Mugabe one of Zim's top earners

HARARE - Although President Robert Mugabe yesterday revealed that he earns a substantial $12 000 a month — making him one of the top earners in Zimbabwe — the nonagenarian still feels that the amount is a pittance and far less than what other heads of states earn.

The revelation will come as a shock to many struggling and under-paid civil servants, with most of them having to make do with about five percent of the president’s monthly salary — and well below the poverty datum line.

Mugabe’s revelation regarding his remuneration is also likely to rile union bosses, as his new salary suggests that he has awarded himself a whopping 300 percent increase over the past year — at a time that the government is struggling to meet its salary bill and asking workers across the board to forego salary increases this year.

Mugabe made his salary revelations while attempting to charm health professionals who have persevered with working in the country despite the myriad economic and professional challenges that they face, and while commissioning health equipment for hospitals that was procured under a loan facility extended by the Chinese.

He went on to urge the industry’s workers to maintain the same attitude to their work as he had displayed over the years despite facing many challenges.

“We also want to thank our side, the doctors, nurses, most of who refused to leave the country and have borne the brunt of our economic hardships the same way as we have…little salaries, just as you and me.

“You won’t believe, we pay them now perhaps $3 000 and we pay the President about $10 000, a few allowances will make it   $12 000 and we were looking at the salaries of other presidents the other day but we know that is a hardship that we go through.

“We say as long as we have sadza nenyama (thick porridge and beef) and takatora nyika (we liberated this country) and we have cattle and goats so we get our meat and chickens, we say we are alright we keep alive. The good days will come and the good days are coming.

“Our performers in all sectors who certainly deserve much better treatment will get that treatment. We are aware right across teachers, doctors other civil servants and the ordinary employee in the private sector, he has a raw deal just now.

“Those are things that our economy must do and we are getting it to do that. ZimAsset is one such,” Mugabe said.

Early last year, when he was condemning parastatal bosses for receiving fat pay cheques at the expense of public service,  Mugabe was quoted in the State media saying he earned $4 000 a month.

More than 75 percent of the country’s 7 million adult population is living on an average of $200 per month, according to the latest Finscope report.

Mugabe, who regularly seeks medical attention in Asia, said the equipment he was commissioning would help to discourage people from going across the country’s borders seeking medical help.

Mugabe also confirmed recently that his wife Grace had undergone a minor operation in Singapore that medical experts say could have easily been done locally.

“When our patients are treated and they realise they get now better treatment and I’m sure they will in time have that realisation, they will be less thinking of going abroad of going to South Africa for treatment.

“Other people from outside will also be invited by the fact that we are more efficient and can be demonstrated in practice,” he said.

Medical tourism has been draining the little resources the country has as the elite fly overseas for specialised procedures while the majority poor are forced to do with substandard services offered at costs beyond their reach.

Mugabe also revealed yesterday that he wished China would put economic pressure on the United States of America, which he said faced many economic challenges.

“…it’s China which sustained America. I want (to say) this loud for Obama to hear, during their economic crunches through the American bonds which they bought, trillion dollars’ worth.

“If they decided to abandon those and decided that they needed to be paid straight on, the Americans did not have money to pay. We were not happy that China let America go free. They were actually now prisoners to China and were praying that the Chinese will not demand payment,” he said.

Mugabe said his government would never bow to Europe because of its sanctions on Zimbabwe, after Zimbabweans fought a bitter war of liberation.

“We went through all that (and) we couldn’t expect at the end of all that to kneel down before a Mr Blair or Mr some Englishman to say yeah we give in, we surrender.

“Surrender our sovereignty? No. So we moved on. So we said if Americans don’t want to be friends with us, we have been friends with China for a long time. Let’s adopt the Look East Policy,” he said.

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Salary should be matched by productivity...economy performance, upholding democracy, respecting constitution, property rights, fiscal discipline etc. If you look at your performance Mr President, you therefore do not deserve any single penny you are getting!!!!

Timothy Nanda - 6 March 2015

If only our leadership could start to think of the welfare of their people, before theirs. Think of the conditions, salaries, wellbeing and quality of the way of roads, housing, hospitals, schools and others being used by their people, then we would be applauding them. I am a professor at UZ, with more than 42 years professional experience, a doctorate, scientific manuscripts and books to my credit, but I earn less than $3,000 before tax. The road to my home has potholes that keep flattening my tyres. Power and water have become an erratic luxury, so I use candles often and buy water from the street. Is this all in the name of sovereignty?

Dr Tapera - 6 March 2015

Timothy Nanda well said, my question is why have the people of Zimbabwe kept this man RGM as president when in fact his performance has been so substandard all a long ???????????

ronaldos - 6 March 2015

Mugabe should be paying instead of being paid. He actually gets paid more than his tax free $12K, in Dec he took his whole family including children from the small house & their hangers-on on holiday for 5weeks, the tax payers picked up the bill. He goes on numerous shopping trips on state credit card and does not pay any duty or cost. His child was educated and housed in Hongkong staying in a $5M house which the tax payer paid for. For all this money Zimbabwe doesnt get any benefit.

Galore 123 - 6 March 2015

Well Mugabe is not normal and is not a leader at all. He is a gate crusher who was thrust into the position of leadership after zanu had gone into crisis and had no plan how he was going to lead this country . A leader has his people at hart and always put people fast not his umfazi first . If he Mugabe was a true leader he could have gone long ago into retirement fake leaders easily turn into dictators and he is now a fully blown dictator . Its a shame that we still call a moving grave our leader .

Diibulaanyika - 6 March 2015

This is one of the very petty issues not worthy of public consumption. Zuma earns almost 20 times that salary. May someone tell me how reducing Mr. RG Mugabe's poultry $12000 salary going to assist ordinary Zimbabweans? The only remedy to our situation is removing RG Mugabe himself and replace him with someone other than a ZANU PF member or Mr. M Tsvangirai.

Mentalist - 6 March 2015

ewo mupei imwe. ndipresident wenyika watiri kutaura.

dziva - 6 March 2015

Surely how can a very normal adult person want to compare Zuma and Mugabe when zuma 's economy is the best in africa while Mugabe is the worst in the continent . This shows how our people are fast asleep suwa nyanisi . Zuma has rands and Mugabe has no money of his own simple he is being paid in rands not foreign currency like Mugabe . 12000 usa dollars while many zimbabwean go to bed with empty bellies . Actually i fail to understand whyMugabe is being paid bcoz heis doing nothing at all does not deserve that kind of money maybe if it was zim dollar it would sound better .

Diibulaanyika - 6 March 2015

Diibulaanyika you are right man, he is even lying that he gets $12000 i'm sure its much more than that but surely this guy has guts to even try to compare himself with other heads of states? What is he doing to deserve anything like he's getting, a 91 year old madhala this is ridiculous guys, and remember there are so many other allowances that he gets when he goes out of the country etc. Hanzi better days are coming...yes better days are coming when you are gone old evil man!

tinorovawo - 6 March 2015

I'm not even hurt that Bob is getting 12k..I'm hurt because he mentioned Mari Shona. He should be getting more than $50k per month. How much does a chartered flight costs to fly him to Singapore? And u tell me $2k is for allowances

Great Zim - 6 March 2015

With the current economic woes prevailing it would have been better If Mugabe has raised his hand and said he wants his salary slashed by 90%. "As long we have sadza nenyama" SA might cut exports of maize to Zim. Maize is the staple food of the country why plant too much tobacco, GMB is empty. "Its China that sustained America." Thats a very low statement from a President. Why not economically improve zim and sustain America ourselves then we can stand on highest point of the country and shout our lungs out. It will be great if RBZ was the one that bought the American bonds to bail the Americans out. RGM is sounding more of Chinese GVT spokesperson or President. The effects of insulting someone and that someone don't insult back are begining to crippling in.If you are caught in that situation it will eat you up inside to death. RGM must check with his VP E.D who recently thanked the "West" for their help in Mutare[water] and other towns. Kasukuwere is said to have called for big cheers when the British[englishmen]". country was mentioned. Which is which ?

X-MAN IV - 6 March 2015

@Diibulaanyika, I find it so hard to see that you failed to understand the context of my message. Don't make analysis basing on one sentence but rather try to understand the full story behind the point. Removing Mugabe is better than this whole salary story because we would have struck 2 birds with one stone: (1) No salary for him (2) We will be free from his policies.

Mentalist - 6 March 2015

@Diibulaanyika, just to make u see how this $12,000 salary earned by Mugabe is a petty issue look into this: There is only 1 president versus 12million Zimbabweans. Mathematically speaking 12000/12000000=0.001. This means each Zimbabwean gets R0.001 does that make any sense. What is important is removing him from power and then formulate sustainable policies that will help resuscitate the industries, employment and hence improve the standard of living.

Mentalist - 6 March 2015

@Diibulaanyika, please understand that I am not attacking you because you are my fellow country man with a different view, a view which I do not think will help the country. Just ask yourself this simple question: If Mugabe's salary was going to be reduced by $11,000 tomorrow, what economic changes where you going to see in Zimbabwe. Removing him from power means no more expensive bashes & posh birthdays, no extravagant spending of tax payer's money in the far east. I suggest you broaden your sphere of analysis before assuming that you are the only Zimbabwean still awake in this era where as the opposite my be true.

Mentalist - 6 March 2015

My unrelenting purview is that we remove(from power) these blood thirsty, rogue & political thugs that are holding the entire 12million population at ransom.

Mentalist - 6 March 2015

why worry about the usa and china who keep their people well fed...Zimbos are sometimes starving and that only should be your worry Mr President. Whether or not you are the best paid or least paid in the region is not the issue those whose countries pay more have the money and Zimbabwe does not have it. Consider the masses of families who are going without many meals for days on end

sanli - 7 March 2015

God knows where ever cent in Zimbabwe has gone. Remember the story about Lazarus and the rich man in the bible? wake up greedy politicians. do you want to go where that rich man is for eternity. Go and read your bibles. That is what they are there for. Meantime I pray for you.

TruthBTold - 7 March 2015

What about Mr Cuthbert Dube's.........

silungisani ndlovu - 7 March 2015

@Metalist If Mugabe s'slary was to be reduced by what ever reduction that means the Mugabes .s income has gone down not say haa let him take all nonsense and silly actually you are trying to be clever somehow you are confusing yourself what did you mean when you boasted that what is 12000 usa dollar as if it is easy to pick that kind of money . But i do not blame you bcoz you still have zim dollar hang over in your small mind .

Diibulaanyika - 7 March 2015

@Diibulaanyika, when I said what is R12,000 I meant this wont save us from the problems we have as Zimbabwe. The problem is Mugabe and his ZANU PF. The conversations and discussions should revolve around removing the ruling party and then clean up all policies that have destroyed the country. I don't think you understand the dynamics of politics. If Zimbabweans can fight to reduce the salary of the president and win, then why not simply fight to remove the ruling party from power?

Mentalist - 7 March 2015

@Diibulaanyika, my analysis is looking at lasting solutions that will save Zimbabweans in totality. Mathematically speaking, removing Mugabe from power means his salary will be $12,000-$12,000 = 0. Besides reducing his salary we can even change all policies that have negatively affected Zimbabwe

Mentalist - 7 March 2015

@Mental retarded The problem with you is trying to talk in parables that time is over . What did you mean when you compared Zuma and Mugabe you forget easily like nkuku . In economy 1c is vip but bcoz you are used to bearers you cant see any wrong in Mugabe paid that huge amount of money in a country where civil workers do not know even the day of their payment and the pay they get does not equal their duties . I was not born yesterday like mind you and i am not confused like you.

Diibulaanyika - 8 March 2015

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