MDC whipping up fake Bona outrage: Zanu PF

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF has accused the opposition of whipping up fake outrage over 91-year-old president’s daughter, Bona, chaperoning the nonagenarian and occupying a high and visible position during his official engagements in Japan.

Pictures of Mugabe and Bona in meetings with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on the sidelines of the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction being held in Japan, have been splashed around the world over the past few days, raising eyebrows back home about whether the strongman was turning Zimbabwe into a monarchy.

While Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba was unreachable for comment on Monday, junior Zanu PF spokesperson Psychology Maziwisa said in a statement yesterday that the ruling party had “noticed with great pity the rather desperate attempt by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC-T party to make issue with Madam Bona Mugabe’s trip to Japan in which she accompanied her father, and our dearest leader, president Robert Mugabe.”

“Not only is this another sign of Mr Tsvangirai’s pettiness, it’s a demonstration that he is clueless about what happens in the global political sphere, especially since there is no law, domestic or international, that precludes a head of state from travelling with his or her daughter on state visits,” Maziwisa said in the statement.

Ordinarily, Mugabe is accompanied in his formal meetings by his ministers, and by Grace on social engagements. But on this occasion, Bona is seen in one of the pictures seating on Mugabe’s right while Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi is seated on his left with Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo.

It was not immediately clear if Bona was merely acting as the increasingly frail Mugabe’s caregiver on this visit — as Grace recuperates from her recent minor operation undertaken in Singapore — or if she has quietly joined government as an advisor to her father.

But opposition political parties moved to savage the nonagenarian leader, expressing disquiet with the presence of the president’s daughter — who recently married pilot Simba Chikore in a lavish wedding in Harare — at his official engagements in Sendai, Japan.

MDC spokesperson, Obert Gutu, accused Mugabe of “effectively privatising” the country.

“This clearly shows that the State has been virtually privatised by the Mugabe dynasty. Robert Mugabe thinks that he is Zimbabwe and that Zimbabwe is Robert Mugabe,” Gutu said.

“As the MDC, we strongly condemn the privatisation of the State by the crumbling and kleptocratic Mugabe regime.

“There’s absolutely no justification why one Bona Mugabe-Chikore should have been included as part of the official government delegation to Japan. Last time I checked, Bona is not a government official.

“Why, therefore, should State funds be utilised to fund her jamboree to Japan,” Gutu thundered.

Maziwisa said they do not expect Tsvangirai’s MDC to know that the president is entitled to travel with his daughter because he has never been a head of State himself.

Maziwisa claimed Tsvangirai was “unlikely ever to become one in his lifetime”, but said they reasonably expect that he should be acquainted with these basic facts because they are a matter of public record.

“It’s really not too much to ask from someone who has a well-known dream of one day becoming Zimbabwe’s head of state,” Maziwisa said.

“It is a matter of public record, for instance, that former US President Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, not only attended incalculable state meetings and functions with her father, she in fact, when her mother was away campaigning, became the focal point at White House where she received several foreign dignitaries.

“Madam Bona Mugabe has not done anything nearly as much. We refuse to buy into the narrative that for as long as it’s president Mugabe doing it — no matter how perfectly lawful it is, it’s wrong, but if it’s Bill Clinton doing it it’s cool. It’s a barbaric way of doing politics.”

Added Maziwisa: “The fact of the matter is that Tsvangirai needs to mind his miserable political business.

“Isn’t it amazing that he has become so desperate for attention that he wants to generate headlines even with the pettiest of issues?

“It is a very sad situation indeed and a clear sign that Mr Tsvangirai might just be beginning to see that his political career is drawing to an unhappy end.”

Maziwisa said while Mugabe was travelling abroad with his daughter, “Tsvangirai has travelled on innumerable foreign missions with concubines, most of whom are young enough to be his daughters. If he sees glory in that, then shame on him,” Maziwisa said.

Tsvangirai, whose first wife, Susan, died in a car crash in March 2009, was linked with a string of women in the aftermath of his spouse’s death and had to deal with claims that he fathered a child with a 23-year-old Bulawayo woman.

But the father-of-six finally settled down with the imposing Elizabeth Macheka — daughter of Zanu PF central committee member and former Chitungwiza Mayor Joseph Macheka.

The couple moved into a plush pad in the A-list neighbourhood of Highlands three years ago ahead of their September 2012 wedding.

Maziwisa said Tsvangirai “needs to shut up and concentrate on sharpening his leadership skills.”

“Make no mistake, we are not at all perturbed by this,” he said. “As far as we are concerned, Chimpanzees scream, dogs bark and Morgan Tsvangirai talks nonsense.”

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I thought you should have explained the position according to our laws or protocol instead of being vitriolic. We don't win arguments by bushing others. it's not a contest on who uses the foulest language possible. this is again another legacy of zanu pf- being scornful when asked to certain issues. How much of the money used to foot the bill (obviously the hubby was there) could have been used to pay the university lecturers who are on strike over nonpayment of salaries.

prof - 19 March 2015

really mr maziwisa. I really think sperm from all the zanu sexing has gotten to your head mate. seriously when Hilary Clinton was campaigning she was no longer living in the white house you fool. And you are right daughters accompany their fathers yes but that is to state dinners and functions and not official meetings. in official meetings you bring state minister for this and that , hence chombo for local government, mzembi tourism, pari cause it was a disaster meeting you idiot. I know you have to sing for your supper but sometimes silence is golden. you see the king of spin moyo quite it should tell you to shut up. when the song ends my friend and it is going to end I hope you have a seat to sit on because post zanu is going to be intresting I must say.

petros - 19 March 2015

& Psychosis Madziwisa is the most sane Zanuist.

Mukoma - 19 March 2015

Psyco Madziwisa is an embarrassment to government. Shut up!

Garikayi - 19 March 2015

I am very ashamed that a certain church made this mad man their spokesperson where are we going zimbabweans with the likes of this maziwisa guy who thinks arguements is all about attacking the person without giving facts.God is going to judge you harshly young man

nzenza popotayi - 19 March 2015

there is nothing wrong with the president going on a government trip with his child. more than just another zimbabwean, bona, as the duaghter to the president, should be allowed to accompany her dad. lets not just argue for the sake of it. nothing is wrong in this instance. tsvagai zvimwe hama.

taurai - 19 March 2015

readers should stop using fake names if they want their comments taken seriously. how can a responsible family let a 91 year old father on his own. only his close family can protect his dignity and privacy. if you have worked in an old people's home, you can understand what I am trying to say. as for this young man Psychology Maziwisa, his comments are stupid. I understand he has once lived in the United Kingdom. If he did not at one time not worked in an old people's home, he is a little liar that can not be taken serious.

Victor Kufandada - 19 March 2015

Who is this little brains called Mazivisa.who can hardly separate government business from party busieness.whose funds were used to cater for the trip is it governments funds or Zanu pf?and whose people dis Bona represent when she accompanied her dear father there?who mandated her to do that?

carson macate - 19 March 2015

Bona's presence at her father's side has absolutely nothing to do with Zimbabwe Government or Zanu PF. The young woman was there for her father, simple and straight forward. Who knows, next time it will be Robert (Junior). any responsible family should take turns to protect their elder's dignity and privacy. shame this so-called young man Psychology Maziwisa was dragged into a political issue that will hound him soon.

Victor Kufandada - 19 March 2015

regai kugaro ita shanje hama. baba vafamba ne mwana wavo. vamwe vasootiza muri kare vachi tsvaga mafaro saka vasingadi kuona muenzaniso wakanaka waitwa nemhuri ya president. if you hate the president that does not mean that his children should do the same. regai mwana afambe na daddy vake. dzidzaiwo ipapa zvinoitwa muupenyu.

taurai - 19 March 2015

regai kugaro ita shanje hama. baba vafamba ne mwana wavo. vamwe vakasootiza mhuri kare vachi tsvaga mafaro saka vasingadi kuona muenzaniso wakanaka waitwa nemhuri ya president. if you hate the president that does not mean that his children should do the same. regai mwana afambe na daddy vake. dzidzaiwo ipapa zvinoitwa muupenyu.

taurai - 19 March 2015

Poor Maziwisa busy contradicting himself. One does not need to become a President in order to know what is expected of a President in which case, the young boy should just shut up because he has never been one. Secondly he forgets that the very President that he is trying to defend was also in a relationship with a girl young enough to be his daughter. Had Nhomodzenyika been alive he would obviously been older than Grace. Why does Maziwisa want to compare us to the Americans when ZANU PF tells us everyday that they are evil? Do not just defend for the sake of defending; you are an embarrassment to the party that you are trying to defend!

Beta Dhliwayo - 20 March 2015

There is something called protocol, hence there is some senior official who makes sure its followed. Bona may have gone overseas in the company of her father countless times, but it was kept behind the scenes. The biggest problem is having her sitting on the Head of State's right hand side in an official meeting with another Head of State. Then there is a problem. A picture they say ''...tells a thousand words"'. We cannot even talk about there to help the dad because obviously in this room next to the cameramen there could have been a seat for her. So my thinking ios that this is Mugabe's warning that, Zimbabwe here comes another Kabila moment, child taking over from the father as if its a family business. So all those raising eyebrows are 100% correct, they are reading between the lines.

Manjenjenje - 20 March 2015

Where is Bona's husband she is always home and alone. lts a year now no signs of a child.Haisi mari but mwari ndivo mhinduro first family dai manamata

Kuda - 20 March 2015

Is his real name Psychology or is it Psychological,Psychotic or Psychiatric? To me this cde's IQ seems very low.How can a right minded person defend the indefensible zpf considering the levels of poverty in this country?Is this little gay man a true Zimbabwean?

Cde Dokora - 20 March 2015

It is improper ,I think its a first. haafanire kuva mu room pa govt- govt business. Pa dinner, etc its ok. Psychology is an ignorant bootlicker who must have his mental status examined by PSYCHOLOGISTS, as part of his brain tests

lodza - 21 March 2015

Why do you always refer to America when you are looking east.Mugabe arikujairira vanhu.Its high time we take you to an old people's home kumusha kwaJack Chan.

ndadhinhiwa - 21 March 2015

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