Mujuru will lead Zanu PF - Mutasa

HARARE - A suprisingly buoyant Didymus Mutasa says notwithstanding the machinations of Zanu PF hardliners and their purported expulsion of former vice president Joice Mujuru from the brawling ruling party, the 59-year-old widow of the late liberation war icon, General Solomon Mujuru, will one day lead both the party and the country.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, following Zanu PF’s announcement on Thursday that the party had expelled Mujuru, Mutasa — who maintains that he is still the ruling party’s bona fide secretary for administration — insisted that the former VP “remains the genuine and original Zanu PF vice president until a  proper congress is convened”.

He said Mujuru’s purported expulsion from the ruling party was a clear manifestation of how popular she was both in Zanu PF and the country generally, and how much her political enemies “feared even her shadow”.

“We supported her before, during and after the illegal (December 2014) congress, not because we are a faction but because we are law-abiding members of the party who respected and recognised the official and elected officials of the party.

“We are certain that if all had gone well at the congress, she was going to be democratically elected into the same position again. We are confident that as time goes on, she will be the first democratically elected female president of Zimbabwe,” Mutasa said.

Mujuru, Mutasa and other senior officials were brutally removed from their party positions late last year and subsequently sacked from government after they were accused of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe — even though these serious allegations have never been taken to the courts.

The murky plot was first broached by controversial First Lady Grace Mugabe, with President Robert Mugabe himself later picking up the cudgels and ludicrously claiming that Mujuru had gone as far as importing witchdoctors from Nigeria to kill him.

Mutasa, the former Presidential Affairs minister in charge of the country’s spooks, said his support for Mujuru was not premised on factional grounds, but came out of conviction, principle and aq sense of doing the right thing.

He said that she is hailed not just for her “exceptional leadership qualities” but also for her “impressive” academic credentials that she had obtained against all odds and despite the machinations of many in the ruling party.

“She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in management and entrepreneurial studies from the Zimbabwe Women’s University. She has also graduated with a PhD from the University of Zimbabwe’s Faculty of Arts,” he said.

In addition, Mutasa said Mujuru had been a “consistently faithful and steadfast comrade” starting before Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain in April 1980 up to now.

He pointed out that the “motherly” Mujuru had advocated the advancement of women, adding that she always put other people’s interests and the party’s unity ahead of her own personal ambitions.

“Amai Mujuru is an upright and strong woman of the highest integrity and a good mother. She shies away from crass feminism, and always points out that men need women and women need men.

“Amai Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru is a team player and a fine leader,” Mutasa said.

With the list of those purged from Zanu PF growing by the day, Mutasa said his Zanu PF faction embraced anyone within and outside the party who loved their country, and who believed in changing Zimbabwe for the better.

“We are happy to say that the majority of the deposed (Zanu PF) chairmen of provinces were tried and tested war veterans and upright members of our party. Our hearts are with them, and they are with us,” Mutasa said.

He added that failure to observe the party constitution as had been sadly observed in the disputed 2014 congress had created “anarchy, chaos and dictatorship as is currently happening”.

“We believe that the party constitution must be aligned to and not deviate from the national constitution. Any such deviation should be resisted and met with timeous, strong and resolute defiance,” Mutasa said.

He said that the illegal current party leadership betrayed the party’s democracy by “adopting dictatorship and bringing the country to its current state of suffering”, where “nothing is working”.

In an apparent swipe at Mugabe and his wife Grace, Mutasa said that the time had come for the ruling party to stop emblazoning party regalia with faces of individuals who began to think that they were above the party and the country.

He said the “real Zanu PF” cadres, Mutasa unlike the mafikizolos (Johnny-come-latelies),  had seasoned members of Zanla, Zipra and Zipa among its ranks who were being marginalised in the country.

“We constitute the nucleus that bore the brunt of the national struggle. We fought and spearheaded the liberation war that brought freedom and independence in 1980,” Mutasa said.


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hoo nhai...I think Mutasa if he really means what he says, could and should have said this when his opinion and influence was relevant

tatenda - 4 April 2015

I would like to believe that when one gets disqualified by Zuna PF, its a sign that proves that the same is sane or has become sane. You cannot be sane and remain with the crooked/ the insane.

springboard - 4 April 2015

I am 100% non Zanu and am anti Mugabe because of His dictatorship, bad gorvenance, unrealistic policies & selfishness. I stronai Mujuru is a true LEADER and can be a ind of person to trust @ the driving seat of the country. All evil that has been said against her was from the Herald/(ZANU machinations) which we have known for many years. I urge my fellow Zimbabweans not to be driven to think against her. ONE DAY MUJURU 4 PRESIDENCY.!!!

whitehorse - 4 April 2015

you people i dont know what you want whoo. yes ndakatora,ndakaba,i even externalised,from all aspects of the ecomomy and you were watching.? why because you are not clean and you know it. tell me or show me one in private or public office who has not looted billions after realising after all nothing happens. kungotaura kuye hapana? yes i stole,looted,asked millions in kickbacks, in diamonds,mining,farming.touts,gmb,sugar,opposition, why because nothing will ever happen, since stone age tell me one person who has been persecuted for corruotion .murder,rape,theft,mismanagement, externalization; nobody so what stops us or me ; kuzimra we give gvt change of what we will have shared as revenue,and what do they do promotion kikiki, C I D. POLICE, SECURITY. JUSTICE there it will take ages to bring sanity, all cases esp,gvt,we throw them out. just grease the hands of the judges or send there children to school overseas thus it [ adjourned adjourned] until the complainat dies or destroy the files case closed.who does not know this,if you are better than me why not take corrective measures.??all ministris our people get promoted.who will qn it,arrest me and charge me if u are clean,in the banks we are taking money who has returned a kobo to who and how. finance.agriculture.zimra. justice. energy. kumwe kupi, clean the who house and return sanity otherwise vamwe tofa ne mari vamwe vachifa nenhamo kikiki. IS THIS NOT MAI MUJURU>

rutendo - 4 April 2015

It will not be long before we see Didymus Mutasa wondering in Harare fisrt street naked.

Chorosi - 4 April 2015

Mutasa is a disgrace. Munhu mukuru akaita sewe unoramba uchiita bootlick Joyce. Ko iwe haudi kutonga. Pfungwa dzakafonyorwa kudhara nabob wavakufunga kuti iwe uri useless.

Nhangare - 4 April 2015

He is starting to sound like Simba, Dumiso, Dzino and others who were unceremoniously booted out or forced to quit ZANU PF. The fact, Cde Mutasa, is that you are sore, and unstrategic loser. Other than Mujuru, many of the war vets like you and Gumbo are old (almost 80 years)-the same crime you accuse Mugabe of. You have no grassroots support outside your villages. You have a known record murdering opponents. You have an even longer history of praising Mugabe for doing exactly what he did to you. You are corrupt, women abusers, and many other evils that nobody will ignore. The reality is that your fate is sealed. You will never be in ZANU again, as long as Mugabe, and yes, his much younger wife, Opa, Jona, Kasukuwere, etc vari panyanga. The reason is that you have politically and strategically savy people like Jonzo to guide you. The Mandazas you relied on misled you and proved no match to Jonso. In fact, you lost this battle way before Congress because you were listening to the wrong people. I could go on and on on why you are finished, not least because you are also old (80yrs) like Mugabe and should retire. You can either go silently, or make a much noise as you are doing now, get acres of Daily News space, lecture us about your war credentials, make as many predictions about ZANU PF as you can dream of, but the reality is you will either be dead soon, in jail or too to toxic for younger gamatoxs to be seen around you. And, by the way, if you die, don't expect Heroes Acres as your burial ground. I also don't see what value you will add to any opposition party, and whaich opposition party will accomadate you. If you insist that you are still the right ZANU PF, why don't hold your own Congress. Aren't you breaching your Constitution by not holding Congress 6 yrs on. Please, Mutasa, go away quietly, try and talk to Mugabe to spare you from prosecution, and hopefully, will not take away the property you looted.

Dzungu - 4 April 2015

“We are certain that if all had gone well at the congress, ... , she will be the first democratically elected female president of Zimbabwe,” Mutasa said. Kkkkkkkk; kuseka zvangu ini mwana wechikara - muera Shumba, matikahaa, .... After the laughing lets now cast our minds back: Didymus uyu ndiye wen'anga yedhiziri paChinhoyi - handizvo here? Joice uyu (iri kunzi uchatonga chete) ndiye wemazamo pazhe nen'anga dzeNigeria; handizvo here? Saka, mashoko ose awa atirikutaurigwa naDidymus ekutonga kwavo naJoice wake tingati arikubva kupi? Hazvisi pachena here izvi nhai vanhu veZimbabwe. Zvinenge zviri pachena kuti mudhara uyu wopenga nekuda kwen'anga - chero akarevegwa nhema dzakaita sei hachavoni kuti inhema. Zviri pachena kuti paZanu pf Congress yapera vanga vavudziwa nen'anga dzavo kuti vari kubudirira paurongwa bwavo asi nhasi varipi; but Didymus haasi kumbozvivona izvozvo kanaka. Ari kungorota iye naJoice vari mupower cherte chete. Inga gehena harina moto zvokwadi.

mapingu - 4 April 2015

Mutasa is right. Joice is young and many people they like her. She is a moderate , even SA said it, Those who keep on asking Mutasa to go to hell, are just as confused. He is not bootlicking Mujuru , but just being real . In politics reality check sometimes help to avoid chasing the wrong dreams. Mutasa is just doing that and please give him a break.

Dzasukwa - 4 April 2015

Pasi ne zanu!!!

Robert Gabriel Mugabe - 4 April 2015

My advice to the Mujuru camp is to take low profile strategy now and execute a plan that will surprise Mugabe , if he is still alive. Besides things are happening now under a lot of uncertainties. We always hear the first family is bad shape healthy wise and this is a plus to the Mujuru strategic plan . They should factor this as critical event in their project to democratise Zimbabwe with other democrats.

Dzasukwa - 4 April 2015

The Mujurus miscalculated. How on earth could they support Mugabe, Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina and hope to lead the country democratically? They must realise that they are/were part of the problem and if they have become Mugabe's enemies they are not necessarily our friends! They are fighting for a stinking basket (Zanu) full of madhodi! Leave us alone!

Phaphamani - 4 April 2015

@Dzasukwa. Dreaming is normal to people. However do not forget most people have dreams of their wishes - of what they would like to see happen. This is the case with you. If you can enlist a bit of sanity to your brain please honestly check on this woman`s record and tell me if you can wish her be your president. You can not ignore her terrible deeds just because you blindly love her to be your president. Hausiri kuona kuti urikutidzisira pasi maZimbabweans ? Teurai is not fit to run Zimbabwe by default - simple. She is no different from any of the existing politicians flexing their feathers for that position. At the moment we have nobody visible whom we can say is fit to run our country. This is a fact you may choose to ignore, but it will always stand. This was the grand plan by Mugabe that there should exist no credible leader in Zim so that when he departs we are faced with a quagmire, or possibly inter-tribe war. That way he sees himself as being remembered as the only leader who managed to hold the nation together. Once beaten twice shy: after Mugabe we can not as Zimbabweans be seen to repeat the same mistakes we made in 1980.

Chorosi - 5 April 2015


garikayi - 5 April 2015

What about Gukurahundi? You can say whatever you want about your Mujuru; you still have a case to answer - the tribal annihilation of the Mthwakazi nation; what do you say about that? We want the Chihambakwe report released so the issue can be settled once and all.

Phunyukabemphethe - 7 April 2015

Its not surprising coming from Didymus Diesel N'anga Rotina Mutasa, he may have got it from the Nigerian witch doctors, Zimbabwe can not be ruled by that simplistic woman, madoctorate a corruption awo. Tibvirei apo.

reason - 7 April 2015

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