Disaster looming, says Tsvangirai

HARARE - Zimbabwe is teetering on the brink of total collapse as the economy continues to nosedive precipitously and President Robert Mugabe’s increasingly clueless government fails to align the country’s laws with the Constitution — leading it to resort to abductions and thuggish power retention methods, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said.

In a strongly-worded letter to South African President Jacob Zuma, who is also chairman of Sadc’s organ on politics, defence and security, Tsvangirai highlighted the wilting democratic space in Zimbabwe, warning that unless the regional body intervened, the country would soon be consumed by chaos and anarchy.

“Your Excellency, the situation in Zimbabwe is getting out of hand and civil strife is imminent. Zimbabweans are once again being subjected to suppression by the government. We call upon the region and the continent not to sit idly by and watch Zimbabwe slide back into chaos,” Tsvangirai warned.

Disaster looming, says Tsvangirai

The letter which was copied to all the other Sadc heads of state, African Commission chairperson Nkosazana Dhlamini-Zuma, United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon and the European Union head of delegation in Zimbabwe Phillipe Van Damme, said the resistance by Mugabe to democratic reforms pointed to worse things to come.

“The Zimbabwean economy continues to decline due to the ruinous policies adopted by the government. Massive corruption involving State officials remains an albatross around Zimbabwe’s neck,” reads part of the letter written to Zuma, and a copy of which is in the possession of the Daily News.

“It is my hope that timely intervention by your excellences will avert the potential disaster brewing in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Tsvangirai wrote his letter as Mugabe continues to globe-trot at huge expense to the fiscus, and at a time that unrest and a morbid spirit of lawlessness has gripped frustrated Zimbabweans.

Recent riots at Harare’s Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison and at the University of Zimbabwe are among some of the growing signs of citizens being fed up with the state of affairs in the country.

Although the government has dismissed the warning from analysts and opposition parties that the country is like a tinderbox ready to explode, the State is increasingly resorting to heavy-handed methods to maintain order, using riot police even where this has not appeared necessary.

Apart from having to find urgent solutions to deal with the restive population, Zanu PF is also struggling to deal with an internal revolt by senior party officials that has seen the brutal removal of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and all her perceived allies from office.

“The ruling Zanu PF has abandoned the duty to redress the economic situation of Zimbabwe because of its pre-occupation with the internal political strife in the (ruling) party,” Tsvangirai added in his letter.

He further contended that Zimbabwe’s calamitous economic collapse did not bode well for peace and security in the country — where more than 90 percent of the people are now unemployed and many more are faced with hunger due to gross corruption and misrule by Zanu PF.

Despite making myriad promises during the disputed 2013 elections, the ruling party has failed to provide the two million jobs it said it would create in its economic blueprint ZimAsset, and the country’s public health sector is now in intensive care — with Mugabe and his wife preferring to be treated overseas rather than locally.

And according to Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, at least 4 160 companies have closed since 2011, sending more than 55 400 employees into instant destitution.

Economists also say that average incomes in Zimbabwe are now at their lowest levels in 60 years, with a recent survey commissioned by FinMark and ZimStats last month revealing that more than 76 percent of the country’s adult population has to make do with less than $200 a month.

Pointing out the deficiencies in governance in Zimbabwe, Tsvangirai said Mugabe was failing dismally to implement the new Constitution which had been overwhelmingly endorsed by the majority of Zimbabweans in 2013.

“The Zimbabwe Constitution provides for a very comprehensive Bill of Rights. Nothing has been done to enable the people of Zimbabwe to enjoy these rights,” he said.

Tsvangirai said failure to implement the Constitution meant that Zimbabweans were living under the “yoke of oppressive legislation that is now unconstitutional”.

He said Mugabe’s recent chilling warning to judges who will preside over the court case involving former Cabinet ministers Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa was yet another indicator of the “absence of the respect for the rule of law in the country”.

“President Mugabe must openly and unconditionally withdraw his threats to the judiciary. There is nothing, Your Excellency, that suggests that these threats are idle,” Tsvangirai wrote to Zuma and the other Sadc leaders.

Tsvangirai also warned that following the recent disappearance of pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara, the 2008 days of “murder and forced disappearances of those opposed to Zanu PF” were back.

Dzamara has been missing for a full three weeks now after he was abducted near his home by suspected State security agents.

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Well said our' future president'. How ever the world will continue to watch. Remember Rwanda, Burundi etc????

Garikayi - 30 March 2015

It is true that our economy is in a bad state. However, I am not sure what Tsvangirai expects Zuma to do about it. Does he believe Zuma and SADC have the power to fire Mugabe and order new elections?

machakachaka - 30 March 2015

The GNU is over tsvangison. you are not going to have a second bite!! Never! You can only get into government through elections. If elections were to be called in this 'dire situation" that you are describing, Zanu PF will hammer you.

godfrey gudo - 30 March 2015

he is not your future president but current if you are mdc t. he cannot be the president of the country. the man blunders big time. look how he gifted zanu pf 14 parliamentary seats recently. that's what he is good at. women and political blunders=tsvangison.

zvirozviyedzwa - 30 March 2015

My very old granny told me she enjoyed life when Tsvangirai's party got into the inclusive government. Now she thinks hell is better than Zanu pf.

Bla Kodza - 30 March 2015

Sadc and the AU are good at watching while countries deteriorate. Zuma is probably happy that the Zim economy is collapsing because more Zims will consume South African products imported from SA's thriving industries. The African Union is worse. They never do anything except meet and make long speeches after showing off their latest wives and girlfriends.

Chenjerai Hove - 30 March 2015

I Am told ZUMA, upon seeing the signature, he flushed the letter down the sewer without reading the contents.

reason - 30 March 2015

he is not a president but the fact still remains tht zanu pf government has failed to run the country to improve the welfare of th poor suffering citizens of zimbabwe

jahman - 30 March 2015

This Lunatic what does he think he is doing. he can not be president for zim through back door. Lunatic wait for 2018 elections

peter james - 30 March 2015

Ha ha ha @ Chenjerai Hove, that is so funny and sad & but true. Long boring speeches at that. Its only when western countries raise concern they then raise their heads and shout "African problems, african solutions" and go back to "showing off their latest wives and girlfriends."

Galore 123 - 30 March 2015

This is leadership, thank you for letting the world know the tyranny of this evil regime! Even if they don't act as before, you have done your part to expose these dangerous thugs.

Mai Bambino - 30 March 2015

i think dzamara is dead. I think he is buried at a shallow grave somewhere for sure.

farai - 30 March 2015

The ant- Tsvangirai mob must be reminded that the negative attitudes they have towards Morgan is because of their years of brainwashing, the DAILY tarnishing of Tsvangirayi's image by both the Herald and the ZBC. Chakabaya chika tshokera. This is the truth.

Sekuru Ndoronga - 30 March 2015

the herald, zbc and tsvangirai are tarnishing the image of tsvangirai. don't just point fingures at the herald and zbc include the man himself tsvangirai. he is at any given chance tarnishing his image.

zvirozviyedzwa - 30 March 2015

tsvangirai will never rule Zimbabwe. its better he leaves the presidency for someone now before 2018. he knws this for sure Tsvangirai. i dont knw why he is hiding it to us the MDC supporters. Step down now and the MC will win the 2018 elections. you cant win an election when God is not on your side

wind - 30 March 2015

King Dong (the trouser dropper) a.k.a.Morgan Tsvangirai is a serious oxygen waster. He is a spent force who betrayed those that hoped he and his team would navigate Zimbabwe towards sanity, integrity and prosperity. Instead they absorbed and applied the Zanu pf doctrine of kleptomania and greed. The remnants of the various factions of the MDC are now rudderless. All meaningful aid and support from civilized countries has vaporized and is now unfortunately being steered into the greedy palms of the Zanu pf mafioso. In the hallmarks of history, Morgan Tsvangirai will forever be remembered for lacking intelligence and for being a shameless traitor to the people of Zimbabwe.

Melanoma Grace - 30 March 2015

@wind, one lesson you should learn in life is never say never, because when it happens you will be the first one to lip out of this country.

pride - 30 March 2015

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Chire - 30 March 2015

We have heard this song before Tsvangison. The question is...what will you do differently from zanu pf?

Qiniso - 30 March 2015

Dear fellow Zimbabweans, I often wonder if we are ever going to solve our problems given the way we snipe, jab and continuously criticise each other. For a largely Christian nation we are very far away from loving each other the way the Lord has commanded us to. In fact we are a disgrace to the name of the Lord. We are a totally polarised and divided nation full of bitterness, unforgiveness and hatred. MT has made mistakes but the unmovable fact remains that the majority of Zimbabweans voted him in as president of this nation in at least two elections; 2008 and 2013. Until we repent of our sin as a nation God's judgment will continue and the curses our sins have entertained will flourish! Read Jeremiah 6:10-13. And then read Acts 17:26. God designed us to be one nation and not a bunch of head butting warring animals.

Freedom4Zim - 31 March 2015

Tsvangirai, you had your chance in the inclusive government and what really changed for ZIMBABWEANS apart from that you married more wives and now you stay in a mansion.

torido - 31 March 2015

The problem of zimbos is that they lack support.Tsvangison is trying to put bread on the table for you to eat but you are after him.Can you tell me what effort have you made to try to unsettle the govt.You just wait to comment on every statement said by president T.If you are happy with the current govt go and poo in the toilet.Foko

Dodge - 31 March 2015

morgan is forcused and is the name which is still giving a lot of people sleepless nights. he has a big role or mandate in this whether he rules or not, zimbabwe needs him. you reject his presence at your own risk. one thing he is is doing is that he is learning the politics game so fast and will remain with many answers for this country. zanu today know that what he contributed during the gnu is what is at least making this country move. zanu is still using the fuel they were given by mdc during gnu and are failing to refill and therefore car called zanu will run out of fuel soon. there have to call mdc to help soon or else we are not reaching our destiny

see - 31 March 2015

it show that Dr Tsvangirai has people at heart its not all about ruling or increasing his political milage.

mr truth - 31 March 2015

@ mr truth. Thank you for your short and well thought analysis

greasemonkey - 31 March 2015

if tsvangirai steps down as MDC president then you will see MDC winning an election. Besides that forget and relax, ZANU will be at the helm until Tsvangirai steps down. Just wait and see the bi-elections to be done. If MDC participate, you will see how it will be hammeered by ZANU PF. Us MDC supporters we are tired of MT and we will boycot voting. Mark my words and listen to the results on the 11th of June

wind - 31 March 2015

we are tired of MT here in Bulawayo

wind - 31 March 2015

wind you are tired,we want MT here in BYO,He is the real face of opposition in zimbabwe with real supporters not itimidated ones.

TERRA COTTA - 31 March 2015

MT failed us. instead of demonstrating how leadership is done, he went on a marrying spree. that is the time Zimbabweans were expecting a lot from him. besides, he changed the constitution so that he can overstay. we don't want such politicians. we want people who groom others for leadership than manipulators like MT. people who still support him will one day wake up from slumber and ditch him. he is no good for democracy.

zvirozviyedzwa - 31 March 2015

This Wind guy is windy as the name suggests already, do not read much from his daft comments.Thectruth wind is that Zimbabewans are suffering now and we need a fresh wind in the mould of Tsvangirai, and brace up for that because very soon you will be happier than you are because of the goodness of Zimbabwe then.

cypriano - 31 March 2015

Zvinuzviyedzwa I respect your view, however, I strongly believe that the propaganda against Morgan Tsvangirai by Zanupf has gotten into your head and you are blinkered.Morgan has never been given a chance to govern and its difficult to base his credentials on the inclusive government which was controlled by the head of state and government and commander in chief of the defence forces.He was very ceremonial in the inclusive government.

cypriano - 31 March 2015

Ok guys I started this discussion and I enjoyed every comment. My conclusion is that MT is the man of the day. Not one of you is referring to mad Bob and his crazy wife. So in Zim there is no leadership...NOTHING!! Let us accept the fate we find ourselves in. I am told Mugabe is planning another trip to the far east as soon as he is back from Ethiopia, for his Easter break, then back for independence day for some bla bla bla, then May day, then Africa day, before preparing a speech for Heroes or Terrorists Day in August, back to Singapore via Dhubai and maybe back to China for a follow up on the mega deals which are taking time to materialise....I forgot Russia and Iran in RGM's itinerary.... Mnangagwa is smiling all the way to the bank....acting allowance and looting whilst mad Bob is in the sky!! Good bye for now guys. YOURS TRULY I and I

Garikayi - 31 March 2015

did morgan change the constitution so that he can serve as president beyond two terms as was stipulated by the mdc t constitution then? Yes he did. is he also purging those who are potential leaders in the mdc t? yes he is. is he a dictator then? of course he is one. is he a handiende? yes he is.

zvirozviyedzwa - 1 April 2015

zvirozviedzwa unoona mhani. This man (MT) is a dictator

wind - 1 April 2015

Let us not forget that when T becomes president the tax payer will be burdened with building a whole new BORROWDALE BROOK he is greedy like the rest

jack - 1 April 2015

poverty ichatidzidzisa mazimbos

jojola - 4 April 2015

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