Mugabe's trips justified: Moyo

HARARE - Information minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday leapt to the defence of President Robert Mugabe’s globe-trotting ways, saying the nonagenarian was elected to govern and not to rest.

Responding to comments on his Twitter account on Mugabe’s myriad foreign trips at a time that Zimbabwe is experiencing an economic meltdown, Moyo argued that travelling abroad was part of the president’s work.

“He was elected not to rest but to govern,” tweeted Moyo, adding that, “What you’re calling travel is actually work”.

As if determined to live up to his new nicknames “Absentee President” and “Visiting Leader”, Mugabe yesterday travelled to Algeria  — a trip that comes soon after his visits to Singapore, Japan and Namibia last week alone.

Although he was supposed to fly out to Algeria on Monday, he delayed his trip by a day, apparently because he was feeling exhausted after his whirlwind travels last week.

Mugabe revealed at the weekend that he was feeling very worried and tired lately, and that he had a sleepless night on Saturday.

His new nicknames have come amid accusations by Mugabe’s critics that he is spending more time in the skies and outside the country than he is doing running the country in his office back home, at a time that Zimbabwe is experiencing a deepening political and economic crisis — with millions of its people living in abject poverty and facing starvation due to a combination of poor policies and erratic rains.

Mugabe himself said bizarrely on Sunday that he was working too hard, having slept only two hours on Saturday night — raising questions as to why the nonagenarian is burning air miles to the extent that he is doing.

His trip to Algeria yesterday will mean that Mugabe will have flown more about 60 hours, and tens of thousands of kilometres by the time he comes back home later this week — amid talk that he is scheduled to go on the road again even then, this time on African Union business.

The 60 hours on the plane also mean that the president will have spent more time flying than he has spent in Zimbabwe since he embarked on his trip to Singapore and Japan, a fortnight ago where he controversially included his daughter Bona as part of his official entourage.

Mugabe was in Japan for the United Nations 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, and went to Namibia last Friday for the inauguration of that country’s third president since its independence in 1990, Hage Geingob.

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Ko iyo ndege yacho ayingango donhi zvirikuita dzimwe tiwonewo zvimwe?

Nyimo - 25 March 2015

Iwe basa ripi riri kuitwa Jona, sing for your supper mushe. Ukaena kunoti Psi na Blair, bush etc in a foreign country and come back with nothing tangible except your propaganda machinery singing praises thats real work. WHAT A MODERN WAY TO RUN A COUNTRY

papa ndege - 25 March 2015

People should be taught the difference between running a country and tilling the fields. Running the administration of a country let alone an organization is not necessarily spending the whole day in office watching people doing the work, that's why you have people doing ground work. Governing means you have to be going around and especially in our case as Zimbos, we need more strategic partnership than ever before. we need to create a buffer of relationships for a safe fallback in the event of turbulence. thee cant be done in office. you have to travel to knit those relationships, to mend them to sweet talk other heads of states mending or building up strategic relationships. sitting in the office and enjoying a cup of coffee will not bring food on the table for us. lets the ministers work and the president create critical relationships out there. thanks proff. Moyo for correcting the terminology. he is not traveling, he is Working.

Ngative pazvokwadi - 25 March 2015

i bet with ma last dollar.. the day Mugabe falls dead... This Jonathan moyo.. will stil be in denial that he is not Daed!!!

JB - 25 March 2015

Let me make one thing clear. RGM is NOT working! He is wasting money. Negative paz the proff has one agenda. I will leave you to work that one out. Nothing RGm is doing is benefitting this nation. Nothing. Look around you. What do you see. When you next see a vendor think 90+% unemployment. When the next kid ides of kwashiorkor what do you see? I am sick of people making excuses for anyone in this nation especially those running is as they should know better!

Freedom4Zim - 25 March 2015

do not oppose state authorities...because God himself made them leaders...let the President do his work on behalf of the nation..

alecx - 25 March 2015

Can please someone advise the idiotic journalist that it takes less than ten hours to fly from Algeria from ZIM, IN THE airzim airliner. Veduwe. how pathetic it is, an uneducated opposition leader, an uneducated opposition journalist, an uneducated supporter. The total um is chaotic.

reason - 25 March 2015

Nonsense!!! @ this present time Tele_presence is the best way to conduct his abroad meetings/Work. Video conferencing or call conferencing are among many of the options he could take at this times the country economy has been paralyzed by several nose dives. Not burning the much needed $$$ in crisis. Moreover they only workable solution is not even these idiotic visits, but a TOTAL shif in policies & the making thereof, a U-Turn in ways of Governance and lastly the replacement of Mugabe (within Zanu) by someone who is GOD fearing, the rest of qualities will follow. Forget about any success under this monster Mugabe. Hey you IDIOT's in ZANU PF, don't you have the guts to challenge this man. Are you all of the same seed? All you know is to defend even the stupidiest of his doings.

springboard - 25 March 2015

I did not believe it when Jonathan told me "when you cant beat then joint them and destroy them from within" Man!, we will make you president after mugabe goes. Come on Jonah!!! I can prove this by all your comments especially when it matters most, you say the most weidiest things that nobody will even like the ZANU.

whitehorse - 25 March 2015

People are sad. People are broke. People are worried about money, people are worried that they're not enough and not amounting to anything and they don't feel good about themselves. People have rough times, and everybody's pretending it's not true, and we need to break that veneer.

Chemical Solution - 25 March 2015

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.But our leadrer has dismally failed.

Chemical Solution - 25 March 2015

Traveling,working,globe trotting or whatever term one may chose to give it doesnt matter.I think what we should look at is is all that justified?As a head of state he represents the country at the highest level domestically and internationally so he is bound to some commitments by virtue of the nature of his office naturally that carries certain duties and obligations.what we can otherwise condemn is to see the President carrying with him hordes of unnecessary people with him on such trips and worse moving with his daughter on official trips.And other issues that are not done correctly as regards his trips that wouldnt be worth sacrificing the tax payers sweat

carson macate - 25 March 2015

Haiwawo dont hoodwink people Jona and company. The world over Presidents send their representatives as in Foreign Ministers or deputy presidents to represent them at meetings or ceremonial events like inaugurations. Take a leaf from the Chinese or the US even Russsia and other focussed nations ..they have annual visits or term visits to their allies .Mugabe kanongoenda pese pese nekusingadiwe ma president kanenge kariko .AU business is for the Secretariet to carry out and they should be coming to him to give feedback the same goes for SADC secretariet should do the job and they should come to him. So musatinyebera we know what all others are doing in the world kaswerakuenda mukuwasha wezuva !

Mazana Mambombo - 25 March 2015

Prof Moyo and all the zim-papers staff must sue zanu pf and mugabe for mental torture and break down. Zanu pf must put an end to all these lies or these lies will put an end to zunu pf's existance.

X-MAN IV - 25 March 2015

Can J. Moyo explain whether Mugabe was elected to work in foreign lands where he spends most of the time now or in Zimbabwe?

Ziziharinanyanga - 25 March 2015

Guys Mugabe is not on holiday in Algeria. Surely he had gone there on work that is a fact whether you hate him or not. You want him to spend the whole at state house doing what? Even company managers are send abroad to scout for business. He went to china and had mega deals such as Kariba hydro enhancement and many others. Why do you want to make a mountain out of an anthill.

rush - 26 March 2015

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