SA xenophobia: China issues travel warning

BEIJING - China issued a travel warning this week to Chinese citizens planning to visit South Africa amid the ongoing deadly xenophobic attacks on foreigners in the country, which have killed at least seven people in the past few weeks.

The Chinese government also urged its nationals living in South Africa who need help to contact emergency hotlines.

“Residents intending to visit the country or who are already there should monitor the situation, exercise caution, attend to personal safety and avoid protests and large gatherings of people,” the Hong Kong special administrative region government said on its website Monday. “In mid-April 2015, disturbances occurred in various parts of South Africa, resulting in casualties.”

The amber travel alert issued by the Chinese government is the lowest form of advisory, though it is expected to further deter Chinese tourists from traveling to the African country. Earlier this month, South Africa’s tourism minister Derek Hanekom had said the recent decline in tourist numbers from China to South Africa was “the most alarming,” News24 in Cape Town said.

Hanekom said South Africa had seen a serious drop in international tourism numbers since the second half of 2014. Fears over the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa were suspected to be a leading factor in the decline. China’s new strict visa requirements have also affected tourism to South Africa, Hanekom told News24 earlier this month.

Australia and Britain have also issued warnings to their citizens because of the ongoing anti-immigrant attacks in Durban, Johannesburg and other South African cities. South Africa’s army was deployed to parts of Johannesburg on Tuesday night to help police curb the growing violence and take “back the authority” of the state.

“We come in as the last resort, the army will serve as a deterrent against the crime that we see,” South African Defense Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula told Agence France-Presse. “Those people are vulnerable. We are not here to take over the job of police.”

South Africa’s Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has been largely blamed for the violence. In a speech last month, Zwelithini accused immigrants of increasing crime in the country and demanded that they leave. Zwelithini, 66, wields no official power in modern South Africa, but he is the most prominent among some 10 monarchs and commands loyalty from about 10 million Zulu people, AFP said.

A spate of violent attacks targeting non-South Africans broke out following Zwelithini’s outburst, and thousands of foreigners have been displaced from their homes. The attackers claim African migrants have taken away jobs and businesses from South Africans. It’s the deadliest spread of xenophobic violence the country has seen since 2008 when at least 67 people were killed, Reuters said.

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South Africans are generally cold blooded killers. They have no respect for human lives. They are also very forgetful. There is no amount of justification that can be put across by the South Africans to sound like they are a friendly and peaceful nation, no. These people are cold blooded killers. Hats off to the South African Reporters and Photographers who have come out hard during the "current" xenophobic fiasco to show the world the methods used by the Black South Africans kill Black non South Africans. The truth must be known. Its high time South Africa intergrates itself into the world or else it should be shut off and isolated. They kill non-South African blacks for taking their jobs. What a mockery. Which jobs? They are known to be lazy. When they get paid, they go away and only come back to work when they have run out of money. Which company in the world would surely want to engage such people. They don't want to go to school and if they do, they kill teachers. What a shame. What is happening today is not new. South Africans have been like this even before the apartheid era. They historically have a terrible human character. They believe in getting everything for free without working. This is a fact. So my fellow Black Africans, take heed, forewarned is forearmed. If you want tired of living instead of committing suicide, then get a visa, go to South Africa, go to Durban or any township that is close to where this deranged king zwelithin resides, try to converse with any one of the people in the street in your language or broken zulu, then your wish will be granted.

RODGERS KAMAMBA - 24 April 2015

Peoples historical background determines a lot for generations and generations to come.I will talk about peaceful people from even pre-colonial history we had the Mwenemutapa empire ,we have known the Buganda Kingdom,Swazi Kingdom among others in Africa that were well organized witha culture of a civilized state.But we also had the Zulu Kingdom also which is just characterized by cruelty from the senseless killer Shaka.and its not surprising even up to now the notorious hard-core criminals are Zulus in S.A.if the authorities do not address this issue urgently they are fast grooming a Kindom teeming with criminals and killers at most and that cancer will spoil peace loving South Africans

carson macate - 24 April 2015

Unfortunately ordinary south africans have never travelled to to other African countries like other nations have done.After apartheid they just enjoyed the economy of whites period.They forget that these fellow black people they are chasing away are the same people who stood by them during their struggle.Life in a liberated society where things are hard they do not know.These immigrants are the back borne of SA but i tell you soonest they shall cry over night.

if truth be said - 25 April 2015

were is the icc i think these south africans are guilty of crimes against humanity

nyasha - 27 April 2015

I have one problem here, quite a umber of people from Bulawayo, do not see anything wrong with this xenophobia being perpetrated by the uncouth and uneducatable Zulus, under instruction from the moronic and barbaric King Zwelithini. To those who do not understand Zulu, Zwelithini means what does the world/country say? Let us answer to his name - the world says you are very moronic, barbaric, and stupid to enjoy the death of a human beings. infact, it tells everything about the people you are leading, if indeed they are your followers. And I think the whites were right, and we were wrong to assist Zulus to remove white minority rule. I profusely apologise to South African Boers - you were right gentleman. Botha had hinted it in one of his famous articles. Only now do we realise Botha was right to note that Zwelithini and his Zulus are less than humans although they look like humans. Their savage behaviour is really animalistic, wild and glaring empty of intellect. To Bulawayo people, please note that some of the people being killed, if not most, are from Bulawayo or of Nguni origin. An example is the Sithole who was knifed and killed. The fact Mugabe and other African leaders messed their rule is not a reason to kill another innocent person. Hope it will sink in your brains

Danai Pazvagozha - 28 April 2015

iam a Bulawayo person, as danai prefers to call us here. we as Bulawayo people do not and have never condoned any form of discrimination even though we have suffered from this before. we strongly condemn what is happening in SA in the strongest terms.

khumalo - 29 April 2015

china has non 2 worry abt wat they dont want is a black man in place otherwise a whiteman is safe how ironic

girly cee - 12 May 2015

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