Novices lying to Mugabe: Mutasa

HARARE - Defiant former confidante to President Robert Mugabe, Didymus Mutasa, has implored the nonagenarian to unshackle himself from the negative influence of Zanu PF “mafikizolos” (Johnny-come-latelies) who he says are misleading the president.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, Mutasa also warned Mugabe to desist from interfering with the courts and let the judiciary decide on the explosive case that disaffected liberation struggle pioneers have filed in the High Court against the ruling party regarding the legality of its disputed 2014 congress.

Last week, Mugabe chillingly declared that he would want to know the judge who would have the guts to take up the pending case, led by Mutasa and former party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, pitting opposing Zanu PF factions against each other.

The 91-year-old controversial utterances were immediately interpreted by legal experts as a clear sign that he was interfering with the Bench and undermining the separation of powers between the executive and the judiciary, as espoused in the country’s new Constitution.

But as the deadly Zanu PF wars continue to escalate and get messier, Mutasa treaded a fine line between condemning Mugabe and reaching out to him yesterday, saying that it was not entirely the veteran leader’s fault that he was making such controversial statements — blaming “mafikizolos” who were allegedly lying to the president about many things.

“We like him as our president and there is no one who wants to kill him. But the law is the law, it has to be followed.

“But baba ngavarege kufurirwa nepwere (the president should not be misled by political novices),” Mutasa said.

He said they had taken Mugabe and the party to court because of the brazen way in which the party’s constitution had been trampled on in the run-up to the contested December congress.

“He (Mugabe) has interfered with the party constitution and that is where we differ. They are failing to respect the constitution of the party and they have brought that disrespect to the government as well.

“He (Mugabe) is a member of the executive and should stop interfering with the judiciary. Ngavaregedze macourts atonge zvipere (They should allow the courts to preside on the case freely),” Mutasa said.

Asked if he had faith in the courts, Mutasa, who is also taking the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, to court for sanctioning his dismissal from Parliament, said he was hopeful that the judiciary would discharge its duties without fear or favour.

“I hope that our courts will be guided by law and not emotion. I want to believe that the judiciary will follow our law to the letter. Our speaker (Mudenda) is a member of the politburo which decided to expel me. He cannot be seen to be acting outside that decision which was made during his presence,” Mutasa said. Mutasa and Gumbo have taken Mugabe and Zanu PF to court over what they claim was an unconstitutional party congress last December, as well as what they call their“unprocedural” expulsion from the ruling party.

In their heads of arguments, Mutasa and Gumbo say they delayed launching their court application because many lawyers had “been intimidated into refusing to represent us”.

University of Zimbabwe law lecturer, Lovemore Madhuku, told our sister paper, the Daily News on Sunday at the weekend, that it was clear that Mugabe was ignorant of the law, as there was no matter that could be said to be outside the ambit of the judiciary as claimed by the president.

“There is no matter or dispute that cannot be brought to court. Under the Constitution, there is no matter that can be said to be non-judiciable. Mugabe is ignorant of this fact,” he said.

Madhuku added that Mutasa’s lawyers should capitalise on Mugabe’s remarks to dismiss the nonagenarian’s defence in court.

He also called on Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku to issue a statement demanding that the executive stops interfering with the judiciary.

“What his lawyers should do when they go to court is to raise the issue that Mugabe’s remarks, as one of the respondents, were inappropriate as the matter is sub judice, and therefore his defence in court should be dismissed on that basis,” he said.

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Is he a baby to be misled? If he can be misled and not big or old enough to take responsibility for things that happen under his watch and tacit approval then he needs to do the honourable thing. He is not fit for office.

Galore 123 - 9 March 2015

Yes he is a baby. A 91 year old's brain is as good as a 2 year old's.

Donato - 9 March 2015

Ko chiiko chaizvo chirikumbo nyatsoitika nhai imi wee? Ndirikunyatsoshaya kuti zvii zvapinda mubato iri?

Muchenje - 9 March 2015

What is a mafikizolo? What did he contribute before and after independence? After independence he was a disaster riding on Zanu PF's inclination to ignore abuse of people by its untouchables. Before independence, he was growing cabbages at Cold Comfort, and that cannot bring independence. Independence was brought by the young fighters we saw in the rural areas taking on the heavily armed Rhodesian army. They are special, not Mutasa.

machakachaka - 9 March 2015

...whilst my beloved country continues to cry...

Den - 9 March 2015

At 91 wow! It's true"once a man, twice a child"

Abri - 9 March 2015

For 34 years it was Mutasa who was influencing Mugabe. The country is in a state of a big mess. Now mutasa can see what is law in the country under his beloved zanu pf.

X-MAN IV - 9 March 2015

mafikizolo is destroying our party. better if our leaders argue without his contribution. he is bent on destroying zanu so he said in the 80s and early 90s. mafikizolo waiuraira nhaka yedu. pls chimbo mira urikure. don't join in this fight. you are cheering while our party is imploding. that's what you have always wanted.

taurai - 9 March 2015

Who still listens to Didimasi? @X-MAN IV you said it all. Just pre Um and add O between i and m and make your own conclusion. You're done Didimasi. You're not toxic in zanu circles.

Qiniso - 9 March 2015

Ooops, Yes you're toxic in zanu pf circles didimasi.

Qiniso - 9 March 2015

And what war credentials does blue eyed boy ,chief advisor to Mujuru has?why did Nguni join ZANU Pf

Johnny Mafikizolo - 10 March 2015

Mutasa is a mere barking dog without teeth. It was so warm for him in Zanu-PF before being kicked out. Now he hopes by whimpering as he does everyday Mugabe will have mercy on him and re-open the door for him - back from the cold to the club of looters. For those who may be hoodwinked to think this man is concerned about Zimbabwe read between the lines. He is a selfish old goat who believes for his countless years in Zanu-PF and government we should acknowledge - never mind the destruction they brought upon our motherland. Mutasa, I say to you again " Go to hell, you have outlived your usefullness. You had the time when you were in top position to influence Mugabe to do the right thing for Zimbabwe. You didn`t because you had it so-o-o good for yourself."

Chorosi - 10 March 2015

You know I am sitting here wondering how all this is supposed to help Zimbabwe. We are a dying nation. In a critical state-suffering everywhere. Where is the voice of reason and a Godly man who will stand up and lead?

Freedom4Zim - 10 March 2015

Rambai makashinga Nyati.No one in Zimbabwe should be above the l aw.

Kufandada - 10 March 2015

Remember that all these judges are appointed by RGM himself. We created a very powerful but now destructive monster for ourselves. We're all gonna be stewed alive!

Nathanjo Yomo - 10 March 2015

va mutasa tangatichimbo kuremekedza pamashure apa nokuti maitaura zvine muso ,asi iye zvino aaaah , makutotiitira ruzha muchirikude mu zanu mamakadzingwa aaah

nyugurugwi yegamatox - 10 March 2015

I love Mafikizolo, the band plays danceable grooves, dance Mutasa dance.

Msuuunuu - 10 March 2015

Zvakaoma! Mutasa must learn from Jonathan Moyo,when he contested Tsholotsho as an lndependent and was fired from ZPF.He kept quiet when everyone attacked him from all angles, but he is back now.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 10 March 2015

Imwi SaMutasa matikutisembura manje. Bvirai kutaura diko retse musingatengi mukanwaba hwi. Mapanduka ere kana kuti musharikuda zveZANU? Kana musharikuda zveZANU bvirani kunyarara hanu. Kuti mati kuda zvewanhu tangai kutitaurirani kuti mavhoti etse kubvira aya emakatori mwedzi mirongomuna musingatitaurireba kuwakawinandiyani makabirira sei. Pasina izveizvo endani hanu kwaRusape kozorora muisotamba hanu newazukuru nezvimambuya zvanu zvemuVhengere umu. Brat furu!

mutirowafanza - 16 March 2015

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