Zanu PF directing Zec, says Mutasa

HARARE - In a stunning claim, former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa alleges that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s (Zec’s) decision to bar him from participating in the forthcoming Headlands by-election is based on a directive from Zanu PF bigwigs — a charge that raises questions about the independence of the country’s electoral body.

Mutasa told the Daily News on Sunday on Friday that this was the reason why he had vowed to challenge the rejection of his nomination papers in court, in a bid to win the right to contest the June 10 by-election.

“My nomination papers were correctly completed and submitted, but after a long wait, we were told that they received a letter from Zanu PF instructing them to turn down the papers.

“Zanu PF is not supposed to feature in the way Zec manages its affairs, so for us it’s aluta continua (the struggle continues),” he said.

But Zec deputy chairperson Joyce Kazembe scoffed at the claims, maintaining that the electoral body had acted lawfully, as provided for in the country’s laws, when it rejected Mutasa’s papers.

“We did not get instructions from anyone. Why would anyone give us instructions? It’s standard procedure that we look at the papers and his had irregularities.

“Everyone knows they lost the Constitutional Court challenge, so there were irregularities in that he brought papers in the name of Zanu PF,” Kazembe said.

Mutasa came face to face with the uncompromising nature of President Robert Mugabe’s administration last Wednesday when he was blocked from registering as a ruling party candidate for the by-election.

The rejection of his nomination papers, which were filed on his behalf by his chief elections agent Sabina Ranganai Chitema, scuttled his re-election bid in the June 10 poll — with Zec claiming that Mutasa was not “sponsored by the party which he had indicated in the Nomination Court”.

But Mutasa, who has been one of the many casualties of the ruling party’s ongoing brutal purges, maintained yesterday that his papers were in order — describing the development as a litmus test of the electoral system in the country.

He vowed that he would continue to fight for good governance and the independence of constitutional bodies such as Zec which were mandated to protect the liberty of citizens.

“It is not the end but the beginning. Nothing ends before it has begun. We are testing the waters.

“Has Zec become a political tool to receive orders from politicians? That is what happened at Mutare. We shall have it considered by the appropriate body and expose all failures in our administrative bodies such as Parliament and now Zec,” he said.

Mutasa and other disaffected Zanu PF stalwarts have rattled Mugabe after they fronted a rival Zanu PF formation that is using the slogan “People First”.

Analysts view the disgruntled party cadres as representing the second major and most dangerous threat to Zanu PF’s hegemonic rule since the formation of the MDC in 1999.

  In the meantime, opposition parties in the country have also been piling pressure on Zec, questioning its independence from the ruling party’s influence.

Former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC claims that the Rita Makarau-chaired electoral body’s secretariat is staffed with spooks whose duty is to ensure a victory for the ruling party during elections.

Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa has even taken Zec to court, in a bid to try and force it to independently take charge of the country’s electoral processes, including voter registration.


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Very serious allegations in countries were law exist all zec officials would have excused themselves from their duties a, s. p. until they were cleared from these allegations . But bcoz law is no longer working here they will stay put as they have protection from zanu and in return they will make sure they help zanu win elections . In SA the chairperson of election body of that country stepped down this year after being accused of being biased like Rita Makarau .But Rita and Congolese Kazembe will never do that bcoz doing so will mean loss of huge mbasela from zanu and they will starve like everybody . Something must be done very fast zec is the one helping faded zanu rig elections and win unfairly and Makarau must leave bcoz she is totally soiled by zanu shiit

Diibulaanyika - 12 April 2015

Mugabe has never been a democrat, hence he will never use any fair means in any process. Dictators will only listen to the sound of the gun or explosions.

Ziziharinanyanga - 12 April 2015

Mutasa is telling the truth here, ZEC has always been under ZANU PF control since the early days as the ESC. Those of us who were in the ESC back then knew and were disgusted by that fact. The first CEO of ESC, Douglas Nyikayaramba is a military general who only got promoted to his major general status because he was seen as having orchestrated the rigged elections of 2002 and more brazenly in 2008. The only problem with Mutasa is back it was pple like him responsible for directing ESC and then ZEC to favor ZANU PF.

tino16 - 12 April 2015

Mutasa still believes he is a bona fide member of zanu pf. The filing of nominations papers on zanu pf ticket was just a "political stunt" by Mutasa. Zanu pf had filed papers for its candidate, then comes Mutasa with papers apparently from zanu pf and were not signed from zanu pf HQ. Surely the shrewed ZEC had to verify with zanu pf first hence the turn down. To make the matters worse its Mutasa and his zanu pf people who approved these ruthless electoral laws. To me Mutasa is just a wrong guy to speak about democracy. Mutasa must move swiftly through the five notorious stages of anger management. He has been stuck in denial stage for too long. The more Mutasa speaks the more he gets naked.

X-MAN IV - 12 April 2015

Interesting how people like Mutasa, Mujuru etc only appear to become aware of the rottenness of ZPF when they are expelled! No -one except Mugabe is safe in ZPF.

saundy - 13 April 2015

Whether or not it is true that Zanu pf directed ZEC against Mutasa, it makes no difference. The point is, if Mutasa abused the State system others when he was in government, why does he cry foul when he is now a victim of the things he practized against others? If Zanu pf was able to give Mutasa a taste of his own poison, then I say well done Zanu pf this time.

machakachaka - 13 April 2015

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its unfortunate that one can realise the wrongs of train where he was part of the chauffeur only when he has just disembarked.

mashotopiyana - 13 April 2015

Didingwe ravekuchema nekuti iro rave kukwewiwa, paraikwewa raita zvese zviri bho. kkkkkk. You created a monster which turned against you Va Mutasa

lodza mhika - 13 April 2015

Wave kuzviona nhasi nokuti wadzingwa....kkkk

Tahir Iqbal - 13 April 2015

thank God Mutasa is now living in Zimbabwe all along he was away to noe hw cruel ZEC is

chirisamhuru - 13 April 2015

zvashata nhasi nekuti zvaiitirwa iwe

zvabayana - 13 April 2015

Mutasa ucha TASANUKA hako wati wadini

cde jasi - 13 April 2015

I am not sure why the Dailynews is not asking these simple questions to Didimasi and Temba. - The guys contested the last elections under zanu pf banner. Did they win fairly or the elections were rigged in their favor - If they won fairly, then what makes them think zanu pf is going to steal elections this time around? Journalism 101

Qiniso - 13 April 2015

Mutasa failed to stand for the people when he had the chance to do so. he enjoyed 35 years of oppressive rule as the banner carrier of ZANU(PF) but has now decided to indulge in self aggrandizement. What did he he do for the ordinary Zimbabwean? How much time has he to right his wrongs and really stand for the POVO? ( That's what they used to call us) At 80 he should quietly slide into private life amd enjoy the few remaining years with vazukuru. Does he have any I wonder?

Mhofu YeMukono - 17 April 2015

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