Stalwarts form new Zanu PF

HARARE - Zanu PF has now officially split into two distinct and bitterly-opposed formations, with disaffected party stalwarts — including liberation struggle pioneers, war veterans and security sector bigwigs — coalescing under the principles of the “original Zanu PF” and now operating as Zanu People First, the Daily News can exclusively reveal.

Well-placed sources told the newspaper yesterday that former Vice President Joice Mujuru was set to lead this “original Zanu PF” which would use the slogan “People First” to “distinguish itself clearly from mafikizolos (Zanu PF Johnny-come-latelies) and weevils (supporters of President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace and VP Emmerson Mnangagwa)”.... as ruling party splits into two distinct formations.

Retired, but hugely respected party elder, Cephas Msipa, was among the first prominent party members to warn of an imminent split of the party, going on to criticise Mugabe openly late last year for failing to deal with Zanu PF’s deadly infighting and refusing to take advice on the party’s escalating factionalism.

In an interview with the Daily News last October, Msipa said pointedly that he feared for the worst for Zanu PF if its ugly intra-party ructions continued to obtain.

“If people continue being dissatisfied with what is happening, it is possible to have a split. I think the president has the key to all these issues. I hate factionalism and if it continues I don’t know what will become of the party,” he said ruefully.

Msipa also bluntly warned Mugabe that his failure to unmask and stop the party’s real factionalists would result in the party splitting into several opposing camps, further attacking the party faction aligned to Mnangagwa for behaving as if it “owned” the divisive Grace — a development that he said was fuelling factionalism inside the party.

Analysts said yesterday that the country’s political stage was now delicately poised between the two bitterly-opposed Zanu PF formations, as well as opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC, ahead of the crucial 2018 national elections.

“They (Grace and Zanu PF hardliners) appear to have finally got what they always seemed to want, a split — and it’s now game on between Zanu PF Mugabe and Zanu PF Mujuru.

“Every one’s hope will be that this does not degenerate into more abductions and violence as Zanu PF hardliners have never been known to take determined opposition well,” analyst Shepherd Mntungwa said.

Investigations by the Daily News show that the disaffected Zanu PF stalwarts have been meeting regularly with many prominent Zimbabweans for some time now, to plan “the operationalisation” of Zanu People First, in a bid “to reclaim the original Zanu PF”, which they allege has been hijacked by power-hungry mafikizolos.

Sources said many expelled and serving Zanu PF ministers, Members of Parliament, Youth and Women’s league officials who had been victims of the party’s harassment and brutal purges of the past few months, which had been fronted by Grace, supported the idea of Zanu People First and were pushing Mujuru to lead the party.

Former Presidential Affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa, who is a former top aide of Mugabe, has alluded to the formation of the party and its principles, adding that they were pinning their hopes on the popular widow of the late liberation war icon General Solomon Mujuru, Joice, to lead it.

“There is no doubt that the person that will take Zimbabwe from the current political and economic mess is Amai Mujuru. The government has failed and the Look East policy only makes a few people rich.

“Only until there is a real change of government, we are all going to suffer. The only person capable of changing this is Amai Mujuru,” Mutasa said in a recent interview with the Daily News.

“We are members of the original and genuine Zanu PF which was formed on August 8, 1963. We constitute the nucleus that bore the brunt of the national struggle. Unlike the mafikizolos who constitute the new-look and illegal central committee and politburo of the 2014 Zanu PF.

“Our membership is composed of the original and seasoned politicians, commanders of the Zimbabwe African National Army (Zanla), Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) and Zimbabwe People’s Army (Zipa) forces who are now being marginalised,” Mutasa added.

Revealing their close contact with some key members of the post-December Zanu PF, Mutasa also said they were working closely with chairpersons who were deposed in the run-up to the damp squib 2014 party congress.

Ahead of that controversial congress, Zanu PF fired nine elected provincial chairpersons who were perceived to be sympathetic to Mujuru.

“We are happy to say that the majority of the deposed chairmen of provinces were tried and tested war veterans and upright members of our party. Our hearts are with them, and they are with us,” Mutasa said.

He also said “Amai Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru is a team player and a fine compromiser. She always puts ‘People First’ and the unity of the party above her personal ambitions”.

“We resolutely support all the political leaders and party members allegedly aligned to Mai Mujuru who were purged before, during and after the illegal, undemocratic, unprocedural and illegitimate congress of December 2014.

“We also embrace all those who left the party in the past because their grievances had not been handled properly,” Mutasa added.

Notable persons who have been chucked out from the post-congress Zanu PF include Mujuru, Mutasa, former party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda and former Mashonaland West provincial chairman, Temba Mliswa.

Margaret Dongo, who left Zanu PF in the 1990s to stand as an independent candidate also appeared to warm up to the idea of a new party yesterday.

“A Zanu PF returning to the ideals of the liberation struggle is long overdue. It will attract war veterans, nationalists and all those who were wrongly expelled from the party. The generation that waged the liberation war is still there and should lead the party not these mafikizolos.

“Fortunately, these guys have seen the light and there are a lot of war veterans who have been looking for shelter,” Dongo said.

And despite the public bravado after expelling Mujuru and her allies, it is widely known that the People First movement has rattled the ruling party, amid fears that party hardliners may resort to extreme violence to thwart their opponents.

But Mutasa and team are not deterred.

“We should all converge to save our country from the corrupt and selfish leadership of the illegal 2014 Zanu PF. We will accept as members all Zimbabweans from all walks of life who are determined to work for a new Zimbabwe.

“We envisage a Zimbabwe where every member of society matters. Hence we shall require that in all considerations people must come first. Hence our slogan People First,” he said.

Gumbo said yesterday that the expulsion of Mujuru from the post-congress Zanu PF was a blessing in disguise as it would open the door for “like-minded persons” to work together towards a common objective.

“The expulsion of Mai Mujuru just shows vindictiveness on the part of those who are in the party’s politburo, but they have also played into our hands,” he said cryptically.

Comments (44)

Bill Clinton's wife resigned to stand for Presidential elections. That is what amai Mujuru did. MDC can now take advantage of the rigging that has been going on as the other ZANU faction will not allow that. We have seen change through coalition government but I think proper change can be seen through coalition of MDC and Mujuru faction. The greatest weakness for our President was failure to nominate a successor and this is going to haunt him until he retires. We are going through a learning cave.

Dingani Sithole - 6 April 2015

Rega uone Zanu iya yonaka kunge mukadzi vemunhu!.kikikikikikiki Saka Damascan moment yakakusvikirai riniko nhai Mr Gamatox.Saka nguva yese maiziva henyu kuti Zanu haisi kuisa zvido zvevanhu first.But you stuck with them because maidya?Now that you have been removed from the feeding trough Zanu yakaipa?Hahahahahahaha.Imboitai asi ndiri kuona tichienda kugomo reHeroes manje manje

Gamatox Mutasa - 6 April 2015

Most of ZPF hierarchy are incompetent, corrupt individuals who all of a sudden claim to have the peoples best interests at heart when they been complicit in destroying our beloved over the last 35 tears. They are also liars of the highest order. The majority of Zimbabwean politicians are in it purely for their own benefit.

saundy - 6 April 2015

Repent repent and repent the mUtasas and Mujurus! How many times were you told about how evil Mugabe and his henchman are? It took you so long to realise this. We welcome your final decision to form a 'new party' from deadwood but do not think you will entice MDC to join hands with you. We do not trust you at all. Welcome to the world of opposition politics!!!

Garikayi - 6 April 2015

As young cattle herd boys, it took us time to know that a snakes 'bvunurhwa' was harmless. I get the sense that ZANU PF is shading its skin and some of it supporters will remain with the old dead skin, while the young rejuvenated ZANU marches into the future. Compare a party led Msipa, Mutasa, Gumbo, Mujuru as leaders. These are old people with couple of years to live. The other is led by a soon to die Mugabe and Munangagwa. The rest are the competitive mafikizolos.

Chauruka - 6 April 2015

Hahahaha i doubt if these idiots will ever win a ward

lesly - 6 April 2015

MDC T should not be lured with the idea of forming the Coalition with these Gamatox .They are the winners of the split .If they joined hands,propaganda of being sellouts,MDC formed in Mujuru house will emerge and supporters who for long viewed MDC as a traitor will remain behind.If Zanu People First is doing it alone,it will split support base in Zanu PF.Then by the use of violence might be problematic to apply,since Mnangagwa team will have to face MDC T and Mujuru party separately.Vote rigging is also difficulty since some who remained in Mnangwagwa have done so not out of love for him or believe in him,but because they safe guard their assets and jobs,which they believe in Robert Mugabe.Once he is gone they will not believe in Tinokudai amai fake love thing for they know for sure idanderhaead and Mnangagwa knows nothing but to demolish and to kill!Unogona kuputsa mudhuri asi haagoni kuzouvaka!

Bere - 6 April 2015

Forming another ZANU wont solve the rigging of elections by Mugabe. It is better to join the existing opposition party in numbers to make it difficult for Mugabe to rig elections.

Ziziharinanyanga - 6 April 2015

It is delusional to think this is not a split. Zanu Mugabe just made the worst mistake of their political lives by ejecting grassroots leaders. Now these leaders will take the masses away with them. The British, Americans, Australians have every reason now to pump lots of money into Zanu Mujuru and MDC-T to makesure the two are well resourced to stand up to Mugabe's bullying. Mutambo watsuka ropa apa! Mugabe cannot visit that violence on Zanu Mujuru cause they are capable of responding in equal measure. The rigging will be tricky now. Mutasa, Gumbo, Mujuru know how it is done and they will counter it at every turn. Don't rule out a split in the military. Joyce Mujuru has sympathisers. Don't rule a split in the intelligence. Mutasa has his people there. Don't rule out a split in the police. Chihuri has a sympathetic ear for Mujuru. A coalition of Mujuru and Tsvangirai is now what the doctor ordered. Bob akamama. We are herded for the dying minutes

Nyimo - 6 April 2015

Igwalakazi elinguMujuru to lead new ZANU, tjooooooooeeeeee!!! Can't you see this Gamatox woman is just too scared to stand up and be counted against Bob and his lot??? She's just too quiet, you would swear she's dfisappeared to planet Mars.

OkaSlwane - 6 April 2015

I think Amai Dr Mujuru is the best candidate to dislodge the nanogenerian dictator at the moment. We are desperate of being liberated from a regime which is insensitive to the genuine plight of innocent masses of our beautiful motherland. Are home tha has crippled our once flourishing economy, agricultural system, health delivery system, education, beautiful social cohesion, productive industries and morality. Morgan got his fair chances and we will never be generous with him again. He failed to defend the votes that the people of Zimbabwe presented to him. What kind of rigging cannot be unrigged? We have seen you meeting with the world's greatest leaders for hours. What else do you talk about besides begging for Mari yechingwa? Makambokumbirawo here mushonga wekuriginura maelectons????

Chikiti - 6 April 2015

Bhora mberi Mai Dr Mujuru.

Chikiti - 6 April 2015

Vana Tsvangirai ndewe nyambo pama rallies. Nyika haitongwe nenyambo, we need serious political policies and strategies behind the charisma, hatisevi sadza nenyambo. Please Dr Amai join forces with the likes of Dr simba makoni, dabengwa, Margaret dongo, nkosana moyo, mutumwa mawere, Ibbo mandaza, etc and liberate us from the jaws of the evil regime.

Chikiti - 6 April 2015

This isn't true. Another game plan by Zanu PF. It has All been a plan to divert people's focus. Zimbabweans open eyes. Don't you know the tricks and tactics of Zanu PF. I'm beginning to doubt the intellect, of daily news.

chimuti - 6 April 2015

So how will it look\\\\\/ Chairman:Didymus Mutasa President.Joyce Mujuru Vice Presidents:Dumiso Dabengwa Vice President: Morgan Tsvangiraai Secretary General:Simba Makoni Party Spokesman:Rugare Gumbo.

Kufandada - 6 April 2015

deadlynews please recheck the facts for example the abbreviatin zanla is very wrong and you will soon apologise for this liar after that of politiburo failing to hold meetings please be serious and focused rather than just opposing for hurt

Makanya - 6 April 2015

Sekuru Chaminuka vakati mapfupa angu abamuka, manje ave kumuka. Nyika yakarasa midzimu kare kare. Zanu First takumirira. Hondo ye chimurenga yakarwiwa ku pa vana ve Zimbabwe kuzvitonga kuzere, kwete kudzvanyirirwa.

nyika yauya - 6 April 2015

After 35years its now people first!~!!. One wonders what was first for all these years, maybe personal 10% stakes, diamonds field, several farms e.t.c. . No more GNUs and coalitions please, each party formation must stand on its own. Judgement time is on the horizon.

X-MAN IV - 7 April 2015

Tisakanganwa chezuro nehope. When Strive wanted a licence to oprerate who blocked him? Let it be game on now. People First now because you are no longer feeding! Please give us a break! Slpit the votes if the political and economic playing field is going to be level. Mavakunzwa nzara mabviswa pazamo just this short time?

Mutongi Gava - 7 April 2015

If before the Gamatox Weevil events people like Mujuru and Mutasa and co had voiced their concern about Zanu pf leading the country in the wrong direction then we would have to say that they were thinking of the people at large and the country as a whole. Makoni and Dabengwa love them or hate them left because of their perceived convictions Mujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo and co would be still comfortable in the arms of Zanu pf had they not been dribbled by circumstances. What Morgan Twsangirai does will be another matter. If he joins hands with these people he risks being irrelevant and looking clueless. If on the other hand he keeps his eyes locked onto the party that he leads and the people that support it then he stands to gain in stature. The first thing I think he needs to do is to originalize his Party by removing the T and returning it to Original. The courts have ruled in his favour and declared this faction as the original MDC so there is no longer factions. Splitting votes for me is not an issue. If all these actors are in play and some pick up a seat here and there it would be good for democracy as we have seen that total power and total control of Parliament is not good for any country. It is the recipe for a pseudo Government.

Doctor Do little - 7 April 2015

The interesting is that this Mdct mouthpiece in now so confused as to which dead horse to flog, the useless gamatox or the clueless chematama, its very funny how opposition forces are easily hoodwinked by ZANU Pf. True to the professor's words, open mouth shut mind, typical of the newspaper and its dead horses. ZANU PF will continue to have the last laugh, its a fact whether you like it or not.

reason - 7 April 2015

You are daydreaming guys,Dongo left ZANU PF and what did she do,the same applies to Makoni and Dabengwa.Dont waste your time,mark my words

cobra - 7 April 2015

Mirai muone masungirwe anoitwa Zanu PF Mujuru. Not now but just before elections. They are not clean and zvipfukuto will use state machinery and judiciary under their control to arrest and throw them in Jail forever. Zvipfukuto use extreme strategies to get their way. Hameno regai zvibayane but ZANU PF mujuru will be charged and thrown in prison for real crimes as a way to silence them.

Makumbo Kuzvimba - 7 April 2015

At face value, this move seems to be the panacea to nearly 20 years of inept governance by a cabal of self-centred opportunists bent on personal enrichment at the expense of ordinary citizens. There is need for closer examination of this new development in the nation's political landscape. It should be remembered that those fronting the new party are the very same persons who when thing were fine, benefited from and upheld the same corrupt system they now condemn. The question is; just how different will the the new party be in comparison to the old Z-PF, given the aforementioned aspects? The nation needs to view this latest occurrence with extreme caution and be guided by wise choices if ever real and meaningful change is ever to be gained in our beleagued land!

Lewis Jones (BYO) - 7 April 2015

kkkkkkkkkk game on

president of zim - 7 April 2015

Didymus and your team purged from Zanu-PF you lack aunthenticity and credibility. If you mean what you want to preach- people first- you could have left Zanu-PF years ago rather than making silly noises after being booted out. Anyway, Zimbabweans are a tolerant people; they may accept you on one condition only. Organise a rally mobva marutsa pamberi pemhomho corruption yese yamaiita murimuZanu-PF. Motitaurira kuti upfumi wevana veZimbabwe wamakaba makaviga kupi and muchahudzosa rinhi. Mobvisa hembe mokweshana nematombo ari rough kusvika matsuka ropa pamberi pepovho. Pakupedzisira mochera zvikomba mopfira mate kuti pu-u, tapfidza, people first. Anything apart from this action is matakadya kare. Musakangamwa kuti Zimbabwe yakamufuratirai. Makarwadzisa vana veZimbabwe zwatisingafi takakangamwa. You betrayed us after we entrusted you to lead us after a bitter war with white settlers who robbed us of our land and dignity. I for one am bitter zwekuti dai wanga uri pedyo neni izwozwi ndaikukanda mbama.

Chorosi - 7 April 2015

its all a trick to divert pfungwa dzenyu zanu yakasohwinha kare .note this,mai mujuru is still zanu if she is elected zanu will still be in power no matter its now zanu X or zanu B ,wake up if u want government to change totally.

mabla - 7 April 2015

Just call your party Zimbabwe National Union (ZINU) of former ZANU PF bootlickers¬¬!!?? Old dogs will never learn new tricks to f***

Garikayi - 7 April 2015

Okaay! May the real games begin. The Mujuru people are beginning to see the situation from a people's perspective. I am behind them. However, I just want them to give the backing to young leadership in the form of Simba Makoni, Ibbo Mandaza, Mtumwa Mawere, Strive Masiyiwa, Nigel Chanakira and many others. Tis way they can be credible revolutionary and redemptive movement that Zimbos can vote for.

Kunda Kinde - 7 April 2015

Makanya, I think iwe wakanya more than what Dialy News has. Check your spelling and grammer

Hampo - 7 April 2015

Yes you can form parties within parties, but how do you plan to resolve the Gukurahundi issue? Where is the Chihambakwe report? If you are innocent, why have you been hiding it? Who wrote the 1979 ZANU PF Grand Plan and what have you done about it?

Phunyukabemphethe - 7 April 2015

May God give us wisdom in all this mess. may He expose ALL the lies and deceit and may He raise up a leader of His own choice for Zimbabwe. Zanu (People First) have a lot of repenting and confessing to do if they are genuine and have really begun to wake up to the ugly truth we have been trying to tell them for years. We want to see the fruit of their repentance. tell us everything!

TruthBTold - 7 April 2015

What i think has to happen is all the political parties have to unite ahead of 2018 and deal with the Zanu Pf aligned to Cde Mugabe and we remove dictatorship once and for all in Zim.Even if it means we have an inclusive government again but with sober mentalities like the real comrades we know like Mai Mujuru,D.Dabengwa,D.Mutasa,R.Kaukonde,R.Gumbo,Amos Midzi,Gwaneta,Mvundura,young Temba Mliswa,Simba Makoni and many others together with Morgan Tsvangirai,Chamisa and others to make our country vibrant again.Our struggle is not about which party goes into power about about new people who have Zim at heart in power.i mean tried and tested leaders of the people and not damn weevils

carson macate - 7 April 2015

carson macate what you say might work in other circumstances but here I think those partys that are genuine in their quest must not mix with tainted individuals. If I had any influence in Zanu I would ask them to re-engage Mliswa and co just to prove a point. They would run back singing and dancing. Others like Makoni are not stupid and left because they did not want to be blamed for what some one who will be long gone when it is time to face the music. MDC has been infiltrated time and time again and it is time them and other progressive opposition Partys stopped trying to recycle Zanu pf's toxic junk and looked for fresh blood. It won't work. Let the toxic junk go it's own way. Any one that has the slightest chance of winning an election has got to focus on the people and the people only. After all it is them that will bring you in.

Doctor Do little - 7 April 2015

@carson. Temba has a lot of changing to do to convince the likes of me he is a 'sober mentality.' And even the others. before he was unceremoniously turfed out of Zpuff he cause havoc out around Chinoyi in typical ZPF big boot style. He could start by going and apologising to those he tormented and terrorised and threatened.

Freedom4Zim - 7 April 2015

MDC must have some kind of loose relationship with the People First clique to tap into how the rigging was done, and put ways in place to avoid the repeat of the charade. For as long as the rigging machinery is in place the People first clique, MDC or any other opposition party will never win the most important position, which is the Presidential election.

Professor Do Take Foto - 7 April 2015

This is good for democracy & anything that destroys zanu competely is welcome however anything headed by these not so clever people Mutasa and Mujuru is dead on arrival.

Lt General - 7 April 2015

MDC must have some kind of loose relationship with the People First clique to tap into how the rigging was done, and put ways in place to avoid the repeat of the charade. For as long as the rigging machinery is in place the People first clique, MDC or any other opposition party will never win the most important position, which is the Presidential election.

Professor Do Take Foto - 7 April 2015

The next boxing thing is the issue with farms. Soon the Gay Gang of Four (GG4) will go after the farms 'belonging' to Mujuru, Mutasa, Kaukonde, The former Chairpersons of ZANU Pfutseke Party, Mliswa, Bhasikiti who was warned he belonged to the wrong bottomless basket, the ailing shell shocked Goche, Mr Hero jabulani the terrorisser, Gumbo the tormented dude, etc etc. It's now dog eat dog, terrier bite bull dog. The African circus comes to Zimbabwe. Soon it will be bang bang once again as the civil war starts...and this will be one of the longest and most brutal civil wars Southern Africa has ever seen!! I am off to the moon...

Garikayi - 7 April 2015

let us wait and see i promise we will see the result soon it is now the right time for them to blame each other but vaidya vese zimbabweans are educated you c ant toss them like a coin .

juju - 7 April 2015

if one is kicked out of mdc he forms another mdc! if one is kicked out of zanupf he forms another zanupf! surely if one is kicked out of dynamos football club he should form another dynamos fc! how stupid Zimbabweans can be!

observer - 7 April 2015

It is these idiots who fully supported Mugabe to choke and totally paralyse the country economically and when Morgan stood up and tried to correct the situation together with their moving grave Mugabe they called him names including trying to assassinate him . No matter what you can say guys to us zimbabweans you remain very bad in our eyes and will never listen to your rubbish untill you tell the world how you used to rig elections with zanu you are never forgiven .

Diibulaanyika - 8 April 2015

While I applaud the sense they talk now, where were these guys with their people first mantra before December 2014, these are the same people who created the system they bash now only because the system has thrown them out

Inini - 8 April 2015

The story of Anania and Saphira, Delila and Samson, Adam and Eve,ROBERT & GRACE

piaget - 13 April 2015

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