Return home, Mugabe tells Zimbabweans

HARARE - Despite the fact that thousands of Zimbabweans are fleeing the country seeking greener pastures abroad, President Robert Mugabe yesterday said they should return home — as he backed his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma who controversially said that foreigners are to blame for xenophobia.

Xenophobic violence in neighbouring South Africa has so far officially claimed seven lives and displaced thousands.

Speaking at the close of the Sadc Summit on the Industrialisation and Roadmap Strategy in Harare yesterday, Mugabe said Pretoria had put in place internal measures to deal with the attacks.

Contrasting sharply with some of his ministers, who have savaged Zuma, Mugabe said South Africa’s security forces were on high alert in xenophobia hit areas and said they were in the process of educating citizens on how to live with foreigners.

“We are sorry for South Africa…there are people who think South Africa is heaven on earth,” the 91-year-old said while responding to a question on the xenophobic attacks.

Mugabe made a passionate plea for people to return to their respective countries as there were some people in South Africa who lived less desirable lives.

“There are those who are skilled, the engineers, doctors whom South Africa needs but the majority are those who just jump and go to South Africa,” he added.

Mugabe, whose policies are blamed for reducing citizens to vendors and refugees, said some of Zimbabweans who had been extradited following the outbreak of the xenophobic attacks have since expressed a strong desire to go back.

“Our people must not have the instincts of rushing to South Africa. Even those who go to universities there do not want to remain there. I suppose the life is an attractive one…the big shops.”

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Referee - 30 April 2015

Return home where the unemployment is over 85 percent? what is this man talking about? Can he not realize that there are reasons why Zimbabweans decided to abandon family and home to be exiles in other countries? The whole country has been reduced to some kind of prison, and the man wants people to come home to be beggars. How mad can a leader be? He does not even ask himself why people decided to leave their homeland and be refugees. As usual, he is not responsible for anything!

Chenjerai Hove - 30 April 2015

Mugabe cant even stand to be in Zimbabwe, any excuse to be away he jumps on his airzim taxi and is off, he too like those in the diaspora would rather stay in other functioning countries.

Galore 123 - 30 April 2015

surely God will day

COLDMAN - 30 April 2015

If things were alright, no one would jump the border for greener pastures. It is saddening that the nation has been reduced to vendors nation wide. as if this is not enough RGM has the audacity to say come back home and do what

pride - 30 April 2015

if some people are hard workers or they were born luck being on the betterside of the life they think everything is good ...not knowing that life is very hard..some people have nothing in their hands, plate,...its better to keep quite than to say what will never help them..what will kill some people s hearts... these people some of them are hard workers who go outside the country to find life for their children ...they dont want to be criminals living in crim but they are killed and blamed whwtdo you want them to do to stay home and root in poverty its better to xynofobia than to wait patiance for nothing till death

coldman - 30 April 2015

This is hysterical! RGM is the reason everyone left in the first place. What planet is this man living on. He is clueless. does he not understand how much misery he has wrought upon his own people: he and his clueless party. may God have mercy on Zimbabwe. Please! Step down and do us all a favour!

Freedom4Zim - 30 April 2015

You marginalized the Ndebele in Matebeleland North and South since 1980 by excluding them from all jobs and higher education opportunities on top of trying to exterminate them. Now you are surprised why they leave their parents, friends and relatives to live in a foreign land? You ask them to come back to an economy that is dead with no viable opportunities except for the connected elite. Sorry the Diaspora are not fools that is why they left you to enjoy your sovereignty

Dzakutsaku Muzanu - 30 April 2015

Galore 123 you very right. Mugabe wishes if he was a citizen of Singapore. He thinks Singapore is heaven on earth. Let one of your younger deputies do the foreign trips for you Mr President. Ndege inonakidza here sekuru Bob?? You pending basket is full full

Petros Mhlanga - 30 April 2015

Zuma can ask that but when South Africa promotes undemocratic governments and connive with cheating as the evidence from the Kampempe commission show, then he should not be surprised. Only Botswana president understood the pain of denying Zimbabweans democracy while Mbeki enjoyed

Dzakutsaku Muzanu - 30 April 2015

Dear President, Please resign and enjoy the last days of yourlife peacefully. Zimbabweans we are suffering as a result of your misrule. When I was a university student, I would cross the border to south Africa to assist my cross border trader mother, she was forced to do this because you and your surrogates destroyed our beloved nation Zimbabwe, when I finished there were no jobs in Zimbabwe, I was equally forced to cross the border to south Africa because of your policies. I was staying in the townships in a shack, buying and selling, until one day I found a job, that is when I managed to tell my mother to rest. These people that are being displaced are mainly cross border traders, what jobs have the taken?? Please Mr President, I urge you to reserve your comments to yourself period!!

@E - 30 April 2015

Mugabe imhata

Zvorwadza - 30 April 2015

Mugabe has shown that he is out of touch with reality. How on earth can he ask people to come home when there is no economy to talk about back home. Mwari ngavapindire vakomana. We are suffering wehama.

Zvorwadza - 30 April 2015

Robert Mugabe people came to South Africa because of persecution or economic collapse of their respective countries not that they thought South Africa was a heaven on earth. Your children studied overseas and even your son currently there is it a heaven on earth. Why did your children have to study overseas and your family have medical treatment overseas if all is well in Zimbabwe. You have presided over mass killings, abductions, economic ruin of a once prosperous country unashamed thanks be to God who will repay you, hell is waiting for all ZANU PF thugs

De - 30 April 2015

He is not in touch with reality. Heis a man living in his own small world. A man mas to survive the day and you tell them to come back home anodya Zanu pf or Zanu 1st here. l think he lives in Utopia please ignore him and have the will to survive.

wonder - 1 May 2015

There is NOTHING presidential about him. A true president will put his people before himself. He needs to go yesterday! All he does these days is waste suffering tax payers money and open his mouth to change feet. May God have mercy on Zimbabwe. A nation mourns when evil flourishes. Righteousness exalts a nation!

TruthBTold - 1 May 2015

This is an open letter to Honourable His Excellency Commander in Chief and First Secretary Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe that if desperately wants us home, Zimbabwe, it is easy and we are more than willing to do that on one condition. Your Excellency allow us to vote in the countries of refuge that we find ourselves. I assure you we will all come back celebrating. Mr President we fled from you and your machinery. This is undeniable, you really know the effects of your degrees in violence. Where would we go, our President has degrees in violence, first vice president boasts to be a trained killer and second vice president denies that there was ever a massacre. South Africa is a better option, Xenophobia does not kill thousands and furthermore its better to die on a full stomach.

Fidel Castro - 1 May 2015

Our biggest challenge in Africa is our leaders who single handed ruin economies using skewed policies for political expediency. Their biggest agenda is to gratify hangers on and in the process afford themselves opportunities to loot national coffers. The same leaders have the audacity to unashamedly stand in public forums and prescript solutions to window dress problems they caused. The root cause of people going to South Africa is as clear as day light. There are no jobs in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Those affluent whites in South Africa have the capital and entrepreneurial skills to manage factories and employ migrants. It defeats logic to stay put in my home country where I suffer in perpetuity from either political persecution (Zimbabwean) or poverty (Malawian and Zimbabwean) in addition to being unemployed. What we need from our leaders are not political slogans, brutality or assurances of a pie in the sky but descent jobs, tranquility and camaraderie.

Mureva Chokwadi - 1 May 2015

Is there really any difference between what RGM is saying and what Zwelithini said...i.e. "foreigners must go back home" ??? This man is plainly incorrigible

Madwala - 1 May 2015

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