Mutasa, Gumbo sue Mugabe

HARARE - Zanu PF’s deadly factionalism, as well as its ugly goings-on and secrets, will soon be laid bare in court after two liberation struggle stalwarts, Didymus Mutasa (pictured) and Rugare Gumbo, filed a High Court application yesterday seeking to nullify the ruling party’s disputed 2014 congress and all its resolutions that emanated therefrom.

In the much-anticipated application, the two war veterans cited President Robert Mugabe and former party chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo as the respondents.

Mutasa also re-asserted in the application that he was still Zanu PF’s legitimate secretary for administration, emphasising that he had been elected to the position at the party’s 2009 congress.

“The present application is one that seeks a declaration to the effect that the first respondent (Zanu PF)’s congress that was held in

December 2014 was a nullity and was held in breach of the respondent’s own constitution.

“Connected to the illegality of the congress is the unlawfulness and unconstitutionality of certain appointments and decisions that were made and of certain constitutional amendments that were made,” Mutasa said in his affidavit.

He said that the lawful structures of Zanu PF were those that stood as of September 30, 2014.

Mutasa also argued in the Mutasa, Gumbo challenge Mugabe in the court papers that the application was in part also premised on the barring and disqualification of certain nominees to the ruling party’s central committee.

“The violence, intimidation, threats and hate speech, bias including unlawful media campaigns that was unleashed against a certain group of party members resulting and creating a totally unfree and unfair and indeed illegitimate congress,” he said.

“The denial, refusal and removal of certain members of the right to stand and hold office in the central committee was unlawful and in breach of the first respondent’s Constitution as well as Section 67 of the country’s Constitution.

“The failure by the respondents to hold an election at its Congress for the position of Vice President and second secretaries and the national chairperson was unlawful and in breach of the first respondent’s Constitution,” Mutasa added.

Mutasa and Gumbo, who are represented by lawyers from Mutumbwa and Mugabe Legal practitioners, said the entrance of Mugabe’s wife Grace into politics, following Oppah Muchinguri’s decision to relinquish her post as the Women’s League boss, resulted in serious conflict within the party.

“… once she (Grace) had so entered, a major shift occurred in the party. (Mrs) Mugabe unleashed hatred, disrespect, malice, slander and defamation which Zanu PF had never been experienced, even from opponents in opposition politics.

“There was no limit, no elasticity, and no boundaries with regards to the verbiage and diatribe that came from the first lady,” Mutasa said.

He added that Grace’s actions were made worse by the biased coverage that she got from the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and State-owned newspapers.

On his part, Gumbo said Grace had left a “trail of destruction” during her provincial “Meet the people” tour.

“It pains me that, the revolutionary party that we now lead is now devouring its own children,” Gumbo said, adding that in his case, it was not the first time that such a thing had happened.

He said a similar situation happened in 1978, when he was subjected to an “unlawful behaviour” by Mugabe, leading to his incarceration in various camps in Mozambique, until his release in 1979.

Mutasa further said that Mugabe and Zanu PF had breached his rights, as well as those of former vice president Joice Mujuru, to participate in politics freely.

He said the violence that had been unleashed made it impossible for him and Mujuru to attend the party’s congress which he described as a “sham”.

Mutasa also said that the coup allegations that were raised against him and Mujuru, as well as the fact that they had been barred from attending the party’s congress, breached their right to human dignity.

He said provincial meetings that were set to conduct party elections and nomination processes for central committee positions were “fraught with intimidation, threats of violence, violent repression and were clearly not free, fair or constitutional”.

“In many instances drunken youths and persons claiming to be war veterans were present in these proceedings unleashing serious unlawfulness, fear, duress diatribe,” he said.

Mutasa said the problems that were affecting Zanu PF could be traced back to 2004 when the party held its fourth elective congress. He said there was then a battle between Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Mujuru, in their bid to replace the late Simon Muzenda.

Mujuru was eventually elected as the VP.

“With the second respondent (Mugabe)’s advancing age, the competition and the battle to succeed him, continued arresting and affecting our party,” Mutasa said.

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Zvakaoma hazvo!

James - 4 March 2015

It is interesting that Mutasa mentions violence, fear, unlawfulness, duress and diatribe etc. Welcome to the real Zimbabwe Mr Mutasa/Mujuru?Gumbo. That is exactly how 'your' precious party has treated, us, its citizens for decades. We know all about rowdy drunk youths, forceful take overs, false accusations and much much more. That is the picture of the party you have all been a part of for so long oppressing and destroying an entire nation. But when you are forced to take your own medicine you don't like it! We watch proceeding with great interest. God will not be mocked!

Righteous Justice - 4 March 2015

Inonzi zanupf u will never win any court challenge with them ma JUDGE acho ndeaani why do u think lawyers were not willing to take up the story regai tione corruption is still there

chikaponya mufana wemasukurubudu - 4 March 2015

Well there is nothing to celebrate about, except that these two bitter fools are putting up their last kicks. As usual the Daily Lies is good at picking up dead horses in their poor stories. wishful and day dreaming as usual.

reason - 4 March 2015

Editor, please show some restraint in your language...Didymus Diesel Mutasa is no liberation struggle stalwart, Gumbo maybe that title might fit. Mutasa was in lap of luxury in Birmingham & Cold Comfort Farm before then.

Galore 123 - 4 March 2015

Welcome to reality DM and RG. Wish you the best in your legal redress. Sounds like a taste of your own medicine! At least you have seen the light.

Garikayi - 4 March 2015

The court challenge is a permanent record in the history of Zimbabwe.It is an embarrassing record of history that tarnishes the image of Mugabe.ZanuPF has to respond to the allegations to justify their actions.The court is the place where these matters are settled.

Kufandada - 4 March 2015

@reason and galore you are 100% correct

buster - 4 March 2015

To say Mutasa is not a war hero . is as good as saying Mugabe who only joined in 1975 is not a hero too. Check your history and then you will learn more about Mutasa . He contributed a lot to our freedom . Mr President should not have sidelined the people whom he used to chair meetings in Maputo with . It is not a coincidence that Mutasa was made the first speaker of parliament. Gumbo is the only surving member of Dare reChimurenga. He is the history of our country. Researchers should start with him for the history of our life liberation. He even knows what happened to cde Chitepo'.

Sniper - 4 March 2015

The good thing about this issue is that we have two men who have realized, but late, the real life. This has been happening since time immemorial and these two guys presided over ugly scenes. Now that they have been thrown out the boat they are feeling the electric shock produced by the electric catfish in our water system. We have been in this watercourse for too long and we are used to it now. Only these too guys are new but very soon they will adapt to the shock. Zimbastyle.

Dobbs one-four - 4 March 2015

The utterly and ever unreasonable @reason is alive - lapping the Daily News as usual,bwhile pretending to dislike it intensely! Kkkkkkkkkkkk!

Kt - 4 March 2015

suing THE PRESIDENT?, SADC CHAIR?, AU CHAIR, ? Gegegegeda. Rega ndiseke zvangu. Wish you the best

wind - 4 March 2015

I on't think these two chaps will ever succeed.Ngwena is the minister of Justice and all the judges including the Attorney General were appointed by Matibhiri himself.So what are these guys saying when the know exactly what the system is like since they were once part and parcel of the team.These chaps have come to realise what is ZANU PF(Chiororochesvoto). They were involved in denying people real freedom and now that they have been thrown out of the boat,they are feeling the electric shock produced by the electric catfish in our political field.Otherwise they will end in jail on treason charges which they used to charge opposition stalwarts of,the likes of Tsvangirai and Biti.FEEL THE HEAT COMRADES

sober - 4 March 2015

Rambai makashinga Madhlira navaMutasa kana mave kuvona vuipi hweZANU PF tinokutsigirai . Vushe hahwugadziwi nokuti unopa baba Bonde sevakaitwa nana Gire . Kungomuka wavamutungamiriri chii chawakaitira vanhu kuzhe kwekuvata neharahwa isisingakushi vukasha hwomene . Congress vakarigger ngapave nererun . Pasi naVaMugabe pamberi nemaCde ose akagwira rusununguko pasinaMugabe neMukadzi voda kutora musangano kuiita wokwaZvimba . Cde Tongogara , Cde Chapungu ndizvo here zvamakagwira hondo izvo

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 4 March 2015

@sober and others of his ilk, I think you are the most assinine of them all. Yes the two may have been part of the oppressive machinery but does that mean they should lie low now that Matibili has cast them out of the gravy train. If anything these two are in the mould of Tekere. Having been part of the system does not mean that they should not do a Damascus as Paul or Saul did. These two are progressive as they are laying the new rules that stupid old feeble ,Falls, Mugabe and grace pfambi are not immortal but humans that can be challenged. The most deranged election thief is now facing challenges. I salute you Messers Gumbo and Mutasa. Musona whe are you?

Rudi - 4 March 2015

tsvangirai wambozorora

samaz - 4 March 2015

Tsvangirai, Welshman, Biti , Simba etc ...muripiko. Isn't this the right time to do something?

Zundo Mundove - 4 March 2015

I agree with you Rudi, I think Mutasa and Gumbo are 2 brave guys and they should be supported....u got my support guys. No zanu member has got to this extent before, so I actually think this may be the breakthrough that all normal zimbos have been waiting for and how ironic one of the lawyers is a Mugabe.

tinorovawo - 5 March 2015

nyangwe mutadzi akatadza zvakadii is born again wani...that is the reason pple say born again christian....i think zimbabweans have to open up their eyes and realise the old mutasa and gumbo have been born again....who has ever in the history of zanu pf stood this far...chete mu zimba haana chakanaka umuitire zvakanaka sein anongoshora

hondo - 5 March 2015

Va Mutasa, I want to address especially your person who was involved in the murderous party intelligentsia, held sensitive posts and all why don't you tell us how you guys killedbChindori- Chininga, that information alone given to us on a platter will make you authentic with us the pogo, and we will choose to forget all the other killings you presided over during your long history with ZANU. Besides that iota of information we will assume you are only crying foul because the cake of plunder and or the means to have been unceremoniously taken from your grasp....all you are failing to say in public is..Mugabe, I did a lot of really dirty work for you/ us but now you discard me dripping with blood like a used tampoon, who will want to touch/ use me......that is your cry right there comrade Mutshaza sorry for Rugare, you were part of the wheels but we give you the benefit of doubt in your Costra Nosa ZANU something worthy of death guys to show you are now for the truth not white washing....and stop telling us Mugabe is not the problem, coz he is, and always been. Full stop.

Msuuunuuu - 5 March 2015

Musarasa gwara remusngano nekuda kwevanhu vavairi here nhai Gushungo, hakuna mushonga unobata pasina chironda .Zvazviri ndozvaviri izvozvo Mutasa and gumbo must learn to accept their errors in the defense of our sovereignty. They should seek recourse to their actions and reconcile with the leaders of the party.The President was right to do what he did because that was a worthy cause for people who had the guts to turn against him at the 11th hour.Hakuna court session yemhando iyoyo let them forget.

chibakondorasha - 5 March 2015

imbomirai kuchema hamusati matanga go on we are listening do you think its fun we dont need to hear your cries you are too foolish you are satanists zimbabwe suffered like you have never seen it vana takatambura . Its better you can die zanu will kill you one by one now that you want to spill the beans try to sue Mugabe you will see you know the game We must start prosecuting you now one by one because of what you did mr mutasa Mai mujuru gumbo you must die die die and die you are so ruthless you were enjoying at the expense of zimbabwe

mish - 6 March 2015

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