Spies arrested at Mujuru farm

HARARE - As the savage assault on former vice president Joice Mujuru and her perceived allies intensifies and gets dirtier, six people, two of them  suspected to be members of the dreaded secret service, were allegedly caught snooping at her Beatrice farm last Friday.

The Daily News was told by several sources yesterday that the intruders, who were apparently driving a private vehicle, were allegedly caught gathering information on the sprawling farm just outside Harare.

“The group claimed to be relatives of the Mujuru family, but when they were quizzed by security, they demonstrated that they did not know any of Mai Mujuru’s relatives,” one of the well-placed sources said.

The intruders were later detained at Beatrice Police Station over the weekend, after failing to convince anyone what their real mission was.

However, although the men were expected to appear at the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Courts on Monday, this — curiously — did not happen as had been advised, and no explanation for this surprising development was given although it is understood they were still detained at Beatrice Police Station yesterday.

The Daily News has got the names of the alleged spies but has been advised by its lawyers to only publish them after the people appear in court.

Surprisingly, a senior police officer in Beatrice claimed to be unaware of the arrests yesterday — even though his junior confirmed the development.

“When they were arrested, two produced Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) identity cards while the other four had police IDs.

Police were still trying to authenticate the IDs,” a police source said yesterday.

The news comes as Mujuru’s perceived allies, including former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa and former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo have allegedly come under increasing surveillance from panicky authorities keen to know what the disaffected liberation pioneers are planning after they were controversially expelled from the ruling party.

The news also comes after President Robert Mugabe openly revealed last week that authorities were closely “watching” the movements of former comrades-turned-foes who were challenging the outcome of the ruling party’s disputed December 2014 congress.

Workers at Mujuru’s farm told the Daily News yesterday that the group of men who had been arrested had been moving around the farm for more than a month using different cars.

They were allegedly noting and recording the movement of people on the farm, as well as the registration numbers of cars which entered the farm.

The charred remains of Mujuru’s husband Solomon, were discovered at the farmhouse in 2011 after a mysterious fire gutted the farm dwellings.

Many Mujuru family members are still suspicious of the circumstances leading to the death of one of the country’s most decorated liberation war heroes and whose nom de guerre was Rex Nhongo.

Fears also abound among Mujuru’s supporters that “a far from confident Zanu PF is desperately” seeking to “manufacture incriminating evidence” against the widowed former VP and her close allies.

And as Zanu PF’s deadly factional and succession fights continue to fester, both Mutasa and Gumbo confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that they were being watched by authorities around the clock.

“They are putting people along the road leading to my house. These people are so obvious having worked with them for so long,” Mutasa, who was for long in charge of the country’s spooks, said.

He added that the ruling party should not waste resources watching him as he was happy to volunteer any information that they wanted.

“They should not waste the people’s time and money. I can tell them my daily movements if they really want to know,” Mutasa said.

“They have been watching me all along. I have been watched all my life, so why should I be afraid?” Gumbo said on his part, adding that even during the liberation struggle, the Ian Smith-led government had similarly watched him.

Although Mutasa and Gumbo have allegedly been expelled from Zanu PF, both men insist they still belong to the “real Zanu PF” that existed before the party’s contested December congress, which saw the elimination of all persons perceived to be loyal to Mujuru.

Sources also said yesterday that the divided Zanu PF party was preparing to use a variety of dirty tricks to “nail Mujuru, Mutasa and Gumbo” and to silence them from expressing their disaffection with the party.

They pointed to the controversy associated with the recent case in which Temba Mliswa, the ousted Zanu PF chairperson for Mashonaland West, was arrested on theft charges after some rifles were reportedly found stashed in a trench at his Spring Farm.

Prosecutors claim Mliswa stole the firearms from Summerhill Farm in Mhangura in 2007.

But Mliswa recently told his supporters in Hurungwe that he long surrendered his pistol to the police in 2007.

“I do not own a gun. I handed my gun to the police in 2007 because people always say ndine hasha (I am short tempered),” Mliswa said.

In the meantime, a defiant Mutasa has once again contemptuously dismissed a recent letter written by the ruling party’s newly-installed secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo, recalling him from Parliament — saying he cannot be expelled from Zanu PF by anyone.

“I also wrote to Parliament to say Chombo and company do not belong to the same Zanu PF as me. They have no authority over me, they having come from an illegal congress whose authority is questionable and unlawful,” Mutasa said.

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The same people who murdered Rex Nhongo are at it again.

Farai - 4 March 2015

The Muga-buggers are at it again. They were probably up to one of their old worn out tricks - planting fabricated evidence. The Pharaoh's wife has definitely got it in for mai Spillblood Joice and her siblings. Her son-in-law Pedro del Campo and Nyasha are reliably reported to have fled to Spain. Senior cops including Canaan Mugumira, Bothwell Mugariri, Innocent Matabiri and Augustine Chihuri are rumoured to be involved in the coverup / investigations.

Pieter Haritatos - 4 March 2015

Guys in Zanu pf imbondipaiwo nzeve. If you plan evil and is exposed the best is to swallow your pride and ask for forgiveness and reconcile but if you insists of going ahead with your evil thoughts the wrath of the Almighty Lord might soon ascend on you the planners or skimmers. Be warned your evilness may be exposed soon. Some of you your hearts will be hardened so that the power of God can be seen and so that when it happens people will repent. Pray to God so that your heart will not be hardened like that of Pharoh

Wisdom - 4 March 2015

What a stupid story , u think if it was the security services they would be caught like you claim?

lesly - 4 March 2015

Actually the poor 'C10' officers were sold out by their own. Their mission was to plant some AK 47 or something to nail mai Mujuru with. Manje there is a split in all state organs saka pane ntaya

Garikayi - 4 March 2015

of what importance is joice mujuru or didymus mutasa to national security, therein lies the answer to your unfounded tissue of fabrication from beggining to end.As far as zimbabweans are concerned those represent

fire links - 4 March 2015

they represent political rejects, they cant even mobilize 1000 man for a VERY PEACIFUL DEMONSTRATION. they failed the electorate way back. now that they have fallen off the gravy train, they start pretending to have the keys to unlock zimbabwe's potential. Mugabe will single handedly deliver. the guy will steer the ship though the storm until we reach the promised land. the recent purgings bear testimony . viva BOB G Matibili, continue reigning in lazy and non perfoming officals. ngwena hoooyeeeee

firelinks - 4 March 2015

What a load of rubbish. CIO being caught spying on Mai Mujuru by so called nameless 'security'. What is it that the CIO does not know about Mai Mujuru. Please give us a break.

Ndugu - 4 March 2015

@Ndugu Mfana kithi, this only shows that spying on fellow Zanoids is not as easy and the same as spying on Tsvangison.

Khumalo - 4 March 2015

It is true that these spies were caught.In such situations they pretend not to be CIO's inorder for the nation to know their mission,otherwise it would be obvious that they were upto something had they come open.Infact these agents are regarded as failures by their bosses

sober - 4 March 2015

Whose farm in Beatrice? The ZPF hoods are trying too hard. What do you reckon? Our Joice has mega support countrywide and it is rattling the cages!

Doris - 4 March 2015

assassinations, blackmail and torture have worked well for zanupf, and it is easy to use excitable youths to unleash mayhem for a crate of crango.

maita - 4 March 2015

Which military achievements was Rex Nhongo decorated for if I may ask,cause as far as am aware the downing of the two Rhodesia viscount aircraft by the Zipra forces led to the government of Ian Smith agreeing to a negotiated settlement in Lancaster house. The Zanla command under his very leadership failed to compile a least of it's war dead in battle and the refugee camps in Mozambique. Most of the Zanla operations aimed violence to civilians were they operated murdering and maiming thousands of villagers they labelled as sellouts before burning their kraals and the victims inside.

Gudl'indlu - 4 March 2015

Whilst I was a member of the now fast becoming defunct Grace Pfambi party in 1985, I can confirm that this factionalism is now at its zenith. However I would want to warn Hure, imbwa,dofo, musoro Bhangu disgrace that mend your ways. You will certainly die soon because u are brainless and think your thinking is supreme. Siyana neiva wave kuita izvi. Vana causcescu vakaasiya ma millions or billions . You have a pea for a brain stupid whore. Unofunga kuti kusvirwa?

Rudi - 4 March 2015

@gudi'indlu, get your facts right, you may be an ardent former ZAPU supporter but just know that the Viscounts that were downed, did not contribute to Lancaster House. I agree with you that Zanla was infamous for killing peasant civilians because most it's members were backward illiterate Povo most of whom were criminals . However be advised that Lancaster House was a sequel to the pressure that was put on Smith by Vorster and Henry Kissinger who threatened to withdraw military support for Smith who was under real and not imaginary sanctions as we hear from the Falls, ad nauseum. This meant Smith had to recapitulate . Smith was not defeated but the murderous terrorists are the ones who perished in droves. Those who died (MDSRIP) died for fuck all as what we see , (Gushungo empire is not what they fought for. Small wonder Diselman and Gumbo are challenging the dementia imbecile.

Musana - 4 March 2015

Mugabe and company imbonyarawo pls already the country is fucked up people r hungry mongoramba muine kurwisana.Asi chii I wonder now its like your backyard farm but its a country with better reasoning people ,why its all about Mugabe,grace and zanu pf only ? kwenyu kuve vatsvene here

gomba - 5 March 2015

mirai muone kuita kwamwari

allan - 5 March 2015

mwari akati ''believe in me , so that l will show you unsearchable things '',!!!!,ndizvoka zvairehwa naMwari zvacho ,so let God do what he wants in his earth ,hamusati maona zvakavanzika zvenyika....

allan - 5 March 2015

Musona## Ummm, pano pakazara ma C10 zveshuwa coz the way you know these things and names and stuff tells me you are a top zanu pfer or c10. ndatya

US Ambassador to Zanu - 5 March 2015

My prayer:Bob, let your CIOs kill Joyce, Mutasa , Rugare Gumbo ,& Ngwena before you die, so that when u die, you go away with all Zanu pf evil you have created.Lord help Zim to start afresh with a new government free of greed, corruption & ruthlessness.Bless us we a government from the people for the people.Amen!!

Billy - 5 March 2015

they want to develop ......mangwana l will feel the open gap ..... Sei zvinhu zvichidai ...A question from me ....to be answered ...ndadzidza kuti "Don't TRUST anyone EXCEPT GOD"

allan - 6 March 2015

taita ma c10 ega ega pa forum ino here vakomana ne vasikana? i thought there was none. now that @musona is also fingered as one of them makes the whole group of us cios. sorry maningi.

taurai - 8 March 2015

pls don'r ridicule those who fought for our independence. the failures of the current govnt is not a failure of the whole country. zvibatei varume hama. don't stoop that low. these are two different issues; sacrifice for the country and governance. tomorrow we may wake up celebrating the gains brought about by the war victory.

taurai - 8 March 2015

usatamba nemwana wenhari nzou haijairirwi wamatuka uyu zvadzimba nyika vhivha tete joyce vanochema chete gore rino

wezaka wezhira pamware - 9 March 2015

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