No more cash from Chiadzwa: Chinamasa

HARARE - Government is no longer getting anything from companies mining diamonds in Chiadzwa as the field has run out of alluvial diamonds, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said on Wednesday.

Responding to a question from James Maridadi, the MDC MP for Mabvuku Tafara, during questions with notice in Parliament, Chinamasa said the quality and quantity of diamonds mined at the controversial diamond fields has declined.

Maridadi wanted to know why Chinamasa’s national budget was “the only one since 2009 which does not seek to get funding from the diamonds which the country often boasts about”.

He argued that government should be getting a significant amount of revenue from diamond mining since it was both a player through the Zimbabwe Mining Development Cooperation (ZMDC) as well as a beneficiary from taxes paid by the mining companies.

“The truth of the matter is that there are no more alluvial diamonds and the companies there, except for only one, did not set aside funds to explore and extract the kimberlitic diamonds that are now found there,” Chinamasa told the National Assembly.

The opposition lawmaker’s supplementary question came after Chinamasa claimed that government did not have funds to pay farmers who delivered grain to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) last season.

Webster Shamu, Chegutu West Zanu PF MP wanted to know when government was going to avail funding for the refurbishment of the GMB silos which are in bad shape.

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The failure for our government to pay farmers may cause money scarcity within the sacular of Zimbabwe .so to boosts the sacularityy of money lets Zimbabwe hunt for these funds as well

allan - 6 March 2015

There was never any diamonds@Chiadzwa,told you from the start those were stolen Congolese Diamonds,the loot bag has run empty

asante - 6 March 2015

diamonds were,are and will always be there.its only that THESE PEOPLE are the owners of the so called legal mining firms operating there.THEY ARE LOOTING THE NATION IN BROAD DAY LIGHT! havatodi kuisa kana cent ravo kuhurumende."Chinamatha" udza vanhu chokwadi wazvinwa

njuga - 6 March 2015

yaaa. the mining sector leading by diamonds was a key to the economy. but i think the nation shld hav done something boost prdn, that is support others sectors like manufacturing sector. the issue of GMB needs an urgenty reponse becoz it demotivate farmers result in low pdn. we continue to experience perpetual hunger.

morry - 6 March 2015

the companies in chiydzwa belong to the big politicians who are looting everything and externalise the money. this is true in most indigenous companies being formed or being subcontracted to do work. look at the fuel industry, the transport , the politicians in zimba\bwe are the businessmen nothing will improve until all these disappear from the map

frank - 6 March 2015

Chinamasa still lying daily to the peoples of Zimbabwe, no wonder the country is going nowhere.

ronaldos - 6 March 2015

Chinamasa still lying daily to the peoples of Zimbabwe, no wonder the country is going nowhere.

ronaldos - 6 March 2015

@ Allan ndo nhamo yemu Zimba yawaona iyo unotoshaya kuti chii

The Atomic - 6 March 2015

Even if they had set aside money for exploration, what effect was it going to do?? Remember kuti the diamonds used to be picked, yes, JUST PICKED from the ground, kungonhonga!! and we couldnt do anything meaningful with them, and somebody wants us to believe that we if we mined them we can get something, hapana kana logic apa.

kitsi - 6 March 2015

Jaa toko haa it was becoming boring when some people were boasting about diamonds god does not like people full of amawala toko !!!! Even SA one of the biggest diamond producers in the world i have never heard them boast like what we hear here .That used to happen with farms taken from whites and day in day out we were told of how silos were going to over spilling of maize and wheat and then danger struck and the whole nation became hungry . Nothing that has zanu in it will produce good results never . Toko.

Diibulaanyika - 6 March 2015

After MBADA minings what do you expect. Mbada (leopard) a sly,deceit and cunning animal, known for tricks etc.. taken for Company name!!

Mukanya - 6 March 2015

asante could be right i for long suspected that these diamonds were stolen from Congo by ngwena and friends during that bloody war,we shall see

brandaya - 6 March 2015

It appears this James Maridadi ex ZBC presenter is doing a good job in Parliament. I also read that he moved a motion that journalists should be allowed to cover parliamentary debates. Well done

Tafanana Zhou - 6 March 2015

Some parliamentarians are doing a good job I have in mind Chamisa, Maridadi, Chikwinya Settlement, Madzimure, Priscilla Misihairambwi, Jesse Majome, Lucia Matibenga, Makhosini Hlongwane. Most of the rest of them especially PR women will be fast asleep

Murape Murape - 6 March 2015

I would have thought that as long as the mining companies are still scratching around the government will still get its dues albeit at a reduced rate. For a minister to declare government is getting nothing form the diamond mines is to actively encourage the diamond miners to redouble their efforts at evading their tax reponsibilities. If there is indeed nothing profitable going on at Chiadzwa how come we have not heard of any of the six companies at Chiadzwa packing up and leaving the diamond fields. I wonder how he would react Zimplats made the same declaration of depleted platinum ores.

wadyenhiri - 7 March 2015

Chinamasa has come out openly now declaring : government no longer has any stake in Chiadzwa diamond. The diamonds now belong to zanu pf fat cats & their Chinese friends - and no one else should now expect anything from Chiadzwa. Literally, that's whats what Chinamasa telling you fellow Zimboz - like it or not that's what he is saying. We all know all the companies with Gushungo-zanu pf links are still busy extracting diamonds in Chiadzwa; so how can it ever be true that diamonds are finished. Yes, diamond for the country/government are finished, its now all for the big shots. Zvakawoma mwana wevhu. Think of it, kana diamond rakapera saka mapurisa nemasoja achiri kuitechii kwaChiadzwa? Migodhi yose yose yakavagwa ichinzi yapera zvichegwa pane akamboivona yakarindiwa nemapurisa nemasoja nhayi veduwee?

mapingu - 7 March 2015

MaZimbabweans nyararai, ndimi makavhota, murimbwa dzevanhu

better smith - 7 March 2015

ko maMP akaaprover sure kuti import yemota iite 86% tine functional car industry we wand to protect here?MaBenz nemaFord aya ari kubatwa duty here? ,its unfair mva togara hedu tisina mota.


izvozvi vakaaprover kuti tollgate iite $2 kupenga nehudzvanyiriri chaiko.I heard that they have approved yet another scater of tollgates

dambudzo - 8 March 2015

I think they should just divide Zimbabwe into three section. The three Matebeleland provinces a nd part of Midlands should go to South Africa and Botswana, the Korekore areas should go to Zambia while the rest should be donated to Mozambique. Zimabwe is not a viable country, from the political ideas, intellectual property to the voting public. We are a laughing stock!

Phaphamani - 9 March 2015

@better smith chero dai pasina kana munhu one akabuda mumba kunovhota in 2013 zanupf yaingohwina chete mwana waamai.chero dai ari tsvangie and family only vakaenda kunovhota on the day zanu yaingohwina with mllns of votes, so dnt blame the povho...waibata ? NDOPANOTI NIKUV

njuga - 10 March 2015

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