Stop shedding crocodile tears over Dzamara: ZCTU

MASVINGO - Zimbabwean workers body has accused the ruling Zanu PF government of shedding crocodile tears over the abduction and disappearance of journalist-cum-political activist, Itai Dzamara.

In a statement, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) a labour body that represents the majority of Zimbabwean workers called on the State to come clean on the whereabouts of the activist who was abducted in a mafia-style manner by unidentified men and bundled into a vehicle to an unknown destination.

ZCTU secretary-general, Japhet Moyo accused government of not being sincere following utterances, by Acting President, Emmerson Mnangagwa that the State was extremely concerned by Dzamara’s abduction.

“We call upon the State to stop pretending and shedding crocodile tears and own up to its constitutional responsibilities and respect people’s rights notwithstanding their scrutiny of the government and the ruling party leaders,” said Moyo.

The workers’ representatives accuse the State of pretending to be sincere over the issue when suspicions and accusations have been pointed at it.

The labour body said such disappearances are meant to silence dissenting voices against the glaring misrule of the current government and economic meltdown that has plunged more than 80 percent of the population into unemployment and abject poverty.

“These barbaric acts shy away from the basic freedoms, rights and protection as guaranteed by the national constitution,” Moyo added.

The labour movement also added that Dzamara’s abduction and disappearance after criticising President Robert Mugabe brings back sad memories of previous disappearance for several months of renowned human rights activists like Jestina Mukoko, who only resurfaced on the brink of death in police custody.

Moyo said many Zimbabweans who have been abducted in this same manner resurfaced in bad shape after heavy torture and battering.

The workers movement also claimed that the unlucky ones like Tonderai Ndira resurfaced dead while Rashiwe Guzha was never found.

“The sad development is that not even a single perpetrator of such heinous acts has been arrested and ZCTU calls upon all responsible citizens and authorities to continue voicing concern over Dzamara’s disappearance and demand for his safe return from the belly of State dungeons,” Moyo added.

A High Court judge on Friday ordered the police to find Dzamara after his wife Sheffa filed an urgent court application where she cited Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi, State Security minister Sydney Sekeramayi and police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri as well as Happyton Bonyongwe the director general of Central Intelligence Organisation as respondents.

Sheffa, who was represented by Charles Kwaramba and Alec Muchadehama, told the court that her husband was abducted last Monday by five men as he left a hair salon in Harare’s high density suburb of Glen View.

The men were reportedly driving a motor vehicle with obscured number plates.

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VekwaDzamara ngavaende kwaChokuda vagadzirise matununu ezpf aya.These state agents should learn from what happened to their colleagues who tortured the likes of Job Sakala,they went mad and they died miserable deaths.Munhu haangorwadziswi kana kuuraiwa mahara.

Cde Dokora - 15 March 2015

ee true dai ndavaona ndaivaratidza kwekuti hama dzake dziende vanaye vamame chokwadi vanofa vese . amuka

yyyyy - 16 March 2015

I second you Dokora , let these guys go to malawi and organise some juju that will wipe away the perpetrators and their offsprings

n'anga - 16 March 2015

Et al Yes who live by witchcraft should die by witchcraft, ZANU is steeped in superstitious blood, likewise those who are imbedded in this practice should strike back ferociously, strike consortium of witches strike, if we can not openly protest abductions , oppression and misrule let us use the same witchcraft they understand to strike back, can witchdoctors who want to help register with me soonest, and all the took losses instead of raping students and teachers should be unleashed on ZANU, do something possible for once.

Msuunuu - 16 March 2015 want to see people laughing at Dzambara's dissappearance.....Cde Munangagwa puts weight on saying he is shadding crocodile tear....then he must are too opposite.........GODFREY..

silungisani ndlovu - 16 March 2015

There is no doubt that this is Mnangagwa's hand-work. This is the man who heads (JOC) Joint Operations Command. He sanctions all operations and receives briefing every morning. This is the same man who led to over turned 2008 vote where Mugabe lost dismally and led a scorch earth campaign to abduct and kill those they had known to lead the opposition grass route leadership. Ian Smith used to do the same. Do you remember the late Edison Sithole? He was abducted by Ian Smith's government and most probably his body was dissolved in nitric acid. In 2008, for elections rerun, Zanu-PF government, JOC headed by Mnangagwa, they abducted many people who vanished up this date. Many skeletons surfaced in Marondera-dam, there has never been any forensic follow up to find out whose bodies they were. There is no much difference between Ian Smith and RG Mugabe's regimes. In fact we are in a worse situation at this point. The Rhodesia Front Government of Ian Smith was stopped by sons and daughters of this country. The Zanu-PF mafia leadership will not stop killing perceived opponents whenever they fill threatened. My country-men we have to make a resolve to bring this to an end. Nobody will come to our aid unless we stand up and put a stop to this! These people have no shame at all.

Mbareboy - 16 March 2015

at dokora , ndekupi kwachokuda nditoendawo izvozvi, i was robbed in broad day light of my laptop, phone and cash in full view of onlookers plizzzz tell me

muziye nyerere - 16 March 2015

I did not known that ZTCU also represents political activists.

Ndugu - 16 March 2015

The only wayvto defeat Zanupf thugs mugabe mnangagwa mujuru mutasa andcall their ilk z the way the fight us. Handeimkuhondo vana ve Zimbabwe tisungunure nyika

chimurenga the 4th - 16 March 2015

It is appalling to note that this regime is acting like Pharisees who kept chasing one person Jesus. And these ZPF Pharisees actually got scared of one small Itai Dzamara and decided to kill him? You mention of skeletons being found in Wenimbi Dam in Marondera? Some engineers doing maintenance work in Kariba once discovered 7 coffins beneath somewhere there. Too many people died during the liberation struggle but now the number of those who died after independence is looking to surpass those who died during the struggle? It has become apparent why Ngwena wanted Mugabe to continue ruling in 2008 despite the loss, because he wanted to make sure he would one day rise. It is also clear now as to who killed Solomon Mujuru is it not? God Forgive us Zimbabweans. What is really our sin?

charles charingeno - 17 March 2015

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