Chaos rocks Mugabe's govt

HARARE - In yet another glaring example of the fatal chaos, confusion and tensions afflicting President Robert Mugabe’s beleaguered government, the 91-year-old publicly rebuked two of his hardest-working ministers yesterday, emphatically denying that the State had scrapped bonus payments to civil servants in the next two years.

This came a mere week after prudent Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, accompanied by his Information counterpart Jonathan Moyo, had announced at a media briefing in Harare that Mugabe’s broke government would not pay bonuses to civil servants this year and next year — a move that was to be reviewed in 2017, ahead of the country’s national elections slated for 2018.

But speaking at the National Sports Stadium yesterday, the nonagenarian flatly denied that the government had made such a decision, leaving Chinamasa and Moyo with egg on their faces — and notwithstanding the fact that the government is flat broke as the economy continues to tank and the ruling Zanu PF implodes inexorably.

“I want to make it clear that the report which was in the newspaper (presumably The Herald), that bonuses were being withdrawn is not govt policy,” Mugabe told the crowd gathered at the stadium to commemorate Independence Day.

“The Cabinet did not approve that at all. And the presidency never, never was consulted on the matter. We were never consulted the three of us, that is myself and the vice presidents.

“And we say that is disgusting to us, and it will never, never be implemented at all. So let the civil servants not be down-hearted. That will not happen,” Mugabe added.

Chinamasa has revealed the stark facts that Zimbabwe spends most of its budget — about 82 percent of the fiscus — on salary payments and that the government still owes some of its workers their 2014 bonuses.

“Government has decided to suspend bonus payments to the civil servants in 2015 and 2016, and the situation will be reviewed in 2017 in the event that we are able to build enough capacity,” Chinamasa said on Monday while announcing the bonus suspensions.

Tellingly too, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has also advised both the public and private sectors against awarding salary increases this year, as the economy continues to plummet precipitously.

Lickspittle State media, that operate as the government’s and Zanu PF’s mouthpieces, also moved quickly to endorse the bonus suspensions, even claiming that the move had been hailed by economists and analysts.

But Mugabe said the government could never scrap such a benefit for public sector workers.

“The rules are that when government bestows a benefit on civil servants, that benefit cannot be withdrawn because it has become a right that is there in the rules, in our rules governing the handling of public servants.

“When they are given a benefit, we cannot reverse it at all, it has become their right.

“That is what we stand by. So your bonuses  will come to you,” Mugabe told the cheering crowds.

As usual, the nonagenarian also hit out at Western governments which have criticised Zimbabwe for its chaotic land reforms and human rights abuses — blaming “climate change” and not policy shortcomings for food shortages staring a third of the nation in the face.

Yesterday’s celebrations also featured the usual military displays, the seemingly mandatory fly-past by the Air Force and performances by youth groups.

Analysts said yesterday that Mugabe’s repudiation of Chinamasa’s pronouncement on public sector bonuses belied the chaos and ugly infighting within Zanu PF, as well as the fact that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) had condemned the decision.

“It was very easy for Zanu PF to rig the harmonised elections that were held on July 31, 2013 but most certainly, the illegitimate regime that was formed after that electoral farce will never be able to rig the economy.

“The Zanu PF regime is now totally bankrupt and the economy remains domiciled in a permanent comatose state. The chickens are coming home to roost,” MDC spokesman Obert Gutu said when the bonus suspensions were announced.

Meanwhile, opposition parties said there was nothing to celebrate on Independence Day given the worsening political and economic crises in the country.

Speaking at a joint Press conference in Harare on Friday, opposition leaders — who included MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, Simba Makoni of Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD), National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) representative Madock Chivasa and his Zapu counterpart Mjobisa Noku — said the sad reality in the country was that Zimbabweans were living in “a sorry state” and now needed to engage in a new struggle to realise their liberties that remained a pipedream.

“You look at all those millions on the street-side in our cities, towns and villages vending to fend for a living for their families and you ask yourself, is this real independence?

“Did we fight for the freedom to flee our country and seek asylum in the Diaspora? Did we fight for the freedom to flee our country to become victims of xenophobic attacks in neighbouring countries?” the opposition said.

Yesterday’s independence celebrations came as many Zimbabweans faced a titanic struggle to survive.

At least 80 percent of the country’s 13 million people live well below the poverty line, and the worsening economic climate and intensifying liquidity crunch is plunging many more Zimbabweans deeper into poverty and misery.


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Makapusa vapfana mudya izvozvo, pa GNU taitoronga zve ma elections imim muchifunnga stable economy. Voters roll tinoshandisa ya 1980 hamufe makaluma. Chinamasa uri right we desevre to suffer, dai tikanyotsorohwa nenhamo mu Zimbabwe. Nenzara iri kuuya iyi dai tikanyatso kwapura ne nzara, masoja and mapurisa votonyatso ita permanent pa kadoma mu kombi. Chinamasa wanga waita zvvakanaka bcoz here in Malaysia vana ve the elite we enjoy kana slogan chaiyo hatigon imi muchimama nenhamo. Isu tinodya dze ma diamonds, imi muchichemera ka bonus ke 300. We get an average of 5 -000 per month pocket money makapusa , bid up bo

Chibaba chezanu - 20 April 2015

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This is a well choreographed strategy by Mugabe to appear to be ''A MAN OF THE PEOPLE''. There is no way he was not informed about the decision to suspend payment of civil servants' bonuses for 2 years until just before general elections in 2018. We are not stupid to try and make us believe that Chinamasa and Jonathan Moyo made their own decision!! F***ng Robert and his strategies of trying to fool people. The truth is come November civil servants will not receive any bonuses. There is no money and Treasury has no clue, pity for them, on where to get money to bank roll government operations. Stupid RGM politics but unfortunately people are no longer fools to believe his empty promisees.

Garikayi - 20 April 2015

Our current politics is an absolute disgrace. Zimbabwe is nose diving into total destruction. Can ZPF not see that the current Head of State who is there by default should be retired like yesterday. No one trusts or wants to deal with him or ZPF. Once trust has been broken it is very hard to put back together again and ZPF and their head honcho have taken our trust and mangled it and shattered it into a million shards of broken lives, hope and dreams. The best thing that could happen to Zim is for ZPF to do the one decent thing left to them: own up to their failure and, retire Mugabe and call for the first free and fair elections in at least 15 years.

TruthBTold - 20 April 2015

The head of state and government, commander in chief of the defence forces MUST RESIGN , BECOZ ATADZA

idi panyika - 20 April 2015

Just a charade ..whole thingstage managed..Botox had nothing to say pa Independence fullstop!

Mazana Mambombo - 20 April 2015

ndi jhonso arikuda kupedzisa party. he said so in the late 80s and early 90s when he was too critical of zanu pf. he hinted that to destroy the party, one has to join so that they can destroy it from within. now that there is a clear divide between weevils and gamatoxs,

taurai - 20 April 2015

he now wants to pour fuel on the fire to quicken the destruction of the revolutionary party. if he is not stopped, its just a matter of time before the party implodes beyond repair. vakuru vedu, mind this mafikizolo or else our party is gone to the dogs.

taurai - 20 April 2015


reason - 20 April 2015

Mugabe is a liar Telone last year where not given their bonuses eventhough it is their right and what did the same govt say. today he want to say it is the a worker:s right to get his |or her bonus yet you some workers in that same country are not given their money but, after they had posted a profit

mr honest - 20 April 2015

Mugabe thinks he can fool everyone all the time. Who does he think he is fooling? May be unthinking zealots in Maramba-Pfungwe (whtever that means) and the thinly educated solders and police. With Chinamasa's vast wealth of experience in gvt admin, he could not have jumped the gun and announced a policy that has not been approved by cabinet, and Mugabe chairs the cabinet. Remember Chinamasa joined cabinet in 1987/8 when he was appointed Attorney General. (An attorney general sits in cabinet meeting as government legal advisor). The truth is that Mugabe must have been informed that the bonus suspension was unpopular with soldiers and police, and Mugabe volte-faced. The poor Chinamasa then bears the brunt of being regarded as foolish, moronic and outright stupid - to publicly announce unapproved policies. Chinamasa, your integrity is not worth the dollars that you are paid. How can you bear the stigma of such degree of stupidity in silence, when even the mountains know that you cannot be such. In any case, please you are not the suitable person to run Finance Ministry because you are not schooled on Economics, you are a lawyer. The law degree programme does not have any single Economics or Finance course. We are tired of hearing you speaking nonsense whilst you waddle in unfamiliar waters of Economics and Finance. No amount of money can buy integrity. Just imagine how your children old and young, are being ridiculed now that you have 'admitted' that you were stupid to announce unapproved policies. And yet we know you are not. Poor you Chinamasa. But you are just yourself to blame, your love for money and political position.

Danai Pazvagozha - 20 April 2015

The Finance Director of ZANU (Pvt) Ltd tells shareholders no dividends this year. The CEO says he does not know about this. What sort of Company is this. The whole board must be fired. Confused bastards

lodza mhika - 20 April 2015

Politics, bullshit only the stupid countryside population who "vote" for yu buy this. Such an important policy announcement cannot be made without Mugabe's ignorance. A u-turn was made after realising it may backfire 2018 haasi kure. But still hapana mari yacho. Unless you pay them with the trillions of bearer cheques which you printed kkkkkkk. seka hako BOB chishamura clueless old mdhara and his equally clueless bootlickers

Pinnell - 20 April 2015

Those prophets from Malawi said Mugabe will be dead in 2015. Is it in May or June 2015???? If he is dead before December, then no BONUS for civil servants.

Misheck Chando - 20 April 2015

This article makes interesting reading for MDC-T sycophants. What chaos are you talking about? it is imagined!

godfrey gudo - 20 April 2015

The reporter is making bellicose statements that can only have a pub as their place of origin!

godfrey gudo - 20 April 2015

@gofrey GUYO, the chaos is when a leader goes public about differences within his team on running a business or country?

Heeeeei - 20 April 2015

Bonus will be paid on money availability ,all this talk will be over when time comes ,what if there wont be money?

bakwena - 21 April 2015

The way i see things is that God has set that zanu pf should destroy itself to avoid blood shed. Therefore i urge you zimbabweans to remain calm while God does his work. For starters it is very clear that the gvt is broke. Chinamasa had done the most sensible thing. Then comes mugabe with his destructive one. So when the money runs out what do you think Chinamasa will do besides telling mugabe that that's what he mean't when he cancelled the bonus. The next thing mugabe will do is to fire Chinamasa for incompetence. the next thing mugabe will appoint a more foolish minister who will try to out do Chinamasa. The next thing will be that the economy will be in comatose. mugabe will start doing what he knows. Making more ruinous decisions. By that time the people will be in a very tight position. The opposition should wait for the final kill instead of engaging them now so that they will find reasons for another coalition. They are slowly hanging themselves. Don't aid them because you will be held for murder of a person who will have committed suicide. Remember last time you saved them withGNU. Dont repeat that mistake. PERIOD.

peter matibiri - 21 April 2015

There are no sycophants in MDC-T but realists.Sycophants&sellouts are found elsewhere. Confusion rules supreme in gvt.The blind cannot see that as they would have the nation to falsely believe all is well.The president himself announced the confusion in his gvt. WHO IS FOOLING WHO????

tigere - 22 April 2015

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