadziwa nezvinhu zvaakasiya agadzira ku Zanu Pf. There is no any real and straight minded person neither in Zanu Pf or who support ZanuPf because all what is done in zanu pf is doing thing s for not any person but their self aggrandisement. They only do things in the best interest to serve thier ill gotten wealth. Even a proffessor, business person whoever who support zanu pf if check the background there is something that he or she be covering behind or else is a benefactor of those partly centered policies one way or the other. Mutasa must confess and repent before waffling those words of progress if he is to be sympathised with.

MDC SUPPOTER - 6 May 2015

kkkkkk Mutasa....kkkkk remember you claimed to have kicked Roy Bennet when he floored Chinamasa in parly... y were yu not arrested .... go now and giv them that kick yu boasted of gore riya Mutasa .... hokoyo na Bennet remember you claimed wakamukicker when he floored Chinamasa in parly gore riye iyezvino wachipa.....

Lawrence MUNKOMBWE - 6 May 2015

Mutasa seem to speak well, however the advise he seem to offer now is senseless because he abused GNU opportunities by standing with Mugabe and his propaganda period. Now he should do right by making a confession of how Mugabe and his ZANU PF rigged the 2008/2002/1995 elections

ananian - 6 May 2015


hooter - 6 May 2015

The only reasonable party in zim is MDC T

Piaget - 6 May 2015

Mutasa You have proofed that you are also useless. Who do you think can follow you or believe whatever nonsense you are saying? The only reasonable political party in Zim Is MDC T. whether the two zanus like it or not, that party is going to run the country come 2018. That will be the beginning of democracy in Zimbabwe. Morgan will rule for only term. I believe in him. He has something tangible to offer to Zimbabweans. We cant keep on talking about war credentials this day of the century and after all the real veterans are sidelined. Zanu imbobayanai zvenyu. We shall change everything.

Piaget - 6 May 2015

ziziharinanyanga is right I have been telling a small faction of comprades at one time wen I told them am crying all nite becoz of Dzamara and they semed not to care but this is the truth Zimbos we're leaving the fight to one man look at Mutasa and Mliswa although Zanu there are the sons of ths land they deserve justice am not Zanu pf at all Zabu had history of violence, elimination and abduction back to the liberation war wen Mukono and Mataure and the Nhari rebellion wc culminated wt the butchering of pipo and Chitepo no one seems to care like wat we're duin today arguing that they ask for t we lost Chitepo and all Nhari cadres lets go on to the eve of independence we lost Tongogara around 1989 our on son Egdar TEKERE formed ZUM and KOmbai was shot and injured by those feared CIO no one inquired abt the violent elections or the butchering of the Ndebele upto 2000s we lost TONDERAI NDIRA an BETHA CHOKURURAMA and many others thru those abductions and intimidations today we don't noe where Dzamara is tuday MLISWA AND MUTASA's farms are grabbed and we say becoz he was ZANU and he got it thru the same situation WAKE UP ZIMBABWE we're living the struggle on one person the white used the bible to justiofy colonialism and we're using the same bible to justfy oppression and pain WAKE UP ZIMBABWE lets join MULISWA AND MUTASA either black-shona or Ndebele white or colloured lets fight for our nation tiri kuregererana pliz if you ask someone about Dzamara unonzwa kuti hw can an ant challenge a lion or crocodile am begging you Zimbabweans stop that political affiliation

chirisamhuru - 6 May 2015

Mr Mutasa is squealing now about the monster he helped create for the last 35 years. It is amazing how people pushed out of power all of sudden begin to believe they can save the nation when they contributed to its destruction. I have no sympathy for Mutasa, Mliswa and Sibanda. They terrorised people for years and they now expect us to think they are the cleanest guys in town. Zimbabweans have to deal with the politics of hypocrisy in a serious way.

Chenjerai Hove - 6 May 2015

what goes around comes around...

nasty o - 7 May 2015

TAKAZ, I agree with your comment "farm grabs, you were in the think of it saka ndezve pachenyu sekuru " Drama ye ZANU PF is disgusting and a disgrace. GAMATOXIES ! The world is moving forward rapidly and Zimbabweans, we are stuck with this ZANU PF rot. Nothing stinks for ever!!

Skaramanga Specter007 - 9 May 2015

Zvinonaka kana riri iro dindingwe riri kukweva ropa asi kana iro rokwevewa roti mavara azara ivhu. Mutasa was one of the most feared and corrupt PF cadres and now he was ousted from the party he is saying this and that if he was still in the president's office would he be saying all these nonsensical issues. Kkkkkkk in 2008 nearly barnished the media especially the gazette but now ndokwava kudining kwake kwaanotandarira haa this is fun and interesting

papajimmy - 9 May 2015

nhai vamutasa.....makaita makore mangani murimo muzanu ? makanga musingazvioni here? chazokuvhundutsi nhasi chii/ kuti makadzingwawo here? toti manzi dzokai mungaramba iyemi? ko tikati huyai kuMDC tikuitei president mungaramba here? ko pamaibatsira kuuraya vanhu 2008 makanga musingazvioni here? we need answers mr Mutasa

CHAHOTOTO - 11 May 2015

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