Mujuru takes Zanu PF head-on

HARARE - The ruling party Zanu PF is not prepared to deal with the economic challenges and security concerns of the people, former vice president Joice Mujuru has said.

In a statement released over her expulsion from the ruling party last week, Mujuru accused Zanu PF’s supreme governing body outside congress, the politburo of focussing its attention on a malicious and hateful campaign towards her.

She said while the ruling party was concentrating on denigrating her, the country was riddled with economic challenges and security concerns amid the abduction of political activist-cum-journalist Itai Dzamara last month.

“One wonders if the PB (politburo) ever spared any moment to enquire on the disappearance or lack of news on the whereabouts of young Itai Dzamara and what his young family is going through. My prayers go to all those who are hurting in silence,” Mujuru said.

“Given the prevailing economic hardships, the looming food crisis (tutsaona) and the declining inflows to the fiscus, the PB’s silence on these matters is deafening,” Mujuru added.

Political analyst Maxwell Saungweme said Mujuru’s statement shows that she knows a lot about dirty games, enforced murders and other criminal activities in Zanu PF.

“She has been in there for too long and in senior position which gives her vantage angle to know it all,” Saungweme said.

“The economic hardships are there, but she is also part of gravy train that led to our poor economic fortunes due to poor policies, plunder of national resources, corruption, lack of rule law and all other ills. She should also accept blame for the poverty and economic hardships as much as her adversaries are Zanu PF are also culpable,” Saungweme said.

McDonald Lewanika, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition director concurred with Saungweme adding there was a problem of the will power to transform people’s lives within Zanu PF.

“Zanu PF is less intent on dealing with the economic challenges afflicting Zimbabweans including hunger, unemployment, not keen on addressing issues of security of persons, which is a primary state function, as seen in the Dzamara case.

“The continued persecution of Mai Mujuru, even when she was already down, exposes the Zanu PF regimes infatuation with dealing with and pursuing personal scores and dealing with perceived enemies,” he said.

Gladys Hlatwayo, a Hubert Humphrey fellow however, felt Mujuru’s statement was that of defiance with reference to the pay off line in the statement; “ Ini handidzingike muOriginal Zanu PF .”

“It sets in motion a dispute of who is Zanu PF. With news of her wanting to form another Zanu PF, the recent events are a sign that even the ruling party is not immune to splits. In the absence of Mugabe, this dispute is likely to be even more intense and disastrous for Zanu PF,” she said.

“We might be seeing the end of this party. That’s what happens when emphasis is on strong individuals rather than institutions. The long incumbency of the president will be responsible for demise of Zanu PF,” Hlatwayo added.

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Mujuru statements are always flat, lack depth, and just ordinary. ZANU pf is throwing sinks, bricks, manure, etc at her and the best she can do is releasing such a sugar coated statement???? What is she still nyengerera for? Rise up madame and be counted.

mafikizolo - 12 April 2015

This woman is very cold and what ever she utters is weak and uninspiring .She is so boring to listen to and this serves to confirm that had it been not for having sex with solomon in some shack bush camp in Mozambique she would not have got a VP post . She is not a leader at all and she is a coward she never comes near Magie Dongo never .The best thing for her is to quit politics and remain shut up forever and enjoy feasting on her loot .Ever since she was chased away from zanu by Grace she has never said anything that makes sense like Gumbo and Mudidimus . i suspect very soon she will apologies to Mugabe and ask to be re instated in the rotten and smelling zanu where she belongs .

Diibulaanyika - 12 April 2015

some comments coming from mdc t people who dream of a Zimbabwe being lead by tsvangirai are full of hurtful language. the woman is by far better than the trade unionist turned politician. she does not utter speeches from emotions but after settled thoughts. your leader has much to learn from this madam mujuru. ishanje ka idzi @dubula. hadzivake musha hama.

taurai - 12 April 2015

Zanu is like someone azviitira tsvina mubhazi and would rather not get off at his/her drop-off point and proceeds with the bus wherever its going so that other passengers don't see his/her pooped pants. Panosimuka zanu mubhazi muchanzwa manhuwiro edodo ravo. These thugs are just too too filthy to the extent vanotozvisema Vega tswina yavo and would rather keep rigging elections so that Zimbabweans remain in the dark on their evil deeds they have visited on the country.

nyimo - 12 April 2015

With only "four months" after being relieved of VP post, Mujuru has seen the economic challanges and security concerns of citizens. Former number two in command of zanu pf. What a shame!! This is an insult to people. Zvimwe tinyareiwo please! Mujuru and company speaks like they have just fallen out of nowhere and found themselves living in a country called zimbabwe being governed by zanu pf.

X-MAN IV - 12 April 2015

Mugabe & Tsvangirai have overstayed their welcome & both think they are the only ones that should lead their respective parties, please endai mose!

Mujombo - 12 April 2015

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chiremb - 13 April 2015

ko va Tsvangirai vapindawo papi apa. Vakambotongawo hrer kwemakore 35

tapfiddza - 13 April 2015

Chiremb ari raiti. Kwesekwese vanhu vanotadza kubvisa govet whether wabiridzirwa kana wakundwa zvakanaka wanoenda. Zviri kuitwa naTsvangirai ndihwo huMugabe hwacho. Tarisai Hellen Zille vs Mangosuthu Buthelezi. Buthelezi anogarisa muleadership kusvika to the extent when he is alsmost presiding over himself in his party.

madagara kasulumane - 13 April 2015

unoda kuti atange asvitsa 35 here @topfidza? he already went past his best by date within his mdc t party and had to manipulate the constitution so he could overstay. tisu tino creator dictators with this mentality that one person is the only of their kind. why didn't he groom someone and set an example for all to see a perfect democracy? he is another handiende and should be shown the door. apinda pakuita a handiende who has been president of the party for 16yrs. he will carry on till madhongi amera nyanga.

zvirozvioyedzwa - 13 April 2015

She is not the one who wrote that statement. And the sooner the Didymuses realise that statements dont win elections the better

Majuru - 13 April 2015

all those who say mujuru haana nyaya, i agree with are politically correct.. the woman should just resign to her fate and shut up..mudidimus mutasa is better because he is always threatening and acting, tearing up into the dead zanu pf party.

nyika yaramba - 13 April 2015

my fellow comrades , zanu is good let me tell you this we all in it because we filling our baskets, if it was not for this blind oldman on top I wouldn't have all these companies, farms and mines.........pamberi nezanu pf

saviour kasukuwere - 13 April 2015

@Taurai Morgan has never killed any one in this country even you know that and that makes him better than your useless Mujuru who can not respond verbally to insults from zanu only statements what is that . As of you taurai you do not know where you stand the other day you are busy following the blind 91 old man to lead you now you are following solomon 's widow that makes you like that dog which just follow every body and at end it gets lost .I have never heard Mujuru talk sense ever since . please do not force me to like her.

Diibulaanyika - 13 April 2015

Putting your trust in Mujuru than any other opposition party is a clear sign of mental disorder. Mujuru still holds Mugabe with high esteem and still calls him Baba vaMugabe and still worships him saka its dementia to say Tsvangirai is lost but Mujuru is better. Kana usingagoni kutaura hausi politician fullstop.

Dr Chandagwinyira - 14 April 2015

I bvai apa mese thats what you are good for .insulting and accussing one another. Why can we not have real statesman in zim. People whose will is to fight black,colored,white domination and any menacles forged by such? Whose ideals are those that activists stood for. Suddenly amai mujuru mava nemaziso hamuchaona masanctions ,tsvangirai all you dream about is toppling mugabe not working using your current influential position to better the lives of your people. I have never heard you talk about anything else besides zanu pf . The real problem is you are also miopic and cannot be the leader we want . Selfish fools.

Rafael santos - 14 April 2015

Our country is now beyond insults and counter insults. The citizenry of the beloved country of our birth need to come to the party and claim their heritage. No amount of hate speech insults and vulgar words will put the country back on track. Its not even clear if the statements attributed to Mujuru are said by her. History has it that many have left political parties only to be pardoned and come back. Jonathan Moyo, Edgar Tekere etc. Mujuru grew up in Zanu and its actually very possible as we speak that her advisers tell her to lie low or even negotiating behind closed doors.

eddy - 16 April 2015

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