'Worship God, not Mugabe'

HARARE - Disaffected Zanu PF stalwarts, who have defiantly broken ranks with President Robert Mugabe to coalesce under the banner and principles of the “original Zanu PF”, and who now operate as Zanu People First, say the hero-worshipping of politicians such as the nonagenarian needs to end if Zimbabwe is ever to come right.

Documents of the new Zanu PF formation that are in the possession of the Daily News say “the original Zanu PF” will break away from the post-December 2014 Zanu PF which it alleges has a negative culture of hero-worshipping its leaders.

Zanu PF “People First”, which is fronted by disgruntled party stalwarts — that include liberation struggle pioneers, war veterans and security sector bigwigs —

adds that it will not worship anyone, as is currently happening with Mugabe, who has been elevated to the level of an infallible demi-god by obsequious acolytes and lickspittle State media.

The documents, which will form part of the founding principles and values of this “original Zanu PF”, show that the party will go to the extent of putting a clause in its constitution barring “hero worshipping, inflammatory slogans and idolatry”.

Also in the documents, former Presidential Affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa, who defiantly still signs off as the legitimate Zanu PF secretary for administration, says although they were complicit in the entrenchment of the party’s fawning culture, it was time to depart from the practice which has caused “untold suffering and abuse of power”.

“There are some philosophical matters that may or may not be included in our constitution yet. They are worth mentioning here right from the beginning. Needless to say, most of them stem from our own past mistakes that we commit not to repeat,” the document reads.

Many senior officials in the warring Zanu PF have, in the past, heaped embarrassing praises on Mugabe, at times blasphemously referring to him as Jesus.

“We say No to people-worship or idolatry’. Notwithstanding our non-negotiable ‘independence’ we declare our total dependence on God. He is the only one we shall praise and worship, and not any individual,” Mutasa says in the documents.

Zanu PF People First also says it will never use some of the crude and “death-threatening” slogans synonymous with Zanu PF, and that are targeted at Zimbabweans opposed to Mugabe.

“We say No to sloganeering that has destructive connotations like pasi nanhingi (down with so and so). We are pro-life and therefore our slogans should promote life, unity, respect development and nationhood,” it says.

Fawning slogans exalting Mugabe and his controversial wife Grace reached a crescendo last year, before and after the party’s controversial congress, with some over-excited bigwigs even sickeningly referring to the 91-year-old as “our god”.

In addition, Mugabe and Grace’s faces have been part of the ruling party regalia for years, and lately they have also been emblazoned on cars and buses — as their supporters have battled to outdo each other in a desperate endeavour to show who is more loyal to the First Family.

“We say No to putting people’s faces on our party regalia. We propose regalia that reflects the Zimbabwean identity as party members will collectively decide as they did with the national anthem and the current constitution through Copac,” Mutasa said.

Since the set up of Zanu PF “People First”, the ruling party has now officially split into two distinct and bitterly-opposed formations.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News at the weekend that former vice president Joice Mujuru was set to lead this “original Zanu PF” which would use the slogan “People First” to “distinguish itself clearly from mafikizolos (Zanu PF Johnny-come-latelies) and weevils (supporters of Grace and VP Emmerson Mnangagwa)” as the ruling party implodes.

Retired, but hugely respected party elder, Cephas Msipa, was among the first prominent party members to warn of an imminent split of the party, going on to criticise Mugabe openly late last year for failing to deal with Zanu PF’s deadly infighting and refusing to take advice on the party’s escalating factionalism.

Msipa also bluntly warned Mugabe then that his failure to unmask and stop the party’s real factionalists would result in the party splitting into several opposing camps, further attacking the party faction aligned to Mnangagwa for behaving as if it “owned” the divisive Grace — a development that he said was fuelling factionalism inside the party.

Analysts said the country’s political stage was now delicately poised between the two bitterly-opposed Zanu PF formations, as well as opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC, ahead of the crucial 2018 national elections.

“They (Grace and Zanu PF hardliners) appear to have finally got what they always seemed to want, a split — and it’s now game on between Zanu PF Mugabe and Zanu PF Mujuru.

“Every one’s hope will be that this does not degenerate into more abductions and violence as Zanu PF hardliners have never been known to take determined opposition well,” analyst Shepherd Mntungwa said.

Investigations by the Daily News showed that the disaffected Zanu PF stalwarts had been meeting regularly with many prominent Zimbabweans for some time now, to plan “the operationalisation” of Zanu People First, in a bid “to reclaim the original Zanu PF”, which they alleged had been hijacked by power-hungry mafikizolos.

Sources said many expelled and serving Zanu PF ministers, Members of Parliament, Youth and Women’s league officials who had been victims of the party’s harassment and brutal purges of the past few months, which had been fronted by Grace, supported the idea of Zanu People First and were pushing Mujuru to lead the party.

Notable persons who have been chucked out from the post-congress Zanu PF include Mujuru, Mutasa, former party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda and former Mashonaland West provincial chairman, Temba Mliswa.

Margaret Dongo, who left Zanu PF in the 1990s to stand as an independent candidate appeared to warm up to the idea of a new party yesterday.

“A Zanu PF returning to the ideals of the liberation struggle is long overdue. It will attract war veterans, nationalists and all those who were wrongly expelled from the party. The generation that waged the liberation war is still there and should lead the party not these mafikizolos.

“Fortunately, these guys have seen the light and there are a lot of war veterans who have been looking for shelter,” Dongo said.

And despite the public bravado after expelling Mujuru and her allies, it is widely known that the People First movement has rattled the ruling party, amid fears that party hardliners may resort to extreme violence to thwart their opponents.

But Mutasa and team are not deterred.

“We should all converge to save our country from the corrupt and selfish leadership of the illegal 2014 Zanu PF. We will accept as members all Zimbabweans from all walks of life who are determined to work for a new Zimbabwe.

“We envisage a Zimbabwe where every member of society matters. Hence we shall require that in all considerations people must come first. Hence our slogan People First,” he said.


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WAKE UP TO THE FACTS. . . Deluded Mugabe thinks he IS GOD. History shows that the Zimbabwe area was populated 100 years ago by illiterate primitive barbaric hunter gatherers. It was the detested “wicked” Western explorers and missionaries that brought religious beliefs to Zimbabwe. Mugabe rapidly became a catholic disciple and stooge. It was from them he learnt about homosexuality, wealth accumulation, charlatan prophets and scam tricks. Many know that Mugabe believes that he deserves sainthood.

Pope Gabriel - 7 April 2015

Why call this so called new splinter group ZANU PF - PF??? Here is a name for you ZIMBABWE NATIONAL UNION (ZINU) with your motto as ''PEOPLE FIRST'', your slogan, ''TOGETHER AS ONE'', your sign '' A RAISED FORE FINGER'', then you will have nothing to do with Mugabe's party which has been hijacked by the GAY GANGSTERS

Garikayi - 7 April 2015

This is really getting interesting, Mugabe achasara na grace vari vega, I think this is the beginning of a very important piece of history in the politics of Zimbabwe, however I beg MDC to never even attempt to join forces with the new Zanu even though they sound repentant, they may be but I think MDC is a very strong party on it's own and should not be desperate to join with anyone in a bid to tackle Mugabe's zanu as it is clear that Mugabe's zanu is a sinking ship, it may well be MDC T vs Zanu Mutasa pa 2018 and MDC T will win.

redemption - 7 April 2015

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This new splinter group or whatever you want to call them must show the fruit of their 'repentance' and ask the nation for forgiveness for everything since the eighties. Are they prepared to do this? And they must also spill the beans with regard to all the skulduggery and rigging. this is not so we can go on a road of revenge but so the truth can begin a road to healing.

Twiggy - 7 April 2015

Thanks to Baba aChatunga and of course, Mai, Zim after this will never be the same again. A united Zanu PF was too strong for any Zimbabwean who does not believe in Zanu PF politics to challenge but now its free for all. Rangowa dungawatunga. Morgan seize this opportunity to demonstrate strength once. These guys are now considering you a lesser devil as compared to their splinter group. As both sides warm up to you, use the wisdom of Solomon to take the reigns of power. It's as simple as that Morgan, do it for your country men. Forget about Jonathan and his text book wisdom, use yourt conventional, it's the one we need at this stage the most and seize power. Mai Mujuru will be a compromise in the event you fail though, but for now know that you are every Zimbabwean's first choice for the job, Mugabe included. All you need is God-given wisdom.

tonde gonzo snr - 7 April 2015

what has persistently been lacking with Morgan is wisdom. the man blunders when it matters most. if he had not criminalised Mugabe by suggesting that he (Mugabe) should be taken to the Hague, he (Morgan) would have ascended to the high chair a long while back. The problem is that he doesn't seem to be capable of reading political waves and predict how to respond. just a few days back, he caused a generous donation of parliamentary seats to zanu. as much as you love the Buhera man, guys, understand his limits. otherwise it may be important to elect another. that's the reason some of his own left him.

Zvirozviyedzwa - 7 April 2015


Garikayi - 7 April 2015

a coalition would produce a swift victory for opposition. lets unite for this just cause. NaMwari tichakunda chete!

mushayachivanze - 7 April 2015

Monday,8 April 2019 International fugitive,Emmerson Mnangagwa,has been captured in China after some time on the run.The Chinese authorities have agreed to extradite him in exchange for an undisclosed deal.Mnangagwa is the most wanted man in Zimbabwe.He faces a litany of charges ranging from genocide,election rigging,murder,racketeering,organised crime,among others.Most of his former colleagues are locked up at chikurubi maximum prison,awaiting trial,with some believed to be in hiding in the far east. Saviour Kasukuwere,Ignatious Chombo and Constantine Chiwenga are complaining of inhumane conditions at Chikurubi through their lawyers.They claim to be using the bible as toilet paper and a diet of sadza and soup everyday which they say violates their human rights. Hundreds of former Army,CIO,police and senior civil servants have received immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying against their former bosses.Shocking revelations are being made from murder to rape to child sex.So unbelievable are the stories,the whole country is in shock.Former president Robert Mugabe's wife is wanted for questioning by the NPA in relation to allegations against her dead husband,but has refused to leave Singapore where she was granted asylum with her lover and former cabinet minister xxxxx xxxxxx.Former police commissioner and former CIO boss have turned state witnesses after striking deals with the state.Half of prisoners in the country have received pardon to make way for former Mugabe officials with most facing death by hanging.

rugare - 7 April 2015

This is an important stage in the changing political landscape in Zimbabwe. However the new ZANU PF-PF is lacking foresight by clinging to the name ZANU PF. Why not come up with a completely new name which is not associated with the party that has booted them out? The people of Zimbabwe need change but MDC-T has failed to deliver that change. If the MDC-T is genuine and honest on democratic principles then there must be immediate change of the leadership.Fifteen years is too much time without change. Otherwise it`s following on the footsteps of Mugabe. I don`t understand why African leaders do not want to step down from power once they have been elected into leadership positions. What Zimbabweans need now is a completely NEW political dispensation that is not aligned to either ZANU PF, ZANU PF- PF, MDC-T or MDC Mutambara. They have all failed the beloved Zimbabwe and its people.

NYASHA KADZIMU - 7 April 2015

Zanu is busy dying a spectacular natural death, as such it should be left to die. Progressing forces must not associate themselves with zanu people. They had their chance in 35years and the results are there to see. If morgan goes to bed with Gammatox its game over for him too. The country is dead already there is no need for a compromise. I would like a scenario where Gammatox team have Simba Makoni as its President as opposed to Mujuru. We need competition and as the electorate we want to be spoilt for choices. We want value for our X! GNUs only create a situation where we lose out on good potential leaders. Zanu pf Mugabe/E.D Vs Zanu pf Makoni Vs MDC Morgan that will be a good 2018 polls, block buster!!

X-MAN IV - 7 April 2015

Mr Pope Gabriel if you dont know things its good you consult rather than misinforming people.Prior to colonialism we were religious,if you havent heard of traditional religion then get it now.What colonialism brought is Christianism which was also used as a forerunner for colonialism.check your history brother

carson macate - 7 April 2015

@Garikayi ita mushe! Wandithyora mbabvu!

nyimo - 7 April 2015

But they are worshiping Mujuru, and Mutasa wants to be worshiped also because he founded ZANU.

Chauruka - 7 April 2015

Jehovah's lives and in His appointed time, answers prayers. What manner of man is this?. Am humbled and numbed at the same breadth, at pains whether to laugh, fart or ululate....that time we hoped for is here, famba mushe vaMugabe, famba mushe Sekeramayi, mushe vaMutasa, mushers vaShiri, famba mushe vaMujuru, famba mushe va Mnangagwa, famba mushe vaMutsvangwa.....

Msuuunuuu - 7 April 2015

Surely this spectacular development in the long-running Zanu-PF soapie should be the beginning of the end

Real Matibili Robert - 8 April 2015

TRUTH BE TOLD WE HAVE STUPID MONEY DRIVEN POWER HUNGRY POLITICIANS. with all the misharp in Znau Pf the people first party should be there making up policies and manifestoes that people of zimbabwe can relate to. because i do not get thepoint of this new party, to get rid of mugabe and the gay gangsters and then what? continue with corruption. if i were mai mujuru this is the time to shine, recruit new barins enegetic young blood and see how viral u will go... p.s siyanai na morgan hes a duffer musoro wkazara concrete!!!!

gazaman - 8 April 2015

Shut up, if my mermory still serves me right you passed equated Mugabe to a god

lodza mhika - 8 April 2015

As long as they are opposed to Devolution, they are a non - tarter to some of us in Mthwakazi. As long as they continue to believe in Matebeleland deputies, they can forget. As long as theycontinue with their 1979 ZANU Grand Plan of Shona everywhere, at the expense of the locals - they can go hang. Period!!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 8 April 2015

@Phunyukabemphethe, then you will die a very miserable man/woman. If you hate Shonas so much, why is dumiso Dabengwa, Welshman Ncube, and the Zapu 2000 guy not winning in your so called Mthwakazi?

JSC - 8 April 2015

“CARSON MACATE” is clearly an typical self proclaimed Zimbabwean illiterate “professor” who bought his qualifications like did lummoxes Phillip Chiyangwa and Inkhosikati Grace. His deep knowledge of fiction comes from studying the verbal flatulence of the likes of Tafataona Mahoso, or the Aids riddled Isaak Stanislaus Gorerazvo Mudenge - the notorious fiction scribe who once claimed that he was Mugabe's biographer. He never ever produced a factual word in support of any of his claims. Carson irombe is a student of delusion and is inspired by Runyoka; Tsikamutanda; Goblins; Midzimu; Mubobobo; Pangolin; Kuzungaira; Chifo; and Zombies Here we have yet another example of a total Zimbabwean ignoramus pretending to be intelligent. . . .

Pope Gabriel - 8 April 2015

Why these idiots were not saying this for 34 years ? Remember how they would tear apart anyone who said the same statement . The same guys would waggle their tails in approval of every madness Mugabe made . People lets not listen to these vandalists who have a reputation of destruction they want us to help them fight and protect their loot which is at stake.No we never worshiped Mugabe before it is you who did that blood fools .

Diibulaanyika - 8 April 2015

“We should all converge to save our country from the corrupt and selfish leadership of the illegal 2014 Zanu PF. ..,” Mutasa said. Kkkkkkk; comedian Mutasa! Never ceases to clown. Is he now telling us that zanu pf corruption, selfishness & all the destruction of our beloved country only started after he was fired from zanu pf - just as recent as Dec 2014? Is that not buffooning of the worst kind! nxaaaaaaaaaa.

mapingu - 8 April 2015

ANOTHER LAND THIEF CAUGHT - - - minister Walter Mzembi IS A RACIST WHO STEALS WHITE PEOPLES LAND AND BUSINESS - SEE http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-21751-Mahofa+ideologically+bankrupt,+Mzembi/news.aspx

Corruption Monitor - 9 April 2015

@jSC; read my contribution very well. Its not criticising Shonas at all - its about the new ZANU PF formation. Are you saying ZANU PF and the Shona are one? So anything said against ZANU PF for abusing the Shona name is implicitly against the Shona people? This is madness - Al Shabab, Boko Haram are all fighting in the name of Moslems - so any criticism of them is criticism of Moslems. Man go to hell? All I am saying is this ZANU PF formation should not follow in the old footsteps of the Mugabe ZANU PF that does not recognise the rights of every Zimbabwean to opportunities in their own country, in their own regions/provinces, in politics, in govt positions etc!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 9 April 2015

I will stick with MDC. Mujuru's party is welcome because they can prevent vote rigging and may be just may be ''Teurai Ropa'' will make a comeback because i really dont see mugarbarge leaving the presidency without a war of some sort...a fact with most dicktators!

obama4ever - 10 April 2015


Zed - 12 April 2015

Gamatox we are and we will ever be.....pasi nezvipfukuto,mafikizolo,mbavha ,zvikonyoka,mharapatsetsetse idzo

mozah b wezhira - 14 April 2015

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