Rescue us, Mujuru told

HARARE - Ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s supporters have thrown down the gauntlet by urging her to “stand up to tyranny”, as many have sought to rally the ex-President Robert Mugabe’s deputy to challenge the 91-year-old.

Using the platform or occasion of her 60th birthday today, a group calling itself the “original Zanu PF” — and using the People First slogan — yesterday virtually thrust her at the centre of their strategy to fight for a better Zimbabwe amid a deepening socio-economic crisis.

Mujuru is reportedly spending her birthday at her farm in Beatrice.

“Today, we join you in celebrating a key milestone in your life, attaining a healthy and youthful 60 years!” the group said in a statement signed off by “all the members of original Zanu PF”.

“It is a happy coincidence that the start of the next chapter in your life coincides with a new chapter in the political history of our beloved Zimbabwe in the quest for true democracy and freedom,” it said.

“Our Independence Day and true independence are around the corner.”

Zimbabwe marks its 35th independence on Saturday, after throwing off the shackles of white minority rule in 1980.

The birthday message also comes as pressure is mounting on Mujuru to lead a new party to challenge the 91-year-old president.

The statement also savaged Zanu PF bigwigs for showing no care.

“The future of Zimbabwe is in the hands of the people,” the statement said.

“Borrowed robes can always be taken away as easily as they are illegally bestowed.

“Amai — Happy Birthday, Amhlope , Makorokoto ngatifambeyi ne ndima.” (Do not tire)

The statement came after Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF said they had summarily expelled her from the party last week, and at a time that the ruling party is on fire over contentious claims that her husband, whose war-time name was Rex Nhongo, plotted with her to oust and assassinate the nonagenarian before the revered late liberation war icon’s charred remains were found after the mysterious 2011 inferno.

Yesterday’s birthday statement further said: “Thank you for reminding us of the original ideals of the liberation struggle, for being a true OG, (original) and wanting to secure a better future for us all despite the present temporary circumstances,” the statement added.

“Your fight — is our fight; The OG’s struggle — is Zimbabwe’s struggle; Our dreams as a nation have been deferred, but only Zimbabweans can change their future. ‘Iwe neni tine basa’ (All of us have a huge task ahead) rings true.

“Imi, nesu tine basa. (You and us have a job to finish) On this day we pledge our whole hearted support of you as members of the Original Zanu PF massive. Tinoti rambayi makashinga, tinemi, sisonke.” (Remain courageous and we are in this together.

The statement further adds: “As you know the road to true democracy will always be fraught with trials and tribulations.”

“We salute you for standing up to tyranny and the fight against undemocratic leadership and practices.”

The birthday message also came as Zanu PF has now officially split into two distinct and bitterly-opposed formations, with disaffected party stalwarts — including liberation struggle pioneers, war veterans and security sector bigwigs — coalescing under the banner and principles of the “original Zanu PF” and using the slogan “People First”.


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Mujuru supporters can praise her bravery in standing against Zanu-PF's "tyranny and the fight against undemocratic leadership and practices" until the cows come home that will never change the fact that she WAS a very active and key member of the tyranny! The people of Zimbabwe do not have such a bad memory to have forgotten that she was Zanu PF for 34 years and was fired only four months ago! Throughout the 34 years, when did Joice ever stand up against tyrannical rule?

Patrick Guramatunhu - 15 April 2015

Patrick Guramatunhu uri mbwa yemunhu

chimuti - 15 April 2015

rest in peace joice mujuru... you fought a good fight... by this i mean mujuru is as good as dead.. she helped set up those structures and now the tide has turned against her.with skeletons in her closte , she will never dare challenging zpf in public and that explains why she has been soft on the revolutionary party.its like Napoleon's edict of fraternity

nemesis - 15 April 2015

As long as she's no longer with Mugabe, it means she is with the struggling povo. Surely, Zimbos will forgive and forget. I for one can support her. Guramatunhu utori offside zvako nedzungu rako. You can bark for all we care, we need change yesterday.

nyimo - 15 April 2015

chimuti is an idiotic lunatic,shameless bootlicker who would want everyone to bury their heads in the sand and be blind to the complicity of Teurai in the annihilation of livelihoods of the people of zimbabwe. now that she is off the gravy train she wants to portray herself as a saint will not fool anyone. the people seek a whole new direction not the same direction by the same criminals who have looted the resources of the country with brazen impunity!

generalbasso - 15 April 2015

Patrick Guramatunhu you seem to have a personal vendetta with the Mujuru family, I have followed your comments sometimes you over hate ZANU pf. Be real , this is now and move with the tide. Do you have any better so,union for Zimbabwe? Mujuru and other democratic forces have better chances of taking us out of this mess. So please let's not just say you did nothing for the people when you were in Zanupf, let's exploit opportunities .

dzasukwa - 15 April 2015

Patrick Guramatunhu you seem to have a personal vendetta with the Mujuru family, I have followed your comments sometimes you over hate ZANU pf. Be real , this is now and move with the tide. Do you have any better solution for Zimbabwe? Mujuru and other democratic forces have better chances of taking us out of this mess. So please instead let's not just say you did nothing for the people when you were in Zanupf, let's exploit opportunities .

dzasukwa - 15 April 2015

Guramatunhu you are missing the point here. have you ever heard of the wod rependance. being Zanu pf for 34 years is not the issue here. it is true that cde TeuraiRopa was part and parce of this evil anachy. but the good thing is that she has repended and she is ready to tackle the evil anachy for the benefit of everyone. the events in the party shows that these so called gematox have been busy planning and strategising on the best way to deal with this old man so despite their allegiances in the party lets support them for the freedom of the country. at least they have seen the light ahead.

Cde Rex Nhongo - 15 April 2015

The question is: If joice was still in the grave train, would she be speaking as what she is saying now? Same as Dydmus Mutasa. People who simply has alternative political thinking got killed whilst Joyce and Mutasa were very supportive in ZANUPF. Although Mujuru never openly attacked the likes of opposition leaders, Mutasa did with full of vitriol. Only now do they seem to associate with people so that we assist them to go back to the grave train. Such people are very dangerous. But I like Rex Nhongo Mujuru. He together with Dabengwa told Mugabe to go. The message was sent through Vice President Musika. I would have have supported these two guys. Today Joyce Mujuru is lamenting the dissaperance of Dzamara, Rashiwe Guzha disaapeared and Joyce Mujuru never said a word. CIO operative Kitsiyatota killed MDC youth in Chivhu and Mujuru never uttered any word of sympathy, but was as silent as a grave. People, lets not be myopic. Can't you see the tricks of a starving lion when it cries like a sheep? Only a stupid cheep would come closer to that lion, and it will soon turn into a sumptuous meal for the lion. Yes I know that Paul converted from being a killer of christian to being the greatest chriatian himself. But Paul saw the light whilst in the process of killing, and not after he had been injected from the grave train as with the case with Mujuru and Mutasa. Guramatunhu is 110% correct. Those who call you names are lazy to think. They just go where the wing is blowing - a sign of intellectual bankraptcy.

Danai Pazvagozha - 15 April 2015

AN OPEN LETTER TO MORGAN TSVANGIRAI mujuru and mutasa these guys are golden as long as this struggle for a free zim is concerned.the guys understand the zpf election rigging mechanisms and come 2018...their inputs will be of great importance.they have been there, done that and we need then more than zanu pf needs anyone THE RETURN OF FIRE LINKS

nemesis - 15 April 2015

I never, at any one time, heard Mai Mujuru attacking the opposition ....and for that she gets my kudos!!

Tongo - 15 April 2015

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Kkkkkkkk, Nemesis, what will Joyce and Mutasa do even if they know that Nikuv is at KG6 rigging elections. What will they do. They are also afraid to be Dzamararised. I hope you get what I don't mean.

Danai Pazvagozha - 15 April 2015

I just do not know how people see Joyce, Mutasa, and Gumbo as wanting to rescue people. NO! They want to be assisted to go back into the grave train. Where are we losing it? They do not care about our current situation these people. They would even be with Mugabe tomorrow if he were to pardon them like he is likely to do come 2018 elections. Let them be pardoned by Mugabe, and see if they will talk of "people first". What Joyce, Mutasa and Gumbo are doing is simply lamenting about the hard times they have fallen on, and want people to lift them and throw them back so that they get immersed again into grave-train, whilst our children and being burnt alive in South Africa, where they went to beg for a living.

Danai Pazvagozha - 15 April 2015

Pamberi ne OG. Pamberi nekushinga!

nonagenarian - 15 April 2015

Vana Chimuti, Nemesis,Cde Rex Nhongo na Nyimo - avo vanyora maComments avo pano - dzokerai kuchikoro zwimwe pfungwa dzenyu dzingavhurika. Mungabva makurirwa kufunga nechembere chaidzo dziri paruzevha dzisina kumboona mukova wechikoro. I hope you are in your late 80s, otherwise if you are young people I am afraid teachers did not do their job. Or else you were the unteachable lot !

Chorosi - 15 April 2015

in a country where people can easily believe that pure diesel can shoot from the bellies of the earth then sure what is it that can stop them from thinking that one of the dander heads from zanu can change over night and be their messier ?The woman is just not a leader and if she was not solomon 's wife she would not have made it to VP ,She has clearly showed that she will not do anything against zanu not even in future and if anyone out there still hope that Mujuru can serve them then something very kokayi is in their heads

Diibulaanyika - 15 April 2015

The big question is did Mujuru and company voluntarily resign from zanu pf [original] to persue a democratic agenda.? Does one needs to be fired from zanu pf to "repent"? The country's harsh problems under Zanu pf are known and well documented. Mujuru and company have been in charge of this country for 34 years and NOW they want to rescue it from their own mess they created. Its 2015 the time for lying to people by politicians its long gone. Mujuru and company needs to worker harder to earn respect from the people. They will not get it on a silver platter. People are hurt and bleeding from inside because of the "original zanu pf " misrule. It will take a life time for the wounds to heal.

X-MAN IV - 15 April 2015

How long was Mujuru a zanu pf man editor Phiri? You guys should be there to ask hard hitting questions to Mujuru and her surrogates. You're now a mouth piece of Mujuru. She is guilty of all zanu pf sins. Ulahleka ngaphi Phiri?

Qiniso - 15 April 2015

@Diibulaanyika. This is one of the biggest problems we have in Zimbabwe. They are too many people who are as you described who drown voices of change. That is why Zanu-Pf boosts that they will run the country down till donkeys grow horns. An observer can conclude that the problem in Zimbabwe is not Mugabe but the people. Too many plebs, despite a high level of literacy in the country. This is the only country in the world where level of literacy is inversely proportional to people`s reasoning. I tried hard to think why it is this way: up to now I have no answer.

Chorosi - 15 April 2015

after 34 years of digging us graves and burryn us alive mongoti zvachinja hakuna iyoyo its the same bullshit yavhunura kunge nyoka chete its only the new skin bt ts stl a snake......barely a year ago she ws in the team tht stole our freedom away thru the ballot box and now tht she has been offloaded you think she z ours NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i repeat NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Lest we be fooled ne mask chigure munhu.......all of her is zaNU PF ...ropa izwi nyama pfungwa ......... ihasha dzekubviswa papoto idzi she dznt hv anythn for us nekuti vabviswa pavaidya diamond paya vakuda kuita kunge vasande....... they dnt hv our freedom these pple if they have it why cnt they spill the beans they knw hw elections hv been stolen from us ngava prove kuti they are out for sure period

minox - 15 April 2015

The question is: Why are these people talking on Mujuru's behalf? Mujuru looks and behaves un-interested, in any cases I do not see putting my "X" on a current or former ZANU PF

VaGandidzanwa - 15 April 2015

@Chorosi wogoti tidzokere kuchikoro is that your contribution to the issue in question. Back your argument why we need to go to xul chete we will understand. Ini l don't mind the color of the cat as long as it catches the mice. Yes Joyce was in, zpf as rightly pointed out by my colleagues hatina kumbomunzwa achiti pasi neMDC or Tsvangirai. Zvichireva kuti ane politics dzekuvaka which recognises everyone as a Zimbabwean and for that matter ini lni personally l said l can forgive her for having been in Zanu pf. Kana achigona kugocherwa murume iye arimu zanu imomo it says a lot about the devils she was working with and hence the reason she could not have voiced her concerns publicly. You state your stance kwetekungosura uchingosura zvisina basa.

nyimo - 16 April 2015

weather in power or not, i'm glad that jesus is coming back

sangie - 16 April 2015

Ceasefire! If Joice, Didymus and Rugare & company are pardoned by RGM today - will they refuse to rejoin ZPF? I doubt that. They were part of the machinery that effected Murambatsvina, murder & burning of MDC supporters, Gukurahundi and all the notorious undemocratic laws in place today. Stupidity is a choice. I don't trust anyone that has worked "quietly" in RGM's administration for 35 years and suddenly BECAUSE they've been dumped, now want to "free us". They must join existing forces of resistance that have been preaching this gospel SINCE 1999.

Nathanjo Yomo - 16 April 2015

I think the general masses in ZIM should be very careful with investing their hopes in politicians. When a lion is muscled out of a pride it wont graze with the zebras. In our case the A-Z of our struggle is in our hands not Mujuru not Tsvangirai not Mutasa not Biti not Mugabe. There are many revolutions across the globe peacefull and fruitfull that were organized and carried out by the masses. One thing to note is that most statements attributed to Mujuru have been from the press and as we sit now her true position no one knows..

eddy - 16 April 2015

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Dr - 16 April 2015

What I think is that the so called split of ZANU pf is a strategic move to create a credible opposition that will counter the mic teams. This will dilute the opposition further and at the same time create a party that will NOT boycott the 2018 polls. This will legitimize the elections. That's my take

Kurauone - 16 April 2015

They can do whatever they like with her. To be honest I don't care what happens to her. She is a bird of the same feather with them!!

Nazo - 16 April 2015

Who is Joice Mujuru?

Mzilawempi - 16 April 2015

we cant say mai mujuru wakuda kurwira wanhu coz wadzingwa mubato. it is this reason that she wanted to put people first which cozed her to be kicked out of the party. wanhu changamukai - 16 April 2015

Teurai did not repent in any way, she wanted to be selfish and run the show herself. It is unfortunate she was chucked on those grounds. Who ever is following her, u are just helping her settle her personal scores and not the people's cause. We have a disease in our country and it is now embedded in our social fabric. All those who delivered us from the white rule predicament are locked up in the same system, same thinking, same views and same shortfalls. All their ages are retirement ages. Is it that we have no capable persons than them. Zimbabweans were are so docile, passive for nothing. It is not anyone's problem but ours as a nation. We allowed this to happen to our Mother Country because of our cowardice. Stand up for yourselves and fight this sickness. No one will do that for you

tamuka - 16 April 2015

Guramatunhu is correct. Can any one show us what J. Mujuru did to the nation for the past 10 years she was second in command? Please show us! Chizororai zvenyu Amai murerewo vazukuru venyu. Kana zviri zvepaheroes acre aiwa munoenda!

zvandasara - 16 April 2015

Stop fighting between yourselves fellow comrades, we have a common problem at hand. Lets focus our energy and intellect on solving our woes as a nation.

tamuka - 16 April 2015

Vana Chimuti nanaNyimo muri chikamu chaana maimujuru chete, kana musiri pane zvakatsveyama pamafungiro enyu chose.

zvamaida - 16 April 2015

Vana Chimuti nanaNyimo muri chikamu chaana maimujuru chete, kana musiri pane zvakatsveyama pamafungiro enyu chose.

zvamaida - 16 April 2015

Vana Chimuti nanaNyimo muri chikamu chaana maimujuru chete, kana musiri pane zvakatsveyama pamafungiro enyu chose.

zvamaida - 16 April 2015

The clever thing to do is use her because she knows the regime's dirty tactics then dump her

diva chipitiri - 16 April 2015

People of Zimbabwe please dont be triggered your anrenalin too high for some lunatics who expresses negativity for the sake of fun on this platform...You know the truth that God has the final say...Just stay put....Watch this space..

Analyst - 16 April 2015

People of Zim wake up! Ndosaka makanyanyopfava kunge mbowa. mukaona ingwe yakapfeka gumbeze moti munhu. fugurai gumbeze murumwe. ko wamunoda kuti ati fafa kurara achiti Joice tava naye ku side redu ndiyani. iwe Chimuti form a party kana usingatyi zanu pf. tinokushaya iwe. rega zvakoJoice enjoy you 60 years of enjoying mari yezim isu tichidya nhoko. joe

joe Bruce - 16 April 2015

Mese Miri kuhukura sekuti you are failing to state the reason why amai Mujuru vakadzingwa mumusangano.Sekuti vaida kumiss Bob pachigaro is that not good enough sekuti Zimbabwe yatadza Kuenda merit coz of Bob.given 35 of independence if Bob vakamupa platform he is talking about Hondo Yechimurenga Today .nyika inenzara we need solutions nemabasa not kunzwa zveHondo after all ndiyani asingazive kuti tive independent Hondo yakarwiwa not naive Bob Ida Asi vana verse veZimbabwe.bob hit the road upe vane mutant for the good of the Nation.

Billy - 16 April 2015

Mese Miri kuhukura sekuti you are failing to state the reason why amai Mujuru vakadzingwa mumusangano.Sekuti vaida kubisa Bob pachigaro is that not good enough sekuti Zimbabwe yatadza Kuenda mberi coz of Bob.given 35 of independence if Bob vakamupa platform he is talking about Hondo Yechimurenga Today .nyika inenzara we need solutions nemabasa not kunzwa zveHondo after all ndiyani asingazive kuti tive independent Hondo yakarwiwa not naiye Bob chete Asi vana vese veZimbabwe.bob hit the road upe vane mukana for the good of the Nation.

Billy - 16 April 2015

The major problem why Zimbabweans are very silly and sycophantic so much that a nonagenarian can wait to die and give leadership to his son or wife, is because they are too Christian for nothing. In this debate we have people like Analyst who somehow think it is God's will for Zimbabweans to be oppressed and suffer. Even the Dutch Reformed church of RSA also preached that it was God's will that whites must be masters of blacks. People like analyst expect God to walk on foot and tell Mugabe to go and let a better able Zimbabwean to usher better lives for the people. Whenever the brain of a religious person can't think further - because of intellectual incompetence, dullness or laziness in thinking, they say God will solve. Now, why is it that God does not solve now that Zimbabweans are being killed like snakes in Durban. Some Christians students do not even study, believing the so called anointing oil they get will solve Maths for them. No wonder why entrepreneurial people like Magaya, Makandiwa and Engel Mudzanire are making a killing from those who are lazy to think

Danai Pazvagozha - 16 April 2015

It is true Gumbo and Mutasa only had their Damascene moment after being chucked out of Zanu. It must be so cold out in the open. Why didn't they leave the party openly like Dumiso Dabengwa.

P.B - 16 April 2015

Tsvangirai, Margaret Dongo, Tekere, Dumiso Dabengwa and Simba Makoni left Zanu PF openly after acknowledging doom lay ahead with continued ZPF misrule and no pronounced support was heard. Now incomes Mujuru cabal who were expelled from the gravy ride and kudos are being solicited for what achievements.

Mukanya - 16 April 2015

Pasi naMugabe! Mubhurandayi

Tovera Zimuto - 16 April 2015

Mutasa and Mujuru are priceless to any democratic change in Zimbabwe.Lets say its true that they colluded to oust Mugabe at last year's elective congress,then who wpuld have benefited?The people obviously.These guys had turned into a trojan horse in Zanu Pf and they were preparing for a hostile but democratic shift of power in Zanu Pf.Being moderates,they would have attracted massive foreign investments from the international community.That said we need not be divided in our collective desire to liberate this country from tyranny.Lets support these guys as a united front,because to us as povo,its not above who liberates us but its about whether we get liberated or not.Even if we get liberated by aliens,we dont care so much about who did what than we care about the liberation itself.This is not the time to be petty,its time to grab the bull by its horns!!

Matigari - 17 April 2015

I have read all comments on mujuru, i have no comment to make about all those comments. I believe everyone was exercising their democratic right in their comment. All i need to say is was mujuru willing to leave zanu pf peaceful of her own accord? Knowing they were the devil. Was mutasa mliswa and whoever willing? Who made the decisions to oust them? That is the key to where they lie in bed. Non are/were willing . So? Be careful to sound like a directionless nation and people . Look at issues thoroughly. If you are fired it doesnt really say anything about your willingness and unwillingness to leave an organisation. Lets stop to think before we sleep with strange bedfellows.

Rafael santos - 17 April 2015

i think wen Mujuru was in the system , there is little she could do since her master would not allow her. i would like to believe she was not part of the hardliners but was a moderate who even the other part of the world which mugabe dislikes wanted to work with her. i would choose her and would like her to work with others that are opposing this current rule of the fist and kleptocracy

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 17 April 2015


mersen - 17 April 2015

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