Zanu PF's folly

HARARE - Nothing captures the contemptible hypocrisy of Zanu PF apparatchiks and lickspittle State media better than the saying of famous American leader, Abraham Lincoln, who likened hypocrites to “The man who murdered his parents, and then pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan”.

Yes, the hyper thin-skinned grand masters of thuggery, insults and repugnant behaviour don’t like it one bit when they set the tone and later get a wee taste of the bitter medicine that they routinely dish out to Zimbabweans day in and day out.

Over the past few days, President Robert Mugabe’s desperate acolytes, including the much-discredited State newspapers, have gone berserk insulting anyone who has dared to disagree with the nonagenarian.

From poor Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo — the former close confidants of Mugabe -- to analysts, the opposition and the much-harassed independent media such as the Daily News, have all been viciously attacked by Zanu PF goons.

But even more outrageous has been the despicable attempt lately to paint Mugabe as the innocent victim of malicious criticism by the very same abused subjects that he has lorded over for the past 35 years of misrule.

Poodle State newspapers, that specialise in insulting anyone who thinks that Mugabe’s tenure in office has been an unmitigated disaster, even want long-suffering Zimbabweans to believe that the 91 year old did not recently attempt to influence the Bench rather injudiciously regarding Mutasa’s pending court case against him.

Yeah right!

One would surely have to be a complete imbecile, or an embarrassingly obsequious government mouthpiece, to believe such silly spin and to not see the folly of such naked thuggery against the Judiciary.

Surely, it is also not rocket science, more so given the fact that Mugabe is not just the leader of Zanu PF but also of Zimbabwe, that with legal proceedings pending against him and the ruling party, that any comments regarding the matter by the blunder-prone old man were always going to be unwise and problematic — particularly as he also went on to openly query the capacity of judges to hear the case.

But the madness of the ruling elite knows no bounds, and as long as what they do and say gives them advantage -- and no matter how much this transgresses other people’s rights — it is fair game for them.

More so when it involves Mugabe.

While many Zimbabweans have lately, and rightly so, felt that our rulers have reached the pits of irrationality, thuggery and indecency — what with Zanu PF’s ugly factional and succession wars — they clearly underestimate the creative, and destructive genius of the authors of the ongoing anarchy.

But even by their own lofty, wicked standards, the sick authors of the chaos are outdoing themselves by manufacturing sewage conspiracies such as this one about Mugabe and the courts, as well as others to the effect that the nonagenarian’s own party supporters are allegedly plotting to not just topple, but also assassinate him.

As we have noted before, the disgusting slew of snake oil politics and desperate propaganda that is lately coming out of Shake Shake House (Zanu PF headquarters) and lickspittle State media is frankly frightening.

At a certain level, the ongoing hatchet jobs and smear campaigns are so childish and pathetic to a point of almost being laughable; if only they were not so serious and didn’t have such profound negative implications for Zimbabwe and its long-suffering citizens.

There is also method and murderous malice to all the madness — the sole aim of which is to annihilate and obliterate anyone and anything remotely perceived to believe in the guaranteed mortality, and fallibility of Mugabe.

What is even more frightening is not the realisation that Mugabe is letting all this barbarism happen right under his nose, it is the thought that he has actually come to believe this fiction that is being brewed for his benefit.

It’s tragic.

But like everything else, even these propaganda blitzes and blatant lies have their limits. Zimbabweans now know who is and who is not on the right side of history in our seemingly cursed country.

And for the record, lies have short legs.

It really is time for all good men and women in our country to stand up and boldly proclaim that this madness has gone on long enough, and that it must now stop.

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Well said.......

Tsikwela - 11 March 2015

"The mills of the Gods grind slowly but finely"

Guvnor - 12 March 2015

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