Mugabe will fall in 2018: Makoni

HARARE - Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) leader, Simba Makoni, says a grand coalition of “progressive forces” including opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC, disgruntled Zanu PF stalwarts led by former Vice President Joice Mujuru and Dumiso Dabengwa’s Zapu would defeat President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF in the 2018 elections.

The former Zanu PF politburo member, who broke ranks with Mugabe in 2007 to form MKD, told the Daily News in an interview yesterday that consultations were under way between various opposition leaders, with a view to form a broad front that would challenge Mugabe’s unbroken three-and-half decades in power.

“We have ongoing communications with the so-called Gamatoxes (disgruntled former Zanu PF stalwarts), the renewal team (MDC breakaway faction), and the MDC for the  purpose of building national consensus and to search for common ground so that we can engage in effective common action,” Makoni said.

He implored Zimbabweans to derive inspiration from the leaders of the country’s war of liberation from Britain, whom he said were triumphant notwithstanding the difficulties and intransigence of Ian Smith’s minority regime.

Makoni emphasised that the proposed opposition coalition would use democratic means to push Mugabe out of power, urging Zimbabweans not to lose hope and declaring that free and fair elections would one day have to happen.

The former Finance minister bemoaned the fact that “fear has been the most dominant political force operating in Zimbabwe for a long time”.

“With resolve, with clarity of mind and particularly with rectitude, I am quite convinced that Zimbabweans will liberate themselves for the second time from Mugabe as we did from Ian Smith.

“We will have free and fair elections in this country and we will vote out Mugabe and Zanu PF freely and fairly, most likely in 2018. So I urge Zimbabweans, particularly the young generation, to muster patience and stamina for the long walk or even the long jog or the long trot to freedom.

“It won’t just happen by itself. How do we do it? We organise ourselves into united political organisations, clear in purpose that the issue is not just to remove Mugabe but the rotten system,” Makoni said.

Asked how the dream of free and fair elections in the country would be achieved by opposition forces despite the decades of claims of rigged elections by the ruling party, he said there was need for the proposed coalition, civil society and the church to work together to put sustained pressure on Mugabe, Zanu PF and the government.

“I think the intransigence is only so pronounced because of the weakness in those of us who are leading the call for change. Smith was intransigent and so was PW Botha in South Africa.

“But when the people work together and are united, we will prevail on the need for a good electoral act that empowers the Zimbabwe Election Commission to run elections efficiently and independent of the CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation), the ZNA (Zimbabwe National Army) and Mugabe, Makoni said.

“This is a contest that we have to take to the streets. It is part of the struggle that we should call for meetings and (Police commissioner-general Augustine) Chihuri will not say you can’t because there is no law that says citizens should seek permission from him to meet.

“It calls for co-operation of political parties, civic society and I need to add that change is not easy and that real change is not cheap. Change is expensive.

“It’s costly, it’s hard and my compatriots should not expect change to come easily. It entails sacrifice, courage and commitment. It demands patience and stamina,” Makoni added.

He also revealed that he had a strong relationship with the Mujuru family after “my nephew married one of the Mujuru girls. So, they are my in-laws”.

However, he denied allegations that his party was formed in Mujuru’s house, saying it was important to note that the false claim had not come from Zanu PF but rather from controversial First Lady Grace Mugabe.

“Before Grace, I had not heard anyone in Zanu PF making such allegations and therefore I think that should be dismissed as a Grace or is it ‘Disgrace’ rant,” Makoni said.

He said with the country’s economy collapsing by the day and “the dreams of liberation icons like Josiah Tongogara of seeing our children with their white friends” not realised, as well as “relatives of Gukurahundi victims feeling they were better off in Rhodesia than in Zimbabwe,” there was reason for Zimbabweans to believe that the end was nigh for Mugabe.

“One thing that hurts me about Zanu PF is the disempowerment of the people. In spite of all the talk about empowerment, Zimbabweans are now, shamefully, less self reliant than they were in Rhodesia”.

The former Sadc executive secretary said the internecine wars in the ruling party, which had seen it splitting into two bitterly-opposed factions, showed that the centre could no longer hold within Zanu PF.

“When I left the party, I said there were many who were yearning for change and today among both the Gamatoxes and Weevils, there are many who agree with me and are yearning for change,

“Nine chairmen out of 10 want change against a small clique that also believe in change but do not have the courage, tells you that it is not well,” Makoni said.

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unity of purpose wins everything lets unite thanks

charands - 25 April 2015

Mr Makoni, will the economy make it to 2018? And will the opposition parties finally wake up and actually put their selfish agendas aside and unite????

Freedom4Zim - 25 April 2015

The tragedy of course is that Mugabe did fall in 2008 and where did that take us.

Chipikiri - 25 April 2015

Never heard of a rally addressed by this lonely operator who always calls a press conference to make his political speeches! Time to retire from politics Mr.

003Tico - 25 April 2015

i have heard of a country that has been ruled for 60 yrs by the same family , kim jung UN visit leaders of NK . He remains one of the strongest dictators but he can't pass ours

gotokoto - 25 April 2015

Vana Simba, Moses the Tame Raven, always crowing and no action. You are past your time. Had you and the other lot of pretenders like Mujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo and Davengwa joined MDC from the beginning we could be listening to you. Mugabe will now be history. You claim to be politicians with substance but in actual fact its you chaps who let Zimbabweans down. You are like goats happy to forage from spin-offs emanating from Mugabe`s 35 years of misrule. At least Tsvangirai dispite his short-comings, is the only politician in Zimbabwe who has the courage to face Mugabe. You,what did you do to support him for Zimbabweans to bring change to the rot Zanu-PF ushered in Zimbabwean political scene ? NOTHING apart from forming confusing splinter parties. Now what has changed for people to trust you ? I would say its better for you to remain quiet and enjoy what you have looted from Zimbabweans. Fundo yese yamakaita wasted. Haubatsiri iwe. To dislodge Mugabe you need a force far much more than he applies to any of his serious opponents. You are talking of 2018 hoping very well that because of his age he is effectively finished - everyone can see that - no prophecy at all. For the same reason why you guys could not join Tsvangirai earlier to form a formidable opposition you will not be able to form a grand coalition to bring an end to Zanu-PF misrule come 2018. You are full of politics of selfishness. You will remain devided and Zanu-PF will celebrate as usual.

Chorosi - 25 April 2015

I can not think of many who can stand alongside Makoni and Dongo who jumped when the going was still good for them. If there had been any dirt to tar them with, you can be sure ZPF would have dug it up. Question is, are there enough people of integrity who can stand as MP's and councillors when change comes, without thirsting for the perks of office? Let us not snipe from the sidelines, but know all need to shoulder their share of the burden too.

John Banda - 25 April 2015

makoni urifake yomunhu iwe! look at this; YU HAVE BEEN PECECUTED BY ZANU, insulted by them: yu are zanu pf project; tibvirepo: uri mupuruvheya iwe.

andrew - 25 April 2015

makoni urifake yomunhu iwe! look at this; YU HAVE BEEN PECECUTED BY ZANU, insulted by them: yu are zanu pf project; tibvirepo: uri mupuruvheya iwe.

Gosogoso - 25 April 2015

Change should be owned by all concerned Zimbabweans, so it should not be mistaken for Tsvangirai, Makoni or any other dissenting voice. These men should not be blamed for leading the attempt. When you blame them for what ever reason, mirror yourself and assess your contribution to a new Zimbabwe.

Phillip Kucherera - 25 April 2015

For the coalition to work: No practising lawyers must be allowed to play leading roles in the coalition. Maroya anouraya musangano nekuti wane ma degree e nharo. Basa rawo rinofanira kuwe ma advisors only. Honayi zwakaitwa na wana Biti. Roya iri rakange ra hwitinesa rigging ichitoitwa ne ZANUPF asi nepamusana pe kunakirwa nekuita nharo akaswera obuda tsinga kumeso nemumusoro achi opoza nokushora Morgan Tsvangirai . Izwi zwakaita MDC T idzorwe mumashuri mu Hondo yekuda kubisa matsotsi muzwigaro zwematongerwe enyika

Sekuru Ndoronga - 25 April 2015

@Sekuru Ndoronga , Big up Sekuru, Layers out because they always want to survive on technicalities even when the truth is staring right into their eyes

Isu zvedu - 25 April 2015

We have heard this beat before. Who still listens to Simba?

Qiniso - 25 April 2015

Simba,"the rats had a mtng,to kill the cat ......ideas and big plans from people like you simba,tsvangirai,madhuku????who will tie the bell...who will lead any uprising,who has the voice,stamina....?tinoda Moses anodzikinura nyika ye zw

blessing - 26 April 2015

It is sickening to note that people who have benefited from the system all these years: people who know how the rigging etc went on, are now wanting the people to rally behind them in a new political dispensation. MDC was formed as a credible opposition but these so-called academia guys did not join because they did not want to be led by Tsvangirai because `haana kufunda`. Academia has killed this country. 35 years on they cannot find a clue to rescue this country from economic ruin. Industry is now dead! For those who have an idea they cannot implement it because it would not be `politically correct` IDC, the investment arm of government, having lead by the same team of people from inception let Zimglass, the sole glass making company in the country, go to mothballs! Zimbabweans need people who can change things! This October, the Tanzanian president is looking forward to his end of 10 years at the helm. He says this job is `stressfull and thankless`. Can`t our `academia leaders` take a leaf from this?

Mutongi Gava - 26 April 2015

What is the difference between Makoni and Welshman Ncube?

chauruka - 26 April 2015

Varume, Madoda sibili, courageous men where are you. ? Zimbabweans at large where are you? nyika yaondongwa makatarisa. Pakawina nyika, pataibikira macomrades huku dzedu vakadzidza vacho vaimbovepiko. Ko inga wani hondo taikairova nesuwo takanga tiri kumaruzevha. asi nyaya yangu iri apa varume, tarisai zvakaita mozambique nhasi, yakatungamirirwa naSamora asi Samora akanga asina kumbodzidza, asi kutaura kuno nanhasi kunyangwe mukatsvaga kuti ndiani asvika padanho rakanga rasvikwa nasamora, hapana kana umwechet. All the secret is within the strategies and courage, not in educated peoples ideas

tungamirai moscan - 27 April 2015

but guys Makoni has been joining other reasoning forces in opposing Zanu Pf, dont you remember that in 2013 he was with tsvangirai?

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 28 April 2015

Simba means well but problem is they have limited resources and never seem to have any ideas of sprucing up their party. Mugabe will never leave through the ballot hence the only way to achieve his removal is another liberation war end of story but then again he is close to death (naturally) so a war might be a waste of time and lives, hopefully thre economy will not be beyond repair when the old man croaks!

obama4ever - 28 April 2015

I fully concur with the views expressed by Dr Makoni. It is good to realise that some within the divided opposition political formations now appreciate the obvious fact that capturing state power can only happen if there is unity of purpose. That Zanu PF has desroyed this country is no longer news. No sane person can ever argue against that. Our opposition leaders have in the past been guided by narrow political interests which unfortunately helped Mugabe to extend his painful rule. If we unite and stand together to oust the common enemy we will prevail. However, we need to guard against the possibility of complications arising after the common enemy has gone where narrow sectional interests will again emerge to the detriment of the state. My suggestion is, let the parties start from a clean slate and form a new United People's Party to challenge the corrupt regime that has brought so much misery to the people of this land. If we still want to unite dfferent parties, I do not see us going far in getting rid of this failed entity called Zanu PF. Now can the real leaders please stand up????

Sikhumbuzo Dube - 28 April 2015

I have been reading and trying to understand all the utterances by our educated friends who are gifted not only in writing but very much of pessimistic writing. Lets face the facts and stop criticizing our current leaders and those who believe that they would lead at some point and time.Lets all exercise our writes and power in voting , that's the munition that we have at our disposal . We cannot spill blood no more as we are no longer savages . We are a enlightened generation lets be loud on our votes and see what happens. Stop discouraging others and lets go and fight through the votes . Whoever wins that's the majorities choice and hence democracy. So if you feel the current opposition is useless form your own party or join them and aid on that point you feel needs strength . Personally i hate cowards who criticize and do nothing. Ndidzo imbwa mbwende dzisingadiwi pakuvhima . Zimbabwe needs us all of us to build it . No one is useless everyone is useful all which is needed is to identify where one can be of substance . I am a Zimabwean i will stand by my country and will contribute positively and submit to any elected government. Lets build a better country for our kids and many generations to come . Vanamdara vakaita pavo hativasvori asi tinokurudzira kuti vacheuke vaone kuti Zimbabwe yanaka here uye hapana chakaipa kubvuma kukundikana.

Zvakwana - 14 January 2016

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