Gumbo, Mutasa court Tsvangirai

HARARE - With the economy in freefall and life for millions of ordinary Zimbabweans worsening by the day, pre-congress Zanu PF stalwarts are courting opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai to join forces with them in a desperate bid to rescue the country from the myriad challenges it is facing.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, the spokesperson of the pre-congress Zanu PF — that includes former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa — Rugare Gumbo, said the country’s dire economic situation called for all Zimbabweans to join hands, in an endeavour to try and stop the country from becoming a certified failed State.

“The economy is in a very bad shape and we need to bring all democratic forces together so as to save the country, which they (Zanu PF) are failing to rescue from complete implosion. “We have been in talks with other like-minded people like (MDC renewal team leader Tendai) Biti, (Zapu leader Dumiso) Dabengwa and (Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader Simba) Makoni. The idea is for all forces to come together and challenge the illegal (post-congress) Zanu PF.

Asked specifically if the liberation struggle pioneers had approached Tsvangirai, Gumbo said they were ready to work with everyone to rescue the country from its mounting political and economic woes — further accusing President Robert Mugabe’s government of being “clueless” about how to resolve the challenges.

“We have not yet met with Tsvangirai but we are in the process to unite all democratic forces including him for the good of Zimbabwe. Yes we will approach him because we are interested in a united front to confront the system,” Gumbo said.

Although the government’s policy framework document, ZimAsset, ambitiously sought to grow the economy by 7,3 percent this year, create value of $7,3 billion from the indigenisation of 1 138 companies across 14 key sectors of the economy and unlock as much as $2 trillion in the economy, the opposite is happening as industries collapse and thousands of desperate Zimbabweans are thrown on the jobless scrapyard.

Conservative estimates put the country’s current unemployment rate at 90 percent, with the majority of those in the economically active group eking a living as marginal vendors.

Gumbo, a former Agriculture minister in Mugabe’s Cabinet, said his erstwhile comrades in Zanu PF had reduced the once breadbasket of Africa into “a nation of desperate vendors”.

“There are no jobs and Zanu PF is using violence to intimidate people that are linked to us. But does violence solve the economic collapse? We are now a vending nation because people have nothing to do,” he said.

Interestingly, the calls for unity from the Gumbo Zanu PF formation come at a time that Tsvangirai has also been calling for a national convention to address the country’s ever deteriorating socio-economic conditions.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka, told the Daily News yesterday that his boss was “amenable to dialogue to find solutions for long suffering Zimbabweans”.

“We are very much in agreement with the issue of Zimbabweans coming together to discuss the crisis in the country and that is why we have endorsed the idea of a national convergence conference.

“Our belief is that the crisis demands a national conversation under a national platform, with diverse stakeholders to agree on how we can rescue the country,” Tamborinyoka said.

He also noted that parochial and selfish interests had been the major stumbling block to the country’s opposition parties working together in the past, adding that the time was now ripe for unity of purpose.

“But our position which we hold strongly is that the initiative must be coordinated not by politicians or political parties but by a panel that is non partisan and independent.

“We are amenable to a discussion with a broad front of stakeholders, provided the initiative is driven by an independent panel that all players have confidence in,” Tamborinyoka said.

As the country’s economic malaise has deepened, an increasingly desperate and insecure government has been failing to fulfil its fiscal obligations, resulting in recent spontaneous riots.

Makoni and Dabengwa also confirmed yesterday that they were both ready to join hands with all progressive forces in the mooted alliance.

Asked whether there had been any overtures from the Gumbo group, Makoni, a former Zanu PF politburo member, said cryptically that “if he told you that we have met then it is so”.

On the other hand, Dabengwa said: “We have said to them that as far as we are concerned we are prepared to work with them and we await them to come. We are waiting for them to come up when they are ready,”.

Analysts say what is needed now is increasing pressure on the government to change course and open negotiations with opposition leaders about how to resolve Zimbabwe’s myriad challenges.

With the next scheduled national elections three years away, Zimbabwe needs to forge a political compact behind measures to arrest the collapse of the economy, the analysts add.

Already, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), the country’s largest workers union, has  indicated that it will mobilise its members and stage mass demonstrations to force the government to act on the prevailing high unemployment rate, as well as the general hardships being endured by Zimbabweans.    

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chakuputika mirai muone

Dzungu - 27 March 2015


Haile - 27 March 2015

Ever seen when an old bally is kicked out of power, he goes insane, thats the case with these two midgets.

reason - 27 March 2015

Wabaya dede nemukanwa Gumbo . You come in with millions of supporters same with you Mbiti, Tsvangi, Mavambo, Dabengwa and Ncube rather do not waste energy on one another but you know your common enemy- The Post ZANU PF.

Ndizvo - 27 March 2015

Please do not leave Mai Mujuru. I am even willing to attend your first conference on this amalgamation. ZANU-MDC-MAVAMBO-ZAPU=ZMMZ Mujuru -President Chairman -Gumbo Vice President -Tsvangi Prime minister- Mbiti Speaker of parliament- makoni Vice Priminister Dabengwa Legal affairs-Ncube

Maiweee - 27 March 2015

Wa Mutasa na Wa Gumbo ngawataurirei wanhu mhomho ye Zimbabwe chokwadi kuti Hongu Morgan Tsvangirai akahwina presidential Elections 2008 se zwakataurwa na Wa Mugabe kuti Tsvangirai akawana 73%, iye Mugabe akawana ?

Sekuru Ndaronga - 27 March 2015

If any of these opposition political parties have any sense or preserve any semblance of credibility they will stay away from Gamatox and crew and let them fight their own battles with Zanu and not be used like condoms. Mutasa, Gumbo, Mujuru etc are unashamedly and unapologetically zanu through and through. They have not seen the error of their ways and are only seeking "muscles for hire" so that they can get back on the gravy train.

Lt General - 27 March 2015

The best possible unity we would welcome ,as MDC T supports is the union of MDC T and MKD.With Mr Tsvangirai as the President and Mr Makoni as the Priminister.Who will become the first Deputy President.We would wish to see Mr Tsvangirai go the Mandela route and take one term and Dr Simba taking over.That would be a good agreement.

gava - 27 March 2015

During the time when these two bastards were eating in Zanu PF, they didn't notice that Mugabe is a dictator. Now that they had been stripped off their status and income streams, they want to engage Tsvangirai and other parties. Bullshit, they must go fly a kite. These are useless old dogs who cannot contribute anything to change things. They must go hang. When Zanu stole the previous elections, these are the people who were busy glorifying and showering with praises an illegitimate leader Mugabe who forced himself into power, lest they didn't realise during that time that Mugabe is clinging on to power for his own selfish and personal and family reasons. Ask yourself why Joice is silent now. Don't be fooled with these two useless old horses thinking that they care about the real situation on the ground. Where is Jabulani now.

mandega - 27 March 2015

It's never too late to repent Rugare Gumbo. Join the likes of Morgan, then you can also tell the nation how you used to win elections wen 90% of the electorate was against you.

BlaKodza - 27 March 2015

How does Mutasa now suddenly see Zanu pf failing this economy? Is it because he has just fallen off the gravy train, and has had a taste of life outside power. It is true that our economy is in a bad state, but Mutasa is the least qualified to point fingers at Zanu pf, which he has been part of all along. Dai Mutasa anyarara zvake, we can get solutions from others who understand this economy better.

machakachaka - 27 March 2015

Gumbo and Mutasa you just joking. Because yu have been kicked out makuda vamwe. Maitii muchiri muZANU PF. Mari yakuita shoma ka yehuori hwamaiita. Makuda kudzokera kunoba. Forget and relax

wind - 27 March 2015

We do not need these Gumbos and Mutasas to tell us crap!! The country has ben mismanaged since the time these two f***ng idiots were part of ZANU PF government. Thy have nothing new to offr. Gumbo - how many f***ng years have you been in politics and what have you achieved???? Absolutely nothing. MDC do not fall into a trap and sleep with these leopards in sheep's clothing!!!!

Garikayi - 27 March 2015

hahahaha lets wait and see

tinaye - 27 March 2015

All these individuals were all in power yesterday and they have done nothing and it is only now that they are not in power that they think of povo. All they want is to get back into power the people must stand firm and reject these corrupt and incompetent individuals!

wilbert Mukori - 27 March 2015

This is drama! Mutasa and Gumbo want to join with opposition against Mugabe? I can't believe this.

zolak - 27 March 2015

indeed it's time. not for the reason of monopolising power. rather for doing away with the criminal, and do away with all of him, to restart the country. who has done better to Zimbabwe among the leaders mentioned? : - Lobengula , Gaffield Todd, Robert G. Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai and Ian Smith? O- oh, I had forgotten Bishop A. Muzorewa.

david maombo - 27 March 2015

I see nothing wrong in Gumbo & Mutasa's callto join forces with other democratic forces in fighting dictatorship they created and served for more than three decades.These are the right people to engage given that they know all the tricks Zanu PF employs.

Ndabazezwe Viki - 27 March 2015

Zanu pf is busy dying of natural causes as such it should be let to die. keeping some of its rotten eggs warm , will come to haunt democratic and progressing forces when they hetch. If it was in the late 90s maybe but NOT now. The country is dead already. Its inevitable mugabe era is coming to to end with or without mutasa and gumbo. Its a shame and an insult to people to claim that one is from zanu pf pre-congress. The same one that we find ourselves in this mess. Gumbo and Mutasa are outdated. If these two are incoperated into some sort of alliance within MDC formations then I will safely say the country needs new and more political players. The damage done by zanu pf people, Mutasa included is beyond repair. These other parties are too small to come, claim, call the shots and dictate they want to unite with MDC-t [ official opposition]. Each party must fight its own battles. Why I hate these so called Aliiance is that they create environment for gravy trains. Tsvangirai must refuse such alliance. Mdc-t beat all these small parties combined with zanu pf at 2008 national polls. If Tsvangirai falls for this alliance nonsense thing then he must quit.

X-MAN IV - 27 March 2015

Zimbabweans beware of the two wolves - Mutasa and Gumbo - in sheep skins. Never,never, never trust them. They are part and parcel of Zanu-PF Grand Plan to kill any plausible opposition in Zimbabwe. Do not forget that the two are part of the party that declared " Tichatonga kusvika madhongi amera nyanga". Zvichireva kuti faced with formidable opposition to their rule Zanu-PF re-invents in a dramatic way to exterminate any chances of them being dislodged from power. Mutasa and Gumbo are Zanu-PF and they remain so - pure and simple. Do not be fooled.

Chorosi - 27 March 2015

The economic problem did not start after the congress but is more than 20 years down the drain. Gumbo, Mutasa, Tsvangirai etc have all been in the same system and blaming Zanu PF is just a nosense call to me. Even if they are nolonger part of the present govt, they contributed greatly to the present situation

Torido - 28 March 2015

Ma one

Dzom - 28 March 2015

it will be insane for Tsvangirai to join forces with those well documented thugs. Itai zvenyu.

franco mboko - 30 March 2015

I still believe that brand mdc is much stronger and united they can unseat zanupf.If mdc founders(tsvangirai, ncube, biti and others)could come together its game over for zanupf.The numbers for these other small parties are so insignificant and can be ignored.However, key figures like Simba Makoni, Marcelina Chikasha(Dumiso is now too old), Themba Mliswa would then be persuaded to join the mdc.

cypriano - 31 March 2015

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