MPs want condoms in schools

HARARE - Legislators last week rallied for the distribution of condoms at schools, calling upon relevant authorities to swallow the bitter pill and accept that children are now engaging in sex at a tender age.

As the debate on condoms distribution at schools rages on, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care, chaired by MDC senator Ruth Labode, told officials from the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) that there is a low contraception coverage among adolescents, particularly, in provinces worst affected by HIV and teenage pregnancies.

Mathias Ndlovu, the MP for Bulilima East and a member of the portfolio committee on Health, told officials from the ZNFPC that he had personally inspected schools in his constituency and was worried that there were no condoms yet teenagers there were getting pregnant while still at school.

“I took it upon myself to go into schools and there were no condoms. These are areas where teen pregnancies and HIV prevalence are very high. We need more action there than anywhere else,” said Ndlovu last Tuesday.

Matabeleland provinces recorded the highest HIV prevalence last year, apparently because of migration and lack of access to family planning mechanisms.

Labode said the high HIV incidence and early pregnancies among teenagers point to the fact that Zimbabwe is now a country of hypocrites who deny the obvious.

“You want students to go and ask for condoms at the clinic and then the nurse will say haunyare (are you not ashamed). There is a problem and I think as a nation, we are hypocrites,” said Labode.

ZNFPC chief executive Munyaradzi Murwira, who was visibly uncomfortable discussing the morally sensitive condom subject, initially blamed the abnormal trends in Matabeleland to poor organisational representation and economic migration.

“In Matabeleland, the issue is sometimes because of its proximity to South Africa, most of the men are working there and they (women) actually told us there is no need for taking contraception and we also do not have an office in Matabeleland North,” Murwira said.

But Labode said: “In areas like Matabeleland South, we have a very high unmet need and then you hide behind a cupboard and say there is no sex.”

“Then you have 15 schools coming out with zero pass rates simply because the kids got pregnant and went away only to come back and write exams. Then you cannot take action because you shy away from it,” said Murwira.

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let us avail conteraception to children we do not want people having pregnancies but reality is students are doin it

love - 16 March 2015

teenagers in 99% of the cases who engage in sex activies are dropouts who will be outside the school system. this mp from bulilima did not ocnduct his research properly. can they give us their statistics on pregancies for enrolled pupils not pregnancies on dropouts. so please dont recommend wrong solutions to our kids. most mp kids especially the znpf are in the diaspora are they being given condoms.the first problem for those schools is dropout rates espcially the province identified. so plz the mp should engage his community so as to reduce dropout rate this problem will be solved

frank - 16 March 2015

We need Clean water ,Text books, Technology, proper shelter, support of teachers at schools and we DON'T WANT CONDOMS. What is the legal age of a girl child to consent to sex. What does the law say about having sex with girls under 16. The country is very small we have too many MPs doing nothing. I believe the situation in zim schools is not out of hand to warrant such a move. Cases of girls falling pregnant have been there since donkey years ago. Most of the girls are completing their studies. Its true some girls "nzenza" are having sex and let us insist and SAY NO TO SEX for minors. Condoms will only create an explosive uncontrollable, culture. by year 3000 if they are to be given to schools. Imagine a situation where upon birth a girl child should receive condoms. Let us not lose control because of social and economic problems. MPs please protect GIRL child.

X-MAN IV - 16 March 2015

lets be realistic people maybe not at school rather decrease stigmatization by the vendors of contraceptives we need to arrest the growing rate of illegal abortions and unwanted pregnancies.

tinodanana - 17 March 2015

this issue is not worth discussing. you cannot correct a wrong by another wrong. lets learn to think maturely and offer practical solutions. by putting condoms in schools we are saying amen to sexual activities to our kids. HEY WAKE UP HON MP

dziva - 17 March 2015

Whats wrong with this MP? People of Bulilima take note and vote him out next time. This is a madman on the loose and it' s funny how all those grown up men/women are made to sit in parliament to debate such rubbish when they should be coming up with projects to develop communities. He feeds our children with poison. Am sure he is one of those politicians who bed school children. You can go hang with your condoms!!! or give them to your own daughters, and I doubt if you have any. So if you legalise sex for a minor, what do you do with statutory rape? What has gone wrong with this society? The fact that they are doing it does't make it right Mr MP.Please shut up if you have nothing to say in parliament, you will not be prosecuted for that.

Saved - 17 March 2015

@ Brighteyes, you are spot on, but i need to add some questions, questions (1) if condoms are distributed in schools and they the pupils are caught by the school authorities in sexual act will there be any discipline and if ever it is there how can it be administered. (2) is the distribution of condom in schools means that any child who become pregnant did so at school or is it a picking point. I believe that those who are advocating for condom distribution make the parents who have children at school going age make their contributions. As a parent with a child at school a feel that there many players who are not supposed to as their contributions is not beneficial to the school children, but to then.

STUBBORNN TRUTH - 17 March 2015

MPs are right. Condoms are necessary. Lets not hide behind our fingers, children are indulging in sex. Schools are the right platforms to impart sex education, and its practical aspects. Teachers will know how best to control it to the best interest of the children.

mtambingo - 17 March 2015

Come on guys. The bible says train a child in the way he should go and when he grows up he will not depart from it (Proverbs22:6). Sex education is needed but not condoms. Tell the kids that sex is for the marriage institution. Outside marriage there are consequences. There are so many examples to show them.

Jojo - 17 March 2015

I would like to respond to Mtambingo who says MPs are right. I thought MPs were people representatives who take views of the represented people to present to Parliament for enactment of laws. Now from the above I do not see anywhere where there is mention of MPs having gathered the views of the people they represent. All we get is a large banner which says "MPs want condoms in schools". These are very sensitive issues which should be extensively discussed by the populace before an MP can stand up and air the result of the views from the people. So I think it is not proper for MPs to present to Parliament their personal views

petso - 17 March 2015

With due respect to all your contributions.. Please note that , MPs must gather people's views and then consult with other MPs across the political divide. This is not Hon. Ndlovu's policy that will be railroad into a policy. The MP must have clearly stated that this is his opinion not to sound like he is an authority on the above subject. He is a mere representative. First, if he think his opinion in great..Let him start distributing condoms to his children, niece etc from the Ndlovu clan, not school pupils.... What lesson are we giving here, dishing out condoms to kids under the age of 12. Parents are good guardians for this subject. Foolish parents will wait for a foolish MP like this one to guide their kids through adolescence lessons. We have countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesian Islands etc.. there is no talk of this practice..Zimbabwe with an literacy rate of above 80% we can not sink so low.... The Countries mentioned above is where such practices has been condemned even by the UN in so many articles. We never heard of condoms being distributed in the streets of Cambodia or Beaches of Phuket. We re not Banana Republic to advocate for such silly ideas....Hon.Ndlovu deserve a Red Card from the August House come 2018.

Jack - 17 March 2015

No to condoms in school.

tichaona - 17 March 2015

Mps must debate on the shool curriculum, if more emphasis should be on technical subjects nation building, send out counsellers in schools on sex education not condoms, that is fuelling the fire. Students are in a learning environment, they will easily adapt, the condom will divert their minds, they then lose the focus and importance of education, in Shona vana vanozofungira kuti hanzi vanofanira kuenda pabonde as part of the school curriculum.

tichaona - 17 March 2015

Whats better condoms or cellphones, fact the availability of condoms is giving the children approval for early sex, whilst the cellphone can be used for continous awareness and education of the challenges of early sex, education on hiv/related illness, just the sight of condom is green light for sex, cellphone is liking giving someone a fishing rod and teaching them how to fish

Observer - 17 March 2015

Musati maparura nyaya yemakondomu kuvana zwanga zwakadini kuti iwo maMP edu aya awomese mbabvu panyaya dzinoita kuti vana vacho vavarikuda kupamakondomu vawane chikafu nezwimwe zwinodiwa muupenyu hwavo. Nyaya yemakondomu can be left to parents of the kids. Ndakanzwa kuti paGweru,pa University, vanasikana varikubatwa chibaro neavo vanonzi ndivo vanofanira kufabatsira kutswaga accomodation. Ko maMP edu muripiko zwakadai zwichitika ! What about our all powerful women`s league ? Zwechokwadi,zwechokwadi mungava madzimai ekutansira president chete ? Kana kouya kunyaya dzevana moshaikwa. Murimadzimai chaiwo iwo kana kuti murizwigutsa zwinobhebha kwarira ngoma chete ?

Chorosi - 17 March 2015

we are senting our children to schools to persue academic and not sex education.Those M Ps should condoms to their children when they come home from school for the holiday.

Ilah - 18 March 2015

X-Man IV i do agree with you but look the issue o sex outside marriage biblically its even condemned Pastors also spread such messages in Church but are congregants not indulging soon after the message is spread? They are!. What then can the Gvt let the condoms be distributed let us niot turn a blind on that issue, students are indulging. Now we have as a Gvt we take the lead with caution, they are to be though counseling sessions in schools, sex education be introduced not that we will be incouraging them indulge. The other issue is setting up community centres where parents are even taught on best approaches to teach there children regarding that issue. Its a whole lot of process. there should be things that the Gvt need to put in place before embarking on this initiative. Mapostori warikufa cause they dont believe in all this condoms issue. Churches should also distribute condoms.

wils - 18 March 2015

what is the percentage of school drop outs due to lack of funds as compared to due to pregnancy. the parliament is not a fools' play ground. there more important issues like Beam to be discussed and also economic recovery strategies. people are being retrenched they have no money to pay for school fees but bustered clings to condoms. we want ideas to build the economy not sex sex sex and sex. I thot the responsible Minister answered that countless times. GIVE THEM TO YOUR CHILDREN. some parents are teaching their children morality. why would you want to ambush them. please stop this nonsense. our country is failing not because of sanctions from EU, US etc, no, MPs like this one are the real sanctions. they are enemies of progress!!! this guy must be investigated i think he is up to something. Im sure he is not as mad as he sounds but he aims to destroy this nation. this is Sekesai Makwavarara2 akapazisa dzimba to tanish the image of the country

freeman - 18 March 2015

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