Mapfumo blasts Zim leaders

HARARE - Chimurenga music guru Thomas Mapfumo has lambasted Zimbabwe’s leaders for chasing after personal luxuries and foreign travel while ordinary citizens are not enjoying the basics.

In his Independence Day message, Mukanya as he is affectionately known said government should listen to the people’s grievances instead of turning a blind eye on the social, political and economic problems.

He said politicians should work towards eliminating poverty, crime and the rising unemployment instead of bickering and politicking at the expense of national development which was fought for.

Mapfumo said the majority of people continue to wallow in poverty.

“We have shocking levels of unemployment, corruption, poverty and widening inequality. If you are rich you enjoy far more rights.

“You have probably been getting even richer since 1980, you own a nice house; you send your children to overseas schools and universities; you are cared for in the best private hospitals and abroad.”

The Chimurenga singer went on to say that Zimbabweans who are poor, unemployed or in low-paid casual jobs are worse off than in 1980.

He said every Zimbabwean deserves comfort, peace and a guaranteed pursuit of happiness, while also benefitting from the national wealth.

“Without such basics, the concept of national independence could be a farce because only the apex of the social pyramid is benefitting from the fruits of independence.

“To the suffering masses, Independence Day has just become another calendar date,” Mapfumo said.

He added that the proof of spiralling hardships can be seen everywhere as Zimbabweans flee the country’s unbearable conditions for greener pastures.

He said that with the ailing economy, cities have no access to reliable clean water and power supply and infrastructure has deteriorated below acceptable standards.

“While the black empowerment programme and the land redistribution exercise may have brought a sense of optimism to correct historical imbalances in Zimbabwe coming through a levelled economic ground, it was a sad development as Zanu PF leaders awarded themselves multiple farms while using their political muscle to access ownership of major industries,” Mapfumo said.


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Hear! hear! “We have shocking levels of unemployment, corruption, poverty and widening inequality. If you are rich you enjoy far more rights...You have probably been getting even richer since 1980, you own a nice house; you send your children to overseas schools and universities; you are cared for in the best private hospitals and abroad.” - they are so out of touch of the plight of the many suffering. They cant even take their holiday's locally because of the stench of poverty surrounding them.

Galore 123 - 16 April 2015

Tell them Mukanya!!!

whitehorse - 16 April 2015

Your song mamvemve was prophetic.

LOREIN - 16 April 2015

'Nyika iya yamaichera, heyo yaita mamvem\ve'. In Ndau, the country has become what we call 'mitsoto', mamvemve, tatters, just for the sake of keeping one man in power. How can a reasonable man think that over 2 million citizens can leave the country and he thinks everything is fine? And civil servants are supposed to retire at 65, what is so exceptional about politicians to go on in power to the gabbage age of 91? The state house is not an old people's home, but it has been reduced to that. The whole world is laughing at us!

Chenjerai Hove - 16 April 2015


Harare - 17 April 2015

Mapfumo please do not insult our leaders becoz they are eh eh well our leaders and they were chosen by eh eh eh someone , they also care for eh eh their relatives and close friends, they dont have a lot of time to solve the economic whores becoz they are busy with eh eh internal party ( BIG BIKO) fighting, the electricity problem they dont see it becoz they eh eh have big powerful company type generators, as for the water problem well the DDF solved it for them for mahala

Harare - 17 April 2015

mapfumo yu're right although the country is full of coakroaches(mapete). coakroaches are easy to kill you just spray and they are very thankful they survive on what is left on the table(mafufu). wen we say lets demonstrates people fold their hands and say it is the MDC's way of destabilising the country but we are the one suffering. yes things are upside down

chirisamhuru - 17 April 2015

Hello Mukanya...Jojo zvchika..Jojo chenjera.... you told us long back and we never listed kuti magandanga aya hamuvakwanise, they will destroy until there is nothing to destroy. Well done in your prophecy. We like you. Have a good time in America and do not come back beecause vakatokumaka magandanga aya.

Garikayi - 17 April 2015

I agree with Mukanya 100%. What is independence anyway? My basic understanding of independence is that it is freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others. In Zimbabwe, if you are not a part of, or related to some one in the echelons of power, can you really say you enjoy any of the tenets of Independence? I bet if you ask Zimbabweans in private where they are sure they will not be exposed, more than 95% will will tel you no. So what was the point of the war if the situation for the majority (which by the way was why we went to war) is worse than it was before independence? One wonders. My heart bleeds and aches for Zimbabwe. It is a shame that we are being treated worse than animals due to xenophobic attacks in RSA because it is better than being in our own country. Shame on our leadership...

tino16 - 17 April 2015

Ndizvo Mukanya....ungadai uchirova mhanzi pa Independence apa mu National Sports Stadium dai pasina ma comrades e zanu aya anoti akarwa Hondo saka anofanira kutonga ega.....saka ko vese vakarwa Hondo kana vapera kufa naturally because we all have to die at some point zvichafamba sei? Zimbabwe inotovharwa handiti? We are being led by some really dumbasses. Wish you many more years Mukanya!! You are the BEST!!

redemption - 17 April 2015

..."Bona,Bona..bereka Chatunga tiende...Robert,Robert..bereka Russel (mubvandiripo) tiende...Zimbabwe yafa,yaita mamvemve"

mombeshora - 20 April 2015

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