Mujuru urged to take on Mugabe

HARARE - Liberation war icons, legislators and some within the security establish ment are pushing for ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru to lead the “original” Zanu PF — and take President Robert Mugabe head on — so as to rescue long-suffering Zimbabweans from his “disastrous rule”.

While the Zanu PF (People First) formation is at an advanced stage of  forming structures and preparing for a potentially explosive showdown with the divided ruling party — Mujuru, whose nom de guerre was Teurai Ropa, has remained stoically silent — leaving many guessing on her preparedness to lead the party that calls itself the original Zanu PF.

However, her silence has not dampened the spirits of her powerful and influential backers who told the Daily News yesterday that it is high time she emerges from the shadows and lead them.

In separate interviews, legislators linked to Mujuru said they are prepared to relinquish their parliamentary seats — and join the former vice president’s bandwagon.

Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, the former State minister for Masvingo province and current MP for Mwenezi East described Mujuru as “a good woman” who he is prepared to work with.

“It is true that I worked with Mujuru but who didn’t? How can people be expelled for working with a VP who was elected by people at a congress and was appointed to her government post by the president? They have since failed to find any fault against her including allegations that she wanted to kill the president, they cannot prove that,” said Bhasikiti.

Mujuru along with top party officials that included former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo, Nicholas Goche, Dzikamai Mavhaire and nine provincial chairpersons, were chucked from the posts on allegations that they were plotting a coup.

The widowed VP has suffered a glut of allegations that also include witchcraft and corruption, but her supporters have been steadfast daring police to investigate and arrest her if she is guilty.

Said Bhasikiti, “We all know that they are spreading lies thus to me she remains a good woman and it is true that I was working with her and still have no problem continuing to work with her. Who did not work with her after all? Do we have to work with the president only?”

Several MPs who spoke to the Daily News on condition of anonymity — and currently face expulsion from the troubled Zanu PF — said they are ready to face the chop and stand by Mujuru.

“We are ready to stand by her. We have been branded traitors and yet there is Mujuru urged to nothing that we did. We From  have our comrades in the system who support Mai Mujuru and we are ready to restore Zanu PF to democracy again”.

Although none among the country’s top securocrats has openly supported her — the purges in government have also targeted some veterans of the liberation struggle.

Meanwhile, Bhasikiti added that people who snubbed Mujuru when she deputised Mugabe are the actual rebels as they did not respect the chain of command.

“Is it a crime to work with your VP? In fact it is those who did not work with her, if there are any, who are rebels. If it is a crime then they will have to sack everyone because we all did. It also means that when I visited VP Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office about twice to brief him on developments in Masvingo when he was acting president, I committed another crime,” he said.

Rugare Gumbo, spokesperson of the original Zanu PF, described Mujuru, the wife of late liberation war luminary Solomon (Rex Nhongo), as “humble, calm but strong-willed woman who has the traits of a true leader.

“She is not driven by emotions for she is tolerant — which is the mark of a true democrat,”  said Gumbo, adding “I think Zimbabweans now feel that for a change, such a woman with Christian values could be the messiah.

“It is a reality that some may not be comfortable with that she is a brand in Zimbabwean politics. Mujuru exudes a motherly approach and that explains why many of us call her Amai because people feel comfortable in her presence.”

Gumbo added that a majority of the People First membership also wanted her to lead the party on account of her liberation war credentials.

“She is a war veteran and one of the few women who had the courage to get involved in the armed struggle both in Zambia and Mozambique. She is the widow of the most decorated general of the liberation struggle who was also the first commander of the ZNA (Zimbabwe National Army).

Mujuru’s husband Solomon, was found dead after a mysterious inferno that reduced his house to ashes in 2011 and his magnetism in death saw thousands voluntarily thronging the National Heroes Acre, making it the biggest ever in history.

“She rose through the ranks as a member of the Zanla general staff and went on to become the secretary for women affairs in 1978 in Mozambique and went on to diligently serve government after independence as a minister in different portfolios then as VP from 2004”.

Mujuru made history in 1980, when she became the youngest minister at the age of 25.

Mutasa, a former top aide of Mugabe, said he has no regrets supporting Mujuru because she has the attributes of a true leader.

“We hope that as time goes on, she will be the first democratically elected female president of Zimbabwe. She is a tried and tested war veteran. We believe that she is an upright and strong woman of high integrity, a good mother and widow of our veteran commander of the liberation struggle, Cde Rex Nhongo (Solomon Mujuru)

“Amai Mujuru is a team player and a fine compromiser. She always puts “People First”, and the unity of the party above her personal ambitions,” said Mutasa.

Another former top Zanu PF official Temba Mliswa, who was the party’s chairperson for Mashonaland West Province before the party’s purges began, said Mujuru is a politically mature person who has the character to extricate Zimbabwe from the brink of collapse.

“It is clear that Mujuru learnt a lot during her stint as VP and at times as acting President. It is my humble opinion that she conducted herself very well and I think it is all down to her liberation track record.

“She is a seasoned politician and being a freedom fighter, she has values, she has a culture that  the Mafikizolos left in the Zanu PF politburo do not have,” said Mliswa.

“Freedom fighters have been in situations and can contain even the most difficult ones. There were purges in Zanu PF after the Tsholotsho declaration but you will notice that the manner they were handled was mature. It was not as reckless as the current purges are being handled. It boils down to maturity.

“If you scoop water out of a dam into another reservoir, you risk the danger of scooping out the fish as well and the other water source may well develop into another dam and the fish will not stop breeding”.


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One thing that is now crystal clear; we have an entire nation than can no longer stomach RGM. ZPF follow in a close second. Every single one of them is going to be held accountable for the destruction of an entire nation. God has a controversy with the nations. As president RGM is most accountable. If there is any senses left in the 'weevil' sector they would tell him to step down, repent before Zimbabwe and rapidly engage all stakeholders. Otherwise is see ZPF splintering into a thousand shards. That will be God's judgment! And as for Mujuru and co: Please stop hiding behind your Christianity. there needs to be genuine and heartbroken repentance. Everything must come out, be confessed and ask forgiveness. if you lot are serious we want details and proof of how the elections were rigged and we KNOW they were rigged. 2002/2008/2013. bob is illegitimate! ZPF as the ruling party are illegitimate! And if you disagree don't tell me tell a holy and just and all knowing God!

TruthBTold - 22 April 2015

When will this paper stop putting Mrs Mujuru on a pedastal? Without state apparatus zanu has no base. Listen to Mliswa's comments about the by-election. Mujuru knows this better than most and hence why she would not want to accelerate her demise into oblivion. As long as she remains quiet she gets the sympathy vote from some who think they are picking on her. She is complicit and corrupt as her former boss Bob. To say "she is a tried and tested war veteran, an upright and strong woman of high integrity" is just sugar qouting. Her war record is being questioned by her other Zipra collegues (we know that zanu are masters of revisionist history), as for intergrity look up the definition i can assure you Mujuru's profile does not compute.

Lt General - 22 April 2015

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x company - 22 April 2015

these guys are moderate and for sure i believe they will not pursue this toxic look east policy. they will deal with every country in the world either from Europ,Americas (South & North),Middle,Asia,Carribeans etc.Even the indigenisation policy will be amended in a moderate way that attracts FDI.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 22 April 2015

@truthtold,taurahako shaa,i am an MDC-T suppoter but sure if Mai getts out clear and tell the truth of NIKUV ,because of her hampleness and liberation history,Im not afraid to jump boaders towards her,Mutasa may you appologise i dont know how the you good ,lustly Mai Mujuru YOU ARE A TRUE LEADER,kwete zvaana GRACE vanopedza nyika vachituka vanhu futsek

mutigori - 22 April 2015

Sometime long ago a villager went to the nearby bushes to look for his goats accompanied by his dogs . The poor villager suffered hart attack fell to the ground died . So his dogs lay along side him thinking he would walk up and continue with the journey .When if was dark the dogs barked at him trying to awaken him . Mujuru is dead politically and will never walk up so those who are trying to force her to fight Mugabe are exactly like the dead villager 's dogs . Please never waste your time on Mujuru . You can force a horse to go to the river but you can not force it drink .She has accumulated too much wealth so why risk loosing it ?

Diibulaanyika - 22 April 2015

Dubulanyika, Bob & Joyce are both dead politically!! Bob can not rig the economy from the time the diamonds run out!!That's why they cant pay civil servants on time & have scrapped bonuses & re-instated them in 1 week.Joyce is part of the ZANU pf machinery that brought Zim's economy on its knees through corruption, poor policies etc & therefore has no clue what to do to turn around Zim's economy .So she cant take over from Bob!!

craig - 22 April 2015

Anyone banking on Mujuru doing anything should have their head checked. The only good thing she has ever done for this country was having sex with Solomon Mujuru. Honestly. Otherwise she belongs to the dustbin just like Mugabe

Phaphamani - 22 April 2015

She can not even take care of her late husband's offspring due to her greed , and you expect anyone to view her as a serious national figure, rubbish.

reason - 23 April 2015

I am so surprised at the vindictive nature of Zim politics. The hatred and venom that people continually churn out without thourough analysis. Emotions towards people cloud judgment and thats what propaganda feeds into, emotion emotion. Looking at history, if one were mai mujuru seeing how luminaries like tekere, zvobgo, nkomo had been dealt with, the smartest way to effect change would be from within. Thats what they were trying thats why there is so much resistance. cabinet and politburo meetings are confidential and we surely should think that even in zanu there were some people that knew of the betrayal that had been done on the principles of liberation. mujuru, gumbo and mutasa should be welcomed and whatever wrongs they might have done they must be forgiven for they for one know the mistakes that have been made. Tsvangirai, Biti, Makoni, Dabengwa, Dongo, jabulani, mujuru, mutasa, gumbo... see between the lines, zanu is scared stiff of a unity so will have agents to use the divide and rule tactic. a coalition will have a landslide. remember mujuru and co were part of the bhora musango meaning they wanted change, but look at the response from the militarised junta in 2008. Remember Border Gezi, Ellliot manyika.. they knew the system and they thought better to change it from within so stop the venom and look constructively. tsvangirai has made mistakes, mujuru has made mistakes but whats important is peace, employment, fdi, and prosxperity for all. These guys give hope to many. lets give them a chance. You heard mutasa say mugabe does not listen to anyone. So who knows what they suggested and were told, case in point chinamasa...

Surprised - 23 April 2015

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kuda - 23 April 2015

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c mutize - 23 April 2015

nyika yaparara pavekuda munhu anoziva to avoid rigging when it comes to elections coz I tell u for sure u will never succeed if u do not know the strategy of rigging or to avoid zanu pf from rigging

mwanawevhu - 23 April 2015

I agree 100%with SURPRISED! We can't dwell on the past.None of us is absolute. We can't stop one from voting MDC simply because they previously voted for a different party.After all,we all need reconciliation at some point.Even Mugabe should be welcome if he is man enough to repent....

ndiyoyo - 24 April 2015

fitz - 24 April 2015

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