'Mugabe will lose in 2018'

HARARE - Fearless former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda has predicted that President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF will lose the country’s 2018 national elections hands down.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Sibanda said the level of factionalism and anarchy in Zanu PF, coupled with the failing health of Mugabe and his controversial wife Grace, meant that it was impossible that Zanu PF could win a free and fair election — more so as the party operated on the misplaced notion that elections were won on voting day.

The outspoken war veteran also accused the Zanu PF leadership of manipulating the party’s constitution ahead of the disputed December 2014 congress, “for the sole purpose of purging” some long-serving officials.

He said by so doing, the party had been severely weakened as “the electoral college for the congress which was disregarded constituted the party’s main support base”.

“So if you ask me whether the party will triumph in 2018, the answer is simple. With other political parties out there, the so-called (Zanu PF) big sharks will realise that they are actually kapenta in the ocean,” the brutally candid Sibanda said.

Sibanda was controversially booted out of Zanu PF last year after he threatened to mobilise war veterans to seek audience with Mugabe over the party’s deadly infighting, as well as the many challenges that war veterans continued to experience 35 years after Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain in April 1980.

Before that, he had also colourfully pronounced that he was not going to allow “any coup both in the boardroom and in the bedroom” at the height of the party’s anarchy last year that was fronted by Grace — as it became increasingly clear that she had become the power behind the throne in the run-up to the party’s disputed December congress. The utterances subsequently resulted in Sibanda being incarcerated on charges of breaching the country’s controversial slander laws — specifically insulting or undermining the authority of the president. The matter is still before the courts.

Sibanda said yesterday that it would be foolhardy for the ruling party to “even imagine” itself winning the 2018 elections.

“Unlike the preparations for the previous elections where I spent the whole time, from 2008, interacting with the electorate and resulting in the victory in 2013, the situation this time will be different.

“Elections are not won in one day because once you lose the faith of the electorate it is very difficult to regain it as Zanu PF has done. It has divided itself with one half which successfully managed to pull the First Family to their side fighting the other half even in Parliament,” Sibanda said.

Confirming the long-held view that Mugabe’s party used unorthodox means to win elections, Sibanda added that any plan to manipulate the ballot in 2018 would not work.

“They are used to vote buying and deploying State security agents to fight on their side and this will not work either. The so-called big sharks murkied the waters in the small pond and have reduced the party to a bath tub by distorting the Zanu PF electoral college,” he said.

In the meantime, the main opposition charged yesterday that the wheels had come off Zimbabwe.

MDC spokesperson, Obert Gutu, said the economy continued to be on “an unprecedented downward spiral”, with at least 300 workers losing their jobs every week. He also said that it was becoming increasingly obvious that Treasury would soon run out of money to pay salaries for the bloated civil service.

“It is obvious that Mugabe is no longer in control of the levers of State power. There is now a shadowy and Mafia-like gang that is running the State,” Gutu said in a statement.

“The Zanu PF regime is now a rag tag grouping of antagonistic and opposing political factions. Things have completely fallen apart. The centre can no longer hold. Zimbabwe has degenerated into a failed state with several and ill-defined centres of power,” Gutu added.

Tsvangirai’s party also expressed concern about the impending drought the country faces due to poor planning and following poor rains this farming season.

More than 75 percent of the country received erratic rainfall particularly in the southern provinces of Masvingo, Matabeleland South, Matabeleland North and parts of the Midlands  provinces.

“Mugabe is busy hoping from one jet onto another as he continues with his endless and apparently purposeless foreign escapades. Zimbabwe is on autopilot and as of now, no contingency measures have been put in place to avert the massive food deficit that is about to ravage no less than seven million Zimbabweans, particularly those living in the poor and marginalised rural areas,” Gutu said.

Political analyst Maxwell Saungweme weighed in yesterday saying it was unimaginable that someone facing the odds Mugabe was confronted with could contemplate standing for election in 2018.

Saungweme said considering that Mugabe was now 91 years old, he would be stretching himself too far to continue beyond 2018.

“So, physically it looks like a mission impossible. Economically, everything points to depression and a dying economy and if things remain on their current trajectory the economy would have probably collapsed in 2018,” Saungweme said.

He added that given the deep-rooted factional and succession wars devouring the ruling party, “Things really point to the end come 2018”.

Speaking to the Daily News last week, Sibanda said a glaring lack of government accountability, coupled with gross corruption by many Zanu PF bigwigs was at the heart of Zimbabwe’s continuing political and economic crisis.

He also said Zanu PF was solely to blame for the myriad challenges facing the country, and not opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and the targeted sanctions imposed by the West, as Mugabe’s ruling party liked to claim.

“Before we accuse Tsvangirai or any foreigner of hurting our country, let us look at ourselves. We have failed as a government and we are now even failing as a party, and as a result the revolution is being liquidated in the process,” Sibanda said.

He also accused Mugabe of “listening to misleading voices” in Zanu PF and of “feigning surprise” when the president had been informed about how corrupt most of his ministers were.

Sibanda added pointedly that this was the “real reason” why the country was in the mess it was in, and why its resources such as diamonds were being plundered by foreign companies working in cahoots with some ruling party elements.

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The state of journalism in Zimbabwe is at an all time low. . . . As usual ZimPapers leads the pack with its endless fiction, slander, defamation, bootlicking, fabrication, bias, delusion, and hallucinations. . . . . . Few Zimbabwe related 'stories' published are based on reality or fact. . . . Politicians and Public Servants are notoriously known to be congenital liars with their own biased agendas. Other so-called independent publications are similarly afflicted. . . . . International authors / journalists / stringers / spokespersons / plagiarists / “experts” such those scheduled below are hardly any better. . . . Snuki Zikalala, Dianna Games, Peta Thornycroft, Sheila Galloway, Reason Wafawarova, Nelson Banya, Gwynne Dyer, Jane Fields, Shadreck Guto, Michael Holman , Mac Maharaj, Jan Raath, Andrew Meldrum, Alex Duval Smith, Ian Scoones, Angus Shaw, Brian Hungwe, Ginny Stein, Max Du Preez, Wiseman Nkuhlu, Alex Bell, David Smith, Christopher Hitchens, Christina Lamb, Charles Murray, Brian Latham, Jan Lamprecht, & Tafataona Mahoso. . . .. Who is going to lay out the overdue template for real professionalism in journalism in Zimbabwe?

Loveless Chitapi - 1 April 2015

No NO NO Jabulani stop preaching to us about how ZANU PF is bad and has failed!! Remember 2008 and 2013. You jabulani have bones in your closet, you are one of these destroyers, you have absolutely nothing to tell povho, you are a f***ng leopard in sheep's clothing. You tasted your own medicine. I wish ZANU PF would finish up with you and lock you up at Goromonzi torture camp! You are a faggot Jabu. Zvakuwana nhasi.

Garikayi - 1 April 2015

When you say you spent 2008-2013 "interacting with the electorate" you mean victimising and abusing them in the name of Mugabe and Zanu. You also need to come clean on the things you were doing on their behalf and ask for forgiveness first from those people you victimised and to the country at large. Its people like you and Mutasa who have been complicit in denying people the ability to determine their denstiny.

Lt General - 1 April 2015

Rubbish reporting, amateurish and nonsensical is now the order of the day with this toilet paper.

reason - 1 April 2015

viva reason!

buster - 1 April 2015

you are not serious @reason. you mean to say that you read toilet paper? that would make you less human or something is very wrong with you.

tula - 1 April 2015

Its utter rubbish Jubulani, you are now seeing the true picture of your so called ZANU PF now that you are out but during your inclusion it was your darling. Oh no no no, we are not stupid we are right minded people. You used to say Morgan Tsvangirayi is the problem but now you are sang its Zanu Pf with the problem. What a mystic point when you say Zanu Pf is corrupt? Were you not the one who was advocating for devastating spirit of looting our wealth. My man don't be silly. Stop this crying we are having many problems you have created with your thieves in your so called party yevanhu.

Chemical Solution - 1 April 2015

It looks like the chickens are coming home to roost for all of them. The half left behind and the half that got booted out. It is a sad fact that one can warn and warn of the consequences of sin but very few pay attention. Only true repentance will save anyone. We need these guys to be crawling over a mile of broken glass to confess and ask forgiveness from the very people they have robbed, cheated, plundered, beaten, intimidated, murdered, jailed, falsely accused, tortured and destroyed. RGM sick! Grace sick! Katsande dead! ZPF in tatters! And that is just for starters. And no I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked as is my Father's heart and pray that they will truly repent. Saviour needs to tone down his arrogance a tad!

Freedom4Zim - 1 April 2015

to be frank guys. Jabulani is a coward! and so forgetfully, what happen in 2004. wasnt there manipulation of the Zanu PF constitution to factor in Joice (woman) to the presidium. nokuti zvaaifunga zvakaramba ongokuma sedhongi rarasika. Pasi naJubulani! Pasi neGamatox!

Haile - 1 April 2015

Jabulani if you dreamt about this go and sleep again, proper dreams will come. if you were told by a prophet its aprophet of doom. Relax and watch ZANU PF doing it again resoundingly

wind - 1 April 2015

idzi ihope dzechando idzi

wind - 1 April 2015

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While I agree that Jabulani's eyes were opened when he got booted out, what he is the truth that the opposition since ZUm had been trying to tell the electorate. I know that in 2018 he will not vote Zanu if he is still alive or has not rejioned the gravy train just as Cde Johno. This is one less cadre to be used to terrosise the opposition. What I am waiting to hear from him is how they managed to manipulate the vote since 2002 presidential elections or is he perhaps small fry to know about the inner workings of the cabal. Come on Sibanda spill the real beans or else we will not take you seriously.

Mavara Azarevhu - 1 April 2015

Mugabe will be dead then

Tawanda Knox - 1 April 2015

Zimbabwe has been reduced to a banana republic yet the solution lies within the people of ZIMBABWE TO EITHER LET IT RUIN OR DISPOSE OFF INEFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP

hamutyinei? - 1 April 2015

Saka Grace anovigwa mu Heroes Acre here amana?

Gomba - 1 April 2015

One thing I am picking from the Gamatox is that they are giving the opposition tit bits of the electoral thuggery of Zanu and very soon we shall know it. Those who are clever will use these guys to defeat the dictatorship. Now we can confirm Jabu was beating up people from 2008 to 2013 and that state security agents are in deed helping Zanu using tax payer's money. Next will be who was killing where and how many, then where is the rigging happening being chaired by who?

Qawe laMaqawe - 1 April 2015

I have seen pathetic politicians and opportunists. Jabu beats them all.

machakachaka - 2 April 2015

kkkkkk. Sibanda kunyengerera kutsvaga basa ku MDC. These opportuninists? Not leaders at all but kuda kungotsvaga mari

wind - 2 April 2015

Is it a surprise really?Mugabe has never won elections in Zim since 2000 but he has been rigging himself to power and the most notable being 2008.He will not win but will rig,simple!

Gamatox Mutasa - 2 April 2015

There will be no elections in 2018 . Something will happen before that time ....

Dzasukwa - 2 April 2015

They've actually lost all of them since 2002 - but don't expect them to go just because they people don't vote for them. The voting is one thing, the counting is something else again.

zimbo12 - 2 April 2015

Tati siyayi vapopote kani!! Pazvaitaurwa ivo vari mukati hanti vaiti heee agents of imperialism,heee agents of the regime change agenda...nhasi vaakuona kuti regime change iya ndizvo. Mwauka tinzwe Jabu!!

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk - 2 April 2015

Shut up Sibanda. You terrorized people in the rural areas trying to please Zanu PF. Now its sour grapes. Please test your own medicine quietly and enjoy your day. You think we forget so easily, that's how shallow your imagination is. We know you still wish you were still aboard the gravy train. Please go to hell

wonder - 3 April 2015

Mugabe lost elections in 2008, and maybe some before that. So as far as this country goes, we are waiting for his official burial. He is dead to us, a useless man who has failed to walk the talk. Who has betrayed African dreams, who has presided over total collapse of one of the promising economies! Mugabe is HISTORY like his chimurenga songs

Phaphamani - 3 April 2015

Pawai zhambatata nevamwe vako kuimba kuti Zanu-PF chiororo waiti zwinorevei ? Ngwara. Nedzimwe nguva dzungu rinopesesa. Usakangamwa kuti you only had freedom of speach/expression whilst in Zanu-PF. The moment you are kicked out wafana nesvino svinonyora svichitya kuti anytime svingangonokerwa padoor.

Chorosi - 4 April 2015

Zanu pf leaders and their acolytes thrive on their self-anointed immunity whilst looting, extorting, robbing, raping, brutalization, and murdering their victims . When they fall foul of others in their massive criminal enterprise, they suddenly start exposing the evil sins of their shameless fellow cowards and criminals in Zanu pf who are still riding on the gravy train. In the hope of erasing their blemished trail of depravity these turncoats now seek to sell-out their former comrades in crime. All former and present Zanu pf criminals need their necks stretched by a noose. Only the likes of European Union ambassadors to Zimbabwe Xavier Marchal, Aldo Dell'Ariccia and Philippe van Damme, and their appeasing colleagues believe that these Zanu pf felons are heroes that need to be excused for their actions and should be rewarded with substantial western aid funds. Catrio-anus Laing felt that they were not asset pillagers, social parasites or barbarians but had all the necessary qualities of strong moral principles, honesty , integrity and decency.

Catriona Neville-Chamberlain - 4 April 2015

hameno hameno ndizvo zvinoita politics hameno singing kkkkkkkkkkkk

gudza - 5 April 2015

Waimbolumaka saka hauchaluma ,zvorwadzaka Mr Sibanda

cobra - 7 April 2015

though Sibanda is telling the truth,he should have seen or known this truth before.Remember he committed untold crimes against the masses of zimbabwe in the name of zanu and its very hard for the very same people he terrorised to believe him.

Enough - 8 April 2015

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