I am worried, says Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday said he was a worried and overworked old man, adding that he was having many sleepless nights as a result.

Speaking at Kutama Mission’s Centenary celebrations in Zvimba, the frail-looking nonagenarian told the gathered current and former students that he had arrived late for the event because he had only slept for two hours on Saturday night.

“I want to thank you all for coming. I was disjointed because we came back at midnight yesterday. I had two hours of sleep and ... I have the habit that if I have something that worries my mind, my mind FROM P1

sleeps on it and I constantly jump out of sleep and say is it not time, is it not time. That is why we were a bit late in coming to this function,” Mugabe said.

However, Mugabe — Africa’s oldest leader — did not say what it was that was troubling him.

Among the issues stressing the legendary globetrotter are the rising political tensions in the country, a worsening economic situation, deadly infighting in Zanu PF, a sick wife and his own failing health associated with old age.

The nonagenarian, who once again attended yesterday’s function without his wife Grace, went on to make a typical blunder in his dotage, saying his late brother Michael was born in 1999.

“Michael was born in 1999, then there was Rafael who was born in 1922, and my mother said he never lived long and he died of diarrhoea after six months. I was born in 1924,” Mugabe said.

However, just a few minutes before making this latest faux pas, the nonagenarian also said Michael was born in 1919.

“My family started in 1919 when my brother Michael was born and he died in 1934 after taking some poison. He used a cup reserved for sprinkling pesticide to drink water and he died from the poison.

“My father never accepted this explanation and said his son was murdered,” Mugabe said.

Turning to other matters, the president said all A2 farms would be audited because a lot of land was lying idle following his government’s much-criticised fast track land reforms.

“The A1 system is the one which we rely upon most because it yields greater quantities of maize. The A2 has been a struggle and we are going to do an audit on that system.

“It is turning out now that quite a good many of those who hold farms under A2 cannot run them.

“The farms require huge capital and good management and they don’t have it but they are a status symbol to many. I am a farmer, I have a farm but what are you producing?” Mugabe said.

He went on to pour scorn on Pentecostal churches for preaching the gospel of prosperity, saying they were cashing in on desperate citizens.

“We are worried I must say by the downward trend on our morals, the rise in robberies, murders and just the negative side, yet we have so many churches. As for the Pentecostals, anyone who thinks that there is no job can just create one and start preaching. I do such and such, I have an inspirational message, the dream I had last night was that I must do A and B and you will get that in no time.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! And our people that is what they want to see. They are in a hurry to see their demands and needs met. But you must work. Even when Adam was punished he was told that he will have to till the land in order to survive. We have to work,” he added.

Mugabe said Kutama Mission had helped him to be a principled man, adding that he would never compromise on his values and beliefs.

“In terms of the political life, the issue of principle has been fundamental. We rely more on people who stick to principle than those who waver.

“The Americans, the likes of Andrew Young, used to describe me saying, oh he is Jesuit, and add that he is also a Marxist. We were never communist but there are principles that we have to stick to. When you talk of a country and its sovereignty there is a principle that the citizens of that country have the right of ownership of the natural resources. We do not compromise on that principle,” Mugabe said.

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Word is that Grace flew out to Singapore on Saturday. She is not well, and very ill. From Algeria Mugabe is likely to follow her to Singapore.

Gire - 23 March 2015

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Rumours has that Grace told Mugabe to come to Singapore together with Bona. It's a pity this old man does not realise that he needs to rest and reflect on his and his government's failure. After another trip to Singapor he will have to bla bla again on independence day, then back to Singapore, and then May Day, Africa Day and then opening of parliament etc etc.

Garikayi - 23 March 2015

I do not think the nation is being told about the real ailment of 'Dr' Grace. An appendicitis operation is a simple one and can be peformed even in Murewa hospital, not in Singapore. Something is being hidden from the nation, and this leads to rumours among the population. When Sally was ill, the nation knew that she had a kidney problem and she got a lot of prayers and good wishes from the population.

Chenjerai Hove - 23 March 2015

Pity, this old man failed us and the country big time, unlike Lee Kuan Yew who transformed Singapore from a 3rd World to 1st World in 30 years. Evil begets evil. mugabe turned out to be a curse to Zimbabwe, we really have to pray for the Lord's mercy for deliverance and redemption. Pray for Zim, and that all the by-elections at hand zanupf yields zero outcome.

Izikiel - 23 March 2015

This is a sick joke; the people of Zimbabwe have been dying to get Mugabe out of office because he has fcuked up the country. He rigged elections to stay in power and now he is saying he is over worked - fcuking up the country big time!

Wilbert Mukori - 23 March 2015

Makati muchatonga kusvika dongi ramera nyanga,tongai,itai basa vaMugabe tione kwamunosvika....zvinopera chete.

joko - 23 March 2015

tadii kutsvaga zvimwe zvekutaura pane kuti nanga nanga ne munhu one. why stoop so low; showing such a level of disrespect for our leader. instead we could be sharing positive things about improving our livelihood. nanga nanga iyi will never help us in any way. to me this shows a wrong attitude towards leaders. change ma chinja. starting with respecting the current leader so that it becomes part of our culture and perhaps we may be counted for patriots not this endless negativity.

taurai - 23 March 2015

Mugabe cannot blame the A1 farmers but instead he must be blaming himself and his chaotic land reform which brought in people who are not farmers.Mugabe and his gvt must as a matter of urgency issue out title deeds to these new farmers so that they can access loans from banks like the former white commercial farmers used to do,without real capital the land will never feed anyone in this country.Farmers need equipment if if we are to go back to the days of glory in agriculture, in addition people who are not farmers at heart should be told to leave .It would also be beneficial if somehow our hard working former white commercial farmers could be called back to take up the land which is lying idle because i dont see any crime committed by these guys.For as long as Mugabe and Zpf remain aloof and hope that our current farmers will uplift us under the current system our country will continue to slide back to the premediaval days of farming where a family could hardly produce enough to feed itself.Right now our new farmers are failing to produce quality tobacco and they are crying foul over low, low prices.We also hear disturbing news that someone wants to invade Tongaat Huellets Sugar Estates, what for really,to cause the shotage of sugar and further worson unemployment in this country?Politics aside cde and let logic prevail, this is not about zpf or Mdct but it is for the good of our country.Zpf has killed this country and it still want s to destrroy its remains, hameno.My advise is please stop listening to Mugabe and his cabal, they have since gone insane!

Cde Dokora - 23 March 2015

If you are so fixated with VaMugabe you are nuts and useless. The old man has done all he could. If you or your clan still need him to do more then you are a useless lot. People should know that the job of a President is to approve policy, not to micro-manage jack asses. Whether VaMugabe goes or not you jackasses will still be poor.

candid - 23 March 2015

Recently mugabe was screaming at his birthday bash that the remaining white farmers must leave the farms. Today he says the farms taken already are lying idle. Where is the logic? If Mugabe is aware that God punished Adam, He better be ready because he is next and his punishment is ten fold. At last parliament opening mugabe said he is "going nowhere" and now he cries of overworking. the truth is that he has overworked in destroying this once promising country.

X-MAN IV - 23 March 2015

Dai kakaita ka president ke USA ,he wld have been the first president on the moon nxaah waste of space!

Mazana Mambombo - 23 March 2015

There is nothing wrong here. He is 91 and what can you honestly expect? The only problem is the 'HANDIENDA SYDROME' but he will at some point whether he likes it or not.

Takesure DaGama - 23 March 2015

Psalms 37, do not fret when you see the wicked prosper wait patiently for the Lord and do good.The Lord is faithful all the time.

mariyeti mpala - 24 March 2015

makadhakwa brain mese.i dont undersand why a black man should lose sleep over land yatorerwa murungu.remember people went to war for this same land vachibatwa vachiiswa mujeri vachisungwa cheni nemuhuro nemuhuro mesevachiuraiwa ne varungu ivava vamwe chete vamakunzwira tsitsi.vana baba venyu nanamai venyu vakasairirwa kumarusevha forcefully ivo vachisara ne all the prime land.1979 pakaitwa ceasefire varungu agreed to give back the land to the black majority over a 10 yr period and that request was granted .what happened after the lapse of that 10 yr period?Did they not renege on that pledge.what was our leader supposed to do?murungu aisunga mubhoyi cheni muhuro suddenly aakutida....aakurwadziwa nekuti mvura nemagetsi zvaakupota zvichishaikwa?Asi pavaiita ma execution vaisarwadziwa?convince me

saungweme musiiwa - 24 March 2015

problem yedu maZimbo tikangoverenga kavara kanyorwa ne majournalists ekunze hatichakasiya without checking to see if it really applies to us.iye zvino most people vari kuchema nenyaya ye service provision munana Harare,Bulawayo etc.Kanzuru yoti ngatichiisa maprepaid meters bt those same people vomhanyirazve kuti water is a basic human right vanhu havafanire kubhadhariswa in tht manner.bt council is trying kuti i raiser enough to refurbish water system.you lobby against tht and the next morning you're making a whole lot of noise abt the water situation.no wonder why we're rated amongst the best educated bt we've nothing to show for it.tinotaura zvatisingazivi.and oh hw we love to point fingers;problem ndinhingi problem ndinhingi....why can't we focus on how best to improve OUR situation.just saying.

saungweme musiiwa - 24 March 2015

Ngatiremekedzei vaMugabe vanogona kubata nyika, what about you sellouts. God chooses leaders saka muchitongwa musingade. Stop the noise

DK - 24 March 2015

If I was RGM I would also be very worried. Eish! we bring these things upon ourselves and never think that one day the chickens might just come home to roost.

Freedom4Zim - 24 March 2015

Its time WE DO SOMETHING. We have talked and mourned enough. We cant blaim a blind man for leading us into a ditch, we have a responsibility as a nation to stand up and be heard and counted.

Mabhnu - 25 March 2015

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