Bona storm hits Mugabe

HARARE - Eyebrows have been raised about the circumstances surrounding President Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona, chaperoning the nonagenarian and occupying a high and visible position during his official engagements in Japan.

Both social media and dinner table tittle tattle in the country have been agog over the past few days as Bona has taken an unusually high profile role during her father’s official State engagements with senior Japanese government officials, including the East Asian giant’s leader, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Pictures of Mugabe and Bona in meetings with Abe, on the sidelines of the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction being held in Japan, have been splashed around the world over the past few days, raising eyebrows back home about whether the 91-year-old was turning Zimbabwe into a monarchy.

Bona Mugabe (left) sitting next to her father President Robert Mugabe while in a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (right).

Ordinarily, Mugabe is accompanied in his formal meetings by his ministers, and by Grace on social engagements. But on this occasion, Bona is seen in one of the pictures seating on Mugabe’s right while

Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi is seated on his left with Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo.

It was not immediately clear if Bona was merely acting as the increasingly frail Mugabe’s caregiver on this visit — as Grace recuperates from her recent minor operation undertaken in Singapore — or if she has quietly joined government as an advisor to her father.

Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba, was not available for comment yesterday to explain Bona’s role in the official meetings.

But opposition political parties moved to savage the nonagenarian leader yesterday, expressing disquiet with the presence of the president’s daughter — who recently married pilot Simba Chikore in a lavish wedding in Harare — at his official engagements in Sendai, Japan.

MDC spokesperson, Obert Gutu, accused Mugabe of “effectively privatising” the country.

“This clearly shows that the State has been virtually privatised by the Mugabe dynasty. Robert Mugabe thinks that he is Zimbabwe and that Zimbabwe is Robert Mugabe.

“As the MDC, we strongly condemn the privatisation of the State by the crumbling and kleptocratic Mugabe regime.

“There’s absolutely no justification why one Bona Mugabe-Chikore should have been included as part of the official government delegation to Japan. Last time I checked, Bona is not a government official.

“Why, therefore, should State funds be utilised to fund her jamboree to Japan,” Gutu thundered.

The deputy spokesperson of Welshman Ncube’s MDC, Sibongile Mgijima, also panned Bona’s presence at Mugabe’s official engagements.

“What business does Bona have in Japan, in connection with government business? She was simply on a State-paid holiday and shopping spree.

“This is not the first time this has happened, but as Zimbabweans we don’t lift a finger about it. It is time for us to stand up for our rights,” Mgijima said.

United Kingdom-based lawyer and former special advisor to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Alex Magaisa, warned that Mugabe might be grooming his daughter for a political career.

“The President adores his daughter Bona. He has spoken highly of her in the past, far more than he does of his sons. But the trouble is, she is in her mid-twenties.

“She is too young and probably delicate for the harsh world of Zimbabwean politics. Her recent marriage may have served a purpose less imagined, to graduate her in the eyes of people; to say that she is a mother of the house and therefore, old enough to be a leader of people.

“I would not be surprised if he has entertained thoughts of appointing her too into the politburo, so that she gets some

apprenticeship while he is still in charge.

“That way, the young one will grow and learn the tricks of the political trade under the protective wing of the old gladiator that her father is. With mother Grace controlling the women’s wing, the path will be clear for the young lady.

“I can’t imagine anyone in Zanu PF resisting such a move. After what we have seen recently, anything is possible,” Magaisa said.

Most social media discussions centred on why Bona, and not her mother Grace had accompanied Mugabe on the visit, and why her husband was not visible on the trip.

“It’s clear that Bob’s intention is to make this country his kingdom.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think he will succeed in doing that. The great Crocodile wouldn’t allow that to happen,” one angry Twitter user quipped yesterday.

Another one simply asked, “Where is her husband?”

Another contributor on the web also said this was “the start of a dynasty”, further asking, “who is paying for each and every hotel room and food and allowances (for Mugabe’s large entourage) while the people of Zimbabwe die of hunger, wear second hand clothes and have no jobs while she has the best job in the land, wow?”.

“It’s a very sad state of affairs that a married woman is always at her father’s (side) attending to matters that should not concern her.

“It only shows that Bob is very insecure and cannot even trust his close aides to help him.

“That is why the wife and daughter are always close by to catch him should he fall. Since the wife is not feeling well, the daughter takes care of matters both big and small,” another contributor to a website said.

“For me this has (more) to do with the fall (Mugabe’s) at Harare International Airport than Bona being groomed. She is less than thirty years at the moment, meaning that it will take her more than 10 years to become eligible for (the) presidency in terms of the Constitution.

“So there is no chance Mugabe is thinking about that, he knows he can not remain in office until he reaches 101 years,” yet another social media commentator said.

“The country is in debt because of non-national issues.

“Zanu PF should learn that you get satisfaction in generating your own money as opposed to enjoying other people’s hard work, they will want interest for their money, they are not giving it to you for free, they are investing.

“Zimbabwe has a capacity to generate more revenue in natural resources alone as compared to Japan per annum, but laziness and corruption of leadership prevents any gains from the resources to reach the mainstream economy.

“When these Eastern countries start demanding their dues, where is Zanu PF going to face? North perhaps? I feel for the next generation who will find themselves paying the whole world for the luxuries of Zanu PF yet lacking basics in their own backyard,” yet another critic said.

Comments (52)

In 1994, Zindzi Mandela accompanied her father, Nelson Mandela at the Inauguration Ceremony.

Gerald Muongorori - 17 March 2015

Haivavo Bona is not even Bob's biological daughter !!!

Garikayi - 17 March 2015

obert gutu and those complaining about Bona's presence in japan should keep their mouths shut and work for the development of this country as nothing tangible from their party have been realised in terms of economical development other than sanctions mobility.

zenzo liberator - 17 March 2015

Zindzi Mandela accompanied her father, Nelson Mandela to an inauguration ceremony,fair and fine but never on international business trips concerning the nation. Social events yes a big NO when it comes to government business, Bona is not in government.

toni - 17 March 2015

Zimbabwe shame on mugabe

dansonkchimba - 17 March 2015

Zenzo liberator mdc yakambotonga nyika rini . uri gudo remunhu chairo .unozviti liberator vakaliberator chii kupi kune liberationuyu kubva kunaani

GONDO - 17 March 2015

There is nothing wrong in a daughter accompanying his aged father to formal or informal meetings. In our culture, muzukuru anoperekedza sekuru kana vakwegura kuti avabatsire apo vanenge vava kuda ruyamuro. Tose tinoziva kuti VaMugabe havana vazukukuru saka chinovatadzisa kutora mwana wavo wokubereka chii? Chepiri ndechekuti Bona akagara kwenguva ku Hong Kong uye hazvingashamisi kuziva kuti Japanese ndeimwe ndimi iyo akadzidza saka angatadza sei kuva muturikiri wababa wake. Imi vanhu hamuna chakanaka, musavenge munhu kusvika pakadaro

Fidel Castro - 17 March 2015

mune shanje hama dzangu. regai mwana afambe na baba vake. she certainly resembles her father yet some are mouthing wrong things about her. we are so backward. we don't appreciate others perhaps that why we are so behind. it wouldn't be easy to work with people who oppose anything you do. regai mwana afambe nababa vake furu sitopu..

taurai - 17 March 2015

Absolutely nothing wrong there, she was probably "taking minutes"

analyst - 17 March 2015

There was no money counted, if idiotic journalist from an opposition mouthpiece can witness the meeting, then why not Bona, an economic graduate, zimbabwean, and part of the first family could not be there also. If chematama a puppet can be given a red carpet in the USA on behalf of the local traitors, then surely why not Bona , a patriotic Zimbabwean, and daughter of a great liberator be denied the chance to accompany her father. Chematama speaks about conditions of the economic, fake disappearance of a sick comedian, and yet he is not in government, let alone a special constabulary or security guard, kikiki.

reason - 17 March 2015

Change is the only constant variable in this life we live. You can resist it and attempt to delay it but it is inevitable in the end. On the other hand history has never failed to deliver in the end yet each one found in these guys' situation the world over has always believed he can outsmart set precedence and the previous autocrats to put it mildly were all not as smart hence history kept repeating itself with those. Usadherere history always wins and repeats itself in the end. And its always those you deem closest who will flog you for a song coz right now it will be expediant for them to give you the anticipated smile. Food for thought. Anonzwa anzwa kune varikuti ndisu the invincibles. Even murder or abductions at this late stage will not haut the gravy train change is now imminent.

The Patriot - 17 March 2015

There is no news here. To think that this can be made a headline borders on the moronic!

godfrey gudo - 17 March 2015

I think she was merely acting in place of her frail mother to support the president in case he falls again abroad. Without Grace, Mugabe is exposed. She was just a living walking stick

Bhinikwa - 17 March 2015

Well said Fidel, i absolutely agree with you. The level of hatred on the first family is too much. There are so many factors that people forget to consider and as a result, misguided and misled remarks are maid pasina kana chinemusoro chaicho chinenge chataurwa. Its sad really. Surely there is a reason why we have two ears but one mouth. Listen more that you talk, you might actually learn a thing or two.

Ray - 17 March 2015

what I do not understand is Zimbabweans who are talking shit by supporting Mugabe to take an army of people to a 2 days meeting in Japan on our Tax and when people are jobless because of Government expense. Bona did not walk to Japan, she flied to Japan. she was sleeping in a presidential suit in a hotel which is very expensive. at whose payment. it is our money which should buy medication for the sick in hospital. he went to japan with 100 people to do what and he stayed for 10 days in Japan doing what. who is paying for that Bill. Imagine a Kenyan President went with only 5 people including Security and Ministers and the Pilots. and he met his Kenyan people who live in Japan. If Mugabe wanted an Interpretor surely we have Zimbabweans staying Japan who can speak the local language and could have helped for free. why spending money on a family honeymoon on Zimbabwean Bill. What is Bona's Job in the Government.....?

Danga Remombe - 17 March 2015

Its very wrong,Zimbabwe haisi yekumba kwavo.

peter - 17 March 2015

If you support him in any way uri mhata

GETS - 17 March 2015

saka Bush ne mwana wake vese zvavakatonga USA ya Monarch ? ko Botswana seretse khama ne mwana wake , ko Kenyatta ne mwana wake , Kabila ne mwana wake , Bill Clinton na HiLLARY - zvitori normal

dickmore - 17 March 2015

The day of reckoning is nigh. Yaririsa yavakubvaruka. Okungapheliyo kuyahlola.(that which doesn't end is ominous). They say the darkest hour is before dawn. May be it's now the darkest hour. Just maybe!!!

mosquito - 17 March 2015

Those who support or should I say have sympathy to the ruling party ( Zanu pf ) perhaps can tell us why there is high unemployment, poor service delivery, collapsing health care, failing education, deteriorating infrastructure, rampant levels of corruption, incompetent government, the new Somalia. Surely do you think we can have love for the first family with all these problems? 35 years in power, 91 years old, layers and layers of beaurecrats in government, cronies in parastatals. The country in on its knees but someone has the guts to defend a dictator using our armed forces, police and other state institutions to consolidate his power. Now it's turning to a dynasty and some of out fellow country men still believe we should smile and accept it and not be angry. These madalas can enjoy plundering our country but what of the common men and women and the future of our children? ?

Kwehlule/zwaramba - 17 March 2015

Sekuru avo any time can collapse. Do not smell any dead rats. She was there at the explicit request of those ministers accompanying Bob. The ministers are scared that they will be accused of hatching a plan to make sekuru fall. Havana kupusa. Saka vakaona kuti to be on the safe side a close relative of the so-called 1 st family has to be close always everytime to witness anything that can cause the old sekuru to fall. That way, and only that way will any story of his collapse be believed by Gracy and those who say call him son of God. Varume avo vanotya kuoneswa ndondo na Gracy in the event of Mugabe falling again. Grooming the kid , ya-ah but for this visit yandasasa ndizwo.

Chorosi - 17 March 2015

vanababa vasingakwanisi kuenda nevana vavo kuma shops inzwa zvavanotaura kkkkkkk ndaseka hangu.

MAFANA - 17 March 2015

When Mugabe dies he will leave his family haunted and cursed with no one wants to associate with. Mugabe's family will have nothing to say except "takambo spakwa" ne life. The image is confirming blood is thicker. Insecurity is a terrible thing. When one starts to run away from his own shadow. Bona's presence is just to rule out or confirm foul play on mugabe's status. She is the eagle eye.

X-MAN IV - 17 March 2015

tinogona kuita nhamo zvinji nekuda kwe nharo dzedu idzo dzatiri kutaridza even now. how is it possible to work for the development of the country when you have people who are as nagative as we are demonstrating like this. any thing that the leader does is negated. vamwe vano farira nyika dzavo. i wonder what type of leader would satisfy zimbos. right now tsvangirai hatidi, mnangagwa hatidi, biti bodo, mugabe kwete, mai mujuru haditi, masiiwa hatidi so whom do we want? part of the failure of the country reflects also on our attitude towards leaders. we can not blame mugabe alone. in some way we are also to blame. what's wrong with travelling with your won child? tashaya zvekushora apa.

taurai - 17 March 2015

Mugabi is frail & now needs a trusted caregiver, thats all what Bona is there for. Mum stayed behind kuti vambo kwangurisa, kumbokwenyesa zviro zvave kuvava...! Ko zvinombonetsa here? Grace anongoti I am not going, op yangu iya iri kudzimba...osara..achirovesa boyz...kkkkk!

Hatina - 17 March 2015

@taurai. "vamwe vano farira nyika dzavo." Saka iwe urikufunga kuti maZimbabweans haafariri nyika yavo here ? Do not confuse people`s hatred of bad leaders to their concerns about their country brought about by bad leadership. Zwekare do you need to attend school lessons to understand that those you outlined as leaders Zimbabweans reject are not suitable (for proven reasons) to run Zimbabwe ? I think you have one side of your brains completely shutdown. Une pfungwa dzedapi. Do you need to be hit by a 15 pound hammer to understand what is happening in Zimbabwe ?

Chorosi - 17 March 2015

The article asks if the President is turning Zimbabwe into a monarchy. It has already become a monarchy. His daughter isn't with the government but one would expect she was being paid consulting fees by the government. Thus making her role official. Do you think???

Buffalojump - 17 March 2015

Is there any1 still surprised by any of Mugabe's actions?? Kusele nje ukuthi azitshiye emphakathini. Adle umnuko wakhe!

Phaphamani - 17 March 2015

We told you, 1980, 85, 90, 95, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2018, that beware of dogs, beware of ZANU but you said we were biased tribalists, enjoy Bona, Grace, and all your cabal of leeches you have created feasting on Dzamara blood, our Ndebele blood was sucked dry long back, this is your creation Shona people, every one of them Mkhobo sorry Mphoko included....sent a thief to catch a thief... Manama manje..tatenda.

Msuuunuu - 17 March 2015

@chorosi, kana muchifarira nyika yezim then you need to contribute possible solutions to the problems than kungo garo tukirira president. it has not worked, it will change nothing except stressing yourself needlessly. iyezino muri kungo svotwa iye achifamba ne mhuri yake. chinguri maka mirira rufu rwake iye mupenyu. better to find something positive to do than stooping this low - passing negative comments about someone day in and out.

taurai - 17 March 2015

Its simple, Mugabe needs a caretaker in case ha relapses of falls again. A close aid has to be at hand for this senile old man

ITDSMITH@YAHOO.COM - 18 March 2015

The above comments made interesting reading. Yesterday I read somewhere that Jonathan Moyo has said he receives an inordinate amount of abusive messages in his FB inbox and said he realised that the people of Zimbabwe are angry: very angry! None of us are surprised that the people of Zimbabwe are angry. We are an abused, traumatised, oppressed nation. One commentor was asking why we put all the blame on Mugabe. Well, the Word of God would answer that one and the answer is yes! The buck stops with the leader. "To those whom much is given much will be expected." Zimbabwe is a mess: from head to toe we are a mess and it does not take Chorosi's 15 b hammer to see that. People have had enough! Plain and simple and even the "professor" is seeing that. What fruit do we see in Zimbabwe? The government have failed. The elections have never been free and fair. Our land runs red with blood. corruption is crippling our nation. people disappear, are kidnapped, unjustly jailed or tortured. billions of dollars of commercial farm infrastructure have been looted and plundered from their rightful owners, theft is the norm. bribery is the norm. We are a nation full of hatred, bitterness and unforgiveness and ZPF have promoted that and it is devouring this nation. For a so called Christian nation we are a disgrace: from the President down through government, through much of the church and on into the people. Instead of tearing each other to pieces we should be on our knees in broken repentance.

TruthBTold - 18 March 2015

I wouldn't ever think that Professor Welshman, Prof.. Biti educated as they are would be pained by all as they see materialise. For they allowed to be divided. Educated as they are, who else would know that Mugabe as from the 1977 congress would seek to weaken all opposition to his eternal presidency, by divide and rule if given the non-militarised MDCs. A creature black Zimbabwean will always appal me. Mugabe is enjoying his clever edge over Dumdutshena, Tekere, Ndabaningi, Nkomo, Tsvangirai, Biti, and all others, among them Margaret Dongo. What would Mutambara be without if he among others, meaning disgraced Joice and twice-beaten Mavhaire, come together and push dead the tired vampire. I am ashamed of having been born Zimbabwean. Hitler was not as bad,... never to the native Germans. No!

maombo david - 18 March 2015

He is denying the privilege of moving with a walking stick like his contemporaries like Kamuzu, Mobutu or Kaunda

sunzu - 18 March 2015

the gist of the story is Bona is not a government official should not be there in the public light lime. Zimbabweans wake up . Those who support or condone this traverse are zanu pf fools or thick morons.

papa - 18 March 2015

Bona wamama tichakubata bata wait for this space

jb - 18 March 2015

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Government is not family business period, he did wrong and he continues to knowing there are idiots like the ones who totally see his failures as normalcy. We are a blind nation.

the watcher - 18 March 2015

Well said TruthBtold, Chorosi and mambo david. Change is our hands. How can one lead an exemplary life if one is being held captive like a prisoner. We have very few people that CARE in our beloved country. I have also regretted ever being born a Zimbabwean because of so many things. Let it not be confused to not loving my country. I LOVE ZIMBABWE period. REALITY is what is tearing us apart as a nation. The mere cost of living is not just HIGH but beyond overboard and whose fault is that? I point a finger at the so many of those that do not CARE and in most cases influential figures that do not even know the feeling of going hungry. So please do not expect much contribution from a captive. Just give us a break please and spare a little thought.

captive - 18 March 2015

Ana Bush naana Khama naanaKenyatta vavakovhoterwa feya feya. Zvemuno zviri kuda kuitwa ndezvana Kim il Sung nana Castro. Tarisai kusiyana kweupenyu hwevanhu vanogara munyika idzodzo.

Monarchist - 18 March 2015

Please people, just give up; Zimbabweans will defend anything that this Gukurahundi does. I am sorry, its no longer and issue of right or wron in Zim. Its a question of who does it. So, Mugabe does no wrong in the eyes of some people. Just give up. Its a waste of time arguing over anything concerning Mugabe. Unfortunately its not easy to just turn your back forever on your ouwn country; the land where you and your forefathers were born. Even old Rhodesians still follow every bit of what happens in that land. But if you can, please save yourself the misery and concentrate on you newly found citizenship and bring up your family. Nothing will ever come right in Zimbabwe - I mean nothing!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 18 March 2015

well shared thoughts and for sure every time our head of state goes for a national trip its the mass that foots the bill thru tax payment so its a sad story for those empty nugget just to throw tantrums at the truth, wherever there are eyebrows raised, why should we be silenced????? we all shell shocked with such a developemnet so everyone has achance to air their thoughts thats the fruit of being democratic nation so all those who have been critically hog-washed such that common sense cannot find a room to operate in their mindsets shame on you basa kutongwa nevakadzi but busy kutyisidzira vamwe nxaaaaaa......

the observer - 18 March 2015

they is no smoke without fire wait very soon guys ,in this country it starts as grapevine bt tmr it will be a true story and it will be announced

kampira hilda - 18 March 2015

Go mgabe amusati mamama mashona enjoy yo mgabage

ANonymous - 18 March 2015

Mugabe parachuted his wife into the top Zanu PF Women's League post from nowhere and in a few weeks she will probably land a vert senior ministerial post. The tyrant may well be thinking of doing the same with his daughter!

wilbert Mukori - 18 March 2015

mafana y are so idiotic to serious issues. Haukwire ndege kana kurara muhotera kuenda kuma shops. Zimbabweans must be serious with taxpayers monies, not to be squandered that way. That money can be used to drill borehalls etc. He knows the country is bleeding to its knees financially, how much are we paying in those hotels with an entourage of 50 useless bunches. No wonder, every problem which befalls our contry , you rush to blame the west forgetting that you a squandering the monies by travelling , sleeping in the expensive hotels. when are you going to improve service deliveries? Shame on this pathetic government. Zvimweo uchipota uchi shandisa mari kubva ku gushungo diaries if u require medication from outside!!!

chamvari - 19 March 2015

The phallic emperor is famous for his empathy, compassion, humanity, generosity. . . . . . True to form, he donated ALL of the funds that he scrounged from Japan to the UN's chief beggar Elisabeth Byrs to give to those devastated on the cyclone-hit Vanuatu islands. Bona's real father was Peter Pamire. Gideon Gono, garden-boy Joseph Mtakwese Made or James Makamba. DNA tests will reveal the truth. . . . . .

Stanlay Goreraza - 19 March 2015

Zimbabweans are simply and plain stupid. How do allow the creation of a family dynasty to rule you. Where are the vibrant and educated Zimbabweans?????????????????????

am - 20 March 2015

Nothing wrong with having a daughter attending to her aged father. The last time he took a tumble, his aides didn't help him. I think the media, as usual are causing a storm in a teacup.

Felicity Cairns-Muller - 21 March 2015

hooo nhyka eheee mmmm

gwaku - 22 March 2015

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