Parly boots out Renewal Team

HARARE - In a rare piece of good news for President Robert Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF party, Parliament has expelled 21 MDC legislators accused of ditching their party and forming the United Movement for Democratic Change (UMDC).

The Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda and Senate President Edna Madzongwe made the announcement yesterday following a recent letter to the august House by MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora recalling the legislators — 17 of them from the National Assembly and four from the Senate — after they allegedly aligned themselves with the UMDC.

Mudenda had played the matter to touch last year, referring the MDC to Zimbabwe’s courts when the main opposition party attempted to recall the lawmakers. He argued then that the matter was sub judice since a matter regarding the leadership legitimacy in the party was before the courts.

But Mudenda informed the House yesterday that he now accepted that lawmakers Tendai Biti (Harare East), Willias Madzimure (Kambuzuma),

Paul Madzore (Glen View South), Solomon Madzore (Dzivaresekwa), Lucia Matibenga (Kuwadzana), Samuel Sipepa Nkomo (Lobengula), Roselyn Nkomo (Tsholotsho), Reggie Moyo (Luveve), Moses Manyengavana (Highfield West), Albert Mhlanga (Pumula), Bekithemba Nyathi (Mpopoma), Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo), Judith Muzhavazhe (proportional representation), Evelyn Masaiti (proportional representation) and Gorden Moyo (Makokoba), no longer represented the MDC's interests in Parliament. Also recalled from the august House are senators Sekai Holland (Chizhanje), Rorana Muchihwa (Chikomo), Watchy Sibanda (Matabeleland South) and Patrick Chitaka (Manicaland).

“I want to announce vacancies in the National Assembly. As of 4th March 2015, MDC notified Parliament that (the) members have ceased to be members of MDC-T, and therefore they are no longer the representatives of the party in the National Assembly,” Mudenda said. He added that according to Section 129 of the Constitution, “if a member has ceased to belong to the political party of which he or she was member when elected to Parliament, the political party concerned shall write notice to the Speaker or President of the Senate declaring that the member has ceased to belong to it”. Spokesperson of the MDC renewal team, Jacob Mafume, immediately declared that they would challenge Parliament’s decision in court.

“It will be challenged with the force of a legal hurricane. We cannot let this go unchallenged. We are vindicated day by day as our colleagues (in the mainstream MDC) work with Zanu PF and have donated the seats to the chaos faction in Parliament,” Mafume told the Daily News yesterday. In his letter to Mudenda, Mwonzora argued that there had been a change of circumstances following the MDC’s November 2014 congress that was held in Harare. He said he had verified with the courts and discovered that Biti and company never sought to stop the MDC congress or challenge the outcome.

Mudenda informed the House that he had also received a letter from Biti, arguing that he was still the legitimate secretary general of the opposition party.

The Speaker said Biti’s argument was also premised on the grounds that the Speaker had previously referred the matter to the courts in which “the prayer sought was to have the meeting held at Mandel Training Centre be declared null and void”.

“It was prudent that I did not pronounce myself on the matter as it was sub judice and against the principle of separation of powers,” he said.

Mudenda said both cases had since been withdrawn.

“If a matter is withdrawn from the courts without the other party seeking to challenge, the status quo remains and it is apparent that there is no more dispute as to who the legitimate MDC is and in the absence of an order setting aside the MDC congress resolutions, I am obliged to declare the seat vacant by operation of the law,” Mudenda ruled.

Citing section 129 (1) (k) of the national Constitution, Mudenda said all that was needed for him to declare a seat vacant was notification from the concerned party and that there was precedence already.

He cited a case in which the Welshman Ncube-led MDC recalled its MPs in 2012, including Abednico Bhebhe.

He added that administrative processes regarding the notification of the vacancies to Mugabe and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission would be executed soon.

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mangoma wakarasiswa apo vanabiti vakapiwa mamillion nezanu zvino nhasi wadzingwa. biti ava nemari yake yekutenga maarvs so.

magona - 18 March 2015

It is very clear that by forming UMDC, Biti & company ceased to be members of the mainstream MDC-T. Learned as these guys are, they should have known the consequences. Being expelled from parliament is just consistent with their own action and I see no reason for them to cry foul in such a simple and straight forward case of their own making for that matter.If there's any donation of seats to ZANU-PF, it's by Biti and company and not MDC-T. Can't you guys read between lines??

jj - 18 March 2015

does it help mdc t in any way that these guys have been recalled? this is where tsvangis and his party are always caught napping. where it matters most, they will always blander. the advantage goes to zanu pf with all these extra seats in parliament. mdc t is no opposition.

zvirozviyedwa - 18 March 2015

I totally agree. Biti and Mangoma are the ones who donated the seats to ZANU PF. They went to bed with ZANU PF and its the same ZPF that instigated their dismissal from National Assembly (Mandipaka's motion). My advice to them is that if they think they are acceptable to the masses, they should not waste their monies appealing against this ruling, but rather go on to contest in the by elections. My guess is they will get whipped. Tsvangirai is the face of opposition in Zimbabwe - that you cannot take away from him.

Neville - 18 March 2015

icho charira biti wakuvara

nzenza popotayi - 18 March 2015

The bunch of idiots got what they deserved. They honestly got what they wanted. To say that MDC-T erred in having them recalled is not fare. These guys were wolves in sheep,s skin, they were worse than ZANUpf. My only plea with MDC-T is that for once they shelve their boycott of elections and reclaim all the 21 seats. Its quite possible. As for Tendai and his gang, the come back will be long and arduous and good luck. I will reserve my tears though for the Madzore brothers especially Paul and the former Mbizo MP, Chikwinya. So sad.

Kufakwejeyi - 18 March 2015

You see Biti&co. you are the ones who caused this potential donation of seats by thinking you were more popular than Moghiza. TO HELL

HEISEN MANDIMIKA - 18 March 2015

I am very happy with the decision of the Speaker of Parliament.Biti swore that he would beat Mwonzora hands down,but he is the one who has been beaten at law.Mwonzora first cleverly asked the court to stop Biti from conducting hearings that would fire Tsvangirai.MDC-T then went onto hold their congress.After congress,Mwonzora withdrew the court case because congress had not been challenged by Biti.Biti did not challenge the congress of the MDC-T,and that makes MDC-T the legitimate organisation.All resolutions of Mandela were declared null and void.Wow,law is an ass.

Kufandada - 18 March 2015

Uncle Biti, i told you not to be thick headed. Now you are powerless and unemployed. What is mbuya Biti going to survive on. I told you that Tsvangirai is the only legitimate opposition leader. Now all the Biti family is now hungry. And dont waste money suing as that money can be used to buy food for all of us.

Paul Biti - 18 March 2015

I feel sorry for the Madzore brothers especially uyu wekupedza 2 good yrs akavharirwa uyu.Hupenzi zvaho ngati muregererei munhu uyu ipwere yatamba nemadhaka pasina mvura. Kana ari BITI hapana chekuchema akanyengerwa naMangoma kuti vave kuzivikanwa stereki saka ngatipandukei.Kana vakachema misodzi inenge yegarwe chaiyo , hapana anofanira kuvateerera mhere yavo ndoo vaburuka muchitima chichifamba.

Chivadye - 18 March 2015

When in secondary school i was taught that ,"freedom means i do what i want but bearing in mind that i have t shoulder the consequences as well."Biti and friends must happily shoulder the results of their own actions-no baby crying gents! As for those who think the seats have been donated to zanu-allass-we are in 2013-MDC is going to retake all of them.My heart goes to the Madzore brothers, may the Lord help them see the light.

Mwana Wevhu - 18 March 2015

Makarova shumba nembama vakomana,kupinda nemwenje mudziva.My prayer is that the MDC must waver the resolution on boycotting elections.THey are 100% guaranteed of getting back their seats.

Matilda - 18 March 2015

biti akagona when he challenged tsvangirai for power. the problem is that you people think that without tsvangirai there is no opposition in zimbabwe. that cannot be true. as a matter of fact, such thinking breads dictaotors. how is it possible that in a country of 20 million people only one person can be the only potential replacement to the current leader. thats why he has also become hard-headed. his term of office finished and he should pass the baton to another. biti was very correct even though it cost him money but that was the right thing to do when dealing with handiende type of people like tsvangirai.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 March 2015

MDC-N plus MDC-Renewal=UMDC ZERO plus ZERO = ZERO Simple mathematics, kikikikikiki......

Boterekwa - 18 March 2015

The resolution not to participate is not a permanent one. This was made by the congress, and we do not need to wait for another congress to waiver it. The National Council or the Executive is there to do business when the congress is in recess. Come on guys, convene appropriately and deliver accordingly. I know ZANU PF will cry foul. This is MDC-T and not any other party. Do your business your own way. Iboterekwa mdhara.

Boterekwa - 18 March 2015

Hokoyo!Wanyura Biti ,Mangoma and others,Morgan haaiti.But you brought this end to yourselves guys. I so much liked you but I dont know whether it is zpf that led you astray or that you thought you were more popular than the people who had voted for you whilst under MDC-T.Zpf robbed all of us in the 2013 elections but Biti in particular enjoyed the limelight on ztv praising zpf for having had a better manifesto njaninjani and denigrating Tsvangirai,hazviitwe zviya, wakamakisa ende tikakumakawo,look where you are now.Wakambomiririra vanhu veku Churu Farm mucourt and you won the cases,so go on and represent the other expelled MPs-losers!kkkkkiest!

Cde Dokora - 18 March 2015

I kindly ask the MDC-T to seriously consider contesting in all the urban by elections where the expelled MPs were, MDC-T will win like they did in 2013 even if zpf tries to rig as thy did in the same constituencies but failed.

Cde Dokora - 18 March 2015

You see this guy called Mudenda is trying to hoodwink us . MDC T approached him seeking to recall the rebels but turned down their request . Then came zanu with the same request he agreed Mutasa and his nephew were removed from parliament .Mudenda now he wants to be clever he thinks we will say he is not partisan by deciding to have Mangoma and Biti out of parliament . Mr Mudenda you are totally biased baba just like what you were during the days you stole from willowvale . You can not fool us like what you did at willowvale you must resign for making stupid blunders . You are not fit to occupy that post , MDC T must seek to have the money which was paid to Biti and co who illegally occupied the position of mp to have the money paid back by Mudenda bcoz is the one who broke the law by allowing the crooks to stay put as mps

Diibulaanyika - 18 March 2015

The decision by Mangoma and Biti to challenge Morgan was a healthy one. In actual fact it is encouraged because it has been perceived as a taboo all along. Leaders must be kept on toes than to be left to lay eggs. Now that Biti and mangoma have lost they must live with it. What does this parliamentary firings mean. Zanu pf has ambushed and trapped MDC-T again. It comes after Morgan told the whole world that he will never participate in any elections without reforms. At least 5 are inside Bulawayo Province where zanu pf has lost since 2000. Of all the places "Tsholotsho" has fallen vacant. What does that mean to Prof J.Moyo after spinning his brains out for zanu pf regime. Its pay day for him. This move by zanu pf seeks to expose MDC-T . Now morgan must make a wide U-turn.

X-MAN IV - 18 March 2015

The MDC MPs are there for the head count and expense to the nation. They have achieved nothing in all their years in power; trust me, they will not be missed!

Wilbert Mukori - 19 March 2015

MDC is not in power they are in opposition and judging them as useless is being totally ignorant and following zanu rubbish. Only fools do not know that without mdc 's presence this country would be like a pigsty by now , viva mdc we salute you for the job you have do in this country .,Some people can not thank all they can after eating is rub their beaks on the sand exactly like nkuku .

Diibulaanyika - 19 March 2015

Dear Zimbabweans where is all this back biting, hatred, revenge etc in political parties actually getting us? Is it putting food on our tables? Is it bring jobs? Is it bringing healing to a broken nation? What are we doing? God's blessing does not lie on Zimbabwe because we are a sinful nation and we cannot even recognise that we are sinful. As a so called Christian nation we cannot even see that we need repentance. Only repentance brings restoration. Nothing else. Not FDI, not money, not politicians!! God hates how we Zimbabweans black, Shona, Ndebele, whites and in-between tear each other to pieces. We are supposed to be a nation! One nation! Like a soccer team all working together to get the ball into the goal. There is a deep root of bitterness in our nation that has sprung up and defiled our whole country. Come on fellow Zimbabweans let us weep before the Lord, confess our sins to Him and to each other and ask forgiveness. there is NO other way!

Freedom4Zim - 19 March 2015

Ndezvenyu izvo budai panze ????

Ndinofira KUREVA - 19 March 2015

wek up and smell the coffie Zimbabweans, attention is being diverted so that you relax and focus on these nonsensical issues, demos at universities hamuchamaonizvirizvo zvikudiwa at the moment,,,,,, cry my beloved country learned 4 nothing nxaa

dulibadzimu - 19 March 2015

Jacob Mudenda is a totally useless senile obese fat slob. Edna Madzongwe is an ugly retarded land and crop thief. Both are typical Zanu PF imbeciles that European Union ultra-liberal communists like Xavier Marcel and Philippe Van Damme love to sponsor.

Petronella Kagonye - 19 March 2015

BITI we Biti weeee you are finished, idiot, stupid lawyer, fat ass, faggot, good bye to politics. You thought you were clever, you f***ng power hungry pig!!!!

Garikayi - 19 March 2015

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