Zanu PF wants to kill me — Mutasa

HARARE - As the deadly factional and succession wars within President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF get uglier, the defiant former Presidential Affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa, says his political enemies have organised a hit squad to kill him in a desperate bid to silence him once and for all.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily News in Harare yesterday, Mutasa said the plot to kill him had similarities to the way “the system has silenced” journalist turned pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara — who was abducted in Glen View in broad daylight by suspected State security agents a month ago, and has not been seen since then.

He also announced yesterday that he had decided not to contest the Headlands by-elections slated for June because of the uneven political playing field and the “frightening presence of soldiers, intelligence officers and the police” in many ofSays he has the names of hired assassinsFROM P1 the areas where the poll will be taking place.

Mutasa, who has intimate knowledge of the ruthless modus operandi of the ruling party having been in charge of the country’s spooks and having worked as Mugabe’s confidante for many decades, said he was aware of the “nefarious plot” to assassinate him.

“I am not going to be abducted as they did to Dzamara, but that does not mean I am scared, I am not,” Mutasa said.

Through his open defiance of Mugabe and Zanu PF hardliners, Mutasa has created many enemies within the ruling party — and readily admits himself that, “there are a lot of people who want to silence me”.

With Zimbabwe set to hold by-elections in at least 16 constituencies countrywide in June, many critics of Zanu PF accuse the ruling party of employing dirty tactics, including irregularly deploying the army and unleashing operatives of the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) in the areas where polling will take place, to coerce voters.

Mutasa said yesterday that it was “sad that Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) is silent and yet they are aware of the presence of soldiers in different constituencies. They are aware of their presence but they are not saying anything”.

Quizzed by the Daily News whether the security establishment had played a part in previous polls while he was still a top Cabinet minister, Mutasa said although he was aware of “such shenanigans”, he could not “speak out” because he did not want to antagonise his former comrades even more.

“I can now complain because I could not complain in the past since I was part of the system. There was a time in the 1990s when I complained about Esap (Economic Structural Adjustment Programme, the government’s then economic blueprint) and I was kicked out, so I could not risk that again by raising such sensitive topics,” he said.

The diminutive politician, who has morphed from being an obsequious loyalist of Mugabe to one of the nonagenarian’s most unflinching critics, said he had been informed by insiders of the sinister plot to “silence me”.

“I can actually name the people who have been set on me. They are investigating me and when I want to die I will go to Rusape because that is where they want to kill me.

“I can say who wants to kill me because I know the system very well,” the former State security minister said almost nonchalantly.

Mutasa said he was also ready to confront a former subordinate of his, CIO boss Happyton Bonyongwe, with the alleged list of names of people who were out to eliminate him.

Opposition parties and human rights organisations have blamed Zanu PF for Dzamara’s disappearance last month, with the government being recently compelled by the High Court to search for him.

Although foreign governments such as those of the United States of America, Canada, Australia and France have been cranking up the pressure on Harare to locate the missing activist, the country’s security apparatus, that is very “efficient” when dealing with Zanu PF opponents, is still to find him.

Still, Mutasa said he was not afraid of being killed.

“Those who took Dzamara cannot produce him now because he is either not in the state in which they took him from his home, or simply because he is no longer there and that is a very bad Zimbabwe where people just disappear,” Mutasa said.

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We all are afraid, real scared

Fear - 3 April 2015

Mutasa's creation which he help build wants to consume him.

X-MAN IV - 3 April 2015

For Cde Mutasa grapes are sour.

003Tico - 3 April 2015

taste of his own medicine

not me - 3 April 2015

It is a matter of time before they silence you Cde Mutasa. The best thing is to spill the beans now while you have the chance. Look at what happened to the General- he thought they had forgotten his part in the coup plot and they got him when he least expected it. Tell us where the bodies are buried, how the elections where rigged and where the money is stashed before meet your fate.

Disaster - 3 April 2015

You do not even talk about his loss at the concort! Amazing reporting. When he was going to court there was noise!

Truth - 3 April 2015

you are just waffling like this liar newsdead. who can follow you in the military when your ailing wife is a retired soldier?

Chasura - 3 April 2015

Freedom comes with a price. We need to stand up and demand it whether Mugabe likes it or not. An abduction for an abduction.

Ziziharinanyanga - 3 April 2015

I think this is the time to stop,this nonsense . Those with connections let's use our net work to expose these murders. Freedom does not come on a silver plate. If we are not prepared to die then we will never test the sweetness of freedom, we are also just postponing the inevitable. A lot of Zimbabweans are connected to intelligence sources and why are you not exposing the dirty tricks they play. Zimbabwe is going to explode whether we like it or not watch this space...

Dzasukwa - 3 April 2015

What have they done to you Mutasa? Show us the scars! Or let them burn or attack your house like they did to Joshua. Let them arrest you like they did to Ndabaningi! You thought you are clever? Form your own party like Tekere let's see how popular you are. You are a fool Mutasa you must lie on your bed of thorns

Phaphamani - 3 April 2015

Mutasa should be commended for trying to stand up against the system that he knows very well how it operates.It is not a secret that ZANU PF strives on killing of people.The security sector started playing the role of voter intimidation in the early years of ZUM of Tekere when candidates were forced to resign before the election or killed. The Kombayi case and the late Muzenda.Come 2000 the killings were upped. the deployement soldiers, prison service and the police to augment the out numbered CIO was done in massive to enforce land occupation in farms up to date more and more deployments has and are continued being done by the government for ZANU PF to keep it in power. however there is an end to everything on mother Earth, Chisingaperi chishura... magumo osvika . hamheno hako iwe uri muchitima chisina mavhiri

pulsey - 4 April 2015

Pedzanai maEvil ZANU pf so we can start afresh.Didymus if you can not expose how ZANU pf killed and stole elections for the last 15 years, just shut up and wait for your assassination from the state machinery you created.Actually you and all dxpelled ZANU comrades are cowards.You still call yourself ZANU pf and cant challenge and expose the evil zanu pf system.Once we get rid of zanu pf, your cabal and all zanu pf govenment will rot in jail!! Shame on you!!

Billy - 4 April 2015

Zanu pf cadres love to loot, extort, rob, brutalize, murder their “enemies” / victims. When they fall foul of others in their massive criminal enterprise they suddenly start exposing the sins of their fellow criminals in Zanu pf in the hope of cleansing their blemished trail of evil in a desperate hope of cleansing their ghoulish souls in a vain hope for forgiveness. All Zanu pf criminals need their necks stretched by the noose. Only the European Union ambassador to Zimbabwe Philippe van Damme and his appeasing colleagues believe that these louts are heroes that need to be excused and rewarded with substantial western aid funds.

Neville Chamberlain - 4 April 2015

Wasvika pakundisetsa zvino Didymus. Ndaisimbotaurira vamwe kuti mudhara uyu face yake anenge dera. Dera rinozhamba kutya mumvuri waro. Wava kuvhumuka. Havasi vanhu vamaiponda nevamwe vako veZanu-PF vavakuita haunt here ? Chinyi chaizwo chiri kukunetsa ? Maybe you are crying for the heaven-on-earth you are missing after being kicked out from Zanu-PF ? I doubt if they are many ( apart from muzukuru wako Themba ) who can bother to listen to you. DYIWA. URINYAMA IWE !

Chorosi - 4 April 2015

The spirit is Christwish uchakuwonesa moto.

Ndini uya - 4 April 2015

It is a matter of time before they silence you Cde Mutasa. The best thing is to spill the beans now while you have the chance. Look at what happened to the General- he thought they had forgotten his part in the coup plot and they got him when he least expected it. Tell us where the bodies are buried, how the elections where rigged and where the money is stashed before meet your fate.

springboard - 4 April 2015

You know what ZPF. You can kill each other but leave people like Itai dzmara alone. God has seen every second and detail of what you have done to him and the many, many others. judgment day approaches. If you think you are going to get away with this you are deceived! REPENT! Now! I am sickened! Please Lord in Your mercy and righteousness do something!

Freedom4Zim - 4 April 2015

Mutasa you created a time bomb that you set on and you cant switch off anymore.I am one who dont sympathise with you.

mutasa - 4 April 2015

Why talk to this revolting toad? He was happy to allow people to be killed or disappeared while he benefitted. But now he is the one to be dealt with, he screams and whines like a baby.

Karma is a Bitch - 4 April 2015

kugara takangotsvusirana meso tinovaka nyika nhamboiko...dambudziko redu nderekushaya chikristu...tinorevera vanhu nhema tichiti hee tinonamata,hee tinonamata...makamboona vanhu vanonamata vane utsinye hwakadaro.

Bugwa - 5 April 2015

Mutasa is/was a typical Zanu pf terrorist with a lot of ill-gotten loot and blood on his hands. He who lives by the sword should die by it. He really deserves to be lunched. . . .

Lout Eliminator - 6 April 2015

IGNORANT you remind me of Napoleon and the "Edict of fratenity", one of your own creations has been unleashed against you.and today, you pay the price for that ignorance

ugatsi rusere - 6 April 2015

Mutasa my advise is for you not to walk away but to run for your dear life. Tell us were the bones are buried, tell us how many you personally instructed that they be silenced forever, tell us who instructed you to kill so and so, tell it all before it's too let. Chitepo, Mangena, Tongo, Zororo Duri, Madzibaba, Ushewekunze, Mahachi, Rex, Cain, and many many more. You were part of this madness...and now? The rest is history. Viva MDC

Garikayi - 7 April 2015


buster - 7 April 2015

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