Mugabe lacks respect for due process

LONDON - President Robert Mugabe has a tendency to swim against the tide of modernity.

I am not talking about his reported disdain towards the modern gadgetry that has seized the attention of youths, including his children: he is probably right on that.

Rather, it is his failure to appreciate the workings of a modern society or democratic one.

For someone who studied law, his disregard for modern rules of justice is quite disappointing. His threats towards any judge who would entertain a case brought before the courts by his disgruntled erstwhile colleagues, Didymus Mutasa and others, are quite disturbing.

Mutasa and Co state that they delayed the action because most lawyers would not handle the case out of fear.

I expected the Law Society of Zimbabwe to speak out on behalf of its intimidated members and seize the opportunity to restate every citizen’s constitutional right to legal representation.

I have little sympathy for Mutasa and Co; for a long time they were part of the odious system that now haunts them.

I do, however, defend their right to legal representation. It is how modern society functions — through the rule of law — even your worst enemies are entitled to that right.

It is not newspapers’ or Mugabe’s business to decide whether the litigants’ case is frivolous and vexatious.

Modern and democratic societies ascribe the duty to determine merits or demerits of cases to the courts within the rubric of the inviolable principle of separation of powers.

For a head of State to attempt to pre-empt a court case, worse still, issue threats to judges is most reprehensible.

As expected, Jonathan Moyo, jumped to Mugabe’s defence.

Now, Moyo has begun to show he is rather poor at spinning. He lost whatever little credibility he had when he fashioned out some odd explanation about Mugabe breaking his fall when the whole world saw the old man on his fours.

Moyo’s recent intervention was laced with the usual condescending tirade towards people who criticised Mugabe’s remarks.

As seasoned spin-doctors would tell you, confine yourself to the facts. Becoming irate when explaining events that are supposedly innocent will only defeat the purpose of spinning, and in the case of Mugabe’s fall, make you look stupid.

Little can be spun though. The truth is Mugabe has no respect for due process.

During the interview to mark his 91st birthday, he spoke rather gleefully about how, during the liberation struggle, they had detained Gumbo and rebellious colleagues in some underground dungeon.

That is the form of “justice” Mugabe still subscribes to. Most recently, he dismissed Gumbo and others without according them the right to defend themselves.

His wife, Grace, has no respect for the law either.

The legality of her alleged land grabs has been questionable.

A few weeks ago, people were evicted — irrespective of a court order halting the removals — from Manzou Farm where Grace is setting up a wildlife reserve.

A law-abiding First Lady would have asked the police to respect the court order, at least until the matter had been resolved, whichever way.

Grace did issue an order to the police last week; only that the order only served to show her disrespect for the law.

In her address during Women’s Day commemorations, she told the police to stop arresting vendors.

Now, one can sympathise with the situation of vendors. Grace’s own husband has turned about three quarters of the population, including graduates, into hawkers of one thing or another at awkward places.

Nonetheless, if the law says selling wares at undesignated places is illegal, that is the law.

When she was absent, recuperating from an operation abroad, Mugabe’s spokesperson told off curious media that Grace’s whereabouts should not be their concern because she is not a “constitutional officer.”

Where then does Grace get the powers to issue orders to the police?

Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo has already stated that vendors would be removed from the streets.

Who is Mugabe going to back — his wife or the minister?


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U were expecting Robert Mugabe to respect the law which law ,u see the new constitution is there in black and white but has it been fully implemented,? know, why it protcts the citizens ,which zanu PF never cares about,in this era bro Mugabe is the law just pray to God that he help the poor Zimbabweans

wellers - 11 March 2015

mugabe has never respected anything Zimbabwean let alone its laws. How many times has he violated them.. illegally changing the constitution many times to make himself a life president, creating an atmosphere where it is illegal to dissent, political persecution of opponents, seizures of commercial farms, systematic destruction of institutions and putting power in individuals, and disregarding other arms or government. If Zimbabwe is a democracy then Mugabe has to answer why he prejuidices judicial process, by being the law unto himself? its what he does, above all else, and he actually believes he is better than every other Zimbabwean, thats why he talks of himself in third person and plural all the time

tino16 - 11 March 2015

"The Gods first make fools those whom they are about to destroy"

Guvnor - 12 March 2015

True. When a head of state and wife dont resepct law, then what about everyone else; they set a bad example.

steve - 12 March 2015

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morkal - 12 March 2015

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morkal - 12 March 2015

Mugabe's lack of due respect for due process is not quite an issue in isolation. The real baffling issue is the collective Zimbabwean society who will stand by and let a sick man in the person RG Mugabe ruin our country to shreds as it stands today. Mugabe suffers from (NPD) Narcicistic Personality Disorder. People of such disposition do not withstand any opposition or criticism of any sort. In fact we have been mesmerised by the man's sick condition as to brilliance. People of this country fought Rhodesia for the better but alas we are worse off. Mnagagwa, himself testifies that he is where he is by being a yes man to RG Mugabe. There you are. ED Mnagagwa; Jonna Moyo; and the likes represent a good sample of Zimbabwean leadership. These man and women standby baffled by Mugabbage bullshit and take it for brilliance. Jonathan Moyo emerges from the shadows where he was Mugabe's number one critic. All of a sudden Moyo jumps on a gravy train and becomes RG Mugabe number bullshit spinner. The result is there to be seen. The country is in shreds. So, how does a country prosper if it is only run by one man who does not take advice or criticism from within his own party or opposition. We have a sick man running the country. The myth is how people, around RG Mugabe, so stupid to allow this destruction?

Mbareboy - 12 March 2015

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