Tsvangirai on diplomatic offensive

HARARE - Opposition party leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday left for the United States of America (US), as he embarks on a diplomatic offensive to shed light on the deteriorating political and socio-economic situation in the country.

Apparently buoyed by a surprisingly huge turnout to his rally last week, the former Prime Minister is, according to his office, going to hold high level talks with US officials as part of a diplomatic mission that has since seen him writing to Sadc, the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN) highlighting the country’s myriad of problems.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, told the Daily News on Sunday that his boss is on a charm offensive to bring back international focus on Zimbabwe.

“The president has gone to the USA on a diplomatic offensive. He is going to make more diplomatic offenses in line with the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe.

“Only this morning he was finalising his letter to the Sadc chair that was also copied to all regional and leaders,” said Tamborinyoka.

Ironically, President Robert Mugabe, Tsvangirai’s bitter political rival is chairperson of Sadc and yesterday, Tamborinyoka refused to divulge contents of his boss' letter to the regional bloc.

Tamborinyoka said the MDC leader also wrote to the UN and the AU highlighting among other issues the disappearance of political activist Itai Dzamara.

“As a pointer of the deteriorating situation in the country, I was supposed to go with the president to the US but I could not go because I am nursing injuries I sustained after a nasty encounter with the police,” said Tamborinyoka.

Last week, police purportedly searching for a baton stick and helmet, stormed the MDC headquarters and allegedly assaulted the party’s workers including Tamborinyoka.

While tension is building up on the political landscape with police maintaining a heavy presence on the streets of Harare, the economic situation is deteriorating at a frightening pace.

Revelations that the country is headed for yet another draught has only worsened the situation, with a broke government, that is failing to timeously pay its workers and evidently ill-prepared with the unfolding crisis.

“There are in panic mode. They stole the election and because of that they have never been comfortable. This is a classic case of chickens coming home to roost. The people who attended our rally last week have frightened the system,” said Tamborinyoka.

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The only solution to our current socio-economic and political disaster is to have a coalition government or inclusive government right up until we are prepared for real democratic elections.What is happening now does not benefit at all Zimbabweans but the politicians.Reporting the matter to SADC,A.U and U,N and even America and Europe does not change or help us anything at all but only if we sit down on our own with first and foremost Zim at heart thats when we can be in a position to have all problems solved with home-growm solutions and not irrelevant prescribed solutions from outside which normally borders on mischief and lack common understanding of our real situation on the ground

carson macate - 15 March 2015

A problem shared is half solved so a big up to Morgan share our problems with other countries of which some have gone through same troubles before and have experience on how to deal with such problems , Umntwana o nga khaliyo ufela embelekweni simply as that . Even during the war we had a lot of consultancy with other countries who shared our problems then . No sane person would want to work with zanu anymore bcoz doing so is giving them a new lease of life so that they can steal elections again and again . Our focus as a nation is to have zanu out of power bcoz that is where the problem is finish and klaa . Zanu is the biggest problem in this country and it requires us all to put our efforts together and flush out this kak once and for all .I hope Morgan will not forget to mention the kidnapping of Itai by zanu to those he will meet .

Diibulaanyika - 15 March 2015

I say NO to another inclusive gvt.It would be better if it was an interim gvt made up indepentents/neutrals because having the MDC and Zpf again would not heal the septic econmic and political illness bedevelling our country.Zpf was was a big headache in the last GNU.They had egos that were too big and look where the country is going,hurtling towards a cliff.Morgan is right the whole world should be made aware of this fascist regime of Zpf.It baffles my mind why Africa chose Mugabe of all leaders to be the AU chair.I think that is the worst insult to the OAU founding Fathers.I am sure Kwamek Nkrumah and others are turning in their graves with rage.Mugabe is never a role model,he is an ugly face for pan africanism.

Cde Dokora - 15 March 2015

Reporting Mugabe to SADC and AU is a waste of time Morgan and MDC, should know better by now. These are two organs that have endorsed rigged elections. The zimbabwean issue is well documented and is known world wide that is why EU renewed sanctions on 1st family and its thugs. Morgan must lead people to Africa Unity square. For a country to be put on UN agenda is not a walk in the park.

X-MAN IV - 15 March 2015

morgan akatambisa nguva yake time ye gnu. he may as well forget about leading this country. hazvidi vanhu vano siya basa vomboita zve madzimai.

zvirozviyedzwa - 15 March 2015

Tsvangirai has already proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he is breathtakingly incompetent. Just because that message has not sunk in with many of his wildebeest minded supporters does not mean the same is true with anyone in Washington. His White House days are over; he can pretend they are not but he is only fooling himself!

Wilbert Mukori - 15 March 2015

Well we have heard that trash from zanu that Morgan is incompetent . i rate Morgan far much better than Mugabe as he showed the world when he joined the UNITY GOVT everything started to change from a failed state .Morgan 's supporters are mainly from cities and are intelligent they can easily see lies . So like him or hate him the man is very very popular and has never lost his mojo even zanu knows that and afraid of him .

Diibulaanyika - 16 March 2015

umm pliz Morgan is trying his best level . ngaaende anovaudza may be things will change soon .everyone will be able to have enough food. and we get the donors coz kune nzara .

gdhdj - 16 March 2015

With God nothing is imposible Only We Have to Pray to God

Vinty - 16 March 2015

so you guys are you saying he should sit on his hands whilst the country's economy is roting Save wangadai waita sei there is no way we are going to survive without the west as mnangagwa was recently heard saying He is moving in the rit direction thats the kind of the leader that we want kwete zveavo wanongofunga kuti wobata sei wawengi wavo pahuro iyo mhuri ikufa naiyo nzara. i agree with you diibulanyika

zuze - 16 March 2015

Xman, you are right. The solution to our problems is not in the US, UK, SADC, AU, EU or UN. It is on the streets of Zimbabwe. That is where Morgan must mobilise and lead the masses to a better Zimbabwe. Going is a waste of time!!!!

Kondo - 16 March 2015

"He is going to make more diplomatic offenses in line with the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe." What are diplomatic offenses, Luke?

machakachaka - 16 March 2015

morgan overstayed as well. he changed the constitution so he can go beyond the mandate set by no other but morgan himself. for that, it shows that he is not democratic but a dictator in the making. zimbabweans should look beyond morgan and come up with a person who is not power hungry like morgan. that is the only way we can dream of a prosperous zimbabwe.

zvirozviyedzwa - 16 March 2015

Amen to that.

native - 16 March 2015

waste of time,money and resources because the revolutionary party wont burge even an inch, as for massive demos forget about it

gabriel nyika yaramba - 16 March 2015

He has just gone on Holiday. He needs that more than all of us.

dm - 16 March 2015

we don't want to have a situation like that of other African countries,civil wars . think cde Tsvangson is right.

fidza - 16 March 2015

'Diplomatic offensive'? Ah, hameno.

Ndugu - 16 March 2015

tsvangirai's visit to the usa means he has not mastered the art of world politics yet. the usa has no other agenda except furthering its own interests at the expense of weaker nations. there is no good friend in world politics except a dead one. look at what it has done in iraq, afghanistan and all other countries where it has intervened. does Tsvangirayi know about such monsters as the Bilderberg group, the Illumunati, the new world order and related issues? what kind of a new Zimbabwe does he intend to build with the Americans? i have no doubt that Tsvangirayi has very little if any understanding of world politics,that of Zimbabwe included. does he have to waste time and money flying to the states for Zimbabwean solutions? i don't think so.if by any miracle he becomes Zimbabwean president with the help of the Americans, then we will certainly have another version of Mobutu Sese Seko or Idi Amini Dada in Zimbabwe.

edika - 16 March 2015

Morgan Tsvangirai (AKA King Dong / The Ugly Thick-Skinned Horny Rhino / Swing Dick) has been found wanting by the EU and its members for betraying the needs and rights of those that had expected that he was intelligent and was in pursuit of moving Zimbabwe toward being a first world civilized democracy. _ NO SURPRISE _ The MDC clowns are no different to Zanu pf liars and thieves. - - -The EU has rightly abandoned these incompetent idiots. Sadly they are now openly and actively sponsoring the Zanu pf criminal enterprise thanks to the solidarity with comrade Aldo Dell'Ariccia. Betrayed are the long suffering innocent victims of lunacy and tyranny. Morgan Tsvangirai and his inner circle seem to be the only ones who do not realize that he is a useless spent force. He need to be booted out of the USA too.

Washington Jenzerai - 16 March 2015

Lets go to the streets guys. That's the best solution.

piaget - 17 March 2015

Am sure he has gone for cure and supply of viagra and nothing else. No serious person listens to that dwarf anymore, unless that person is equally sick.

reason - 17 March 2015

Each time he goes out of Zim we are told he is going on 'offensive' but when he returns we are not told of the resulst of the 'offensive'

Ndugu - 17 March 2015

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