Step down now — Mugabe told

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC is ratcheting up the pressure on President Robert Mugabe, demanding robustly yesterday that the nonagenarian resigns immediately to save Zimbabweans from starving to death due to his and the ruling Zanu PF party’s gross misrule.

In a no-holds barred statement, MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu threw everything but the kitchen sink at Mugabe — who turned 91 on Saturday last week — accusing him of presiding over the destruction of the country, its economy and the decline of public services.

He also asserted that Mugabe had become so old that it was inconceivable that he was contemplating continuing as Zimbabwe’s leader.

“Given the unmitigated collapse of all the instruments of governance coupled with the comatose economy, Robert Mugabe should proceed to do the honourable thing and immediately step down as the head of state to allow legitimate processes leading to the installation of a new and legitimate government,” Gutu said.

Pressure has been mounting all round for Mugabe to go, including from within his own party where many senior officials have been brutally purged amid murky allegations that they are plotting to oust and assassinate the nonagenarian.

Among the scores of Zanu PF bigwigs who have been ruthlessly dispensed with are former Vice President Joice Mujuru and former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa.

The calls for Mugabe to go gathered steam after he openly confessed during Zanu PF’s disputed damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare last December that his controversial wife, Grace — who is now seemingly in firm control of the party — often told him what to do.

Since Grace entered the political fray late last year, the ruling party has become a boiling cauldron of ugly infighting as bitterly opposed factions take deadly aim at each other while the country’s comatose economy continues to plummet from bad to worse — literally by the day.

But the only leader that Zimbabweans have known since the country’s independence from Britain in 1980 continues to hang own to power grimly — with his loyal supporters planning an extravagant birthday bash in Victoria Falls on Saturday.

“Zimbabweans should not be held hostage by the corrupt, incompetent and illegitimate Zanu PF regime that stole the July 31, 2013 harmonised elections.

“The nation should be allowed to move forward. Robert Mugabe is now a very old man who is also extremely frail and apparently no longer in control of his deeply fractured and divided Zanu PF party.

“The MDC shall not stand by and watch as the Zanu PF gerontocracy continues to run down the country. The time for action is now! Enough is enough,” Gutu charged yesterday.

Indeed, an economic report that was released recently painted a grim picture of the dire situation in the country, showing that average incomes in Zimbabwe were now at their lowest in 60 years and that more than 76 percent of the country’s adult population was surviving on less than $200 per month.

“Through decades of lawlessness and in certain cases, brazen disregard of the country’s Constitution, Zanu PF has managed to run down the country leading to the tragic situation whereby Zimbabwe can now qualify to be called a failed state.

“As if the violently executed so-called land reform exercise was not enough, the Zanu PF regime remains in self-destruct mode as it continues to craft and implement ruinous policies that have virtually destroyed a once vibrant commercial agricultural sector and also wreaked havoc in both commerce and industry,” Gutu said.

The MDC spokesperson went on to list seven points that he said justified that Mugabe and his party should go now.

“The Zimbabwean economy has virtually collapsed and we are now classified as a failed state mainly because of the following factors: lack of clean and safe water in all the cities, towns, growth points and villages countrywide; crippling power shortages that have virtually paralysed industry and agriculture; continued closure of companies and industries; and a collapsing public health delivery system.

“A chronic and debilitating liquidity crunch that has condemned 90 percent of the population to poverty, penury and destitution; endemic failure to align the country’s laws with the new Constitution; as well as lack of clarity on investment laws and regulations; and serious policy inconsistencies and gaps in policy implementation,” Gutu thundered further.

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We have heard these westminister style calls before and although valid Mugabe's excuse has always been but i won an election. If the people dont want me anymore they simply dont vote for me. All the while he knows they didnt vote for him in the numbers he claims they did but without the smoking gun its the word of those who "lost" the election and the one who "won" it. Question really is why would he pay heed to your calls now when he a step closer to achieving his long held ambition of life presidency?

Lt General - 26 February 2015

chokwadi,chokwadi, leli yilo iqiniso. U khulu sicela ayephumula. Satsha siphila bantu! Tatove ku Gehena racho here naimi?Honestly, dead right Gutu and team!

chokwadi,qiniso - 26 February 2015

We agree that Zimbabwe is on its worst performance both socially and economically. And we also agree that in Zimbabwe there are people who are ignorant and dull, self serving, greedy and never bothers about who is what, those are the ones who are boasting to be in charge of the faulty, slowly self destructing moving, rusty stinking wagon that calls itself a country. And no doubt the are some noise makers only vessels, cars without wheels planning to cover a thousand miles without any fuel let alone the driver is blind. Please can you tell me what is happening in the once so called beloved Zimbabwe the bread basket of Africa now proudly the begging basket of the world. How i wish if it was my time as a king, i was going to turn things around with my wisdom. I the wise King Solomon. For now let the looting continue. KING SOLOMON.


It is very true that Mugabe and Zanu PF are “corrupt, incompetent and (they) stole the July 2013 elec-tions”. But before you get carried away in your own rhetorical nonsense Mr Gutu ask yourself they blatantly stole the elections from whom? The blatantly rigged the July 2013 elections because not even one democratic reform agreed in the GPA, reforms designed to stop Mugabe rigging the elections ever again, were implemented. Not even one reform! And it was you, MDC idiots who failed to get even one reform implemented although you have all you needed and five years to do it. “Given the unmitigated collapse of all the instruments of governance coupled with the comatose economy, Robert Mugabe should proceed to do the honourable thing and immediately step down as the head of state to allow legitimate processes leading to the installation of a new and legitimate government,” Gutu said. It is all very well to ask Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs to “do the honourable thing and immediately step down” why did you not do the same after the rigged July 2013 elections after all you had all proven beyond doubt that you are corrupt and incompetent. Gutu you are forming on the mouth demanding Zanu PF to step down only because you are desperate to get back on the gravy train and not that you care about the suffering masses. You will never implement any democratic reforms even if the GNU had lasted thousand years because Mugabe had paid you not forget about implementing the reforms. Gutu, I have told you before and will tell you again; you and your MDC friends are corrupt and breathtakingly incompetent; it would be folly entrust you lot with the destiny of this great nation ever again! There will be no GNU mark 2 and another gravy train ride for you.

wilbert Mukori - 26 February 2015

yes to u mugabe siya tifare vana ve zim hatina mabasa iwe nemhuri tako muchidya . nemukadzi wakom utsinye kuita semunhu asina kumbozvera .

e d t - 26 February 2015

enough is enough weyiko nhai, kubvira rini muchingoti enough is enough , haaa tibvireyi apa.

jojo - 26 February 2015

Haiwawo ,ndoosaka uchinzi jojo.Hauna kana zano.Nyika yaenda iyi takatarisa nevanhu varikutipa stress nekutadza kutonga.

cde dokora - 26 February 2015

wy cant we just let GOD take control for he knows wats best,since wen have we been fighting a war we are failing to win

samman - 26 February 2015

REMEMBER THIS --- MUGABE ALWAYS TELLS THE TRUTH- - - - - Anti-Corruption Drive Unstoppable: President The Herald (Harare) May 7, 2004 Posted to the web May 7, 2004 George Maponga Masvingo The economy is beginning to show signs of recovery following the anti-corruption drive launched by Government, President Mugabe said yesterday. Officially opening the third Annual National Assembly of Chiefs at the Great Zimbabwe Monument, President Mugabe said the ongoing blitz to rid the country of corruption was unstoppable. Cde Mugabe said the newly-created Ministry of Anti-Corruption and Anti-Monopolies and police would leave no stone unturned to root out corruption. "All our policies and programmes should be underpinned by an unquestioned commitment to vividly portray the virtues of our culture. It is against this background that my Government has embarked on unstoppable anti-corruption drive. . . . . . .Ha Ha . . . .

DEMENTIA MUGS - 26 February 2015

kutaura chokwadi zvakungoda hondo ndokuti zvipere

chipangano - 26 February 2015

Hamba , zwaa , choka, buda ,vamuus Mugabe step down now you have caused a lot of damage to this country can't you see that and if you do not know that then you are fool You are now totally useless every where , in govt , at your village . in your bed room , but you still want to be president you can't even walk on a plain domestic carpet . when you talk you hallucinate if you keep quite you doze and sleep . You are finished why don't you see that . Hayi hamba mani hawu

Diibulaanyika - 26 February 2015


Taliban - 26 February 2015

Gutu and yo lot plz shut up your are making unnecessary noisy. Gushungo is not going to resign NEVER forget and smile. Wait for 2018 okyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Murambwi - 26 February 2015

Mugabe has gone past retirement age, I don't see him stepping down. 90+ years in human life , its nothing but death age group.

X-MAN IV - 26 February 2015

haaaa kana mukataura zvinenbasa rei, zvazvaita izvozvo , regai tinzwe hedu isu aaaa

sangie - 27 February 2015

These are the end-times of Mugabe if he is living being. Even EU has seen that thus why they are coming now- "kugarira pedo". You heard them say they are post Mungabe era. The people of Zim must be concerned about another dictator , Garwe who is threatening voters with unspecified action if they vote for opposition. This is the same method that stole 2013 election.

zvigodii - 27 February 2015

Kikikikikikikikikikikiki enough is enough chii . For how long have you been saying that . Tibvirei apa you are a confused lot . Kana muchida zvekutonga nyika ino chinjai maitiro enyu ehutengesi and join ZANU PF

Mose Ruddolf ( Hitler) - 27 February 2015

kushorana kwaana kamba uku. mdc t ine ma problems ayowo. leader anetseka nemichato yemurima. sort your leader before you try to sort the leader of another party.

zvirozviyedzwa - 27 February 2015

It is surprising we still have people like Zvirozviyedzwa who seem not to understand the gravity of the situation! This Mugabe and his party ZANU PF have no clue, no will, no knowledge etc as to how to rescue Zim from the self-made mess. MT and OG are correct to mention that RGM must go..TN RED CARDS for Bob

Garikayi - 27 February 2015

We have seen enough of this word please, "damp squib “elective” congress" and we are so tired of it please use other alternatives.

Michael Mokoena - 27 February 2015

" Damp squib elective congress" We have seen enough of this word please, "damp squib “elective” congress" and we are so tired of it please use other alternatives. "Damp Squib elective congress" , Damp Squib Elective congress' DAMP SQUIB ELECTIVE CONGRESS EVERYDAY . No man. it becomes boring. Please Mr Editor. Mr Journalist damp squib elective congress. enough is enough.

Michael Mokoena - 27 February 2015

we heard you guys but the question is ndiyani achanosungirira kiti mbero

wally wally - 27 February 2015

puppetsss idiots

peter george - 27 February 2015


GONDO - 27 February 2015

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Ronaldo - 27 February 2015

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