'Chombo wants to grab my farm'

HARARE - Expelled Zanu PF legislator for Hurungwe West, Temba Mliswa, has made sensational claims that Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo wants to grab his Karoi farm as the ruling party’s ugly infighting intensifies.

Mliswa made the claim yesterday as it emerged that miffed party youths who are angered by the defiance of former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa and Mliswa, were also planning to storm and grab the two men’s farms.

But Mliswa charged that it was in fact Chombo who had designs on his farm, rather than party youths as was being claimed.

“Chombo is the one who wants my farm. He wants to expand the town of Karoi but the funny part is that there is a farm between the town and mine, and that farm is owned by Chombo’s present wife,” Mliswa claimed.

Mutasa has pooh-poohed his purported dismissal from the ruling party saying this was null and void as it was passed by an illegal politburo, while Mliswa stands accused of stirring party supporters against Zanu PF leaders since his expulsion from the party was announced last week.

This has angered party hardliners who are currently and expediently intolerant to any perceived resistance to the dictates of President Robert Mugabe and his increasingly influential wife, Grace.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News yesterday that what had particularly incensed some party apparatchiks the most was the “contempt” that Mutasa and his nephew Temba had shown towards Mugabe following their disputed expulsion from the party.

As a result, party youths allegedly linked to Chombo, were planning to storm and grab Mliswa’s prime farm, which lies in the heart of Karoi — with another similar “smash and grab” project planned for Mutasa’s farm in Headlands.

The Daily News also learnt yesterday that Mliswa was at the moment unable to set foot on his farm, as part of his stringent bail conditions after police allegedly discovered guns at the property.

But buoyed by the spirited support from the grassroots that he is getting, Mliswa told the Daily News yesterday that even if the party took “everything” from him, he was happy to have served the people and would always be loyal to the party and Mugabe.

Still, the sources said, some party youths wanted him “liquidated and crippled” before the litmus by-election which is set to be held in Hurungwe West to fill the legislative vacancy that had arisen as a result of Mliswa’s expulsion.

Vengai Musengi, Zanu PF Mashonaland West youth chairperson, told the Daily News yesterday that Mliswa had a clear choice of either “zipping up” or risk losing his farm.

“We know that Mliswa is saying a lot of stuff and he should stop. I have heard reports that the youths want to take action against him and move to his farm, and this is a warning to him to shut up.

“Presently, I am not in the province but I will get to the bottom of the matter,” he said ominously.

And as the spectre of the farm grabs looms large, the party’s deputy secretary for the youth league, Kudzanai Chipanga, also entered the fray, warning Mutasa and Mliswa to “behave” themselves.

“It is the duty of the ministry of Lands to allocate land and if it realises that there was an irregular manner in the allocation of the farms to either Mliswa or Mutasa it must act. I know that Temba and his uncle want to cause trouble in the party although they were expelled by the party leadership. They can go to hell because we do not need them,’’ he said.

However, he said he was personally not for the illegal grabbing of anyone’s property.

“They (Mutasa and Mliswa) are continuing to make noise denigrating the party’s leadership which will give chance to unruly elements to invade their farms so as to silence them. We do not want that behaviour and police must be on the lookout for those incidents,” Chipanga said.

Recently, some Zanu PF supporters invaded Mutasa’s Headlands farm but were later ejected by the police in what insiders said was a sign that law enforcement agents were at the moment empowered to act against such lawlessness.

But Mliswa claimed yesterday that it was in fact senior party officials who wanted to take over his Spring Farm in Karoi.

The threats to invade Mutasa and Mliswa’s farms are reminiscent of recent and similar choreographed invasions at the farm of ousted Zanu PF chairperson for Mashonaland East province, Ray Kaukonde.

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iwe Chombo usadaro mwana mhani iwe...

Nyemba - 25 February 2015

Ko iye Mliswa wacho kupusa - anogoti my farm seyi kunge akatenga purazi yacho ne mari yake? Akuti would always be loyal to the party and Mugabe. Bootlicker.

Der - 25 February 2015

@ Themba Mlisw, there is nothing to cry fould over, yu invaded that farm prety aware that its with ten km of a town. Such farms were aermaked for urban expansion. further to that, that farm had a subdivision done for lowdensity stands in 2002, Ipersonaly handles tha application made by Mr peter Ousthuzen who wanted to sell low density stands, In otherwords waitonyarwa bhurur, Spring farm is within urban boundaries dai wanga wakangwara wakaimplementor the plans dzanga dziripo hezvo warira. I even know the layout plan number for the subdivision, if i were yu ndaitamba mushe naChombo kuti uzongopiwa mukana wekutengesao mastands

dziks - 25 February 2015

"Chombo wants to grab my farm." What has that to do with us ? Wether true or false - save yourself from your comrades, dude.

Chorosi - 25 February 2015

vana vevhu musanetsana.

govere - 25 February 2015

It was never about empowerment it was always about political patronage and hence why those who are politically connected benefit first and when they fall out of favour those who fall in favour stand to benefit.

Galore 123 - 25 February 2015

tisafarire zvekupihwa nekutorera vamwe. zvinopera nekukasika.

zvirozviyedzwa - 25 February 2015

Mliswa got the farm via zanu pf toxic patronage and its an open secret that once one leaves zanupf , he/she must also leave everything acquired via the toxic patronage. He must not cry at all , just like Jocelyn Chiwenga. .... musafarira n'anga inobata amai

charakupa - 25 February 2015

Now the chips are down. Va-mutasa and Mliswa were fired from Zanu-PF Mafia mob. These two were leaders in their constituency or rather mob leaders. Now, they have fallen out with the Godfather. As usual, there is no democratic finesse to cover the rebelling members. The rebels received patronage spoils. The Godfather is going to make sure all is stripped of them and ensure that they are financially ruined. Grace is in charge of the godfather and she does not does not take prisoners. They are excess baggage. Watch this space. Va-Mutasa may have to go back to his Sakubva house in Mutare. Lets have true democracy to stop this crap!

Mbareboy - 25 February 2015

Temba you must know that every dog has its day you caused a lot of suffering in mashwest,and you thing you were the man,remember the ryindings school issue,you and didmus.dindingwe rinonakirwa richakweva vamwe kana rokwevewa roti mavara azare vhu you will definitely loose it come rain come thunder

wally jamie jnr - 25 February 2015

Land reform under zanu pf is "One big fat lie". Its a definate Yes that farm will be taken by anyone in the right basket at the right time. Thats how your party behaves Themba, stop crying and face the cyclone.

X-MAN IV - 25 February 2015

Muliswa wakaita zvekuchestirwa chigaro nasekuru vako zve rugby pazvakaramba .you know nothing about politics dude wakamamira chikomo chinoera mfana .

biggy - 25 February 2015

ZANU PF is a circus and complete shame far removed from why liberation war was ever fought. The same system people died fighting against has become hallmark of ZANU PF. Smith regime was much better than the current government. My father's youngest brother was among group involved in first battle of Chinhoyi and we never heard about him. A talented young man who sacrificed his life for nothing (pasina chinobuda). We never heard about him, my grandmother and father later passed away thinking maybe he will show up to no avail. Many freedom fighters died and their bodies never found by their relatives fighting for a cause hijacked by heartless individuals in ZANU PF. Had they known am certain no one would have joined Chimurenga. Shame on you people.

Ed - 25 February 2015

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chiremb - 26 February 2015

This is where the whole concept of "Land Reform" as percieved by ZANU falls down. The Offer letters are given by a faceless politician as a favour and dependant on a guarantee of political support. As has happened in the Theif Mliswa's case, he is on the wrong side of the political divide as he is Mutasa's nephew. That reward of Spring Farm for Mliswa's bully boys beating and killing the white farmers off the land in Karoi in the early 2000's has now been withdrawn. Us Zimbabweans are now able to see what would have happened if a bank had leant Miliswa money on the strength of this silly & worthless "Offer Letter" because they would be unable to recover their money as the farm will now be transferred to a new ZANU theif and he would refuse to repay the money that Mliswa would have borrowed from the bank. So fellow Zimbo's, this is a simple lesson in banking & financial fundamentals and is the reason why our beautiful country has gone to the dogs. ( Literally) I would suggest that Mliswa goes cap in hand to the new Sprig Fever resturant in Harar, buy a cup of decent coffee from those lovely people, apologise and commisserate with them and ask them how to male an honest, god fearing living far removed from the savagery that he spearheaded on behalf of a corrupt brutal regime.

Johnny K - 26 February 2015

Easy come, easy go.

mukwerekwere - 26 February 2015

what was promised during the last elections has not been done,igaro ziva.No one even cares about the ordinary zimbos.everyone is busy trying to loot and our crises will deepen by year end.tinenge tichingonzi masanctions.solution yenhamo yese iyi iri mumaoko edu but humbavha hwawanda kune vadzvanyiriri ava.Temba ari kuchema farm yekuba but is forgetting dzimba dzakashandirwa nevanhu vachivaka dzakanzi naChombo dzipazwe!Zanu PF has become the people's enemy haichazi the people's choice.Tongai henyu Amai Gire coz hatina varume vane chido nevanhu muzim imbwende dzinongohukura.Why not murume ndewenyu akanzi nembwende idzodzi life president saka nyika ndeye kumba kwenyu.Mwanasikana ndiwe gamba nekuti vese vanorembedza vari pasi pako.

keddah - 26 February 2015

It is not your farm anyway moron.

cityboy - 26 February 2015

If Spring Farm is taken then you can go to your other farm in Macheke. They know you have more than Two Farms

Pompano - 26 February 2015

If Spring Farm is taken then you can go to your other farm in Macheke. They know you have more than Two Farms

Pompano - 26 February 2015

dindingwe kana rodhonzwa iro rave kuti mavara angu azara ivhu.ko purazi handiti wakariganyabvurira murungu here saka wats yo problem now?????

amos nyoni - 26 February 2015

dindingwe kana rodhonzwa iro rave kuti mavara angu azara ivhu.torai purazi renyu maCdes

tea boy - 26 February 2015

ari kumboudza aniko kanyaya kake ke two bhobho aka? you didn't tell us when you took the farm so why tell us when its being taken from you?

khule dhambi - 26 February 2015

There is no honour amongst thieves. In recent times feuding and in-fighting between the kleptomaniac psychopaths in Zanu PF has accelerated. They realize that the demise of their heroic demonic pariah is imminent. They scramble and hunger for more power and access to expanded looting opportunities. These two typical exhibits of Zanu PF's real culture is well known. Both have unsavory histories regarding their morals, ethics and methodologies used to enhance their power-base and wealth. Le us not forget Gideon Gon0o (Mugabe's private banker), reserve bank looter and debt absconder. And to think that the alleged Marxist EU charlatan Philippe Van Damme is all set to give EU taxpayers money to criminals like these whilst ignoring the needs of Zanu pf's real victims. It is time for consideration to be given to handing over the likes of Deborah Bronnert, Erik Brogger Rasmussen, Catriona Laing Lars Ronnås to the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity for Aiding and Abetting the despotic and racist Zanu PF regime.

Tendayi Mujuru - 26 February 2015

There was NOTHING of God in our so called land reform. And that is why anarchy and chaos reigns. It could have been done a completely different way; one that would have benefitted the entire nation. Mliswa must remember that he also grabbed that farm from someone. How do you build a life on someone else's misery???? Judgment hangs like Damocles sword! Repent!

TruthBTold - 26 February 2015

Stop crying Temba. Enda unokumbira ruregerero. Inga Gomwe akavadzinga muHre akaregererwa. Atove kufamba achivashambadza or is that fake??

munzwa - 26 February 2015


Diibulaanyika - 26 February 2015

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