Xenophobia: Zim man threatens to kill SA national

HARARE - A Zimbabwean man has been arraigned before the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court after he threatened to kill a South African national in a tit-for-tat attack to revenge the killing of seven foreigners in the neighbouring country.

Reason Tsoka, 28, appeared before magistrate Lazarus Murendo, who remanded him out of custody to today.

According to court papers, the complainant is Oscar Makgalane Ramathibela, a South African aged 36 that resides in Unit D Seke in Chitungwiza.

It is alleged that the incident took place last Sunday at around 2200hrs. According to State papers, the parties were at Bigman Night Club, where Ramathibela was drinking beer together with his wife.

The court heard that Tsoka and his friends approached Ramathibela and said that he must be killed because he is a South African.

According to State papers, the group said their relatives were being murdered in South Africa in xenophobic attacks and as such Ramathibela must suffer the same fate.

According to State papers, Tsoka and his friends threatened to kill Ramathibela. They reportedly advanced towards Ramathibela intending to assault him.

Ramathibela was only saved by his wife’s relative, who managed to stop Tsoka and his friends from attacking him.

His wife’s relative had to escort him from the place before advising him to report the matter to the police, leading to Tsoka’s arrest.

Xenophobia was inflamed by a pronouncement by Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini that all foreigners must leave the country and go back to their homes.

What followed were unabated attacks on foreigners.

The attacks saw at least seven people killed, while several thousands were left homeless. People were burnt alive, while others would be stoned or assaulted to death. Several foreign-owned shops were burnt in a move described as “barbaric”.

Zimbabwe and Malawi has since begun repatriating their citizens from South Africa.

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Those Zimbabweans in South Africa who have "lost everything" have a good idea now of how white farmers felt when they were murdered, beaten and chased off their land.

David - 26 April 2015

This David thing should be out of date with history and realities of the day.Zim never had white men land.yes the land reform got chaotic to a certain extent but i do not know even having tracked on my history extensively if any white men had land in Zim but was exploiting the resource eversince the colonial regime staring from the pioneer column.but as i know even when they arrived our leaders never sold the land to them but they were robbed of the land and aslo were impoverished as they had also their cattle confiscated and consequently driven to reserves.some of us who know the history of our great grandfathers who were men of riches and lost all to whites know all that.maybe David your forefathers had nothing and you never lost anything and see all as normal.Dindingwe rinofara kana richikweva rimwe kana zvoitika kwariri roti mavara angu azara ivhu.so please dear brother dont just post rubbish and inflammatory things that only borders on mischief and doesnt serve to help educate anybody at all.While we regret the chaotic situation of the land reform but that doesnt take it off its merit its the best achievemnet that has been seen eversince independence,howver,we now need to address productivity that the country should bounce back to guarantee food security and its not to be done along discriminatory lines.Zimbabwe is for all irrespective of colour,religion,ethnic and political affliation

carson macate - 26 April 2015

Carson its all the same. zimbabweans does not own land in sa but they work there was the same with whites. the same way zimbabweans are feeling as the whites felt during land reform. no one is special than the other. we all need each other

Bhoramusango - 27 April 2015

lets not correct a wrong by another wrong , let the South Africans know that democracy resides in Zimbabwe not South Africa. We are a peaceful people , we own our resources. God Bless Our Country.

CLAYAZ.COM - 27 April 2015

I have to agree with david here. Zanu pf killed some white farmers in broad day light during those invasions burnt their properties and etc, now our brothers suffer a similar fate we start crying Zvorwadza ka ? An injustice is an injustice wether commited to a white man black man Zimbabwean south Africa etc is an injustice and we should not only cry when its our relatives because tomorrow it can be you or me.

Gaza - 28 April 2015

I might be naive but the bottom line is that Africans are very good at blaming externalities. Lets us re look at ourselves and try to find ways that are both peaceful and progressive to solve our problems. We need to call on our wisdom; oneness; kind hearts and ultimately divine intervention to be able to live together as African brothers. Archeology and History have confirmed that we all started as one big happy family somewhere in Tanzania so why kill each other for materialistic reasons?

mlongoshi - 28 April 2015

Why don't we? all consider putting these issues to the good Doctor Osorba? Where did you say your husband went again Joelen from the United Kingdom?

Visuarealist - 28 April 2015

Zimbabweans in general, are more educated than South Africans. This is not debatable. Its a fact. I am asking Tsoka of Chitungwiza to leave Oscar Ramathibela alone. We don't go about killing other fellow Africans. No. Tsoka, you need to maintain your dignity. Don't behave like South Africans. Oscar must enjoy his stay here in Zimbabwe just like any other Zimbabwean. Lets show the South Africans than we are an advanced species than them by embracing the South Africans staying in Zimbabwe including the rest of the other foreigners. Zimbabweans value human life and treat every human being as equal regardless of colour, tribe, nationality, beliefs, ethnicity, idiology unlike the weak primitive South Africans. NO TO XENOPHOBIA. We do not tolerate that in Zimbabwe. Let the tentacles of law descend on Tsoka.

robcam - 28 April 2015


MAROMO - 28 April 2015

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