'Mugabe silences Tuku'

HARARE - In a sensational claim, a veteran journalist and former publicist to music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi says President Robert Mugabe bought the influential music maestro’s loyalty by showering him with expensive gifts so that he would desist from criticising the nonagenarian.

In his newly-released book on the legendary musician, whose lyrics are well-known for their biting socio-political commentary, Shepherd Mutamba claims that Mugabe gave the 62-year-old music icon an expensive state-of-the-art studio equipment five years ago, among other gifts.

The book is titled Tuku Back Stage and was launched at the Book Café in Harare last Saturday, by Mutamba.

“In October 2010, Tuku accepted a gift of US87 000-worth of state-of-the-art studio equipment directly from the President.

“He (Tuku) told me about the gift and showed me the equipment that he kept under lock and key, right in his office and not in the storeroom,” Mutamba says in the book which has raised the ire of Mtukudzi.

Before delivery of the state-of-the-art studio equipment to Tuku, the president and his wife Grace had also contributed $5 000 towards the funeral expenses of the world-famous musician’s son, Sam, who died in a tragic car accident in March 2010.

Mutamba also claims that Tuku had accepted free advertising in lickspittle State media that had been arranged by politicians to announce Sam’s memorial service, against Mutamba’s advice.

“I (Mutamba) strongly advised Tuku against taking gifts from politicians. I actually sat on the advert for two days and did not take it to the (information) minister until Tuku read me the riot act,” the music legend’s former publicist says.

Mutamba, the former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) editor-in-chief added that the First Family had hosted a “bountiful three-course dinner” for 300 guests in September 2012, on the occasion of Tuku’s 60th birthday.

“The catering itself was done by the First Lady’s (Grace’s) own people from State House. The meal contained a starter of mixed vegetable salad and the main course comprised braised brisket, Cambridge Sausage stew, roasted chicken with peri-peri sauce and pan-fried trout served with fruity sweet chili sauce, plus braised jasmine rice, boiled jasmine rice, oven-roasted potatoes and oven-baked cinnamon with honey butternut and glazed mixed vegetables,” he writes.

Mutamba further quotes The Herald newspaper saying: “There was plenty of food reminiscent of the mound of food in Chinua Achebe’s (novel) Things Fall Apart, where relatives only got to see each other after eating half the food. Drinks ranged from 100% juices to whiskey…”

After the flurry of expensive gifts from the First Family, Tuku had “stopped all political criticism, satire and metaphor” targeted at Mugabe and his misrule.

According to Mutamba in Tuku Back Stage, Tuku had until these gifts stayed clear of propaganda musical galas that are regularly held by the ruling Zanu PF party — but that this had all changed in 2011 when the internationally-celebrated music icon joined other artistes during that year’s Independence Day celebrations.

As part of his new cosy relationship with the First Family, Tuku had, together with all artists from his Norton-based Pakare Paye Arts Centre, also performed at a Christmas party at an orphanage run by the First lady in Mazowe in December 2012.

The music superstar’s relationship with the Mugabes also appeared to have been strengthened further by the growing friendship between Tuku’s wife Daisy and the first lady.

In an interview with Mutamba, Daisy had warmly showered the first lady with praises.

“The first lady is… a very hardworking person, even though people say this and that about her. Grace has the same business mind as me. She is a woman of principle and she is not lazy. I like her, she likes me too,” Mutamba quotes Daisy saying in the book.

Given the blossoming friendship between Grace and Daisy, Tuku had also performed at the 2010 wedding of Russell Goreraza, the first lady’s son from a previous marriage before she hooked up with Mugabe.

Mutamba also believes that Tuku is now firmly in bed with the First Family, to the extent that the music superstar could no longer be expected to criticise Mugabe’s excesses and those of the ruling party and government.

“Artists who subordinate themselves to political whims cannot be the voice of the people. We can now look up only to Thomas Mapfumo, who has not faltered on political criticism and resistance.

“That is why he will be remembered as a true hero of the people’s political struggle. They do not call Mapfumo the ‘Lion of Zimbabwe’ for nothing,” Tuku’s former publicist says.

When the Daily News serialised a few chapters from Tuku Back Stage last year, the music icon threatened to sue Mutamba if he went ahead with the publication of the book.

Efforts to get comments from Tuku yesterday were unsuccessful. He is currently on a tour of Europe and North America.


Comments (47)

Yaaaaa Youuuuuu Mutamba you are creating lots of enemies for Tuku and wife, like to be associate with the first family is human crime to Zimbabweans. wakanyora book rako wakaputa dzeGure dzekuTete ,Tuku will regret in life to employ you. Kurera imbwa nemukaka mangwana inofuma yokuruma. Hameno kuti imbwa ndeipi apa?

mutengesi - 2 April 2015

This article clearly makes me lose my interest in buying or reading Mutamba's book. It however does not blare my admiration for Tuku nothing withstanding he is human. No where does Tuku say the President gave him gifts to influence him from criticism. Both Mutamba and the writer of the article seem have a hidden agenda.

Kambiri - 2 April 2015

Tuku will forever remain a legend to us uyu Mutamba dai akamamiswa nestate nezvaarikutaura izvi dai akatorwa iye Dzamara odzoka

Mafirakureva - 2 April 2015

What is deity about Mtukudzi? He is human like all of us. He is a music genius jus like others are soccer geniuses or good actors like the late Mukadota. But as someone in the public domain who is a celebrity, the prize you pay is NO PRIVACY. So thanks to Mutamba for telling that world the other side of Mtukudzi

Ndlangas - 2 April 2015

Zimbabweans munovenga chokwadi.You cant withstand the truth.Ndosaka makatora makore kuona kuti Mugabe arikuuraya nyika.Munovenga scrutiny the chokwadi munochisema.Ukanzi mukadzi or murume wako anohura unovenga akuudza typical Zimbabweans.The guy is writing Biblography uncensored thus Journalism.Mutamba arikunyora chokwadi.Like bible writers vainyora zvese chero kutadza kwaKing Solomon most adored man

mabhauwa - 2 April 2015

Ko iye Mutamba akambonzi nani nyore book racho zvisina mvumo yaTuku?Adiyi kunyora rake nezheupenyu hwakeI will not read such rubbish of a book.Tuku will remain a music legend

Muzik legent - 2 April 2015

Tuku soiled himself and we will start campaigning against him especially here in Europe. NO More attending his shows using our hard earned cash in the Diaspora. Go back Tuku and lick Mugabe's feet.

Ziziharinanyanga - 2 April 2015

Uyu Mutamba anenge asina kukwana. Unoda kuita mari on the expense ye privacy of other people. Iwe hauna privacy here? Uyu ngasungwe. Ko hakuna here Privacy Act?

Reality - 2 April 2015

The book will be a controversial read. I for one will continue listening and promoting Tuku music. I dont listen to Tuku because i perceive him to sing neither criticism nor praise of the presidium. I like his compositions regardless. The guy writes what most of us think and feel and in most cases fail to express through words of our own. If the book contained truth, well so be it, after all Tuku is as human as any of us. Of coz it would be sad if his lyrics get muted as a result of his friendship but who cares. He like any one of us is free to foster friendships with whomever he so choses. Rova ngoma tuku, kutenga hatiregi.

nemangwe - 2 April 2015

Haunyari Mutamba, zvinebasa nei newe izvozvo. Mind your own business. Don't try to seek fame nezvinhu zvisina basa. You are behaving like a ngochani. Haunyari

haunyari - 2 April 2015

The 'Tuku' legend spans many decades, to say that he was silenced by gifts given to him only five years ago....anyway author of the rubbish book is looking for attension to get a few bucks, who can blame him given the economic hardships. Tuku is and will always remain a legend in Zimbabwe for his unique untainted music and sluts such as Mutamba who do anything for money can do nothing about that.

Tafadzwa - 2 April 2015

Sheperd Mutamba is just there to settle old scores with our Tuku. Publishing all these lies will not make him (Mutamba) a hero. As a journalist, he should know that there is what is called PRIVACY. Mutamba was not employed by Tuku so that he would expose him to the outside world. Shame on you Mutamba, you are not a journalist worth your salt. I love my Tuku.

PSSS PSSS HALLO - 2 April 2015

I think one mistake Mutamba has made is that of claiming Tuku received studio equipment from Mugabe.If he is challenged to prove it,,and if he fails ..he will be sued to the....

handeyi - 2 April 2015

I think one mistake Mutamba has made is that of claiming Tuku received studio equipment from Mugabe.If he is challenged to prove it,,and if he fails ..he will be sued to the....

handeyi - 2 April 2015

Manyorero ako Mutamba ka, book iri richaverengwa nevakawanda asi vazhinji won't find it as something to buy but to illegally download...saka thank you for the book asi mari hauwani...afterall Tuku munhu wenyama...mashoko ake ndiwo atinotsvaga...zvekuti akadyei akazodanana nani hazvinei nesu...lol

Ndochie - 2 April 2015

Kunyangwe Tuku akaburitsa blank chero rakangonyorwa kuti "Tuku" pa cover ini ndinongotenga chete.... Tuku ndizvo pamberi naye.

Denford - 2 April 2015

Mutamba you are bitter small mind desperate opportunist who seeks fame on other people's fame. Tuku anotamba maths dzake iwe tamba dzako. Asi uri hama yaMutambara kani? Get a life and a real job.

Tindo - 2 April 2015

You think a musician cares the F#$@k about politics and how it affects the ordinary person? A musician is not a priest or some moral or patriotic extremist. They all look for fame and money. Tuku toiled since the mid 70s to make a name and fortune for himself. He is not a freedom fighter or war veteran. I do not remember him sacrificing for anybody's political wishes. This Mutamba character is mixing apples and oranges and a whole lot of s%$#t. His political gibberish which is all nonsensical cannot be mixed with the well crafted and lived history of a popular musician like Tuku.

candid - 2 April 2015

There is nothing wrong by Mutamba writting his book. It is how one interprets the contents inside. I would say from day one Thomas mapfumo's lyrics have been +95% political and his music is Chimurenga. On the other hand Tuku's lyrics have been more social and little politics from him since old school years. The big question is ," is it Tuku's duty to criticise mugabe or his opponents. You have to see and understand how the mugabe system works. Tuku is just victim of the mugabes who are forcing themselves onto him. Tuku was well established already to beg for a studio which looks like was dumped at his offices. If Tuku wants to be with Mugabes so be it thats democracy we all want.

X-MAN IV - 2 April 2015

nxaaa uyu Mutamba hameno zvaari kutsvaga bt achazviwana hake.....

zvinei - 2 April 2015

I think what Mutamba has done falls under Freedom of Press. So when we cry for those freedoms lets be aware of how far those freedoms can take us.

Gwete Springhare - 2 April 2015

i welcome the book, it should make interesting read. on one hand tuku can support any politician he chooses - on the other hand, being a public figure, its also exciting to know which one:-)

zambezi2limpopo - 2 April 2015

I love Mtukudzi's music regardless of his political views, just as I listened and tolerated Chimbetu inspite of his politics. It's life, we can't all flow in one direction like a river. We are humans, with different aspirations and political views. Maybe it was a political blunder, but his music is still great!

Phaphamani - 2 April 2015

Iwe siyana na Tuku and the First Family....."Jealousy makes you nasty"!!!

Eileen - 3 April 2015

Is there not one person in Zimbabwe that cannot be bought by Zanu Puffs dirty lucre??? it is indeed a sad day. We are our own worst enemies. No one stands fast and honours the Lord in this so called Christian nation. Surely we are a disgrace. We worship the god of money and things. We all need to repent! If we want our freedom from oppression and if we want restoration in Zim we need to totally change our greedy and covetous ways. We are worshipping false idols and God will never tolerate idolatry.

TruthBTold - 3 April 2015

Keep it up Mutamba. People like Oliver are icons. They are voices for the voiceless and the make us conscious of our of our standing through their art. Its easy for him to pass the feeling of those who are in pain and suffering to those unconscious power hungry who use cash and gifts to protect their ill deeds. He should have accepted the gifts yes yes BUT unconditionally. Please Tuku come out clean on this one.

wonder - 3 April 2015

ndinodakuti VaMutamba musada kuita mari nevamwe. Tuku has built his legacy and has a right to accept gifts from anyone. It is no crime. He is no politician and does not represent any constituency in parliament even a party. Basa rake kufadza vanhu vese veZimbabwe. In music he brings unity among us all. We have never heard him campaigning for Zanu PF or the 2 MDC`s. We don`t even know which party he belongs to. The next thing you will be telling us who he voted for, as if you were with him. My point is Tuku represents his country not a party. Please dont fool us.

gunz - 3 April 2015

Like they say in the underworld, everyman has a price!

Phaphamani - 3 April 2015

Nyika ikatongwa nemudzwanyiriri, everything which is done to show freedom of speech by another citizen, vanodzwanyirirwa vacho ndivo vanotanga kuchema kuti hazvibvumirwe. Saka freedom yacho moida maenda kugehena here. Keep the good work Mr Mutamba. SA journalist once did a documentary of the first family's life and broadcasted on national tv but noone complained. Now because its Mutamba everybody cries foul. Keep the good work sahwira. Let everyone who bed with devil be let out of the bag. Inga unongonyorao zvakanaka zvaaingoitao wani! A must read book!!!!

chamvari - 3 April 2015

Most of the people who have commented have not yet read the book, so shut up and read first before spewing vomit!!!!

G-balls - 3 April 2015

I regret to say this. But vese varikushoropodza Mutamba for giving us the other side of Tuku muri mhata. If u support Tuku don't defend what u dont know. Neither am I vouching for the truth of Mutamba's version. Just reaqd and seek more truth or analyse whether his lyrics have changed as Mutamba is alleging

tiriparwendo - 3 April 2015

zvino tipei izvozvo zve mabuku ano nyorwa na Mutamba ne zveupenyu hwa Tuku ndo zvisina kana deal manje Hamheno kuti ndiyani anoda kuziva kuti Tuku adyei nhasi hazvinei nesu izvozvo Isu music tino terera inonakidza not kuti ndeyani zveupenyu hwema musician hatinei nazvo ndizvekumba kwavo nevakadzi vavo ne vana vavo ngazviperere ikoko kuimba ibasa Kubasa kubasa okay.

chando kupisa - 3 April 2015

Ve pepa nhau nyorai zvino batsira vanhu kwete zve hupenyu wemunhu Nhasi tiri pa Easter holidays hakuna mvura pa Christmas holidays kwakange kusina mvura Harare City proudly announced that there is going to be a dry EASTER manje ndo chii ichocho bvunzai nyorai kuti vanhu voenda pa holiday yo kupedza yachikungurutsa ma drum vachitsvaga mvura here. Kwete kuti ti nyorera zve upenyu hwa Tuku ari kutoraramawo nokurara achiimba muma Nite CLUB NE zvidwakwa ne pfambi

time wasted - 3 April 2015

Does this mean Tuku will never perform my favourite song "vuma kuti wachembera" live? ah kunzima

Vuma iwe. - 3 April 2015

some of us benefitted immensely on schooling ,while Tuku not on school benefitted also. Where is this story going iwe Mutamba??

tukutu - 3 April 2015

Democracy is all about tolerance. I am afraid the people of Zimbabwe you are trampled upon because you are far from exercising your rights. Tuku has the right to be associated with any politician of his choice while Mutamba has the right to write what he feels need to be known by the people. Anyone who is aggrieved by either of the above please exercise by way of expressing yourself and allow anyone to respond. We build our nation and beavers on listening and tolerating one another. We are where we are today because ZANU PF is still learning to unpack TOLERANCE!!!

Mabhangalizha Bhoirai - 4 April 2015

you people i dont know what you want whoo. yes ndakatora,ndakaba,i even externalised,from all aspects of the ecomomy and you were watching.? why because you are not clean and you know it. tell me or show me one in private or public office who has not looted billions after realising after all nothing happens. kungotaura kuye hapana? yes i stole,looted,asked millions in kickbacks, in diamonds,mining,farming.touts,gmb,sugar,opposition, why because nothing will ever happen, since stone age tell me one person who has been persecuted for corruotion .murder,rape,theft,mismanagement, externalization; nobody so what stops us or me ; kuzimra we give gvt change of what we will have shared as revenue,and what do they do promotion kikiki, C I D. POLICE, SECURITY. JUSTICE there it will take ages to bring sanity, all cases esp,gvt,we throw them out. just grease the hands of the judges or send there children to school overseas thus it [ adjourned adjourned] until the complainat dies or destroy the files case closed.who does not know this,if you are better than me why not take corrective measures.??all ministris our people get promoted.who will qn it,arrest me and charge me if u are clean,in the banks we are taking money who has returned a kobo to who and how. finance.agriculture.zimra. justice. energy. kumwe kupi, clean the who house and return sanity otherwise vamwe tofa ne mari vamwe vachifa nenhamo kikiki. FROM MUJURU

rutendo - 4 April 2015

kkkkkkkkkk aaaa yaaaaaaaaa zvakawoma zvemuzimbabwe

gudza - 5 April 2015

kkkkkkkkkk aaaa yaaaaaaaaa zvakawoma zvemuzimbabwe

gudza - 5 April 2015

Mutamba you are wasting your time...unofunga kuti dzoke vanhu voramba mtukudzi vachida iwe?ha ha ha u are a very foolish man .you should have thought of other options to settle your old scores with the legend other than discrediting him in your nonsensical book.we listen to tuku music not his private live or the way he manages his affairs, thats totally none of our damn business..DO YOU UNDERSTAND. fuck you , unoita sekuti wakamama pfungwa ukasiya zvimwe zvacho...we are die hard fans of the mtukudzi brand and tichatowedzera kumudira izvozvo...kana wasvotwa enda unomama uko..nxaaaaaaa

gatsi rusere - 6 April 2015

kkkkk haya vamutamba varikutsvaga mari ava hazvititadzise kuterera music yatuku kana ichitinakidza tuku munhu president munhu hapana chinovatadzisa kuti vatambe vese kkkkk iye mutamba wacho achambowana mariiko nechibhuku chake tuku rova ngoma tinakirwe hapana munhu akachena pasi pano iye mutamba anezvake zvatisingazivi ende hatina basa nazvo kana zvatuku hatina basa nazvo toda music chete ini nditori nezvagu asi handifungi kuti vanhu vangaite basa nazvo saka munhu ngaite zveupenyu hwake haungamuparadze nhasi tuku akabva kure murume uyu muzimbabwe hatidi masatanist nengochani nemhondi tuku haapo panezvese izvozvo nekuti hauna kuzvinyora muchibhuku chako tuku ndewedu kusvika taparadzaniswa nerufu mhosva dzake anotongwa namwari wake

Antony - 7 April 2015

Mutamba hokoyo

Hazvie - 7 April 2015

I always suspected this Tuku character after he went quiet after releasing Bvuma in 2000.To make matters worse Tuku`s Son was killed by the evil murderous CIOs.Chokwadi chabuda pachena manje.Big up to Shepherd Mutamba 4 exposing the hypocritical Mtukudzi 4 supping up with the despotic murderous Matibili.That is why i will always salute & respect Dr Thomas Mapfumo ,the Conquering Lion of ZIM/Chimurenga music King/Guru,Mhukahuru,Murambatsvina,the Voice of the Voiceless& anti-Corruption Crusader !.

Dr Zvichaperachete - 8 April 2015

uyu Mutamba ngaatiitire mushe matsvagiro ake emari haiite


Tuku is an artist to the world. His life has nothing to do with his career. Mutamba you are a sell out and to serve your own personal greediness, you forgot to be objective and to weigh how this is going to affect Tuku, his life and entire!What kind of a person are you, who chooses to destroy another human being? you are wicked and evil!

Kuda - 13 April 2015

To slander, it must be At least three … Which one is not there ~ Lesio Jealousy Quotes

Shaikh Reza - 5 August 2015

To slander, it must be At least three … Which one is not there ~ Lesio http://quotesdna.com/jealousy-quotes/

Shaikh Reza - 5 August 2015

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