'Mugabe never liked Mujuru'

HARARE - In the latest twist to Zanu PF’s ugly infighting, a source claims that former Vice President Joice Mujuru had been sidelined for “a whole decade” while she was President Robert Mugabe’s number two.

The insider, who claims to know intimate details of Mugabe and Mujuru’s relationship over the past decade, said this had been the reason why the former VP had not been accorded benefits by the nonagenarian such as new vehicles, a government house or a farm — as had been the case with other VPs.

The insider said it was clear that Mujuru and her late husband Solomon had been targeted by Mugabe and “his henchmen” from day one — who allegedly wanted to “freeze them out of politics” and ensure that the nonagenarian handpicked his successor and not have that person elected.

“The Mujurus never benefited from the government in terms of houses and vehicles. In the case of the former VP, she was not even given a new fleet, except for one vehicle, when she was appointed and was instead given vehicles which were previously used by the late VP Mzenda,” the source said.

Mujuru was apparently given a brand new armoured Land Cruiser only when a similar one was also being given to controversial First Lady Grace Mugabe — and thus had to rely on “either her own vehicles or on government pool cars”.

In contrast, Mujuru’s successors VPs Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko had been “treated with new fleets of vehicles that include Mazda BT 50 vehicles”.

“The Mujurus bought their Chisipite house with their own resources and it was not a government house as many would want to say today,” the source added.

It has been reported that Mphoko allegedly flatly refused to occupy a Mandara house that was left vacant following the death of former Vice President Joseph Msika in 2009, instead asking for his own bigger home.

Mujuru refused to comment on the allegations yesterday, merely choosing to say, “I am now busy”.

But the source said so bad were relations between Mugabe and the Mujurus that they had lost two farms in Shamva when government embarked on its ad hoc land reform programme.

“She never benefited from the land reform programme but actually lost her two farms in Shamva, Kamurinje and Kadogen farms, which the couple bought around 1984 because the late General felt since he was not educated, farming was the only thing that he could do well.”

According to the source, the Mujurus were later given Ruzambu Farm in Beatrice, as compensation for the loss of their two farms in Shamva.

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The Daily News should not take everything at face value; the Mujurus are some of the richest individuals in the country. If President Mugabe "sidelined" them and did not give them new cars and farms it must be because they were helping themselves to all these things! How many farms do the Mujurus have?

Patrick Guramatunhu - 15 April 2015

waka maka mai mujuru iwe. uri kuvatevera kwese kwese.

tula - 15 April 2015

Doesn't Joice stay in a government house?

machakachaka - 15 April 2015

Mugabe did not like Solomom, Mugabe does not like Joyce, the gang of 4 hate Teurai saka mai Mujuru vanodiwa naani manje. Viva MT

Garikayi - 15 April 2015

mugabe gave the woman ' carte blanc' to do as she pleases.. that womanbenefited by far more than emmerson and phikelezela

nemesis - 15 April 2015

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Oh come on, give over! This is getting ridiculous. If he didnt like Mujuru will he have allowed her and husband to accumulate the wealth they have? And the alleged affair?

Galore 123 - 15 April 2015

The Daily Mail employing same tactics like The Herald - turning black into white to dupe thze masses. Have you finally employed Janathan Moyo ? Now he is deeping in both papers.

Chorosi - 15 April 2015

stupid reporting...

mkanya - 15 April 2015

We no longer use these kind of cartridges iwe!

@CARTRIDGE GALLERY - 15 April 2015

You should be asking those so called insiders why now??? You cannot divorce Mujuru from zanu pf failures or successes. Why is every paper protecting Mujuru? What ever the sins you accused Mugabe, Mujuru is equal guilty period.

Qiniso - 15 April 2015

It can only be "10% stake" spining around in the newsroom. Another shared holder should buy out mujuru stake before the situation gets out of hand. The Mujuru saga is slowly compromising "the tell like it is". Zimbabwean problems are well documented and are known. I mean they are not a secret. To suggest that Mujuru benefited nothing from zanu Gvt under Mugabe from being young semi literate 25years old minister in 1980 up until last december 2014 as 1st VP[ straight 34yrs] is not only malicious but an insult to people. The less said about Mujuru the better for her. You are actually doing more harm to mujuru than good. In a country were majority lives on less than a dollar, we have mujuru given an amoured car, farm/s, a piece of chiadzwa and has all the guts to tells us that she was never liked. If Mujuru is crying poor what about me on the low dirty streets. You can use Jik-Vim-Sunlight-Omo and bleach combined ,she will not come out clean, from her association with Zanu pf and Mugabe. The fact that one was not liked by Mugabe can make you liked by ordinary folks is one big fat lie.

X-MAN IV - 15 April 2015

ko chainzi Zamhu ramai mujuru kwachiyadzwa chiya chakabvepi ndoma benefits acho zve........ungati munhu neva lyked munhu ivo vaitibira vari pamwe chete over th past 34 hears nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chibepa chino chakatengwa neve Herald here nxaaa

minox - 15 April 2015

reporter wants favours from mujuru uyu.. ibva mhan... who cares wher she stays the matter of fact here is she is a multi billion air bitter to be fired akagarika, now she trying to safe guard wat she stole acting like she a victim... the way she got her riches r the same way hey will go... zanu guys never work for anything, maybe this whole weevil and gamotox is a diversion tactic, jonso akangwara.. we r hungry, fed up, degree"d up vamwe MBA apoo but jobless. hanzi zimbo ndeyeropa. SAD

ndini uya uya chaiye - 16 April 2015


dfgg - 16 April 2015

sensationalism manyanya mhani. idzi ndoodzega nhau here. bvunzai kuna Dzamara apa

ndoonews - 16 April 2015

poor politicking.I would want to believe that Mujuru Joice benefited much that's why she remained quiet when the majority was suffering in their poor leadership.Cant accept it now just because he has been fired.The right person you should have been talking about should be Comrade Rugare Gumbo who could stand up and challenge Mugabe during his time in government that's why he use to be in government on mercy on most of his occasions other than the Joice you are talking about who refused to walk out of government complex in more than a number of occasions when MT defeated their party and they together with Mugabe withhold results for a decade.Ngaambozvionawo zvatakaona nezvatirikuona mukadzi uyu,kubva 25 years ari muhurumende chii chinotaurarika chaakatiitira sevana veZimbabwe,kupusa kwake hakusi kugona mufunge

trymore - 16 April 2015

let Mujuru suffer for the policies she crafted

trymore wepaChikomba - 16 April 2015


lol - 16 April 2015

Daily News please stop pretending to be gullible trying to campaign for the so-called exZANU PF guys. They never change. They took part in direspecting the masses of Zimbabwe and now are crying foul. These are freedom fighters, they fight freedom. They are not liberators, I repeat, they are FREEDOM FIGHTERS. I for one will never vote for a person who has a history of the so-called African nationalist movements. They are all selfish loveless people who think they own people. Remember the days when Strive Masiwa wanted to start ECONET. What was Joyce trying to do. If it was not for mdhara Joshua Nkomo Masiwa would not have moved foward. Voting for a ZANU cadre would be senseless. Stop turning them into saints just because they were expelled from ZANU PF. They are all crocs.

Never - 16 April 2015

The chickens have come back home to roost, but the perches have been destroyed!

Samaldo - 20 April 2015

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