Tsvangirai cranks up Mugabe attack

MUTARE - Opposistion leader Morgan Tsvangirai is ratcheting up the pressure against President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, declaring at the weekend that the MDC would soon unroll its long-mooted mass protests to force the government to implement much-needed reforms.

Speaking at a rally in Mutare on Saturday, Tsvangirai urged his supporters to ready themselves for a massive showdown with Zanu PF and the government regarding the lack of movement on key electoral reforms and other critical policies, which he said would only come through the action and continuing sacrifices of Zimbabweans.

He warned the supporters that they should expect a “brutal response as usual” from Mugabe, Zanu PF and the government — given the history and tendency by the ruling party “to do anything to remain in power”.

Tsvangirai has embarked on a countrywide tour to galvanise his support base, amid the worsening political and economic climate in the country — with the economy now often described as being in free fall despite promises by Zanu PF ahead of the disputed 2013 national elections that the party would work to improve people’s lives.

However, since the party’s controversial electoral victory, it has been engaged in deadly factional and succession wars which have resulted in Mugabe firing former Vice President Joice Mujuru and other liberation war pioneers on stunning, but untested claims that they were plotting to oust and kill the nonagenarian.

“The reforms (Zimbabwe needs) will only come with pressure. We want a quick solution to the crisis we face in this country.

“We are declaring that this year is the year of people’s power…but you know that there is a risk. We are going to be arrested, we are going to be abducted like what happened to Itai Dzamara,” Tsvangirai cautioned, while insisting that the protests would be peaceful.

“With the way elections are handled in Zimbabwe and no matter how popular we are, we will never have power (unless key reforms are implemented) even though no party is as popular as MDC.

“The reason we can never transform our popularity into power is because Mugabe is an expert at rigging. We cannot continue to push people to exercise their right to vote that is not respected… Zanu PF is not a democratic party, it is a military party,” Tsvangirai said to thunderous applause from the gathered multitudes.

With Mutare’s Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency going into a by-election on June 10, Tsvangirai urged his supporters to stay away from the “fraudulent process” as per the MDC’s decision to boycott all polls until key reforms are implemented.

“If you have to go and vote at all, then go and spoil the ballots by writing that ‘No elections without reforms’,” Tsvangirai said.

He went on to explain that there were both political and technical challenges that were hampering the holding of free and fair elections in the country.

Politically, Tsvangirai noted, there was still rampant use of intimidation tactics through the deployment of the military and use of coercion.

Technically, there remained many issues with the voters’ roll, the lack of fairness in State media and the non-use of biometric technology during voting processes which created the space for electoral fraud and multiple voting.

“Zimbabwe is in violation of Sadc electoral guidelines and we are also in violation of African Union guidelines,” the MDC president said.

Speaking in Harare a day earlier, Tsvangirai said the political and economic crisis in the country was now way beyond the control of Mugabe, Zanu PF and the government — warning further that this would worsen substantially before a solution could be found.

Addressing workers who turned up for the May Day commemorations organised by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), the former labour leader said the country’s problems emanated from the national political crisis and Zanu PF’s lack of legitimacy.

Tsvangirai accused Mugabe and Zanu PF of “rigging their way to power” in the 2013 elections, resulting in “the crisis of legitimacy and the deep-seated national crisis”.

He said both local and foreign investment which were necessary to extricate the country from the current economic quagmire would not be forthcoming when there was a “91-year-old trying to stay in power for ever”, as well as poor policies by Zanu PF.

“I am surprised he (Mugabe) is not ashamed of chairing the AU and Sadc when all the leaders there qualify to be his grandchildren.

“So what is the way forward? Nobody will come to our rescue in this country. It is our responsibility to liberate ourselves and I want to say before the crisis ends we have to escalate it so that we find a solution to it,” Tsvangirai told the workers.

“We do not need anyone to tell us what our situation is like. Already some of us believe that if we act in solidarity of your efforts we are doing it for the sake of liberating Zimbabweans, so let’s be brave,” he added.

Comments (45)

Tsvangison has lost his marbles. What he failed to win through elections he want to get through stoking chaos! He cant wait to be arrested and then beaten by police so that it becomes news. Those days are gone my dear. Zimbabweans are busy fending for their families.

godfrey gudo - 4 May 2015

dear Morgan, you are tactless. You have told your enemy your strategy, now he will prepare a better and more brutal strategy against you. Do your preps quietly. Let your attacks be spontaneous. Don't be such a loud mouthed fool.

banho - 4 May 2015

Zvakanaka zvakadaro. The regime is already sharpening its teeth ready to bite like a tiger .

fadiga - 4 May 2015

Tsvangirayi is such a disappointment. He is such a strategic failure and he depends too much on rallies. Rallies may keep him relevant but they are not a strategy to bring down the tyrant.

connie - 4 May 2015

President Tsvangirai you are right, you have people at heart but I also think now is the time to target the youth, the zanu pf youth. The kids are have been taught beat up and kill fellow citizens who are suffering the same way as they are and I think this could be a good strategy, don't fight them or accuse them but educate them through your speeches ask them to join liberation train because clearly without the youths zanu would weaken drastically. I feel sorry for the zanu pf youths as they are being used by the same people who have created the unemployment, hatred etc. Va Tsvangirai udzai vana vauye vabatane nevamwe pane kushandiswa kurova hama dzavo nekupisa dzimba dzehama dzavo because of these evil politicians for what, maybe $50 of $100 then what after that? Ask them if that can solve their problems. Without the full support of the youths it will be very difficult. MDC should create an atmosphere that will make it easy for zanu pf youth to join them. Pasina vana vavanoshandisa ava zanu pf is doomed guys.

redemption - 4 May 2015

Biblical history shows that whenever a nation got itself into the dire straits Zimbabwe finds itself in today it was because of personal and national sin: government and the church! as a nation we need to repent and then the Lord Himself will be our deliverer from this evil. May the Lord lead us into a true broken hearted repentance over our sin.

Righteous Justice - 4 May 2015

It would also be good to stop denigrating Morgan. Yes he has made fundamental mistakes. We have ALL made mistakes. Let us begin to forgive one another and begin to be unified. MT is afterall the legitimate President of Zimbabwe. 2002?? 2008 yes! 2013 yes!

Righteous Justice - 4 May 2015

Godfrey Gudo and Banho, Democracy is the government by the whole population for the whole population- not according to ZanuPF and its misguided supporters. In Democratic countries aspiring politicians ( presidential, ministerial even members of parliaments make public pronouncements as to how they wish could be done to have the country move forward. The regime has put the advancement of the whole people into reverse gear. If you were not drunk from the regime's propaganda, ( Herald, ZBC and etc. )you would find it easy to conclude that Mr Tsvangirai is Right. The political behaviour of denigrating others, kuba upfumi hwe nyika,kunyepera kuwa watendi muma church kana kuponda we ma opposition parties is a sign of a people still entrapped in primitiveness and savagery.

Sekuru Ndoronga - 4 May 2015

the same statements aSAVE akubhowa. ini ndakati handiguriko. wasting my time. Taitoona zvedu bhora remabhuza

wind - 4 May 2015

CIO s have every reason to try and scold Morgan here bcoz mazanga e ZANU who can not see anything wrong with the party which is causing untold suffering to citizens of this country .Normal people who are not malema or amazanga can not just lash at someone who is trying to bring some sanity in the country which is now a heap of junk . Viva Morgan wena uyi nkuzi you are the only one who has told Mugabe to get out . We will never listen to mazanga who scold Morgan for no known reason as we all know he has never killed any zimbabwean he is trying to knock some sense into the heads of the suffering masses so that they can not loss hope bcoz they is light at the end of the tunnel as zanu is slowly dying together with Mugabe .I glade it is to spot comments by cio.

Diibulaanyika - 4 May 2015

I am glade it is easy to spot comments by CIOs,

Diibulaanyika - 4 May 2015

morgan akatopfuuridza term yake ye hu president. he then changed the party constitution so that he would overstay. those who allow him to carry on regardless are making him into a future dictator. already he has become dictatorial by purging all who oppose his continued illegal tenure. ma chinja, pls chinjai munhu uyu. you have so many capable hands.

zvirozviyedzwa - 4 May 2015

zvirozviyedzwa.....ko iwewe chii chawakamboitawo to try and help situation yemu zim, kungoshoropodza vamwe chete. Shame on you!!

redemption - 5 May 2015

maitiro chinja...chinja maitiro. its not only others who are resistant to change. morgan despite sloganeering change, he himself is resisting change. as long as he stays as mdc t president, he will be telling others that change is impossible. you want Mugabe to go what you yourself. you have gone past you three terms and should respectfully go not to change documents so you can overstay. that is what dictators do. so you are one homeboy.

zvirozviyedzwa - 5 May 2015

une point zvirozviedzwa. that why MDC is splitting everyday. vanoona zvemberi vakatoratidzwa kare kuti pamutswa zidictator Tsvangirai

wind - 5 May 2015

Morgan Tsvangirai is a total a**hole. He spends a lot of time with his trousers on the floor. He babbles so fast that his mouth is usually ahead of his retarded brain. He miserably failed those that had hoped he would bring sanity, logic, intelligence, civilized values to the country. Instead he brought his crass stupidity and hordes of Zanu pf styled louts, thieves and free-loaders that call themselves his supporters. The good news is that his once western sponsors have dumped him and have given him a caustic enema. The tragedy is that so-called MDC supporters (like Obert Gutu etc.) are so stupid that they do not realize that Tsvangirai needs to be jettisoned and a new Real Opposition party needs to be born.

Peter Harlitatos - 5 May 2015

Chikwambo che Zanu is about to bite the dust. We will see who the idiots are going to be hero worshipping

THULA - 5 May 2015

Stage mass protest against what ZANU PF youth is doing and the rest will fall into place.

Dee - 5 May 2015

vakomana !nhasi pane maCIO pnao

nhasi pano - 5 May 2015

blame tsvangison and you feel contented; and conversely I feel ashamed of you, and your ignorance. to mean to say you do not appreciate the change that tsvangirai came came with in 2009. then you become an enemy to the good Zimbabwe. when tsvangirai came the quality of life for Zimbabweans at home, and even in south Africa, changed for the better. now that he is only 2years remote from government, look down south and there is Zimbabwe-phobia, and inland there are essentially tomatoes everywhere. you are stupid if you can not see this. otherwise you are the evil that defends evil Mugabe. to hell with you and gamatox and teurai.

david maombo - 5 May 2015

the fact is, he served his full term (three terms actually). he promised in 1999 that he would not do a zanu handiende style and we believed him. now that his mandate has expired what does he do? he changes the constitution in order to overstay. isn't that what we are opposing in favour of democracy? where is democracy in the supposed democratic party. it is true that he brought significant positives in 2009 but that doesn't warrant him indispensability. if he was genuine like Mandela, he would have groomed someone from within his party to take over at the expiry of his tenure. let the truth the told - the guy is a dictator and a handiende type. if we allow him continuity, tomorrow we will suffer at his hands. people should serve limited terms of office not open cheque books like this.

zvirozviyedzwa - 5 May 2015

So how does Morgan staying put as leader of mdc affect our economy . ? You see you cio guys do not reason at all that is why Mugabe send you to go and kidnap people in their homes bcoz he knows you are so stupid such that you can not even see wrong and right .Every one sane knows that Mugabe is the one who must go A S P no Morgan . No one has complained that Morgan has overstayed we only hear that from you cio . But the good thing is Morgan is the most loved politician in this country even you cio know it that is why you are trying your dirty tricks here to try and soil him for no reason .

Diibulaanyika - 5 May 2015

if you cannot understand limited terms of office and how the constitution caps those limits then it may be pointless to argue with you. according to the mdc constitution morgan was meant to retire as president at most in 2014. that is when his third and final term expired. he had to engineer an amendment to the existing constitution so that he overstays or rather to legitimatise his tenure. that among many other things is wrong. it is wrong in that it sets a wrong precedent for politicians. no matter how good a person thinks they are, when time is up, they should just pack and go and allow someone else. we zimbos allows this type of behaviour thats why we are not taken seriously by our politicians. we have a right to say no.

zvirozviyedzwa - 5 May 2015

It is Zvirozviyedzwa who complains using MDC RENEWAL TEAM's total failure to dislodge Tsvangirai from leading the REAL OPPOSITION PARTY. It's total nonsense to complain that MT has overstayed as leader of MDC T when his supporters still like him. We are not prepared to leave a true freedom fighter to follow sellouts in the name of so called democracy. RGM has deliberately messed up things in the country and worked hard to destabilize the opposition hoping MT would easily go down.The people of Zimbabwe know who & what they want.RGM is forcing matters with his shamele ss,brutal murderers.

dembetembe - 6 May 2015

Well it is clear you know nothing about struggle that is why you wish Morgan can abandon the people 's project .Mandela never abandoned the struggle nor is our father zimbabwe . Why do nt you tell Mugabe to step down in the first place ? Once Morgan gets into govt then we can talk about when he can retire as of now he is our spear head and is still sharp as we want for struggle that is in our country and we can not afford to put a blunt spear head at this crucial moment . You can hallucinate from the cio quarters Morgan is staying put .Tell Mugabe to go for million of reasons everyone knows .

Diibulaanyika - 6 May 2015

chinja maitiro. maitiro chinja. everyone else has to change except one man. the only capable mind in Zimbabwe! That says volumes about us as a people. surely there should someone who can carry the struggle on for mdc t. if not, then we may conclude that this party is not democratic. maorgan served his full term and should be rested. if he didn't groom someone, then he is either simple or a dictator or both.

zvirozviyedzwa - 6 May 2015

first strike cut the dipest cut a father haatangi arwadza mwana ozoti ndini baba provide what u have to provide as what all prophet does thy prophise and people follow them pinda mustreet iwe pamberi then people mumashure kwete kuda kudenhera vanhu nyoka while enjoy

tumirai - 6 May 2015

Tsvangirai is a lot like ZanuPF. He focuses too much on party politics. He's too bookish and will never come up with new ways of putting pressure on Bob. Zvema rally izvo ndezve 20th century

Ndosvotwa Mhani - 6 May 2015

Well Dembetembe and many others like you , who like you,remember that even nelson mandela relinquished the presidency because his term and the time had come. Mugabe and Tsvangirai are the same in thinking they monopolise leadership ability, which is wrong. That is the problem for most opposition parties in africa. Just calling it quits, and serving the party you love in another capacity. Nelson mandela did not stop ,mbeki, chissano, guebuza leaders who gave up and served in other capacities

Rafael santos - 6 May 2015

this is what some mdc t supporters fail to comprehend. notice I said some because many other people are starting to see the similarities tsvangirai has with dictators. the party shouldn't be about one person. that is a serious weakness. mdc should be bigger than one man not the way it appears at the moment. mdc t ... chinja... maiitiro .. chinja. this is the time for change. embrace it.

zvirozviyedzwa - 6 May 2015

All sane people know that Mandela stepped down after the struggle was over . The oppressors put him in jail for 27 yrs wanting him to step down but did he ? No . Once he came in govt he stepped down and that is exactly what zimbabweans want Morgan to do . Unless you are smoking something illegal and you are intoxicated then you can not understand something as simply as that . But as cio you are trying your best but at the end you will look like lunatics Never compare Morgan and Mugabe bcose Morgan has no dead humans under his belt while Mugabe has more than 20 000 .

Diibulaanyika - 6 May 2015

How can someone normal compare people in govt and those who want to be in govt and make them the same is totally foolish and childish but that makes some of us not surprised in a country where people can easily told diesel can jet from the bellies of the earth and they totally believe . where people are lied to about non existing sanctions and swallow hook and line ,in a country where people are told a cell will see how and who they voted for and they believe that and then vote for an old idiot.Where a 91 year old can lie to them that he will create 2milion jobs and they vote for him .

Diibulaanyika - 6 May 2015

guys let the truth be told. if the man hasn't gone over the constitutionally agreed mandate then I owe him an apology. if he has, then he is same fanana with the rest. what makes you trust someone who manipulates his own party's codes and think that he will respect that of the country? if he knew that he wanted to do the mandela style why did he promise in the first place that he would serve only three terms and pass the baton. this is a matter of principles guys. the man will make us suffer once in power. trust me, he shows the potential. he is another handiende type - a dictator in the making.

zvirozviyedzwa - 6 May 2015

You know what form your party contest against him neeh who is stopping you from doing that ? When your term of retirement comes you can retire and show every one that you a good boy not this thing of making too much noise fanika nkunku yena sutile sikafu .Morgan is the most popular politcian in the country as of now like it or not its like that bururu unless you are living in a cave and you know nothing about what is happening around you.

Diibulaanyika - 6 May 2015

the party should be more popular not a person. we the people are making these people feel big headed. why should a person be more popular to the level you are purporting and not the party. what it means is that there is no mdc t without Tsvangirai. it should not be like that. kufa kwemujoni khamba haivharwi.

mabasa - 6 May 2015

i thnk chance yakaenda ipopaya moggi mopaziva patakakuvhoteray neuwandu whedu...makabva mati ziii pamakapinda mupower sharin atiziviwo maida tidii......muchaita saZuma mukakara chigame muchidaro

harvey - 6 May 2015

That is sick thinking was Mandela not more popular than ANC? Obama is more popular than his political party which many people do not know its name . Morgan is popular across all tribes of this country. And that his haters do not want to hear. what do you want us to say just pretend as if he is not ? Typically of zanu very jealous indeed .

Diibulaanyika - 6 May 2015

When MDC T was in govt hospitals started to treat sick people shops were full up to now schools worked well they was a lot of some positive development in the country but any where as usual we have some dander heads who can not see development right up their noses and those are the ones who can be exploited by zanu . All what you are having now in our economy is a creation of mdc t and is getting finished slowly as you can witness volumes of vendors in the cities as more and more companies are closing .

Diibulaanyika - 6 May 2015

iwe haugoneke shamwari. morgan unomuda too much. Obama will soon be gone after his two terms. mandela left after serving only one term. this is what gives them statesman status. morgan is on yr number 16. acha svitsawo dzake 35 yrs manje manje. by that time anenge svikawo 93yrs of age. wise people see ahead of time. this man will do exactly what other dictators did.

zvirozviyedzwa - 6 May 2015

Dander head terms work for those in govt .What is your problem here ,During struggle terms never work they only work proper when someone is in govt simply as that . Why SHOULD I hate Morgan bcoz he has done nothing wrong to me and the nation at large . But as of you go ahead hate him bcoz you were brain washed in border gezi camps . We have heard this rubbish of terms from renewals it simply does not work and it will never work out side govt .

Diibulaanyika - 7 May 2015

@zvirozviyedzwa, we want Morgan to enter into gvt,rule for two terms and off he goes. But people like you think someone who is a leader of a party should retire when in effect the a political party that is not in gvt is not responsible for people's suffering. ZAnu Pf is solely responsible for our suffering whether thru sanctions or not . if there are sanctions, this gvt invited them because ever since it was formed , that party has been a violent organisation responsible maiming both the economy and its citizens.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 7 May 2015

i don't think getting old is something to be ashamed of coz everyone at one point will also be old. otherwise having the opportunity to chair your grandchildren is something one should be proud of. he shld point on the president's failure to address the economic hardships in the country not the issue of him not being ashamed because he is old. will he (tsvangirai) be ashamed when he is old?

cyntie - 8 May 2015

Everything needs strategies and planning and its better for a fool to remain silent than exposing its foolishness and failures to the world. Morgan is nothing else other than a fool that is full of failures and will never achieve anything more than that deceive victory he got in 2008. Jus take a look at what he is doing right now, instead of road mapping or planning for the next elections he is wasting time on planning and doing unnecessary rallies and campaigns. Why don't he just let Zanu Pf fail during its course. Accusing Mugabe of rigging in the 2013 elections will never change the fact that Mugabe is the president now and will be up to 2018.

papajimmy - 9 May 2015

Pamberi ne peoples revolution.Twangson pamberi na mai isu tichiona pa tv ..tichiva backa tiri pama keyboards

Kubhlungu - 11 May 2015

Does not Morgan realise that these thugs will not change?

K - 11 May 2015

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