Mugabe in tribal storm

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe is taking the flak for saying Kalanga people were “uneducated” and responsible for “petty crime” in South Africa.

Mugabe made the howler on Wednesday at a news conference just after a meeting of regional heads of State, urging Zimbabweans domiciled in South Africa to return home ostensibly because there was not much there for black people.

He said: “The majority of the people there (South Africa) say they would not want to come back even when transport is provided. Some are committing crimes like the Kalangas who are notorious for petty crimes because they are not educated.”

Former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo was scathing in his condemnation of Mugabe, describing his sentiments as “regrettable”.

Gumbo said instead of insulting other tribes, Mugabe needed to put in place policies that are people-centred to keep Zimbabweans in the country “not categorising the Kalanga people as uneducated.”

“Surely, the responsibility of creating a favourable environment for our people lies with us,” Gumbo told the Daily News.

“It is regrettable and sad that the head of State went that far because our people are hardworking and all they need are jobs, freedom of movement, association, they need total emancipation by a responsible leadership.

“That is why we have adopted the People First slogan because that is what some of us went to war for.”

He wondered why Mugabe was blaming asylum seekers for “searching for better lives abroad”.

Cont Mhlanga, a Bulawayo-based social commentator,  said Mugabe’s statement should be read as confirming that his government had failed in providing equal opportunities to all its citizens.

“Here in Lupane where I come from, we have at least two people in every village who work in South Africa, but does it mean they are uneducated?” Mhlanga asked rhetorically.

“If that is the case, then does it mean South Africa has jobs for people of all levels of education while Zimbabwe does not?

“It is unfortunate for those in leadership to think that Zimbabweans are crossing into South Africa because they are either Kalanga or uneducated or they hail from Matabeleland.”

Douglas Mwonzora, secretary-general of Morgan Tsvangirai’s opposition MDC, said it was “irresponsible” for Mugabe to denigrate the Kalanga ethnic group.

“The utterances show the disdain with which Mugabe views other communities in Zimbabwe.”

Mwonzora said Mugabe’s statement was “false, insensitive, irresponsible and tribalistic.”

Mugabe’s wife Grace last year scorned the men from the region, sarcastically describing them as bulls who were in the business of siring children but not taking care of them.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) said Mugabe was in a futile exercise to run away from “hard core facts” that migration to South Africa by people from Matabeleland was a result of the region’s marginalisation.

“Unfortunately, Mugabe is trying to hide behind a finger but facts are stubborn,” said Japhet Moyo, the ZCTU secretary-general.

“It is a fact that the region has few or no opportunities and they are pushed across the Limpopo in search of a better life not to be criminals.

“Mugabe should have listened to (SA President Jacob) Zuma when he said some of the immigrants were afraid to return to their countries because they are not free there.”

Zuma recently blamed African nations for contributing towards xenophobia in South Africa by not providing for their people in terms of opportunities as well as civil and political liberties.

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*President Robert Mugabe is taking the flak for saying Kalanga people were “uneducated” and responsible for “petty crime” in South Africa.* You Robert the educated what have done for Zimbabwe in your position as president for over 35 years ? You are now exihibiting all signs of senile decay.

Chorosi - 1 May 2015

Nx! Yikukhuluma bani lokhu? Why usidelela kanje wena khehla? Ufuna sihlale sibulawe yindlala? I, proud to be working is SA ngoba I can feed my family. You know what, you are a fake president. You think its only the BaKhalanga and MaNdebele in SA? Dont try to play divide and rule. A true muShona knows the suffering in Zimbabwe and has gone as far as Durban looking for employment. Amabhasi aweXenophobia victims why did you allow them to bring the BaKhalanga to Harare? Uyisiyelele sokucina xhegwana

Nzou Nzou - 1 May 2015

"I do not want to see a white face" Recent Mugabe's comments upon visiting a museum in Soweto, during a state visit in two decades. Now he just said "The Kalanga are an un educated brood" LOL !!! Mugabe is on his way out . SADC is mapping this out right now. Cleaning up ZANU squabbling/drama is challenging. Zimbabwe is SADC 'gamatox' Zimbabweans need to wake up from this ZANU induced trance. How long can a free people of Zimbabwe put up with a barrage of these verbal abuses......... "I don't want to see a white face " .Kalangas Meg

Skaramanga Specter007 - 2 May 2015

The truth is that South Africa offers opportunities for everyone, even the uneducated ones. Zimbabwe doesn't have even for educated people. In South Africa, there is still something to steal, and someone to steal from, because that country has money. Zimbabwe is a dry barren country, with a Mugabe induced famine

Phaphamani - 2 May 2015

RGM clings to a rosary in the misguided perception that it will save him. Only Jesus Christ saves and RGM has no clue what the true Word of God entails and means. ZPF need to repent. Zimbabwe needs to repent. We have rotted from the head down.

TruthBTold - 2 May 2015

If Zulu king Zwelithini stirred South Africans to resort to xenophobia is Mugabe not stirring Shonas to look down upon Khalangas, read Ndebeles?

Amir - 2 May 2015

Chidhara chakoniwa, chaomerwa nei ? Chidhara chakoniwa chawomerwa nei ? Chidhara chakoniwa chawomerwa nei ? Ma U !

Sekuru Chihori Ngi-i - 2 May 2015

There is nothing new here serving to say now Mugabe has come open to show he is a tribalist as you can see how he has been running this country totally making sure other tribes in this country as you know we have many tribes here we are not like Lesotho or Swaziland feel unwanted , in their own country . Example during the whites rule people who worked at plumtree border post between zim and bots were Kalangas but go there today you will never see a single kalanga there . Now if Mugabe is not a fool what is he? Kalangas have moved to SA to seek for jobs bcoz in their own country there are being under mined he Mugabe follows them to SA insulting them bcoz he has been misinformed by some of his idiot spies who he planted to watch what Zimbabweans living in that country are doing . But the good think is the guy is going to die very soon even before 2018 elections due to old age and baKalanga from ,Kwanduna ,Bhango, Ndolwane and Madlambuzi will stream back in joy to their country from SA and rebuild it and they will remain in zim for next million years whether Mugabe likes it or not bcoz this country is not his like his under wear .

Diibulaanyika - 2 May 2015

Aaaaaaaaaah, madoda!!! Leli ikhehla selidelele for quite too long! He has the audacity to call us thugs and uneducated when he has systematically authored firstly the attempted annihilation of the people of Matabeleland through that "moment of madness" called Gukurahundi and the continued marginalisation of the people of Matabeleland. Well skhona la in SA with our degrees because Bob and his perennial bootlickers including our sell-outs John Nkomo, Simon Khaya Moyo, Obert Mpofu, Phelekezela Mphoko, Jonathan Moyo and the lot have orchestrated our marginalisation. Not even a single person in their sound and sober senses that has been to the "four corners" of Zimbabwe would contest that Bob has embarked on a deliberate ploy to underdevelop Matabeleland. He's given all the jobs even ukuntshingela at Phumula Mission - deep in rural Tsholotsho - to his boot-licking cronies from koZvimba. He abhors with passion the people of Matabeleland! For some of us, our voices have run hoarse from shouting the same message but with little care both from our countrymen and the international community. There's simply nothing new about Bob, he has always been the same nauseating tribalist. No wonder he doesn't even speak Ndebele to the people of Matabeleland when he worked and stayed in Bulawayo for some years!

OkaSlwane - 2 May 2015

Mugabe is like mhunu anengozi, why do you think evil people always leave longer than good people. Look at how old he is and at 91 he will witness Zimbabwe going down the drain. This is the punishment for the bad things he did. He is a person who does not want to fail but God is showing him that he God is supreme and he has his way of showing it.

Dzasukwa - 2 May 2015

Please Mr President visit all the good maintained roads in sa and collect iziphofu and stop playing games. u are the source of tribalism stupid xhegu.

Ozia Singilizwe - 4 May 2015

One thing should be clear here. Mugabe's utterances do not in any way represent the perception of us the Shonas. I think he has a grudge with matebeleland Maybe it is because his dad abandoned him and married a Matebele woman . Surely this is his own personal opinion and does not represent the majority of Zimbos, moreso the Shonas.

Dziva - 4 May 2015

Its highly regretable for a head of state to speak like that,however,we also need to acknowledge the fact that he spoke in his personal capacity and not representing the government and people of Zimbabwe We are one and indivisable.Yes we have all Zimbabweans in S.A from Shonas,Ndebele,Kalangas,White ,Indians etc.

carson macate - 5 May 2015

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