Anti-Mugabe activist abducted

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday savaged President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF government, accusing them of being behind the brazen, broad-daylight abduction of pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara in Harare’s high density suburb of Glen View by suspected State agents on Monday morning.

Describing the abduction as “morbid” and “callous”, Tsvangirai added that Zimbabweans now “feared for the worst” for Dzamara — who is best known for bravely leading the Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS) initiative Anti-Mugabe activist abducted from the front, which has seen the activist being incarcerated and viciously assaulted by police on several occasions.

“The callous abduction of Itai Dzamara has come as a complete shock to me, to the MDC and to Zimbabweans at large. Only yesterday, we heard he was abducted from a hair salon and driven away in an Isuzu vehicle by five unknown men.

“Late afternoon yesterday, I received a call from his wife, saying Dzamara had been abducted and the family could not find him.

“To the MDC family, his abduction and disappearance comes as a shock because at our rally at Zimbabwe Grounds on Saturday, he gave a solidarity speech in which he supported our call for action and protests against the deteriorating situation in the country.

“We are in no doubt as to the perpetrators of this abduction. We hold Mugabe and his regime responsible for this morbid and senseless act.

The President, who is also AU and Sadc chair, cannot preside over a country where innocent citizens get abducted and disappear,” Tsvangirai said.

He cited the recent controversial statement by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was quoted saying that he was trained to shoot and kill, as symptomatic of the violent tendencies of the leaders of Zanu PF.

“It is no wonder that with such reckless and misguided talk from the top leadership of the country, an innocent Zimbabwean is abducted in very suspicious circumstances.

“We hold the State culpable. We hold Zanu PF responsible. We demand a full investigation and arrests of the culprits so that Zimbabweans can live in the comfort that we have a government that cares and takes seriously its responsibility to protect citizens.

“The circumstances of Dzamara’s abduction are very familiar to the MDC family, which has lost many cadres in similar circumstance. Tonderai Ndira, Tichaona Chiminya, Beta Chokururama and many others have been abducted and in most cases found murdered.

“In 2008, many MDC activists were maimed, raped or murdered and seven years later, no single arrest has been made in connection with the crimes.

“Today, in an almost similar script, Dzamara is abducted in broad daylight and that is why we fear for the worst. We thought this country had moved on and was past these barbaric and shameful acts. We thought we had moved to full civilisation but it appears the leopard has remained faithful to its spots,” Tsvangirai said.

He added that Dzamara’s abduction was “a morbid message to Zimbabweans, to Sadc, to Africa and the broader international community that the demon is back, that violence remains very much part of our political culture”.

“We all know that Dzamara has been leading public but constitutional protests against the government, for which he has previously been brutally attacked by State security agents. For us, there is no wonder as to the identity of the people behind his abduction and disappearance.

“Zimbabweans should join us in demanding that the truth be revealed about what has happened to this innocent man. We in the MDC demand nothing short of a full investigation and the immediate arrest of the perpetrators of this barbaric act,” he said.

Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba, was not picking up his phone yesterday to comment on Tsvangirai’s remarks, while Harare provincial police spokesperson Memory Pamire claimed that she had not received a report concerning the abduction.

But Charles Nyoni, secretary general of the OAUS initiative, told the Daily News that Dzamara had been abducted while at a barber shop in his Glen View suburb, adding that they had promptly reported the matter to police.

Social media was yesterday awash with unconfirmed and speculative reports to the effect that Dzamara may even have been killed, and that his body had allegedly been found in Goromonzi.

However, Nyoni dismissed the reports as blatant lies.

Dzamara has previously been arrested for demonstrating and calling on Mugabe to step down.

Last year, he handed over a petition at Munhumutapa Offices, Mugabe’s offices, encouraging the president to resign immediately and pave way for fresh elections.

Soon after handing the petition he was arrested.

Meanwhile, the family of the pro-democracy activist confirmed yesterday that they had filed a report with the police after the human rights defender went missing on Monday at about 11am.

The 36-year-old Dzamara, a maverick journalist-cum-freedom fighter, was reported to have been abducted by some unidentified men who were travelling in a white twin cab vehicle with a blurred registration number plate from a barber shop, where he was having a haircut.

Upon abducting Dzamara, the unidentified men reportedly and bizarrely accused him of having stolen a beast before bundling him into the vehicle.

Since his disappearance on Monday, his mobile phone has been switched off and he has not had any contact with his wife, family and friends, and was being held incommunicado from his family and lawyers.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said yesterday that his abduction  was illegal and violated his fundamental rights which are protected under the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“Dzamara’s wife first attended at Harare Central Police Station to make a formal complaint about her missing husband. She was accompanied by the activist’s lawyer Charles Kwaramba of Mbidzo, Muchadehama and Makoni Legal Practitioners, a member of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

“However, the police refused to accept the complaint stating that she must go to Glen Norah suburb to file the report, which she eventually did.

“On Tuesday, 10 March 2015, Dzamara’s wife returned to Glen Norah Police Station accompanied by Kwaramba and Kennedy Masiye of ZLHR where the police opened a docket on a kidnapping case under RRB number 2391750.

“Lawyers and Dzamara’s wife then accompanied some police officers to the barber shop where the law enforcement agents conducted an inspection of the scene of the incident as part of their investigation and also recorded a statement from Dzamara’s barber.

“Lawyers have since filed an urgent habeas corpus application to compel whoever is holding Dzamara to bring him before the court so as to determine if he should really be in detention,” ZLHR said.   

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    five unknown men, so how come chematama is blaming ZANUPF . MDC Chematama mapererwa imi . Who is Dzamara in this country ?

    morefire - 11 March 2015

    @morefire - the same happened with Jestina Mukoko, police and government claimed they had no hand in her abduction, called opposition names (the same way you are doing), only for Jestina to be dragged to court in leg chains by the same police and government who had no idea where she was. Given this, people conclude when such events happen. Bottom line, whether Dzamara is a nobody or somebody is neither here nor there, he must not be abducted. Noone deserved to be abducted.

    JSC - 11 March 2015

    Dzamara ari kwaMagaya kwari kuGuest house akamirira kubatsirwa. kkkkkkkk

    morefire - 11 March 2015

    @morefire: He is a Zimbabwean citizen, equal to and as important as all other Zimbabwean citizens.

    attiza - 11 March 2015

    marefire uri duvi remunhu

    CONMAN - 11 March 2015

    @conman : hukuna chinhu chinonzi duvi remunhu . asi ndiwe unaDzamara kwaMagaya, batsirwai mudzokere kumba muri kutsvagwa.kkkkkkkkk

    morefire - 11 March 2015

    Go to sleep morefire. Thank you.

    Mafirakureva - 11 March 2015

    atoenda uyo... isu ku ZPF HATINA REVERSE GEAR.. first your party Sold us out to the west, invited sanctions that have brought the country to its knees, now a media onslaught ...enough of this media shit, lets reign in these opponents of a prosperous zim

    fire links - 11 March 2015

    Nyika ino inorema sure, aiwa nyika inorema. Mwari Musiki tibatsireiwo taremerwa. We dont know mutoro wacho kuti chii chirikurema asi zvarema izvi.

    zvarema - 11 March 2015

    muri masiki evanhu hamuchaziva basa renyu kuurayana handiyo mhinduro

    kudakwashe mutandi - 11 March 2015

    @morefire... mhata yako beche ramai vako uri dhodhi, ngochani ya Mugabe, what kind of person are you asina ma feelings? You are an asshole!! Unokwirwa kumhata na Mugabe iwe, uri beche remunhu!!!

    tinorovawo - 11 March 2015

    @morefire;; u cant ask who is dzamara ...,he is just what u are on earth, needing wht u need as god's creation

    ganja - 11 March 2015

    morefire nxaa rubbish ndove yembwa

    hondo - 11 March 2015

    @tinorovawo : iwe ndiwe washaya zvokutaura nokuti beche nderaamai vako vaneyi. kkkkkkk. kana wakataura sei uyu Dzamara amama kwasara iwe. kkkkkkkkkkk

    morefire - 11 March 2015

    @tinorovawo : iwe ndiwe washaya zvokutaura nokuti beche nderaamai vako vaneyi. kkkkkkk. kana wakataura sei uyu Dzamara amama kwasara iwe. kkkkkkkkkkk

    morefire - 11 March 2015

    @morefire...just to expose your stupidity more urikuti ini ndini you know me? Ndasara kudi uri mhata chete hazvichinji. Dzamara is a brave more reasonable man than you are, arikuedza kubatsira kuti even hama dzako dzirikutambura because of zanu dzisununguke. If you are trying to be popular use other means. Mhata yako morefire!!

    tinorovawo - 11 March 2015

    Morefire - Usatambe zwakaipisisa saizwozwo. Mangwana ndiwe.

    dewah - 11 March 2015

    Morefire - Usatambe zwakaipisisa saizwozwo. Mangwana ndiwe.

    dewah - 11 March 2015

    Tonyararira kusvikira rinhi tichinyangarika saizwozwi. Ngwena

    moyo - 11 March 2015

    Tonyararira kusvikira rinhi tichinyangarika saizwozwi. Ngwena

    moyo - 11 March 2015

    God we pray for peace in our Country and for human respect, let the people respect each other even amid different ideas. God Pour down your Grace our Country soon will burn because the devil has come deep rooted. GOD!!!!

    UNCLE REAL - 11 March 2015

    Uyo More Fire kana kuti Fire links.Unombofungawo here kuti a human right violation to a person ,is something of serious concern to you.It might happen to your no matter which rank you have in Zanu PF ,that very same Zanu PF will swallow you or your loved one one day.Evil is evil should be condemned.An injury to one Zimbabwean is an injury to all. The believe that MDC brought sanctions are just lies and propaganda which only embecile would believe.Mugabe achituka Bush and Blair ,achiti sanctions or no sanctions will take land.Tsvangirai waivapo achikwana pai?Mugabe zvaaiti Bush keep ur America I keep my Zim,Tsvangirai waiunza chii?Womama duzvi mubhurugwa mako iwe Morefire tovhura mahwindo kuti tisanhuhwirwa nemweya wematuzvi ako .Saka woti tisu takudeedzera Nhunzi.Urimhata!Unoti who is Dzamara I ask you who are you?What purpose should you justify to be on this earth?You a just a deadwood floating in the river.

    Manu - 11 March 2015

    It is so sad that we claim to want a prosperous country and look forward to brighter days when we still have the likes of morefire and others who still believe that anyone who has a different opinion is an enemy of the state and not merely an opposing view from a citizen who is well within his rights to demand change if he deems it fit. Saka where can you ever find prosperity when everyone is a yes man and there is noone holding the system to account. Inga even mumusangano slogan iriko wani yekuti, "asingazive ngaadzidziswe." Saka if you do not agree with him mudzidziseka on your view rather than abduct or kill a brother because that has never and will never be a successful way of selling your view nor does it silence people it only buys you a little and I mean a little time before the whole thing goes full circle and you are on the other side yet peole in their lack of wisdom believe ivo they can never be caught up in history repeating itself since they are "too smart." Shame indeed. I urge people to not stoop so low as to write obscenity while shouting at the brother he is not even worth shouting at when he is that backward.

    @maturity - 11 March 2015

    This guy called More fire is a very big mudidi and should not be taken serious he thinks like a sickly smelling mudidi bcoz he thinks kidnapping people will stop them from demanding change . During war many people were kidnapped and killed and that made the situation worse for the kidnappers as they was more hate for the govt . As we have always said all these tactics are copied from the then govt of whites and it has been proven that it does not work at all . But people of zimbabwe especially youth these kidnappers are known were they stay and it is easy to do the same to their wives and children and that is the way to stop it do the same .Lets wait and see if this guy is dead . If they have killed him that must spark a big revenge which must force all zanu officials to carry guns to where ever they go .This is the time to deal with these bathakathi .

    Diibulaanyika - 11 March 2015

    @tinorovawo . kana makataura zvinengei , kana misodzi yeropa uyu amama kwasara imi . muchasura chete.kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    morefire - 11 March 2015

    They must look for him at the same mental hospital where tsvangidunyaz once escaped after having gone berserk, the two may be suffering from a similar illness.

    reason - 11 March 2015

    @diibulaanyika :kana uri sewe nyarara hako nokuti you are next . uchamama chete. why crying for DZAMama haana basa uyu ihuku kana wadenha wotokunya.

    morefire - 11 March 2015

    language ya @morefire inongoratidza his level of education.Izvozvi irovha rakafoira form 4 uye richirara muhwani room uku richitadza kutengera amai varo nyangwe natenesi zvawo.Kumusha haritomboenda nekuti harina mari yebhazi asi verikuguta vacho veZanu PF vacho vkanyayarara kuti zii.Ndivo vanhu vanoshandiswa kuuraya ivava.Unei iwe imbwa yemunhu zvako

    chimuti - 11 March 2015

    @Morefire is not Zanu PF, is nt CIO, is nt in Army or any security organ in Zimbabwe. for some of us who have been abused and used over the years to commit these heinous acts hautauri sematauriro aurikuita chinunyuna changu. this is nt a joking matter, neither is it a laughing matter. Dai mwari akazokuwanira nyasha ufunge. Zimbabweans r praying for a chance to live a peaceful and an enjoyable life, chete chete.

    Tsitsi - 11 March 2015

    ZANU PF has just hired Jihadi John from ISIS so ladies and gentlemen beware, beheadings have started in Zimbabwe to pave way for Garwe's installation as President

    Tsikwela - 11 March 2015

    @ chimuti: a iwe wakadhakwa zvako uchiri kuda zvekuenda kubasa mai weee , kubva enda ka , Uyo Dzamama uyo kana makataura sei pano hameno kuti....kkkkkkkk

    morefire - 11 March 2015

    @tsitsi : a iwe nyarara zvako ndiwe wakashandiswa ini ndinoshandisa, mochemera pono kubva muwaneyika .kkkkkkkkk. nyika ndeyeropa yakuda ropa.kkkkkkkkkk

    morefire - 11 March 2015

    @ Morefire next is your mother just wait and see do you think you can scare me like nkuku blood swine . Come get me if you can and we see if 2m jobs will be created . A mudidi is a mudidi . So how much were you paid for kidnap the poor guy blood stupid gukurahundi your day is fast approaching do you think i was born last week like you bastard .

    Diibulaanyika - 11 March 2015

    Expose the kidnappers. Someone out there knows what is happening. We are going to confront Mugabe in Japan about his covert operations. Those in diaspora must engaged with powerful governments to expose the evil of this government once more. Pamperi ne kushinga , our situation is not going to be solved by elections , we need War, it's time to prepare for war.

    Warrior - 11 March 2015

    musatukane hama vadikani. let's pray that dzamara will return home to his family safely. while I support the current president, i do not see the need for abducting perceived opponents. not in this era.

    taurai - 11 March 2015

    Why one would support a killer is a mystery .But lets wait and see if they killed the poor young man .

    Diibulaanyika - 11 March 2015

    MDC why not declare a very big demonstration demanding for immediate release of Dzamara. Take action don't just give us a list of murdered innocent people. MDC what are you doing?

    Bull - 11 March 2015

    There is a possibility that MDC ndiyo yatora duzvi uyo kuti vawane nyaya. Iwe there is a book with title Shoot to kill so ngwena was just talking about it it iwe gudo

    chatsva - 11 March 2015 are not only dumb but you also have an IQ of a toddler, it's pointless for me to keep on conversing with someone who thinks it's ok for someone to be abducted in this age. You are a selfish dumbass, if you are getting something from that kidnapping or if you are involved somehow then you must know that one day the tables will turn and one day the hunter will be hunted. Wake up and join the forces of CHANGE mhata!!

    tinorovawo - 11 March 2015

    mdc yavakupenga , how come they start accusind zpf vasina evidence . does it mean munhu wese kana ari linked ne mdc akaita mabororo ake you have to blame zpf . dei akatorwa ne state security dei vasina kumbomubvuta , aingoshaikwa zvisina evidence .

    onemayo - 11 March 2015

    mdc yavakupenga , how come they start accusing zpf vasina evidence . does it mean munhu wese kana ari linked ne mdc akaita mabororo ake you have to blame zpf . dei akatorwa ne state security dei vasina kumbomubvuta , aingoshaikwa zvisina evidence .

    onemayo - 11 March 2015

    zvakutoda action nekuti vanhu vangatopere takatarisa sematemba.

    zvese - 11 March 2015

    The abduction of Itai Dzamara have hallmarks of "DNA , ideology, practices, policies, traditions and values of zanu pf. Morgan give people date, place and time. Where ever you are Itai may GOD be with you!

    X-MAN IV - 11 March 2015

    @morefire yu are a fool yu dnt even hv money to buy your underwear shut ugly mother fucker

    cde - 11 March 2015


    Wilbert Mukori - 11 March 2015

    @morefire you are obviously paid to write ridiculous comments. You ask who is Dzamara in this country. That tells us everything. because that is exactly how ZPF have treated their people. Itai is everything to this nation because he is one of us: he is our suffering brother/sister/tete/gogo/sekuru and so on. You need to wake up and repent. the evil of this nation's days are numbered!

    HaveAHeart - 12 March 2015

    There is no night so long that will not end up with dawn.When I despair , I remember that all through history the way of the truth and love always won .There have been tyrants and murders and for a time they seem invincible , but in the end they always fall. THINK OF IT ALWAYS .To do injustice is more disgraceful than to suffer it

    SOBER SENSE - 12 March 2015

    ummm musataura zvisina basa pliz.nyika ino haichagarike yakunhuwa. uyo arikungotaura so haana kudya and kuchikoro haana kuenda akamirira kupiwa mari yekuuraya vanhu ,muregei ingozi irikumushandisa .anouraya iye arikuzviti morefire

    gmugabe - 12 March 2015

    ummm musataura zvisina basa pliz.nyika ino haichagarike yakunhuwa. uyo arikungotaura so haana kudya and kuchikoro haana kuenda akamirira kupiwa mari yekuuraya vanhu ,muregei ingozi irikumushandisa .anouraya iye arikuzviti morefire

    gmugabe - 12 March 2015

    Stop it , that is all I can say better stop it . Pasi ne mhanduuuuuuuuuu

    grace - 12 March 2015

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