Bhasikiti hits back at Mnangagwa

HARARE - Former Masvingo minister of State, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, has lashed out at Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying the Zanu PF strongman should make a public apology for misleading the nation about the reasons why he had been booted out of government last month.

Bhasikiti was the last of the group of ministers who were summarily fired from the government by President Robert Mugabe, following a brutal Zanu PF purge that targeted former Vice President Joice Mujuru and all her perceived allies.

After Bhasikiti’s unceremonious ouster, Mnangagwa told party supporters that the sitting legislator for Mwenezi East had been fired on the grounds that he had FROM P1

received money from sugar milling company Tongaat Hullet, to fund the much talked about, but still to be proven plot to oust and assassinate Mugabe.

But appearing before Parliament’s committee on Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Committee, Tongaat Hullet’s chief executive officer, Sydney Mutsambiwa, stridently denied making any personal payments to Bhasikiti.

The company revealed instead that it had made a direct deposit into Zanu PF’s bank account, and not to Bhasikiti who had approached them begging for donations towards the party’s disputed congress last December.

In a no-holds barred interview with the Daily News yesterday, Bhasikiti said while some of the victims of Zanu PF’s brutal purges had chosen to remain quiet and retreat into their shells, he was “not afraid to speak the truth”.

“If fairness was going to be done and since Parliament has absolved me of doing any wrong, then I could have my job back. However, I am not looking for my job back. I am looking at representing the people honestly and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who said I was fired because of that should apologise,” Bhasikiti said.

After Zanu PF’s brutal purges that saw scores of party stalwarts being thrown off the State’s gravy train, many of them are now coming out of their shells, revealing interesting titbits.

In the wide-ranging interview, Bhasikiti also alleged that the country was suffering, not because of sanctions, but because of deep-rooted corruption and fear among Zanu PF bigwigs.

“They can keep the job, I don’t want it back. But I need my integrity as a person. They must apologise for wrongly accusing me,” Bhasikiti charged.

Mnangagwa, who has lately been unusually garrulous, was recently quoted by lickspittle State media threatening Bikita Minerals and Tongaat Hullet, two of the many companies implicated in the untested treason conspiracy, with unspecified action on the grounds that they were allegedly funding anti-Mugabe activities.

“What do we say to Tongaat Hulett and Bikita Minerals which were behind funding Didymus Mutasa and his ‘gamatox’ team who wanted to remove President Mugabe from power even by killing him?

“Bhasikiti was fired because of Tongaat Hulett and they should be warned that we will not hesitate to deal with them,” the much-feared VP was quoted as saying.

But Bhasikiti retorted that Zanu PF’s purges had “targeted the wrong people and left the rotten apples stealing and abusing power”.

“This has taken boldness for me to say it because the majority of the corrupt-free people who were wrongly accused have chosen to keep quiet to avoid further victimisation. I have spoken because I have an issue which affects my people in Chingwizi by corrupt ministers,” he said.

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Well done Bhasikiti.Fight to the death and you can also sue the Vice President for defamation since the evidence is in the public record.

Kufandada - 30 March 2015

Was this not the same Bhasikiti who was terrorizing people in Mwenezi area during elections? I wish they could expel him from the party and from parliament.

Chenjerai Hove - 30 March 2015

Fight to political oblivion Bhasikiti.

godfrey gudo - 30 March 2015

Dog eat Dog ,as i was watching the football game being played,the man was one on the main players,now he is watching from the stands and feels the pain of being marked,but when he was marking,he did not realize the one he was marking was feeling the kind of pain he is in today,let them eat each other kkkkk

joseph, - 30 March 2015

Go Bhasikiti go! RGM said you belong to the wrong basket!!!! Sit back and thick of all the broken families in Mwenezi, the children who lost their parents because of Bhasikiti and company, think of the many young people who fled their homes, think think and thick.!!! What goes around comes around. Welcome to thee world of opposition politics.

Garikayi - 30 March 2015

chaiseva kana chotemura chinokangamwa kuti chaimboti kutemurira kuno naka

mr honest - 30 March 2015

Tibvirepo Putsai. Usataura kunge usingazivi politics dzeZanu-PF.

Chorosi - 30 March 2015

pamberi ne Musangano.........

docotor - 31 March 2015

Bhasikiti you were going to be my hero if you had spoken of Zanu Pf corruption before you were fired. You are as corrupt as those guys within govt. As you demanded money to fund Zanu Pf congress, did you consider the problems those companies are facing as a result of your govt- inno

innocent Pande - 31 March 2015

If you were still riding the gravy train, would you have dared to say corruption not sanctions are a major source of zim's economic demise. I doubt

lodza - 31 March 2015

We will never buy these backbiting revelations . you have been with ZANU PF tewrrorising people in Mwenezi , children are now fatherless , women are now widows beause of your love for power. you unleashed terrifying machinery of violence both physically and mentally. now you want to appear a saint by hitting back on your allies calling them fraudsters , corrupt , etc. i pray they will eject you from the party , parliament and throw your filthy mind into political oblivion . may you never taste the peace of politics in your entire life and may the troubled , maimed , murdered souls and the blood of innocent people from your constituent that was shared your your greedy never give you peace .

Cde Svinurai - 31 March 2015

Certainly no tears for Bhasikiti. To me he remains one of the murderous among us. May your soul for ever know no peace.

Kufakwejeyi - 31 March 2015

chawakadya chapfuka

johns - 31 March 2015

bhasikiti is bona fide..the corrupt ones are chombo,kasukuviri,mpofu

MOZAH B WEZHIRA - 31 March 2015

It is iresponsible for Dailynews to keep potraying Bhasikiti, Mutasa, Gumbo, Mujuru and co as good politicians because now they are speaking out against Zanu yet when they were still within Zanu they were silent meaning that they agreed with whatever zanu was doing as a party. if they were really interested in saving Zimbabweans from the mismanagement of Zanu they would have spoken out while still in or better still quit Zanu voluntarily as a protest. they should not think we are that dump to such an extent that now they are good people with the masses at heart. if it was possible they should just disappear into political oblivion while we wait for the rest of their comrades in Zanu to eventually fall disgracefully as they have done. Besides, chisingaperi chinoshura.

Gwasira - 31 March 2015

Corrupt free in Zanu pf? Give over. None of you are clean, you cant make it to a leadership position in zanu with clean hands, it will freak out your fellow comrades and start thinking maybe you are spy or something. You are ALL thieves, fired or not!!!!

Galore 123 - 31 March 2015

What truth Bhaskiti,you have been part of the system for sooooo long ,soon you will know what it feels like to be a Zimbabwean.I hope they take all your ill gotten wealth

The Voice - 31 March 2015

Mr Bhasikiti the problem in Zimbabwe is that politicians only talk after they have been chucked out of the gravy train by Mugabe.Ko maidini kutaura muchimo mu Zanu.Maidini kutausra kuti munyika mune violence vanhu ve MDC vachiurayiwa zvamunoziva.Bhasikiti wakarambidza MDC kupa vanhu veku Chingwidzi rubatsiro.Was that fair. VaBhasikiti muchiri mu wrong busket nanhasi imi. GRAPES ARE SOUR

BHASIKITI - 31 March 2015

ndezvepasi kudenga hakuna izvozvo

sinyo - 1 April 2015

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