'Zanu PF leaders cowards'

HARARE - Firebrand war veteran Margaret Dongo has branded Zanu PF politburo members as cowards who were “only brave enough to hound” former Vice President Joice Mujuru after her powerful husband, General Solomon Mujuru, had died.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Dongo — who once famously described Zanu PF bigwigs as President Robert Mugabe’s wives — said the treatment that the warring ruling party was dishing out to “one of its own (Mujuru)” was “a contemptible sign of cowardice”.

Zanu PF expelled Mujuru from the party last Thursday on a slew of untested claims which included charges of allegedly conspiring with her late husband —whose nom de guerre was Rex Nhongo — to oust and kill Mugabe.

But in the no-holds barred interview with the Daily News yesterday, Dongo said the “well-calculated attacks” and eventual expulsion of Mujuru from Zanu PF was a telling sign that Zimbabwe was led by “fawning cowards”.

“They are cowards. They should have confronted Rex when he was still alive, not the wife. These cowards are now exploiting the wife and abusing her for the sins of her husband,” Dongo charged.

Zanu PF has bizarrely alleged that the late general, who died in a mysterious inferno in 2011 at his Beatrice farm, just outside Harare, wanted Mugabe removed from power as early as 2004.

Dongo said there was an urgent need for Zanu PF “to separate facts from fiction” and to explain why it had taken the party more than a decade to bring “these charges against the Mujurus”.

She also said there was “an equally urgent need” to investigate the exact circumstances surrounding the death of General Mujuru, who was the country’s first black army commander.

“All these allegations now raise questions with regard to the death of Mujuru. You cannot say the wife was complicit and then charge her now when that happened ages ago. Right now the public is asking why this is happening to Mujuru.

“I think it is time to go back to the death of Rex and investigate. There should be a thorough investigation so that the truth is revealed,” Dongo said.

The charred remains of Mujuru were discovered at the couple’s Beatrice farmhouse in 2011 after a mysterious fire gutted the farm dwellings.

Many Mujuru family members are still suspicious of the circumstances leading to the death of one of the country’s most decorated liberation war heroes.

Allegations against the late general, whose funeral at the Heroes Acre in Harare was the biggest ever seen in Zimbabwe, are contained in a report that was prepared by Zanu PF’s disciplinary committee ahead of the party’s politburo meeting last week.

Speaking sarcastically, Dongo said if the treason charges against Mujuru were anything to go by, then there was also need to re-examine the criteria used in granting hero status to fallen party cadres since Zanu PF “apparently erred in burying a traitor at the sacred Heroes Acre”.

“If Rex was a traitor, why bury him at the Heroes Acre? If he really is as bad as they allege, then it only means that the majority of people who are buried there are also traitors. This creates conflict on who should be there and who should not,” she said.

Once described as the Zanu PF kingmaker, Mujuru — in death — has become a punch bag for his ruling party political rivals who have successfully, at least for now, stopped his wife from taking over the reins from Mugabe.

“Grace is a very powerful woman and her role in the expulsion of Mujuru shows that men do not lead alone but are influenced by their wives. Sometimes you also question the coincidence.

“She (Grace) returns and then there is an urgent politburo meeting. She is very powerful, or perhaps this points to the fact that there are some people who are manipulating and using her to get rid of Mujuru,” Dongo added.

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zanu pf is more of a lynch mob than a political party

ugatsi rusere - 6 April 2015

party yedu yakuvara hama we e. fighting like this will only destroy the revolutionary party. it would be better if bigwigs spoke in order to avert the looming disaster. once the split becomes official then we can expect the death of the party. very sad to see these developments.

taurai - 6 April 2015

F***ng ZANU PF! It's dying like UNIP in Zambia. The party was long hijacked by Mugabe and gang, they had an aganda and then came Jonathan Moyo to destroy it from within. If we were under the bRitish rule Jonso could be eligible for Knighthood!!! Sir Jonathan gay gangstr Moyo. ''Well Done Dude''

Garikayi - 6 April 2015

Well-stated madam Dongo! The promised land is nigh after all these years under the yoke of ZANUPF.

OkaSlwane - 6 April 2015

Now that there are no more farms to grab, no more lucrative businesses to grab and the reserve bank's money printing press eerily quite, it was a matter of time before these ferocious and ravenous wolves went all out for each others' jugular. Once they have finished each other, and their cursed party gone, only then will the people of Zimbabwe know peace and prosperity.

Jongwe - 6 April 2015

What baffles me is that Dongo left ZANU PF and formed her own party or gang, whatever it is, but she still seems to be deeply in love with ZANU pf affairs. What a confused woman. I tend to wonder what she was up to during the liberation struggle, bootlicking and dishing out her genitals.

reason - 7 April 2015

What about Gukurahundi? We want the Chihambakwe report released too!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 7 April 2015

These people are cowards, you cam say so Dongo. Mugabe is dumping his own comrades because of his wife who never went to war. She the one who have caused corruption in Zimbabwe when she stole money from the civil servants housing scheme and built Graceland. Now Mugabe himself has helped her to be a billionare, Can any normalperson there tell me where she got all the money she has now when she was just an office typist. Are you serious? This is the one who should be investigated for corruption when her old man is no longer there if goes first who ever is in power then

Ephraim - 7 April 2015

What does it profit a man he gains the whole world yet loses his soul? These people have dug their own graves unless they truly repent!

Freedom4Zim - 7 April 2015

'Separate facts from fiction' Mr Reason;Dongo never mentioned the cowardice in her ability to lead her political party watever you ,might call it, but Zanu pf's, in attacking a voiceless widow after so many years her husband died...Wake up dear i think it is better to keep your lead shut if you you feel emotionally by things that does matter your context. My big question to you and others who are still in doubt is that, Is Dongo lying?. If she is tell us why and where rather commenting on baseless things.

ROBERT - 7 April 2015

it makes no sense attacking a widow on the basis of allegations of her diseased husband deeds, y not face the husband when he was still alive, make pple qn the rationale behind. suppression, repression and oppression cannot last forever.

mushayachianze - 7 April 2015

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