Zimbabweans blamed for Mugabe's stay in power

BULAWAYO - The Welshman Ncube-led MDC has absolved President Robert Mugabe’s continued stay in power saying the problem was with Zimbabweans who are fixated with the nonagenarian’s age, instead of concentrating on his removal from power.

Addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club on Thursday, spokesperson of the smaller MDC, Nhlanhla Dube, decried how Zimbabweans have concentrated on an individual instead of Zanu PF’s flawed political system.

“We can’t go forever and chase the time and term limits of an individual and get carried away with his age,” Dube said. “The system as a whole is not performing and even after the departure of Mugabe, Zanu PF will still be Zanu PF.

“So it’s not a systemic problem but an individual problem. We believe if we remove Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s economy will get sorted out! No, the problem is the system that is Zanu PF, the policies which are created by Zanu PF and not implemented by the government.”

He said the “Mugabe must go” rhetoric which has become the slogan for opposition politics for the past two decades must be a thing of the past.

Dube said while people have concentrated on the “Mugabe must go” theory they forgot their purpose of bringing change and this has created problems.

“This theory concentrates on removing Mugabe and replacing him with another without dealing with policy issues in terms of governance policy systems. Zanu PF as an entity is not delivering systemically,” Dube added.

The smaller MDC spokesperson said the 35-year stay in power of the leader since independence was simply a choice by Zimbabweans.

“The indictment is on Zimbabweans themselves. You can’t blame him for wanting to stay in power. We must blame ourselves for allowing him to stay in power if we feel he is no longer capable of being in power,” he said.

Mugabe last week celebrated his 91st birthday amid calls by opposition parties and other disgruntled forces for him to step down as he was past his sell-by date and that he has effectively presided over the collapse of the country’s once vibrant economy.

Dube insisted that blaming Mugabe was never going to be a solution to Zimbabwe’s myriad of problems as “individuals will come and go”.

Meanwhile, speaking on the resignation of senior MDC officials, Dube said: “Yes there have been resignations but the reality of a political party is that it’s not constant.

“A political party is an organism that changes. People cooperate in a political party to achieve certain ends which they can’t achieve as individuals.

“If they feel as individuals that they can no longer achieve that which they hoped in that vehicle, whatever their reasons are, that is their democratic reason to step out,” he explained.

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"The Welshman Ncube-led MDC has absolved President Robert Mugabe's continued stay in power saying the problem was with Zimbabweans who are fixated with the nonagenarian's age, instead of concentrating on his removal from power." Smh. Daily News honestly whatever happened to you guys? You are now starting to sound like Herald spinning your own web to suite your own narrative. Your opening remark and what this chap is saying does not add up at all.

Galore 123 - 2 March 2015

ZanuPF lost power in 2008 and because it has instruments of power it refused to leave office and falsified the results. yes Zinmbabwean have seen the extreme violence of zanupf during Gukurahundi era so they know the cruelity of these people so they now would rather pray they just die and leave us alone. Zanupf as this MDC-N observed hates Zimbabweans so they can do everything with their guns to destroy Zimbabweans. Even those who blame Tsvangirayi have done nothing even anything 0.001% of what Tsvangirayi has done.

maita - 2 March 2015

Actually it is people like Ncube who are helping Mugabe to stay on . In 2008 Ncube split votes which could have seen Mugabe go by confusing rural people in Mat south by using the same symbol like the MDC T . Here is a good example of a stupid educated guy , It is you guys in Ncube 's party who are aiding and prolonging Mugabe stay . Not all Zimabweans are idiots we know who is a crook and it is Ncube and Biti but they are heading towards a bottomless pit .

Diibulaanyika - 2 March 2015

Not so long Gordon Moyo blamed zimbabweans now its Ncube blaming zimbabweans. I dont know what Ncube wants he was in government and dining and winning with mugabe. Where were you Ncube when Itai Dzamara called fellow zimbabweans to picket at Unit square. I personally think zimbabweans who are opposed to Mugabe are not fools, but very wise and culculative in handling this explosive mugabe situation. People rejected mugabe in 2008 national polls. Don't worry Ncube Mugabe is finished, cant you see nature has strike.

X-MAN IV - 2 March 2015

iam still failing to come to terms with the TOPIC Zimbabweans blamed for Mugabes stay in power.To begin with that view simply borders on mischief as it is a deliberate misrepresentation of facts we all know that.The 2008 elections Zanu Pf was defeated but found illegal means to hang on to power.How can we have Zimbabweans liable for blame in such a scenario?The last congress for Zanupf when some sober senses cadres were advocating for a change they were brutally eliminated shortly before the congress and that was the creation of or fertile imagination of the first lady and the gangsters as what everybody could see.Where do Zimbabweans fit?So please do not blame the butcher if the bread is bad.The status quo in our country has nothing to do with Zimbabweans please leave us in peace.

carson macate - 3 March 2015

What is true is that 97% of Zimbabweans are intellectually challenged (Plainly speaking patently "Stupid"). They actually deserve the leaders that they have got. The various aberrations of the MDC betrayed the people of Zimbabwe with their greed & incoherent backward policies, and in-fighting. As most people know (except for the EU via the likes of Philippe Van Damme and Aldo Dell'Ariccia) Zanu PF is an unreformable massive criminal mafioso [criminal enterprise].

Paul Kadzima - 4 March 2015

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