Mugabe claims false: Mujuru

HARARE - Former vice president Joice Mujuru has dismissed as “outright lies” President Robert Mugabe’s allegations over the weekend that she is dabbling in witchcraft in order to kill him and his wife Grace — emphasising further that her silence should not be confused for weakness.

Mujuru, once the leading candidate to succeed Mugabe, was controversially culled from both the leadership of Zanu PF and the government late last year, with Grace fronting the ruling party’s brutal purges that also claimed the heads of many other senior officials perceived to be sympathetic to the former VP.

Party strongman Emmerson Mnangagwa was the key beneficiary of the ruthless purges as he was subsequently promoted by Mugabe to Mujuru’s former posts both in the ruling party and in government.

In a statement yesterday, the miffed Mujuru said she was ready to be hauled before the country’s courts and ruling party processes to defend herself on any of the myriad murky charges that her erstwhile Zanu PF comrades have thrown at her, including claims that she was corrupt, a witch and that she wanted to oust and assassinate Mugabe.

“I have said it before and I repeat it again, handiite izvozvo ini (I have nothing to do with those claims). I am innocent of all these charges and I am ready to face the allegation(s) in open court or any other forum within the Zanu PF constitutional structures.

“I fought for the liberation of this country and hold ideals of the liberation struggle and Zanu PF is close to my heart. I have not betrayed my party or its leadership,” Mujuru fumed.

And as the country’s economy continues to plummet, Mujuru said focus, especially from the highest office, should be on nation building and not concentrated on petty personal attacks based on “presidential fantasy”.

On Saturday, Mugabe’s vitriolic attacks on Mujuru plumbed new depths when he sensationally claimed that his former deputy had consulted Nigerian witch doctors in a vain bid to topple him from power.

“Recently, she invited two Nigerian sangomas. We heard that they were specialists in the field of witchcraft. They were specialists, yes, but specialists in robbing people, foolish people,” Mugabe claimed with a straight face.

Mugabe also revealed unwittingly in his rumbling speech at his lavish Victoria Falls birthday party that State machinery was being used to snoop into the life of Mujuru, whose husband Solomon died in a mysterious fire in 2011 at the couple’s Beatrice farm.

The nonagenarian, who is also the chairperson of both Sadc and the African Union, claimed in embarrassing tone that the rituals involving Mujuru had allegedly been conducted while the ex-VP was half naked.

But in her response yesterday, Mujuru said she was at a loss for words why Mugabe had made all these false claims as her religious background did not allow her to stoop that low in life as to enlist the services of sangomas.

“I am at a loss as to how I continue to be the subject matter of presidential conjecture and fantasy based on outright lies.

“I was born into the apostolic faith and once at school became a member of the Salvation Army. I am a committed Christian and was leader of the Apostolic churches as patron, and I have been committed to Christian life and values, all my life.

“It is disturbing that the allegations that I tried to, or was part of a conspiracy to assassinate the president, have now been reduced to allegations of witchcraft, whose versions change on a daily basis.

“I am sure even ordinary Zimbabweans have now become tired of this story in its various guises. It’s a charade which has lost steam,” Mujuru said.

The respected war veteran, whose nom de guerre was Teurairopa (Spill blood) also warned that her silence should not be mistaken for “weakness.”

“I have kept quite out of respect for RG Mugabe as party leader, and my considered silence should not be viewed as a sign of weakness or guilt.

“My focus is on nation building and avoiding unnecessarily the destruction of the party I belong to, Zanu PF, by Amafikizolo (Johnny-come-latelies) who are motivated by self interests and do not put the people first,” Mujuru added.

Mugabe’s shocking utterances as he celebrated his 91st birthday at a mega dollar birthday jamboree in Victoria Falls have sparked outrage among Zimbabweans, with legal experts also pointing out that he is behaving irresponsibly by breaking the Witchcraft Suppression Act, which outlaws calling another person a witch.

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Siyai amai ava vega kani

Biti - 3 March 2015

Thumbs up Gammatox,i hope we can see what we expect from elders or leaders to behave.we do not insult or spread hate language as a tool to decampaign others .we just need to go straight to the point and people value on their own the message.

carson macate - 3 March 2015

Manyeopo ? In our Shona culture, some people still genuinely believe in witchcraft. It is said or believed that when a woman captures the heart of a married man, she goes to great lengths to make the MAN so soft in character that the man does whatever the new wife asks or makes him say or do. In the Bible, Mathew Chapter 14: Herod's new wife who hated the Profit John asked her daughter to ask Step-father Herod for the Head of the then hated Profit John in a plate." Udza baba Herodi kuti unoda musoro we mu Porofiti Johhane mundiro" "It was it done?

Sekuru Ndaronga - 3 March 2015

RG Mugabe has now reduced himself to the level of Grace his wife who behaves like a sachiatric patient.

Farai - 3 March 2015

Zvakaoma akomana.

Cde Dokora - 3 March 2015

Mukweguri vanenge vakasungira njere kuchivuno nekuti mazuwiro haasi emunhu wakakwana chaiko unenge wakadhlisiwa gona rekumabwe adziva naGire .

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 3 March 2015

A true politician would not swear allegiance to a political party, zanupuff is a repression tool belonging to psychopath. ( mntaka mazakhela.)

Gudli'ndlu - 3 March 2015

Problem is Joyce Mujuru is part of the evil ZANU pf , still supports Mugabe & has too many skeletons in her cupboard!! So she cant stand up & critisize her cronies.So she should shut up & die with Mugabe.

barure - 3 March 2015

Madam V.P now that you have been treated like Dumbutshena Enock, and you profess innocent Christianity, ain't it plain good time now to expose all you know all the way back from '76. Mine questions them too many: but may you please shed light on the fate of say Tongogara, Elliot 'Norah', Madzibaba Gezi, Shadreck Sherukuru( or Shirihuru) or those ZAPU combatants from Karoi about Darwendale/Manyame, what almost exactly happened to Susan. Is it really Christian to keep miff over these among others and the General? For what good reason? Can you not see that by disabling the MDC project, you among other ZANU PF functionaries have literary disabled Zimbabwe? To Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe is him and him is Zimbabwe. My prayer is that you grow out of the shock, and grow tall enough to recognise Ncube, Biti and Tsvangison as Zimbabwean political resources at your disposal. You as a youngster must have realised that time for fighting ended in 1979; after is nationbuilding. Your current attitude ain't indicative of any revolutionary candidacy as is needed by the Zimbabwe you once sacrificed everything for. Like would say Machel the Zimbabwean revolution has eaten and scattered it's children. The asymptote is Somalia, environments under which you, ngwena, and the matibili seem to thrive. cry the beloved fatherland.

david maombo - 3 March 2015

Zanu pf is a Mafia with deep cult practise. "Mujuru is being tormented, roasted , shoved left, right and center and maintains her allegiance by heart to zanu pf and respect to Mugabe. Zanu pf stills owns and controlls its fired members, that how dirty zanu pf is. Information is "POWER" . Mugabe knows them all, and he deliberately leaves them to do all these bad things thats why he has outplayed them. There is some element of truth in these Sangoma saga, though some spices have been added. Mujuru was VP and moved with close protection from the State, Her movements are well recorded. Its so sad to hear Mujuru speaking about nation building. She has bee part to the downfall of this country. Its game over.

X-MAN IV - 3 March 2015

Iwe Teurai bvuma kuti yakarasa yawakanga warongerwa nomurume wako. I feel insulted as a Zimbabwean that you see yourself as qualified to run my country. Uri dofo mhani, ndakakutaurira kare. Be content with what you managed to do best - stealing alongside with your other thieves in positions of power. Only fools can be cheated by your church uniform. Go hang baobab !

Chorosi - 3 March 2015

WITCHCRAFT SUPPRESSION ACT Sec 3 Punishment for imputation of witchcraft Any person who imputes to any other person the use of non-natural means in causing any disease in any person or animal or in causing any injury to any person or property, that is to say, who names or indicates any other person as being a wizard or witch shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding level six or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

muroyi - 3 March 2015

Whilst Mugabe maybe immune to prosection I don't think his wife is and Mai Mujuru if what you are accused of is false sue to her last pant.

maita - 4 March 2015

Teurai Mujuru surely must die with Mugabe and Zanu Pf. She was part of this oppressive state machinery and Mafia syndicate

limwaz - 4 March 2015

None of us can hide our sins behind Christianity. Madam Mujuru needs to repent along with the rest of ZPF and this nation. What I want to know is actually how close to Jesus Christ is a person that stays in a party all those years that has wantonly murdered, tortured, repressed and oppressed its people, stolen billions of dollars of farms assets, rigged elections, been racialist and triabalistic, is steeped in corruption, theft, graft, greed, bribery and lies. And more! Anyone truly in the Lord would come out of an organisation/party with values like that. How can any Christian be a part and parcel of that. I truly feel for Mai Mujuru but we all need a big wake up call in this nation. We cannot be part of the true church and think we can keep the status quo. In fact she needs to know that, for her, it is a blessing in disguise that she was hoofed out of that evil. Now is the time to meditate on the Lord's word and get right with Him and allow the Lord to show her His future roll in Zimbabwe for her. Surely in cannot be in a party with blood on its hands and has caused untold misery the destruction of an entire nation. We pray for God's wisdom for her. These party members-no ex- need to come clean with their nation!

Righteous Justice - 4 March 2015

The history of a people will remain distorted forever as long as we live among pple who are self centred.

distorted forever - 4 March 2015

Mugabe akuita achipererwa hama vadikani, akupindira ruvengo rwevakadzi zvisinei hazvo nekuti Grace anoita zvaanenge audzwa nabob asi humwe hwatove hupwere chaiwho. Tendai Babie

Tendai Njanji - 4 March 2015

I am personally beginning to question the word intelligent as used often by many including diplomats that Mugabe is intelligent so what is intelligence, he is just a crook.

maita - 4 March 2015

amai that is the problem you were too quiet for too long the problem is when your husband was killed by this ruthless zanu pf mafias you thought that was chikomuredhi but you are also to be blamed for what we are going through now it is your turn to suffer suffer more and more even mugabe how can you complain about huroyi you are the most evil of all the people that i have known in my entire life unotya kufa pa 91 come on you should rest kana ukaroiwa zvakafanana you are too old

mish - 6 March 2015

Mugabe must be arrested for contravening witch suppression Act.

chikanga chikanga - 9 March 2015

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