It's now war, Mugabe told

HARARE - The Zanu PF stalwarts who are being hounded from the ruling party for their perceived support of ousted former vice president Joice Mujuru have vowed to take the war to President Robert Mugabe, saying they will not be stopped in their quest to restore democracy to the faction-ridden party.

Spokesperson of the party veterans, Rugare Gumbo, told the Daily News yesterday that the purported expulsion of former Presidential Affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa, and his voluble nephew Temba Mliswa from the former liberation movement had made them even more determined to fix the troubled ruling party.

“We expected this to happen (the expulsion of Mliswa and Mutasa), but the most important thing is that this will not stop us from doing what we have always been doing to bring democracy to the party,” a defiant Gumbo said.

Gumbo’s sentiments yesterday followed a scathing press statement that was released by Mutasa on Thursday, and provocatively so, in his capacity as the legitimate Zanu PF secretary for administration.

In the statement Mutasa said his purported expulsion was “null and void, and a serious breach of our party constitution and indeed the Constitution of Zimbabwe.”

“Over and above this, this Disciplinary Committee (which allegedly looked into his case) is improperly constituted anyway given that, the (party’s disputed December) congress and the First Secretary of the party unlawfully breached the party constitution by failing to elect the party national chairperson who is the only one who can chair such a meeting,” he added.

Amid this ongoing acrimony, many Zanu PF members fear that Mugabe, who turns 91 today, has abdicated his powers to his much younger wife, Grace, whose return from her two-month sojourn in the Far East a week ago marked the demise of not only Mutasa and Mliswa, but also former Masvingo State minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti who was fired on Thursday night.

And with the ranks of disaffected party members swelling by the day, Gumbo told the Daily News yesterday that Mugabe and party hawks should brace themselves not only for their impending court challenge, but also for “other programmes aimed at restoring legitimacy” to Zanu PF.

It is understood that the party stalwarts may approach the courts with their grievances sometime next week, as they seek to reverse the outcome of the party’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare late last year.

In the meantime, and as the Mutasa and Gumbo camp digs in, there are growing fears that the ruling party could soon split into two.

Some former provincial chairpersons, who were unceremoniously and controversially ousted from their Zanu PF positions last year, told the Daily News yesterday that they were now pinning their political hopes on the ousted-party stalwarts.

A relaxed Mutasa also added fuel to the fire raging within the warring Zanu PF when he also stated matter-of-factly on Thursday that Grace was now indisputably in charge of the ruling party and not her ailing nonagenarian husband.

Mutasa, for long a close confidante of Mugabe and a former Cabinet minister in charge of the country’s spooks, said Grace was now unequivocally the “centre of power” in the ruling party.

“Yes. I expected it (his purported expulsion). They said so a long time ago. They were waiting for the First Lady. Now she is back and they have shown where the centre of their power is.

“However, they did not specify which Zanu PF they expelled me from, the real one which puts people first, or the unlawful one to which they belong to.

“To remove all doubt, it must be stated that I remain a member of the original lawful Zanu PF. I never belonged to the illegal Zanu PF which does not care about people. It cares about its leaders only,” the seemingly unflappable Mutasa said.

Newly-installed Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo — a target of the deadly fight from party hardliners himself — told journalists on Wednesday, following a politburo meeting in Harare that Mutasa and Mliswa had been expelled for behaviour that was allegedly contrary to the expectations of the ruling party.

Confusion still abounded yesterday as to when Zanu PF’s disciplinary committee met to reach its decisions on Mutasa and Mliswa, amid conflicting reports from lickspittle State media — raising suspicion that the decision may have been arrived at long before Grace returned from her controversial two-month State-funded holiday in the Far East.

Mutasa’s pointed comments regarding Grace’s undue influence in Zanu PF came as social media speculation around the issue went gaga this week, amid snide comments to the effect that Mugabe had allegedly accompanied Grace to Wednesday’s politburo meeting that ostensibly took the decision to expel Mutasa.

The frenetic online debates came after lickspittle State media showed images of Grace surprisingly sitting next to Mugabe in the politburo meeting, and not second vice president Phelekezela Mphoko, as would normally be demanded by protocol.

Mutasa’s comments also followed those made by former war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda late last year, who was quoted saying, “I am not going to allow any coup both in the boardroom and in the bedroom”  at the height of the Grace-fronted anarchy that is still devouring Zanu PF.

So biting and resonant with ordinary Zimbabweans was that quote that it ultimately contributed to authorities dragging the popular war veteran to court where he is facing charges of insulting or undermining Mugabe’s authority.

Grace also demonstrated the immense power she now wields within Zimbabwe’s body politic when Cabinet ministers, service chiefs and Zanu PF bigwigs scrambled to Harare International Airport to welcome her back to the country last week after she returned from the Far East.

Observers said the fact that these bigwigs had felt compelled to converge at the airport together with hundreds of ruling party supporters to welcome her back to Zimbabwe in the manner they did spoke volumes about how much political power she now wielded in the country.

Mugabe himself admitted during the ruling party’s damp squib  “elective” congress that was held in Harare late last year that Grace now often directed him what to do.

There was so much pomp and ceremony as she arrived back in the country on the day that one senior Zanu PF official who spoke to the Daily News described her welcome as “fitting for a Queen”.

“She (Grace) is now probably the most powerful politician in Zimbabwe, which is why her welcome back to the country today almost rivalled the treatment that the president gets when he returns from his trips abroad.

“To not go and pay homage to Amai at the moment amounts to virtual political suicide and everyone knows this. Her welcome was fitting for a Queen,” the central committee member, who requested anonymity, said.

Among the bigwigs at the airport were Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, politburo member Shuvai Mahofa and fast-rising youth league boss Pupurai Togarepi.

Speaking at the airport welcome party, Togarepi wasted no time in reminding the gathered Zanu PF bigwigs that it was in fact “Comrade Stop It”, as Grace is now popularly known in party circles, who was in control.

He bluntly told them that the honeymoon was over for those who had taken advantage of her absence to misbehave and frustrate the ruling party’s youths.

“We are happy as the youth league that mother (Grace) you are back. We were being persecuted when you were away. When a mother is not there, others take advantage and push you, but this is our time to report them to you,” he said to loud applause.

A significant number of Zanu PF bigwigs also suspect that her dramatic entry into formal politics last year was a first step in her ultimate ambition to grab the leadership of both the ruling party and the country after Mugabe’s time.

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Why was Gumbo saying they had no problem with Mugabe but with some other people - the so-called Young Turks - mafikizolos? Now Gumbo has changed his tune. Mugabe presided over the Congress so Mugabe should be the main culprit. Nothing will come of the court case. Mugabe controls the judiciary in Zimbabwe and no Judge would dare go against Mugabe. Let's wait and see.

Musona - 21 February 2015

The judge will make a ruling in favour of Mutata . Then before its on news he will fled the country and seek refuge on political ground. Believe me out there there're peploe who is not afraid of Mugabe. By the way it's his 91 St birthday , happy birthday Mr President despite the fact that you have made our lives miserable becuase of your bad policies.

Flash - 21 February 2015

I'm really perplexed by what Mutasa is saying. Which ZANU Pf cares for the people of Zimbabwe? This is the end of Mutasa era. thank goodness your name will be in the history book, I'm not sure whether it will be a positive historical reflection about his political career. Fighting a legal battle against Mugabe is a daunting task, a mission which will never be accomplished, Mutasa should have known this better than any one else in Zimbabwe. The only thing which Mutasa should do now is exposing ZANU Pf's election rigging strategy. Let every one know what they did during the so much disputed presidential elections.

Mentalist - 21 February 2015

Varume vaneuturu hunenge hweMhungu. Ndizwo zwinotiratidza kunakirwa kwavaita muZanu-PF. Chandinoziva ndechokuti hakuna kana munhu one muZimbabwe arikuzorwa hondo yavo - kunze kwezwizukuru zwavo, ofcourse,izwo zwairembedza matumbu nokuguta apo povho ichiparapara. Ndoseka zwangu - Pamberi neZanu-PF !

Chorosi - 21 February 2015

mindless people fight for an unworthy cause and as far as i know the putchet cabal can not assemble even a thousand man for a VERY PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION let alone war.War ? fighting for what ? even Tsvangirai the so called people's favourate can not fight a war. power is sweet and once you taste it , believe me , the desire for more of it if not properly managed might have far reaching and disastrous effects.dont even try cde gumbo

able weathers - 21 February 2015

We are yet to really see what these guys Rugare Gumbo & company can do. So far it has just been empty talk all the time. I wonder if there is any damage they can do to Zanu PF.

AndyCol - 21 February 2015

"vowed to take the war to Pres Mugabe" Its too late. Mutasa and company got stuck with a hopeless statement "president is being fed with lies".. for too long. Unlike Cde stop it , who don't beat about the bush. Taking zanu pf to "chidyausiku" offices is useless which Gumbo and Mutasa should know better. If Gumbo travelled mountains in the 70s to convince Cdes about Mugabe, its high time he convinces them again. Mutasa and company will have their best shot when mugabe is dead.

X-MAN IV - 21 February 2015

Kana govo rahlasegwa nembwa rokwira mumuti asi kungoposhera ibwe uchavona mawiro arinoita robatwa nembwa zvaro . Zvana Mutasa dzangovawo shungu dzebere kutevera madhongi akasungwa ngavazive guru mwena ukamutevedza unoguma . Vaita mutambamhuru patairohwa nemhondi dzeZANU PF vachikambura rifa renyika isu tichidhla nhoko dzezvironda . Machinja pavaita ruzha vachichemera dhomokrasi maiti vanopenga nhasi murunjurunju wakwisigwa pachikondomwise movovora moda ticheme nemwi . Ndinoti Pamberi neZANU PF nokugona mapenzi

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 21 February 2015

Sekuru Gudo munozvionawo sei zvaitwa paye? Tichavaendera kuna Tsvangirai, achavadzinga mupart zvaakaita vamwe.

Mutasa - 21 February 2015

You are all imbeciles. Yes Mutasa may have supped with th devil but has now realized that the status quo cannot subsist as it was all about fear for Fossil however we are now entering the exciting phase. My prophecy " Disgrace you are dead soon after your fossil ejaculator"

Rudi - 21 February 2015

half the news is simply a cut-and-paste of what was reported bfore. i dont know if it is done for want of size or lack of somthing to write. This kind of journalism is tantamount to laziness and cheating. Sadly, it's Daily new s that is popularising it.

prof - 22 February 2015

The struggle gainst dictatorship in Zanu Pf continues until we restore sanity in our glorious party cdes,The Zanu Pf of of our much revered illustrious sons of the soil laying at the national shrine like Tongogra,Mangena,Muzenda,,Nkomo,Chitepo,Takawawira,Parirenyatwa,JZ Moyo among others.We owe them this victory.we have to dislodge this monster,the evil bloc.The only one that has determined a kakistocratic state of affairs that has characterized our government and the mafikizolos taking charge hicjaking the revolution into a total mess.Iam Zanu Pf and shall always be Zanu Pf but for the gammatox simply because it is not for bootlickers.Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and not for a certain people

carson macate - 22 February 2015

Hey Guys this Mutasa guys is an idiot. He is now talking of Zanu Pf that cares for its leadership but not the people because he has been fired. He is fastly forgetting that 3 to months ago he was part of this same rubbish. He does not have any space to say shit to us . Bullshit go to hell . When Morgan used to say this everytime , you were the first to reject the same words you are singing every day. Face the music my man and start to feel it. They will take away your fam and all your wealthy you accumulated unconstitutionally and you will feel it you bug. Wamama , you will die like other exonarated manicas and i am afraid since you are very dump, you will not find a way out of this. The next thing is for the CIO to cone and kill you like a chicken next week. Imbwa yemunhu . Let me help you, before its too late , go ahead with your planns to form your own party for protection sake. Your plans to form Freedon Party should go ahead or you join the legendary MORGAN FOR MORE NOW you with all those that were fired. Muri kumirirei imbwa dzavanhu.......

General Tongogara - 22 February 2015

Mr Flash, how did Mugabe made your life miserable, when you don't even spell the Shona word "Mutasa"? Your English is really "miserable" Sir. I'm sorry, but try to limit your useless and unabated comments, but keep focused.

Edwin - 22 February 2015

We have been told many times about the looming war out break in zanu when is it going to happen we want it, But on the other hand i doubt the calibre of those who claim to be leading such a project bcoz they are all cowards . Mutasa had been beating by the bush instead of telling Mugabe point blank that he must go hang he keeps on saying he is not wrong and that makes me doubt if he knows exactly who is wrong in zanu and the country at large .Mutasa talks of mafikizolos bcoz he thinks he can easily over run them forgetting that these are Mugabe 's dogs they do the barking for him and they is no way that he will let anyone through a stone and injure one of them never they are his eyes . A boot licker by nature will never change his habit so is this guy Mutasa he enjoys licking matako to gain some riches and fame so they is no way that he will wage a war against Mugabe when his pictures are still displayed all over his home . With Chidyiabusiku heading our courts of law no one will ever win a legal battle against zanu never the courts are theirs and all those who work in them are menemenes .Anywhere let the war begin .

Diibulaanyika - 22 February 2015

people of god it is god who can restore order in Zimbabwe not any other idiot. neither false prophecy nor bedroom run office of Grace can restore order.

sambaranji - 22 February 2015

people of god it is god who can restore order in Zimbabwe not any other idiot. neither false prophecy nor bedroom run office of Grace can restore order.

sambaranji - 22 February 2015

As ZANU-PF collapses, the hyenas continue to fight over the ZANU-PF carcass

david taylor - 22 February 2015

Rangu basa ndasiya ndapedza, maihweeee vakataura, ndava kuyenda asi basa ndasiya ndapedya.. YOURS TRULLY ROGERT GABRIEL MUGABE. If we had a truly truly legitimate legal system the party called ZANU PF should be deregistered. The are all a bunch of criminals!!! Welcome to the world of silent majority VaMutasa, VaGumbo and Co. You partook in oppressing the people and now....what goes around will come around!!!

garikayi - 22 February 2015

Someone among the Zanu PF cronies needs to man up and take care of Grace Mugabe so Zimbabwe doesnt suffer another 20 odd years under a worse dictator than Mugabe.Zimbabwean men are pathetic cowards who can't stand up for anything. Kutya mukadzi kudarowo here nhandi?

Rudo Chaziva - 22 February 2015

Muri kuita sei vanhu.zivai kuti tavakurarama kukuguma kwenyika .so look up not down

uyauya - 22 February 2015

This Mutasa idiot is not ceasing to surprise me. when he was eating and destroying the economy with them, he was not crying. now that he has been relieved of his duties he is now a crying tom. stop this bullshit you boy. you think you can sacrifice us for your insatiable stomach.

Duke - 23 February 2015


clement - 23 February 2015


gudo - 24 February 2015

these guys are wasting everyone's time, they will never bring solutions to the problem because they are part of the problem. dont deserve a fraction of our attention. just step down and quietly take your places in the land of the voiceless.

dhambi - 24 February 2015

Politics is a dirty game whoever gets involved will always get his or her hands dirty.No matter how hard you try to make them clean they always remain dirty.Lets just watch the drama the end we shall see whose hands are dirtiest

Like gumbo - 24 February 2015

What Zimbabweans are doing is what Bob wants them to do. He wants you to focus on the infighting in Zanu PF so that you wont see how he has failed to manage the economy. Maybe 'failed' is not a proper word as it misleads one into thinking that he is trying. Mugabe doesn't care about the economy or the Zimbabweans. We want to see you tell people that. Keep telling them that till they start to realise that even though they voted for a president they ended up with an emperor who does not care about them. Mugabe is so out of touch with Zimbabweans. Why not tell the people that? I will continue to post this till I feel the message has been heard

Some Guy - 25 February 2015

no one is talking about creating the jobs for the youths, nor reviving the economy, they are jus fyting for power for their own benefit, if only they could fyt like this for the population

izahura - 27 February 2015

mr mutasa the only good thing we will remember you about when you are dead please tell us about the rigging of elections by mugabe

conraed ncube - 27 February 2015

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