Mugabe blunders again

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe made another embarassing gaffe at the weekend when he claimed that this year’s edition of the 21st February Movement held in Victoria Falls on Saturday had somehow coincided with his 21st birthday.

The clanger, the latest in a long line of other recent faux pas, left many attendees at his outrageously extravagant birthday bash red-faced.

Observers have said more than $1 million was blown up at the jamboree which was televised on ZTV all day and night on Saturday, at a time when the majority of Zimbabweans are wallowing in abject poverty.

“Once again, I thank you for the support, blessings, and gifts that you all bring as we come together to celebrate the 21st February Movement, which, this year, coincides with my 21st birthday,” Mugabe said at his party.

Medical experts said yesterday that his gaffes were normal for “a

91-year-old” — a time at which many people in that age bracket apparently suffer from serious dementia.

Mugabe sounded tired and sometimes somewhat disoriented in his televised interview with ZTV last week.

During Zanu PF’s disputed congress in December last year, he stunned the more than 12 000 delegates after he mistakenly denounced his party saying “pasi neZanu PF (down with Zanu PF)”.

This came after his 49-year-old wife Grace had ordered him off the podium, following which he also admitted that the First Lady often told him what to do, even at their plush Harare home.

“My wife has written a note; she says I’m talking too much. That’s how I am treated even at home, so I must listen,” he said before walking off the podium to much uneasiness among the gathered delegates.

A few weeks later, Mugabe was at it again, this time mistakenly referring to Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko as the new president as he was swearing him in, along with the other deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, and 11 ministers at State House.

Just before the congress, Mugabe had suffered a serious lapse of concentration, damagingly blurting out that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai had garnered 73 percent of the disputed 2008 presidential vote.


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I watched his ZBC televised birthday message last week, the guy is old, too old. He is tired. He drag his words throught, taking so long to answer a simple question. Let us make history giys, Mugabe want to run for presidency in 2018, when he will be 94, finishing his term at 99

meme - 2 March 2015

Can someone tell me if this is just a coincidence; each time there is an event such as the Congress and or a bash somewhere, the events are always followed by acute shortages of power. Why is there a link guys??

Isidore Mtungagore - 2 March 2015

Everything has its ending time even railway lines sporo gets finished and replaced .The king of the jungle dies like his victims at times killed by his hunted one the buffalo .No one can cheat mother nature he can pretend and lie but the fact is he is very very close to his ending that is a fact and zimbabweans should stay alert and ready to pop out sharpens .He is a moving grave which will seize to move and become motionless forever soon and very soon .

Diibulaanyika - 2 March 2015

Gera Sneller, the Dutch Ambassador to Zimbabwe is purportedly quoted as saying the he particularly enjoyed the steamed peppered bull gonads that he was recently served at a certain birthday bash. He said that his hero had the same diet that guarantees early droops and senility

Petina Gaffah - 2 March 2015

In all his wittering Mugabe said nothing about the two most important issues in the country - the need for free and fair election which is the only ticket out of the current political mess and the economic meltdown that has left millions living in abject poverty and is getting worse by the day!

wilbert Mukori - 2 March 2015

Your obsession with the first family knows no pararrel. But unfortunately Mugabe mania is now sweeping Zimbabwe and beyond. Its his time whether you like it or not. Your anti Mugabe headlines have become so predictable I wonder if they sway anyone anymore. Im sure without your foreign funding you would have long closed. Mugabe tinomuda akadaro so called gaffes or not, tired or energetic. He keeps making history, the most educated head of state in the world, the oldest head of state ever, the oldest person to assume chairmanship of SADC and AU. As for death , point me a person who will not die. Thereafter point me a person who will die having ruled Africa and Zimbabwe so brilliantly for 35 years.Its only him mutumwa wamwari

pamberi naCDE - 2 March 2015

The most stupid educated leader the world has ever seen is non other than the son of a migrant from Malawi Mugabe , Educated leaders leave while they are still being liked eg just across the border Mandela did it and people all over the world still love him as compared to one Mugabe who when he travel s any where people feel like vomiting when they see him . If they is still a person liking this very very every old clueless and tired lier its their democratic right to do so but they mighty also be insane .The not so educated zuma is doing wonders in SA and doing africa proud by leading the continent 's super power and the so educated turned the once power house of africa to a heap of junk . Like or not Mugabe is stupid and he also knows that and that is why he wants to give the power to his wife it is bcoz he is confused and naturally spukupuku .

Diibulaanyika - 2 March 2015

someone should have pitched up at the event in rags

Hungry - 2 March 2015

Supposing it's a slip of the tongue which is not so unusual. The golden question is "what had he wanted to say?" Perhaps it's not so much of a "coincidence" for people to celebrate the birthday of their leader. How is that a coincidence??

Tobias - 2 March 2015

Like it or not @Diibulaanyika if you insist Mugabe is stupid then you should surely admit that you have been ruled by a stupid man for 35 years. That makes you more stupid added to bitter ofcourse. What's done can not be undone. All the good the accolades the long life of bliss Mugabe has had can never be undone. Viva Mugabe

pamberi naCDE - 2 March 2015

PAMBERInacde you are the most stupid person,as stupid as mugabe,thi country has been destroyed by the word cde which is grossly abused by zanu thieves.

Macheka - 3 March 2015

@pamberi are obviously one who of those who thrive on benefiting from the chaotic, corrupt, misrule of your cult evil leader for you to be praising a failure like mugabe but for some reason if you are not benefiting anything then you are the dumbest person ever...

tinorovawo - 3 March 2015

is this a blunder news worthy please be serious

choga - 3 March 2015

is this a blunder news worthy please be serious

choga - 3 March 2015

I suggest that the name of that movement be changed to tally with the anniversary being celebrated. Mugabe keeps thinking that he is 21 because of that stupid mis-movement! It should be called 91st, 92nd, 93rd moment (not movement) etc.

Kunda Kinde - 3 March 2015

Dibulanyika the idiot who sleeps at the Methodist church.....sizokudeporter spukupuku samampela

Zuma - 3 March 2015

come on!! I don't feel the blunder is news worthy. An article congratulating His excellency on the milestone would have been far better. Regardless of how it is celebrated. The atmosphere in which the celebrations occur is a totally different story.

Santos - 3 March 2015

Pamberi na Cde, I understand you are Zanu Pf as much as me but what is wrong is that we defend wrong things because of party affliation.we are on this platform as Zimbabweans not as Zanu pf and also the daily news created this lovely space for Zimbabweans to exchange views for the betterment of the great state we have.Now when we insult each other over trivialities it shows lack of focus and maturity over the manner in which we handle our matters.Lets remain focused and the truth of the matter is our President is no longer a Presidential material but a counsellor as he is now incapacitated and very old to command his senses accordingly

carson macate - 3 March 2015

Its worth it to mention "mugabe blunders again". If one looks back since 1980 at all Mugabe,s speeches prepared or not, be it local podiums or international gatherings. Mugabe has never made a mistake in his speeches . Whether he was talking lies, trash or truth there were no guffs. My biggest fear is that the next big guff will come at UN general assembly. The worst could be Bush and Blair were right. Mugabe is a head of state , millions lives depend on his actions as such accountability is important. There is 2050 and year 3000 and more still to come. 100 years from now when we are all dead, people at that time will look back and laugh at our generation. I have no doubt zimbabwe will be a better place after mugabe era.

X-MAN IV - 3 March 2015

Let the old man rule - whether he is too old, senile, unstable, stupid, intelligent or whatever you choose to call him - He is the president of zimbabwe I respect that mandate we gave him - by voting for him or allowing him to rob you by israeli methods kkkkk Tongai Baba Chatunga tiri pano for you. Aluta Continua old men are best even mwana wako musikana prefers to date older men, ko zimbabwe ndoyotadza nei kutongwa nevakuru vepasi. Tongai imi Baba Chatunga I have millions of respect for you Cde Mugabe - the only leader with the people at heart. Aluta!!! Ahoy!

taneta - 4 March 2015


site - 5 March 2015

@pamberi na Cde, im also Zpf to the bone . your problem is that instead of supporting the party you are now hero worshipping mugabe.pupurai togarepi once said,the constitution should be ammended to allow Mugabe to rule for you think he said that with the party's best interest in mind ?what you are doing is called bootlicking and it has clouded your judgement, and corrupted your head

fire links - 9 March 2015

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