Mujuru speaks

HARARE - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru last night bluntly told her Zanu PF foes that she could never be expelled from the “genuine” ruling party, while also openly querying for the first time the mysterious death of her husband, General Solomon Mujuru, whose remains were found after an inferno at their Beatrice farm in 2011.

In a statement released by her aides that is in possession of the Daily News, Mujuru also savaged Zanu PF bigwigs for showing no care for the life of abducted journalist turned pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara, as well as the welfare of his young family.

“On the eve of the holiest day on the Christian calendar, the politburo chose to dwell on its relentless, unsubstantiated, malicious and hateful campaign against the person of Amai Mujuru.

“As if this was not inhuman enough, the much-decorated national hero, the late General Mujuru, who passed on in yet unclear circumstances, was not spared as well. It is un-Zimbabwean to desecrate our dearly departed. Hunhui ihwohwo / Ubuntu bani lowu?

“One wonders if the politburo ever spared any moment to enquire on the disappearance or lack of news on the whereabouts of young Itai Dzamara and what his young family is going through. My prayers go to ALL those who are hurting in silence.

“Given the prevailing economic hardships, the looming food crisis (tutsawona) and the declining inflows to the fiscus, the politburo’s silence on these matters is deafening.

“Ini handidzingike mu-original (I cannot be expelled from the original) and genuine Zanu PF!!!,” the hard-hitting statement said.

The statement came after President Robert Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF said they had summarily expelled her from the party last week, and at a time that the ruling party is on fire over contentious claims that her husband, whose war-time name was Rex Nhongo, plotted with her to oust and assassinate the nonagenarian before the revered late liberation war icon’s charred remains were found after the mysterious 2011 inferno.

It also came as Zanu PF has now officially split into two distinct and bitterly-opposed formations, with disaffected party stalwarts — including liberation struggle pioneers, war veterans and security sector bigwigs — coalescing under the banner and principles of the “original Zanu PF” and using the slogan “People First”.

The divisive allegations against Gen Mujuru, whose funeral at the Heroes Acre in Harare drew the largest crowd ever seen at the burial site, were contained in a report prepared by Zanu PF’s disciplinary committee and that was adopted by the party’s politburo last week.

The shocking claims have since prompted the Mujuru family to plan an urgent meeting to discuss the “disturbing and extremely serious” allegations, what the allegations mean and whether this had “played a part” in the death of the liberation pioneer.

Ironically, the late general is widely credited with catapulting Mugabe to the leadership of Zanu PF in the mid 1970s. However, he was also seen as the only senior party official who could challenge the nonagenarian.

His wife, who was once seen as Mugabe’s de facto successor, was booted out as Vice President of both the ruling party and the government last December following a vicious political assault on her by controversial First Lady Grace Mugabe.

The former VP was then subsequently expelled from the party altogether last week, the day that Grace resurfaced in the public domain after weeks of speculation regarding her health.

Investigations by the Daily News showed earlier this week that the disaffected Zanu PF stalwarts who are involved with Zanu PF “People First” have been meeting regularly with many prominent Zimbabweans for some time now, to plan “the operationalisation” of the party in a bid “to reclaim the original Zanu PF”, which they allege has been hijacked by power-hungry mafikizolos.

Sources said many expelled and serving Zanu PF ministers, Members of Parliament, Youth and Women’s league officials who had been victims of the party’s harassment and brutal purges of the past few months, which had been fronted by Grace, supported the idea of Zanu People First and were pushing Mujuru to lead the party.

Former Presidential Affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa, who is a former top aide of Mugabe, has said that the group is pinning its hopes on the popular widow to lead the party.

“There is no doubt that the person that will take Zimbabwe from the current political and economic mess is Amai Mujuru. The government has failed and the Look East policy only makes a few people rich.

“Only until there is a real change of government, we are all going to suffer. The only person capable of changing this is Amai Mujuru.

“We are members of the original and genuine Zanu PF which was formed on August 8, 1963. We constitute the nucleus that bore the brunt of the national struggle. Unlike the mafikizolos who constitute the new-look and illegal central committee and politburo of the 2014 Zanu PF.

“Our membership is composed of the original and seasoned politicians, commanders of the Zimbabwe African National Army (Zanla), Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) and Zimbabwe People’s Army (Zipa) forces who are now being marginalised,” Mutasa said.

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Yes, stick with the original ZANU PF. The bullies are very worried by your continuous alliance with the name ZANU PF - they know it will cause them injury. What they want is to annihilate you politically by forcing you to prematurely form a splinter group wobva vati "mavaona vanhu vaya". Stick with the name and there are many who know that their lives are on the line in the mafikizolo party but are afraid of dumping the Grace-led party. They will show up soon. I like your style Gamatox. Zimbabwe is about to be liberated after independence.

Kunda Kinde - 9 April 2015

The country is in a leadership crisis not only in our politics but our companies are folding because CEOs and management just like politicians have failed to put the company/country first. Just like politicians companies have been led by people who have looted resources of the company.

mt - 9 April 2015

Original ZANU PF or Mugabe ZANU PF, the difference is the same. I see no change coming from anyone of you.

MaMoyo - 9 April 2015

vana mujuru nhasi your heart goes to those suffering in silence after 35 yrs of oppressing the same pple who are silent. ibva apa u are all the same nhasi zvarwadza coz of expulsion. Zim will be liberator from u the all the current cecil john rhodes in black skins and u shall all face the music chidhara chirikutonhonoka kukuvharirayi mose free food and hotel accommodation is waiting for u at chikurubi

Gandanga Ndini - 9 April 2015

dai machiita action tione zvinobuda

staff reporter - 9 April 2015

Original Zanu Pf and the new Zanu Pf is the same thing in a sheep skin. Mujuru and Mutasa are you for real, you only see the badness of Mugabe because now you are not invited to parties, you lost the powers that blinded you for over 30 years. SHAME on you. Please tell the people of Zimbabwe who killed Tongogara and why?. Tell us which elections Zanu PF won fairly since 1990? Tell us who killed and tortured innocent people after 2008 elections. If you want our sympathy, support the current opposition parties as citizens not as leaders. It doesn't matter you are now fighting Mugabe, there is nothing wrong with a wolf fighting another wolf. Don't lie to yourself you accumulated great wealth for yourselves in the expenses of the majority. How many farms do you have? How many companies do you own? Where did you get the funds? If the wind change direction you have to answer for what you stole. If were liberation solders (gandangas) who financed the liberation war? Because now you think you have a divine right to abuse us and plunder our country? People First Zanu my foot, since WHEN did you start regarding human life? You're not qualified to judge Mugabe as long you want to make yourself a saint, you are as guilt as Mugabe because everything Mugabe did you were part of it. When the set on Mugabe you will not be spared, it will be darkness.

Christ in Me - 9 April 2015

35 years after independence , Mutasa talks of his group membership being of Zanla, Zipra and Zipa "apperantly who are being marginalised" . The country has around 13million people Really?Really? 5yrs from now a bonfree stands to contest as a presidential candidate. One would expect them [gammatox] to invite a bonfree to lead their new party and they sit back and relax. As for Mai mujuru its a pitty, thats why she uses other people to speak own her behalf. She was number TWO in command of her original Zanu pf and people were being abducted left , right and centre now she talks of prayers. They booked their places in Hell and I dont think the GODS can overturn their appeals. Its too late.

X-MAN IV - 9 April 2015

Makudo ndemamwe,whether ZANU Patriotic Front of ZANU People First njaninjani,chese chinongonzi ZANU PF chete is a curse to this country.Akomana tatambura munyika muno nemanhu aya.Iyezvino apatsanurana ,one on the left and the other on the right isu the ordinary people pacentre,toita zvekutsikwatsikwa hedu.Poltiks idzi hadzichaiti.We need a completley different political party untainted with the blood of the innocent pple.Wese ari muZANU PF chero ipi ane ropa mumaoko ake either directly or by being complicity in what their cdes did to the suffering pple of this country.We shld not sympathise with these drunks,once ana Mujuru nana Mutasa vaakutonga munongoona vachirambira pazvigaro nekudzvinyirira vanhu sezvirikuita mamwe magandanga avo avasiya muparty yanaChombo.Taakuda zvinyowani zvisingatitaurire ngano dzehondo every now and again.Hondo ndoo economy here?Sovereignty ndoo maindustry here?These people have made us shun their exploits during the liberation war.That war was meaningless considering that these cdes removed a white oppressive regime and replaced it with a black repressive regime which is worse than the devil himself,hazvina zvazvakashanda anhuwe.We are now suffering more than ever before,even during the time of ana Munhumutapa there wasnt this hopelessness and suffering,our ancestors had better economies of their own time than what Mugabe , Mujuru, Mutasa and Gumbo etc put together have done to this country.These people do not admit that they have failed not only themselves bt the majority of this country.Come election time the pple of this country should just vote out these two ZPF parties so that they go to hell as we watch.

Cde Dokora - 9 April 2015

mai mujuru we'v heard you so whats the way foward what will you do about't obviously we can see they are making moves to get rid of you your husband died and any fool could tell that something had happened but we where astonished when you didnt do anthing at all so what will you archive at this time around t make matters worse people have died mysteriously from way back and nothing has ever been done na d Zimbabweans where shocked that your own husband who also made it possible for you to be a president of this country died and you failed to show your true gandanga character then you think we expect anything new from you this is just sick staff kuwona bhora kurinani pane kuwonerera zvinu zvakapusa zvikadai

chinoz - 9 April 2015

cde dokora u are very correct its high time we get rid of these old people who keep referring everything to HONDO as if we are not zimbabwean citizens plus how do you expect a group old people to make economic development when they themselves are not even sure they can wake up to see the sun tomorrow we need fresh young blood atleast the young generation can make sounding economic plans because they stil have a lot to archive plus iyo syteme yekungoti takarwa hondo hanti ndimi maivapo maikuti ani arwe kana zvichinetsa enadi monoisungirira muone kuti hatinoisununguri here

chinoz - 9 April 2015

Guys look, the good thing about this whole situation is that it destroys zanu pf kkkk hamuzvioni here? Imagine dai mai mujuru, mutasa, gumbo etc vasina kudzingwa mu zanu would we have as much hope as we do now? So it's actually a good thing that they were expelled and better still they look really's a good thing in my view because that really weakens zanu in every way. Imagine a united zanu with no divisions kkkk, that would be disastrous for us Zimbos. So for now I like the fact that they are rebelling and thereby weakening the zanu brand and i'm sure there are serious revelations to be laid out, then come 2018 elections VIVA MDC!!

redemption - 9 April 2015

The woman is lazy and wants to use the death of her husband for people to feel sorry for her . when things were good she never bothered about that . What of 20 000 people who were killed by her husband and company ? We are not fools we know that you are useless and like using other people to get want you want like what you did when you had sex in the bush with solomon and you were promoted to vp . Thoko you are out feel it is with you .

Diibulaanyika - 10 April 2015

The reporters need to revis the facts, I was a friend of Soloman's . He was not her husband and was diviorced years ago. She is far from religious and was bnever seen at church in Harare South/ Beatrice

john - 10 April 2015

Teurai Ropa Teurai Ropa, Didimas Mutasa Didimas Mutasa..welcome to reality. Fight and fight your former cdes. Very interesting indeed!! You all used to line up at the airport to welcome this animal called Robert Mugabe, you were bootlickers for over 40 years and now you seem to have seen the light. Stand up and fight, maybe people can restore some respect for you. For now now we see all of you as the same f***ng s$£*

Garikayi - 10 April 2015

you people [zanu pf people first] you forget you were feeding from the same table with the other zanu pf, what change are you talking about when you were part of the decision making body of what you call 'look east policy' Mutasa you sang songs of praise for bob, today because you have been booted out of the looting train, you say bob is horrible, who are you kidding? actually zanu pf 'people first' is part of the rot that got zimbabwe into the mess it is in.

hooter - 10 April 2015

Muchandirangarira here ini Jestina Mukoko,kuti ndakambunyikidzwa riini,gara zviye People First yanga isati yavapo,ko makamborangarirawo here mhuri yangu seTRUE CHRISTIAN? iwe Joyce uri mujuru chaiwo

jestina - 10 April 2015

makudo ndemamwe hama. that includes the mdc t. Morgan is equally dictatorial. look how he manipulated the constitution so that he can overstay. he is in his 16th yr as the president of the party yet he had promised with an arm and a leg that he would never overstay beyond his term. power has also corrupted him. that's the reason for the purging of potential leaders from the mdc t. In my view, any of the two nazus would be better than mdc t. tsvangirai is a handiende.

zvirozviyedzwa - 10 April 2015

mai mujuru represents a new zimbabwe of civil dissent.she is being unnecessarily attacked by her strong amai

franko - 10 April 2015

I don't think comparing Morgan with Robert or Joice. Robert has had the reigns of power since independence so its been all the way down. He has been tried and failed for seven terms. Compare Joice with Robert. A 6 and a 9.

Changamira - 10 April 2015

Her dullness has been exposed, how can she now talk about unclear circumstances surrounding Rex Nhogo's death and yet during and after the funeral, she was was bloating and telling the media that there was no foul play. also how can she be worried about the comedian Dzamara and yet she did not eve give a damn about a child killed by her daughter in an RTA. When PSMA mbrs and their families were dying due to abuse of the funds by cashbert Dube, she went open to defend the thief and tried to silence the media, accusing the whistle blowers as enemies of zanu pf. She has no heart for the poor and she is even denying the late General's other children to benefit from their father's estate. NO no, no, no, zimuroyi rokudotito chairo. Uroyi hwese hwakubuda pachena, go and look for Dzamara with the assistance of your Nigerian n'angas. UGLY AND VERY DULL INDEED.

reason - 10 April 2015

Kahure nyarara apa. Waigara naSolomon here iwe. Nyarara zvako

Asdava - 10 April 2015

Her dullness has been exposed, how can she now talk about unclear circumstances surrounding Rex Nhogo's death and yet during and after the funeral, she was was bloating and telling the media that there was no foul play. also how can she be worried about the comedian Dzamara and yet she did not eve give a damn about a child killed by her daughter in an RTA. When PSMA mbrs and their families were dying due to abuse of the funds by cashbert Dube, she went open to defend the thief and tried to silence the media, accusing the whistle blowers as enemies of zanu pf. She has no heart for the poor and she is even denying the late General's other children to benefit from their father's estate. NO no, no, no, zimuroyi rokudotito chairo. Uroyi hwese hwakubuda pachena, go and look for Dzamara with the assistance of your Nigerian n'angas. UGLY AND VERY DULL INDEED.

Garaipasi - 10 April 2015

This country needs healing through reconciliation of race, tribe and political parties. We are a bunch of bitter people. Zanu PF is bitter and think that we owe them for their part in the liberation struggle so they fail to let the country move on from the past. They keep the country hostage to the past instead of giving way to other better managers of the country. They did well to liberate the country from colonial rule but did badly when they took over the country. Right now they have lost their good legacy of the liberation struggle. They will be remembered for making the country poor yet it is endowed with natural resources.

mt - 10 April 2015

With the opposition weak and squabbling as it is, the anti Mutare forces need all the help they can get! It is time to forget past differences and backward-looking recriminations. It is time for all who have common purpose to join and go forward in strength!!

terry - 10 April 2015

“Only until there is a real change of government, we are all going to suffer. The only person capable of changing this is Amai Mujuru......" When her powerful husband Rex (the king maker) was still alive to support her we were suffering. Why did`t she change things ? Now that she is exposed and vulnerable you tell me she is the only person who can change things. Mutasa, Mujuru and your team you are fighting to save your selfish good live - not for any other single soul in Zimbabawe. If Mugabe were to say come back today you will stampede like rats back to your Zanu-PF and all the pwetere-pwetere will be over. How can corrupt and sick-minded people like you save Zmbabweans ? You stole enough from Zimbabweans: use those riches to buy scuds (beer) for the youth to fight your shef Bob. No sane or sober Zimbabwean will be woodwinked to align with you to fight your war for self-enrichment. Otherwise I am beginning to suspect that you and Mugabe are trying to divert our attention from the really issues affecting our lives to which you failed dismally to find solutions. You are no threats at all to Bob. This is why you can utter all sorts of rubbish without being descended upon. Real threats to Bob do not last. Look at Dzamara. You know better other threats who were duly and swiftly eliminated in the past. So please enjoy your loot with your families while the sun shines. Payback time is fast approaching.

Chorosi - 10 April 2015

Because of the cowardly nature of the Zimbabwean people, and the ineptness of the current opposition parties, there is no real threat to Mugabe's faction of Zanu PF. At this juncture only the gamatox faction can challenge Mugabe and possibly win. So give Mai Mujuru and co. space despite their past association. This is the only way remaining to get rid of the murderous weevils. Zimbabweans must explore this new opportunity to do so. The MDC's are all ideologically and strategically corrupt and incompetent to effect any change.

connie - 10 April 2015

lam a 21year old young man, lam confused with this politics things. honestly speaking it affects us the young people and has these so called politicians never have interest in the youth at all.

Youngman - 10 April 2015

The politics of the day should count the future in its business of the day. To expect a whole generation of 70s to think strategically and craft a Zimbabwe that lasts 300 years to come is a nightmare. Whatever suggestions we give to the political institutions let it consider a) fresh blood that will give the country a new edge a new focus, and a new brand b) The old will not be cast out because they will help the country to read the old newspapers in oder to craft stones for the future. let them be comfortable in taking advisory roles and sit in the back to coach c) whaterve party whatever institution let it have a non negotiable space for national unity and national ethos. We are Zimbos first before we are party members. A party is a coluor of preference it should not determine the food I eat or a totem

Looking Ahead - 10 April 2015

Mujuru, Mutasa and Gumbo are angry that the gravy train has left the station without them1

godfrey gudo - 10 April 2015

How long will Daily news continue to prop Joyce Mujuru? Is it true that she has shares in your paper? Her record is there for all to see, you can try as much as you want to sanitise it but she too is guilty like the rest of her cabal in Zanu.

Galore 123 - 10 April 2015

@ Golore 123 why don't you stick with the herald. You probably are not interested in differing view points. Stick to Pravda mate and enjoy Jonathan Moyo, Charamba and Mahoso's propaganda.

connie - 10 April 2015

all those silent people in ZANU PF knows the truth. They only manifested it when they are booted out. Mujuru now sounds a little bit democratic with a sense of humanity . Confession is allowed go to the pastors and seek a holy cleansing of your hands from the stains of innocent Zimbabwean blood

Dr Matsvayi - 10 April 2015

we are now fad up with daily theories and its high tym we seek action. now what is her next move provided that she is being rejected by her former acossiates

katex - 10 April 2015

it only helps to show how mai mujuru is clueless about her future. She doesn't know and appreciate that trying to remain zpf when they have fired you does not help her in anyway. better she silences herself. she is now not in any structures of zpf and there is no way she can influence the party. she should accept here fate and remain silent instead of trying to make a fool of herself.

gwabu - 10 April 2015

zanu yakataura kuti mai nababa mujuru vaida kubvisa party pachinzvimbo since 2004. so it means the couple had seen how bad it was to be under this rule. ndozvavari kufira. ini will say they are or were indeed democrats

ngashe - 16 April 2015

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