MDC legislator left for dead

HARARE - MDC Budiriro legislator, Costa Machingauta, is battling for his life at a local hospital following a vicious attack by suspected Zanu PF youths in the constituency on Thursday night.

Machingauta who is also a national executive member of the Morgan Tsvangirai-led party was allegedly assaulted with a sharp object at Budiriro Shopping Centre for wearing his party T-shirt.

When the Daily News crew visited Machingauta yesterday, the lawmaker had a deep cut on the left cheek and forehead, could hardly talk.

Ironically, the former MDC youth assembly deputy president managed to call this reporter at 00:12am when the assault had begun.

Machingauta is recovering at a private Harare hospital after being attacked by suspected Zanu PF assailants.

“I am burning my friend. They want to kill me can somebody help me,” he called out while voices could be heard in the background shouting “beat him up, kill him it doesn’t matter”.

Upon arrival at the private hospital where he is recovering, the Daily News heard from an eyewitness that the rowdy youths had demanded that Machingauta take-off his T-shirt but he declined.

“He tried to explain that he was an MP but they would not listen. They pushed him to the ground before he was hit by an object that I suspect was a bottle because it was dark and when we tried to help we were also assaulted and we fled.

“The youths also fled after they realised the MP was bleeding profusely and that is when a report was made to the police before a good Samaritan  took him to hospital,” said Rodrick Kahuni the MDC chairman for Ward 43.

Kahuni said he identified one Savy Dengedza, a Zanu PF youth who reportedly guards the party office at the shopping centre as one of Machingauta’s assailants.

He claimed that intimidation of MDC supporters had become the order of the day in the constituency blaming it on Godwin Gomwe, the Zanu PF Harare provincial youth chairman, who stays in that area.

“They set up torture bases all around the constituency where they have hoisted their party flags. No MDC supporter can pass through those bases safely particularly when one is putting on our party regalia”.

Both Gomwe, and the party’s Harare Province chairman Godwills Masimirembwa were not picking calls when efforts to get a comment from them were made.

Other MDC members who were injured and were seeking treatment at the hospital include Ethel Edward, the party’s district women’s assembly secretary for elections and Handsome Nyoni.

Tsvangirai described the assault on Machingauta as barbaric and expressed concern that Zanu PF had not refrained from its violent ways.

“This is barbaric. We are witnessing the emergence of vigilantes in Budiriro just as we saw similar thugs in Mbare.

“This vindicates our position not to participate in these forthcoming by-elections. Such a toxic environment is totally uncalled for. When you have innocent citizens and an elected MP being viciously assaulted like that, it is cause for concern. I hope Africa and the broader international community are watching,” said Tsvangirai.

The assault followed Tsvangirai’s launch of a No Reforms, No Election campaign in the nearby Glen View South constituency the previous day.

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And so now what are we as Zimbabweans going to do about this one?????? Enough to violence and bloodshed. ZPF must go staring with RGM

Freedom4Zim - 25 April 2015

Thank you for giving us the names of those who are behind all the assult on innocent citizens. We have set up a fund for hit squads and believe me we will hunt them down . We have a list of people we will brought to book at the appropriate time. Let them be warned !!!!!

Dzasaukwa - 25 April 2015

People and international community at large blame xenophobia in South africa what about this one its worse than that one in South Africa in your own country mother land South Africa is foreign land

Rocky Chauke - 25 April 2015

When South Africans attacked foreigners we heard a lot of noise from here and the world at large so now we expect the same happen here from Mugabe to call for police to arrest the thugs and jail them just exactly as Zuma did and Zuma must condemn the on going political violence in zim just like what Mugabe quickly did to condemn attacks of foreigners in SA . Failure to do that the accusation that this country is more violent than SA will remain standing and it is clear that these thugs are armed and sponsored by zanu govt . Anywhere our situation in the country in as far as barbarism is concerned is more than xeno in SA and it multiplies 100 folds during elections and that is election rigging which Mugabe always misinterpret as landslid victory . But the question comes from many where are the mdc youth why are they so tamed like mbelele/ sheep? The thugs are known and they are walking around freely and boasting while you watch . Freedom comes through youth power and if mdc youth do not realise that they will find themselves failing to organize rallies in their strongholds like Harare and Byo and that is exactly what zanu thugs are looking for . Stand up and be heroes of tomorrow defend the people from zanu thugs .

Diibulaanyika - 25 April 2015

So where can an innocent freedom/peace loving and democratic Zimbabwean go? At home they kill you for not supporting ZANU PF in South Africa they burn you alive for being a foreigner. And the most disturbing and disgusting thing "not the pretense disgust by Mugabe" is that both countries are run by supposed revolutionaries. Who fought colonizers for freedom. And guess what? the MP languishes in a local private hospital because of Mugabe's rotten and disgusting policies, he is out in Jakarta being pampered. Africa and Africans must respect each other, respect our dignity before we ask of it from from those external to our situation. Mugabe, before you ask Zuma to remove a speck in his eye, pliz for the love of Jesus, remove the obvious log in yours

tino16 - 25 April 2015

Its beyond any human imagination to think that at this age in human civilisation a person can be attacked to the point of death for wearing an oppostioin party T-Shirt. This is what Mugabe `s 35 years of rule has bestowed in Zimbabweans - ancient barbarism. And now who can tell me that we will ever have normal people in Zimbabwe even years after Mugabe is gone ? The damage to the economy is nothing compared to the damage to our once beatiful culture. It was never dreamt of that anybody could just kill anyone else willy nilly. Our moral compass alone (without resorting to laid-down law) was enough to withold anybody from commiting such a crime. Now this man they give the name Gushungo can pride himself of his creation - the only nation in the world with a tendency to travel back to pre-history. Robert, you have nothing to be proud of beyond you life on this earth.

Chorosi - 25 April 2015

ZANU pf never brought any record of our relatives who died fighting for our freedom. I always ask myself what happened to my brothers and sisters who crossed into Moza in 1975? Why were we not told of how they died. When and where? Surely every combat must have a record of When they were deployed into battle field . What happened to my brothers and sisters, how did they die. ZAPU brought back injured combatants after the war and ZANU pf never , Why?

Dzasaukwa - 25 April 2015

One thing I hate is to be led by irresponsible fools. What was this MP doing at that time of night (00:12 am), leaving his wife and family, if he has one, going out to who knows where, instead of resting to prepare for the next of leadership and problem solving? If you go out where hooligans meet what respect do you want to get and from who? Be wise and start behaving like a leader.

Never - 26 April 2015

A leader works all round the clock and if someone thinks that leaders must be sticking to their wives every night then obvious zanu shiite is too fool in their heads .They is no law which says MPs or any other leader should not walk to night unless/ mazanga /amalema ezanu want to introduce it . You see amazanga never think how if those who do not follow their party can start attacking anyone wearing a zanu . skippa what will happen . In stupid minds of mazanga ezanu they think they are proof to attacks and they can do what ever they wish but be warned come 2018 zanu will be out and one by one like gundwane the thugs will be numbed and they will be no zanu to protect them and bcoz the law to send people to the gallows exist in this country so it be made use of .

Diibulaanyika - 26 April 2015

Unfortunately the Assualts will continue and ZANU will not refrain from its violent ways UNTIL THE SUPPOSED VICTIMS GET ORGANISED AND FIGHT BACK VIGOROUSLY. This worked very well even in 2008.

Kondo - 26 April 2015

Iam just saddened by this unruly and not tolerable behaviour of this so called guard for Zanu Pf offices in the area.instead of guarding the office he goes doing some business out of his who gave him the mandate?if Zanu Pf is serious at all and if not involved they should make this issue clear.worse still these notorious thugs attacked an MP who represents the people.he belittled the constituency.When the President fell on airport there was outcry now when a thug aligned to Zanu Pf nearly killed an Mp there is no outcry.what does that mean?I need to advise all youths to concentrate on your lives and desist from crime because the wrath of the law will catch up with you.Mhosva haiwore vapfanha.

carson macate - 26 April 2015

Zanu pf government must put an end to its violence practices or Violence will put an to its existence.Its very dangerous to always attack someone who don't fight back.

X-MAN IV - 26 April 2015

Diibulaanyika. Ungalinge uzame ukuxakulula izinja zixakelene zizokuluma.

Gudl'ndlu - 26 April 2015

i stay in Budiriro 5B @ OK shopping centre...The Zanu Youths thats works @illegal Museyamwa Car Wash always try to victimise people esp in beerhalls.......They can switch off the lights at their will beat people.....this issue needs to be addressed @ OK Budiriro 5B

Diva - 27 April 2015

@ Gudli ndlu wane mfana kaGundlindlu yini u funa siyeke izinja ezilobhova zixakelane emagumeni ethu . Kumele sizi xotshe ziyexakelana le izi fuleni .

Diibulaanyika - 27 April 2015

So Diva you know the guys why does the community not take action come together remove the bastards if they do not want to move then they are many ways to kill a cat .If they have parent talk to them so that they tell them to be human .If that does not work give them their own muteeyo/muthi

Diibulaanyika - 27 April 2015

We shall always talk and talk and talk but still will that stop zanu pf people from beating up individuals from opposition parties,violence will never stop as long as the militia and the security agents (ZRP) are controlled by zanu pple.Zimbabwe Republic Police is more like Zanu Republic Police.Several cases of zanu pf youths beating up people have been reported but what has been done about that?If people are to fight against violence which the zanu pf exercises they should be prepared to fight against the police and the militia first.

alkasparta - 29 April 2015

guys why kill someone for wearying something they like and please dont have the canned mind have a God mind

vimbainashe - 11 May 2015

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